In the end Gongenzaka got a tie with the Synchro specialist Yaiba. "Wow he was able to get a tie and he didn't even have any extra deck monsters impressive," Masumi said.

"Gong may not use extra deck monsters but his strategies are pretty solid," Yuya said.

"So since you didn't win or lose this match you must play a tie-breaker," Heneritta said.

"So who will we be dueling?" Yuya asked.

"That would be us," a voice said from behind. Everyone turned to see two young men walking towards them one had brown hair and eyes he wore a red jacket and gray pants with a black belt. Connected to the belt was a brown duel box and strapped to his arm was an old looking duel disk.

"Jaden senpai," both Yuri and Serena said as they both ran up to give him a hug.

"Yuri, Serena how have you two been since I last saw you?" he asked.

"Jaden I've been meaning to give this back to you. You left it in your dorm when you left," Yuri said as he tried to hand Jaden his copy of Super Polymerization, but Jaden just pushed it back into Yuri's hand.

"Keep it I've got another copy already in my deck," Jaden said.

"It seems that some of us are already acquainted," a voice said from behind them. They all turned to face the voice it came from the other man that had entered the room. He had grey hair and purple eyes he also wore a blue shirt and white paints and a long red scarf. Strapped on his arm was a white duel disk.

"For those of you that don't know me my name us Declan Akaba," Declan said.

"So your our final opponent," Yuya said as he looked at Declan.

"Not entirely," Declan said. This caused everyone to look at him in confusion. "You will be taking me and Jaden in a tag team duel," Declan continued.

"And we have already decided who will face us," Jaden said as he pointed to Yuya then Serena.

"Us?" Yuya and Serena said in unison. Declan and Jaden just simply nodded their heads.

"Think we can do it?" Serena asked Yuya.

"Won't know until we try but this will fun," Yuya said with a grin.

"Alright let's get this started with the field spell Ice Land," Shuzo said as the arena took on an icy look.

"For this duel we will share life points, fields, and graveyards," Declan said.

"Sounds fair to us," Serena said.

"Duelists locked in battle kicking up the earth and dancing in the air beside their monsters. They storm through this field. This is the newest and greatest evolution of dueling Action-" everyone chanted.

"Duel," Yuya, Serena, Jaden, Declan all said in unison.

Yuya,Serena 4000LP

Declan,Jaden 4000LP

"I'll take the first move I draw," Jaden said. "First I summon Elemental Hero Bubbleman to the field. (ATK:800/DEF:1200 LV.4)

"Since Bubleman is the only card on my field I get to draw two more cards, Jaden said as he added two more cards to his hand.

"Next I play the spell Elemental Double when I gave an Elemental Hero on my field I can summon another Hero of the same attribute so I summon Elemental Hero Ocean. (ATK:1500/DEF:1300 LV.4)

"He's got two level four monsters," Yuya said.

"But Jaden doesn't use XYZ monsters," Serena said.

"Well I do now I overlay my two level four monsters to build the overlay network," Jaden said as his two monsters became two pillars of blue energy and went into the XYZ portal.

"Hero who has mastered the power over water lend me your strength in this fight I XYZ summon rank 4 Elemental Hero Overflow," Jaden said as his new monster burst onto the field.(ATK:2300/DEF:1600 RNK.4 OU.2)

In the Viewing room

"Wow Jaden senpai can XYZ summon?" Yuri said.

"Now you guys are from the fusion dimension right?" Rin asked. Yuri nodded his head.

"Yeah and we only know how to use fusion summoning," Yuri said. "Jaden must have learned it some time after he left," Yuri said.

Back to the duel

"I place two cards face down and end my turn," Jaden said as two cards appeared on the field.

"It's my turn now I draw," Serena said as she drew a card from her deck. "First off I'm playing Polymerization to fuse my Moonlight Crimson Fox and Moonlight Emerald Bird in order to fusion summon Moonlight Cat Dancer,"(ATK:2400/DEF:2000 LV.7)

"I place two cards face down and end my turn," Serena said as two cards appeared behind Serena's monster.

"I'm up now I draw," Declan said in a monotone voice as he drew a card. "First I play the continuos spell Forbidden Dark Contract with the Swamp King," Declan said. "This card allows me to special summon a D/D/D from my hand in defense mode but it loses its effects so I'm summoning my D/D/D Dragon King Pendragon," Declan said. (ATK:2600/DEF:2400 LV.7)

"Next I use my spells second effect I can fusion summon using monsters in my hand and field.

"Wait you can fusion summon without a fusion card?" Serena said in shock.

"Yes I can and I'm fusing my D/D/D Dragon King Pendragon with my D/D Necro Slime," Declan says as his two monsters swirled into the fusion portal.

"Chaotic King who watches over this world's fate. Drink the blood washed away by time, and become a dragon slaying hero! Fusion Summon! Be born! Level 8! D/D/D Dragonbane King Beowulf," Declan chanted as his monster roared onto the field.(ATK:3000/DEF:2500 LV.8)

"Due to the effect of my spell at the start of my next standby phase we will take 1000 points of damage," Declan said.

In the Viewing Room

"So it's one of those high risk type decks," Yuri said.

"Yes but Declan is a very skilled duelist," Dipper said.

"Yeah and with Jaden they will make one heck of a duo," Yuri said.

"You need to have confidence that Yuya and Serena have a chance," Rin yelled.

"I do have confidence in them I've known Serena for years and I know her strength as a duelist and I've dueled with Yuya and I can clearly see he has a lot of skill," Yuri said.

Back to the duel

"It's my turn I draw," Yuya says as he draws in a dramatic fashion. "With scale two Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer and scale seven Performapal King Bear I set the Pendulum scale I'm taking control of this duel starting now," Yuya says as he places his two cards into his pendulum zones and the word pendulum appeared across his duel disk.

His two monsters rose into the air with the numbers 2 and 7 appearing underneath them.

"With these I can summon any monsters to my fields whose levels are 3 to 6 all at the same time," Yuya says. "Swing far pendulum carve the arc of victory my monsters are ready to swing into action," Yuya said as three pillars of light exited the Pendulum portal.

"Let's fire it up Odd-eyes Flame Magician.(ATK:1200/DEF:400 LV.3) Scratch your way to victory Performapal Silver Claw (ATK:1800/DEF:700 LV.4 PS.5) and here comes the singing trio Performapal Parrotrio (ATK:500/DEF:500 LV.3 PS.2)," Yuya said as his three monster appeared onto the field.

"Next I activate the effect of Odd-eyes Flame Magican once per turn I can send one card from my hand to the graveyard and deal 400 points of damage to my opponent," Yuya said as he took the last card in his hand and sent it to the graveyard. This caused Flame Magician to fire a blast at both Jaden and Declan.

"Not so fast I activate the Action card Acceleration to negate any effect damage," Jaden said as he slid on some ice and grabbed an action card.

"Fine next I tune my level three Odd-eyes Flame Magician with my level four Performapal Silver Claw," Yuya said as his magician became three green rings and Silver Claw passed threw them.

"Magician with dichromatic eyes use you mystical powers to shine light in this time of need I synchro summon Odd-eyes Shining Magician," Yuya said as his monster burst onto the field. (ATK:2500/DEF:1500 LV.7)

"Next I place one card face down and end my turn," Yuya said as a single card appeared behind his two monsters.

"It's my turn I draw," Jaden said as he drew a card from his deck. "First I play the quick-play spell Emergency Provisions," Jaden continued as he slid a card into his duel disk.

"With this card for every spell or trap card I remove from my field I gain 1000 life points so I remove Declan's spell Forbidden Contract with the Swamp King," Jaden said as Declan's card shattered.

Declan,Jaden 4000LP - 5000LP

"Next I activate Overflow's special ability by using one overlay unit Overflow can half the attack points of one monster on my opponent's field," Jaden said as one of it's overlay units was absorbed into one of its blasters.

"I choose Serena's Moonlight Cat Dancer," Jaden said as Overflow fired a blast of water at Serena's monster. (2400-1200)

"Now it's time to battle I attack Cat Dancer with Water jet," Jaden said as his monster fired a large blast of water at Serena's monster.

"Not so fast I activate my trap Performance Substitute," Yuya said his card flipped up. "When a monster on my field targeted for an attack I can change that target to a Performapal on my field," Yuya said as Jaden's monster's attack changed direction at slammed into Performapal Parrtrio destroying the monster.

"I activate Parrtrio's special ability when it is destroyed I can special summon a non pendulum Performapal monster from my deck so I summon Performapal Slight Hand Magician," Yuya said as a new monster rose onto the field. (ATK:2500/DEF:2000 LV.7)

"I end my turn," Jaden said. "At this point Overflow's effect ends," Jaden said as Serena's monster's attack points return to normal. (1200-2400)

"My turn I draw," Serena said as she added a new card from her deck. "First off I activate the equip spell Moonlight Staff and equip it onto Moonlight Cat Dancer this will increase her attack by 200 times her level," Serena said as her monster glowed as its attack points went up. (2400-3800)

"Here's a little help I activate Shining Magician's effect when a monster's attack points change it gains an additional 500 attack points," Yuya said as his magician wielded his staff and increased Cat Dancer's attack points again. (3800-4300)

"Thanks Yuya now I attack Elemental Hero Overflow with Feline Pounce," Serena said as her monster pounced.

"Not so fast I activate the action card Evasion and negate your attack," Declan called out as he placed a card onto his duel disk.

"I end my turn with a face down," Serena said.

"It's my turn I draw," Declan said as he drew his next card in a dramatic fashion. "Next In activate my monster's special ability once per turn I can destroy all spell and trap cards on the field," Declan said as ever card in the spell and trap zones were destroyed.(4300-2900)

In the viewing room

"Dang that is a very useful effect," Yuri said.

"Yeah the D/D/D are a difficult deck to go against, but Yuya and Serena won't go down that easily," Rin said. Ruri and Yuri didn't look to sure, but they turned their attention back to the duel.

Back to the duel

"Battle I attack Odd-eyes Shining Magician with Royal Slash," Declan said as his monster jumped and swiped it's claws at Yuya's monster.

"Not so fast I activate the action card Miracle to negate the destruction of Yuya's monster and cut the damage in half," Serena said as she grabbed a card from a crack in the ice and placed it in her duel disk.

Declan's monster slashed Yuya's but failed to destroy it.

Yuya,Serena 4000LP - 3750LP

"Thanks Serena," Yuya said as he gave her a grin

"You don't need to thank me we're in this together so it's logical for us to help each other out," Serena said returning a grin of her own.

"I place a card face down and end my turn," Declan said.

"It's my turn I draw," Yuya said as he drew a card. "First I activate the spell Pendulum Rising Yuya said as he placed card onto his duel disk.

"This card allows me to tribute one monster on my field for a pendulum monster from my deck so I tribute my Performapal Slight Hand Magician and summon Odd-eyes Pendulum Dragon," Yuya says as his ace monster roared onto the field. (ATK:2500/DEF:2000 LV.7 PS.4)

"Next I activate Pendulum Fusion," Yuya said as he placed a card into his duel disk. "With this card I can perform a fusion summon," Yuya said.

"I fuse Odd-eyes Shining Magician and Odd-eyes Pendulum Dragon," Yuya said as his two monsters went into the fusion portal. "Magician with dichromatic eyes who is the tamer of dragons use your magical might and aid me in this battle I fusion summon Odd-eyes Dragon Master Magician," Yuya said as his new monster appeared on the field. (Atk:3300/DEF:2300 LV.8 PS.1)

In the viewing room

"Woah Yuya summoned a new monster," both Rin and Shuzo said at the same time.

"Wait your saying that he never had this card before?" Ruri asked.

"Not to my knowledge. We studied each other's decks in case we sign up for a tag duel," Rin said.

"This is going to be interesting," Yuri thought to himself.

Back to the duel.

"Alright ladies and gentlemen it's time to show you all what dueltaining is all about," Yuya says with a big grin on his face.

Across the aisle where Declan and Jaden were standing both Declan and Jaden both had small grins on there faces. "Well then bring it on Yuya," Declan whispered.

"I activate my monster's special ability when this card is summoned with a pendulum dragon type monster it gains that monster's ability," Yuya explains his monster's effect.

"It's time to battle I attack Dragonbane King Beowulf with Draco Meteor," Yuya said as his monster fired a blast of orange fire straight into the air which turned into many smaller fireballs and rained down on Declan's monster.

"I activate an action card Evasion to negate your attack," Declan said only for his card to shatter.

"Not so fast I activate the action card Action Crush to negate your card and stop you from activating any other action cards this turn," Serena said as she slid on some ice to grab an action card a few feet away.

Yuya's monster's attack connected destroying Declan's monster. (5000LP-4400LP)

"I place one card face down and end my turn," Yuya said as his monster returned to his side and a card appeared behind it.

"Alright you two the real duel starts now it's my turn I draw," Jaden said as he drew his next card.

And that's the chapter this one will also be a two parter duel. I'm really getting into writing this series. However trying to come up with original cards is a lot harder then I thought. Anyways I hope you like this duel so far. In the next chapter the duel will conclude with some very special guests, and now for the OC cards that are in this duel.

Jaden Yuki

Elemental Double spell

When you have exactly one Elemental Hero one your field special summon another Elemental Hero with the same attribute.

Elemental Hero Overflow

Warrior/XYZ/Effect RNK.4

Once per turn use one XYZ material and cut one monster's attack points in half.


Moonlight Emerald Bird

Beast-Warrior/Effect Lv.4

Banish this card from your graveyard and special summon one Moonlight monster from your deck, but half it's attack points.

Moonlight Staff equip spell

Equip only to a Moonlight monster. Increase it's attack points by 200 times that monster's level. If the monster equipped with this card is destroyed in battle or by card effect special summon that monster in defense mode.


Odd-eyes Flame Magician

Spellcaster/Effect LV.4

Once per turn send one card from your hand to the graveyard and deal 400 points of damage to your opponent.

Odd-eyes Shining Magician

Spellcaster/Synchro/Effect LV.7

Once per turn when a monster attack points change increase the attack points of one monster on your field by 500.

Odd-eyes Dragon Master

Spellcaster/Fusion/Effect LV.8 PS.1

If this card is fusion summoned with a dragon pendulum monster it gains that monster's effect. If this card is destroyed by battle or card effect destroy one monster on your opponents field.