Grief. Death. War. These and many other horrors have plagued Azeroth since time immemorial, though have been the worst within the last 10 years, also known as "The Storm." An invasion of war-mongering orcs from another timeline. An invasion of unarguably evil creatures known as Demons. A war amongst her own people, ending in the possible extinction of not only said people but at the tentacles of an eldritch abomination no less. Azeroth has stood with her people and weathered all these events these last 10 years, and far more the last several millennia. Finally, however, with the death of N'zoth, one of the oldest evils to haunt Azeroth is known as an Old God, the planet and her people may finally find some idea of peace after all these years as her two largest factions, the Horde and Alliance, work towards a true peace…and it shall fall to me, Nezormo, member of the Bronze Dragonfight, Keepers of Time, to allow you to walk through the many lives and stories that this Azeroth has to offer, starting off with some…

Tales of the Eastern Kingdom

Sirius Riverchase

"Thinking I may finally have to go straight like he suggested…" I mumbled to myself as I watched the people of Stormwind City go about their business. The little alley I fancied just out of the way of the main road through the Trade District was shaded just enough to where most people couldn't see me for the dark robes and garb I usually wore. Most of my victims – corrupt businessmen or drunkards – seem to have finally also decided to avoid coming here this hour of night.

I took another glance around to see if anyone might be my willing victim. I was beginning to think I should just retire when I finally saw them. A man, of average stature and decked in what seemed to be fine evening wear was wandering near my little hiding place. Alongside him appeared to be a man I was more than familiar with clad in his usual chainmail and bits of plate armor. Shifting some further into the alleyway, I remained quiet as they began to quietly talk with themselves after having stopped near it.

"…don't have to ask if old Greymane is keeping you busy, Lucas?" I caught from the finely dressed man. With him closer like this, I was able to see that he had a well-kept mustache and black hair tied up in a ponytail.

Lucas, with his ever-usual clean-cut hair and face, sighed before replying. "Sometimes I wonder if he's simply trying to keep me off the clock so as to give me some proper time off. Though with the signing of the armistice and all this old god nonsense finally dealt with, the King has been keeping himself rather busy with meeting after meeting with the other leaders of the Alliance."

The well-dressed man scoffed. "I'm rather certain I know the reason why there have been so many instead of so few. The Lady Whisperwind is none too happy about the whole affair, I'm sure…not to mention how our King is most likely torn."

Already I was starting to piece together who exactly this man might be. The other – Lucassion was his full name – is an associate of mine. Born of Gilneas and member of The Greyguard, the royal guard of the king of Gilneas himself Genn Greymane. As for the "Lady Whisperwind"…from what I've heard, she is the leader Priestess of the Night Elves, whose home capital was torched to the ground and sparked the beginning of the Fourth War. Though the man didn't sport the accent of one from Gilneas, all this talk and the Gilnean emblem on his pocket watch I caught a glimpse of confirmed that much at least for me.

"If all goes well, though, she and the King may yet join the rest of the world in the pursuit of peace." The mystery man stated.

Lucas shifted uneasily. "I'm still not at ease over letting you and your 'team' be the only ones to take care of this 'hunt,' my friend…"

Enigma man chuckled. "You worry too much, old friend. Taoshi and the others are the best of the best. I assure you, there's nothing to be worried of." There was a brief silence between the two, seemingly as they simply enjoyed their company. "Now, while catching up has been wonderful, I sadly share the king's ever-present predicament and am ever busy." He clasped Lucas' arm firmly before heading out, wishing him a good night." I then stepped out.

"Who's your well-dressed friend, Lucas?" I asked. I then smirked with mischievous content as the battle-hardened warrior in front of me jumped.

"Dammit, Sirius! Light help me, I will never be used to you 'lurk in the shadows' types…" he ended up murmuring to himself. He then answered. "As for that person, no one you need to concern yourself with, aside from an old friend." I could already see him taking in my "up to no good" countenance, along with my barely kempt, deep black hair.

"I know what you're going to ask, so let me go ahead and answer: no, I haven't partaken in the gold of those who most likely don't deserve it this night." I stated.

He scowled. "Hmph. Have you given my offer any thought?" he asked. "As I told you, the Stormwind Adventurer's Guild is constantly receiving work and you could actually put your particular set of skills to good use doing it."

"Mm." was all I replied with.

"…Mm." he echoed. "Look, Sirius, I can't tell you how to live your life, but I can try to give you a helping hand if you decided to live your life a certain way. I've known people like you who have done amazing things over the years. Plus…again, it would be steady gold…and a good chance for you to recover further socially."

I merely scowled in thought of it. I was appreciative of him at least not mentioning anything any further, but I was still wary of the idea of associating so closely with any person. Glancing around, though, I found myself reaching a decision faster than I thought I would have as I watched a group of guards marching a man in shackles towards the stockades. Already I could easily recall the visions of the prison I am always plagued by…

I finally answered him. "You said it's in Olde Town?" I could already see the warm smile breaking through the normally tired seeming face. "God, if you don't wipe that look off your face, I'll rethink my answer."

He chuckled before slapping my back a tad too hard, causing me to wince. "Indeed it is in Olde Town. I'll send word to the Guild you shall be by in the morning. For now, why not let me treat you to food and a drink? I presume you haven't eaten, and there's much to celebrate this night, aside from your new beginning."

"Mm…that doesn't sound too bad." I told him. I'd also have to agree with him…from the sounds of it, it seems this is not just a new beginning for me, but a new beginning for the rest of Azeroth.