"Sigh, blame Saru for this Naruto." A man covered in bandages muttered in a cold tone as he plunged a kunai enhanced with wind chakra into Naruto's neck and heart, destroying both body parts.

The new Hero of the leaf died in his sleep after the battle with Pain as no one expected the advisor of the Third Hokage, Danzo Shimura to ever kill their jinchuuriki.

With the decimation of the village, the security was very weak and even if there was any they wouldn't have been any use against Danzo. He was the man with the strongest power in Konoha at the moment after Naruto and now Naruto was gone.

'With this the threat has been silenced. Now to use the Hyuga clan.' Danzo walked away as he headed towards Hinata Hyuga, the current heir of the Hyuga clan and his weapon to dominate Konoha as he had come to the knowledge about their past and even without that past, the clan was currently the strongest while Hinata was fragile in mindset

With Naruto's death, Danzo planned to control Hinata to grow unhindered and take over the clan under his command.


'What?" Naruto opened his eyes in confusion and saw trees around him so he didn't notice any difference until he remembered that there shouldn't be any trees in current Konoha

'Kyuubi?' Naruto called out as he stood up from the ground noticing that he was in a crater

His body must have fallen from quite a height to cause this much affect on the ground fortunately he had trained his body somewhat so he wasn't hurt when unconscious

'Boy, we died.'

'I didn't know you could joke.' Naruto chuckled as he cleared his clothes and started walking to see that there were many people around him with strange device in their hands

'They are taking pictures.' Naruto could see a flash from some of them so he assumed it was some kind of camera and a video device

'Look up and see where you are.'

Naruto looked up and saw tall buildings rising into the sky before his senses also came to life and he heard a lot of noise and the smell.

'What happened?'

'Danzo, that one eyed man beside the third killed you in your sleep.'

'There is no way that's possible.'

'You were left unprotected.'

'Shut up, I am not listening to your bull shit.' Naruto calmed his anger and called out to the people but they started to run away

"They can't understand what I am saying." Naruto muttered in frustration as he decided to find someone that could understand him or just explore the area

Before he could step out of the park, Naruto saw a girl with blonde hair and blue body suit that left her legs open and a red cape that flowed in the wind.

She was flying naturally without any wind or wings.

'Is she using telekinesis like Pain?'

"Hello" Naruto smiled and waved his hand as he met someone from his kind, not normal people. He didn't trust the Kyuubi but his heart was beating very fast now because this girl wouldn't exist without him knowing about it.

She could fly and the city was too different from what he knew about the world.

'Calm down, don't let negative emotions take control. We have already seen the consequences and pain from drowning in despair so let's take this slowly. I am still alive somehow and in another world or this is an illusion.'

"Hello" Supergirl replied back as she had a translator on her body for these kinds of situations. She had come to this place as she heard something crash into the ground and from the looks of it, it was this guy.

She could tell he was not from here as he didn't seem to recognize her at all.

"Thank God! My name is Naruto and I am from the Land of fire, could you please guide me home?"

Looking at his hopeful expression Kara felt guilty when she had no answer to that question, "There is no Land of Fire on earth. Are you human?"

"Of course, what do I look like?" Naruto replied as he checked his body and everything was normal

Looking at him appear so innocent, Kara was reminded of her current situation so she sympathized with him and wanted to help as it was too sad when you are stranded far from home.

"Then let me check with my cousin and see if we can find your place."

"Then let's go to where he is." Naruto had already felt it was too much for a genjutsu and who would actually put him in one

'Kyuubi tell me, where are we?'

'It's another world boy, our souls and bodies have somehow awakened in this new world without our permission.'

'Do you know how?'

'No' Kurama growled as he didn't like being played with and he could see that they were being used as pawns

'You are dead in your world and brought here somehow. Find that reason or just live peacefully since I don't want to die so pitifully again. I can't believe you bloody died like that.'

'Sheesh curb your pride, you already experiencing the lowest possible outcome so this shouldn't be anything new.'

'I would like to see you come in here tell me that.'

'Maybe next time once I finish mastering Sage mode.'

'I will be waiting.'

"No need, he will come to us." Kara replied as she looked at the surrounding and found that many people had gathered

"Let's go somewhere quite." Kara extended her hand and Naruto caught it as she flew towards the roof of a building away from the park

"Thanks for helping aaa…"




"I know you are a Supergirl but what's your name?"

"Haha, people call me Supergirl as that's my public name as a hero." Supergirl chuckled at his words as it was just so basic

"I understand so that enemies don't attack in your private life."

"Yes, and you?"

"I am a Shinobi and a sage." Naruto replied in a calm tone as he was proud of his job but still hoped that his occupation didn't cause bad blood. He was aware of the general outlook of the shinobi was very bad among the populace that lived far from the ninja villages. He had never known about this before the journey with Jiraiya and the two years had opened his eyes to many things he was unaware of.

"You don't look like one." Kara looked him up and found nothing on him while his looks were cute and funny type lacking any cruelty in his eyes or any scars

"I take offence to that as I am a great ninja with many achievements."

"Okay okay, I understand."

"I hope I am not disturbing you two." Superman arrived and Naruto had to rub his eyes as it felt too ridiculous

'And people complained that I have no taste in fashion.'

"Why are you wearing your underwear on top?"

"HAHAHA" Kara covered her mouth as laughter slipped out from this simple comment

"It's not underwear but the part is just colored differently as I was emulating wrestlers and wanted to stand out."

"I think there are many other ways to stand out so couldn't you have done that?"

"Let's get back on topic, so do you have any idea how you ended up here?"

"No, I was sleeping one moment and the next moment I was in the park."

Clark nodded as he scanned Naruto's body and found it completely similar to a human except that the muscles were dense like his, meaning he wasn't some normal human but someone with super strength.

"You are in a different world Naruto and might have appeared from a different dimension."


"Unfortunately we don't have a way to help you but we can try talking to a person that might be able to help." Clark replied as this wasn't the first time someone from a different time period or an alternative dimension appeared in their world

Most of the time the person had a way to return but sometimes they didn't and they stayed here.

"Okay let's go" Naruto nodded as he ignored the negative emotions rising up inside his heart at the thought of being stranded far from home while his best friend was out there and his village was in shambles. He could sense that these two were good people or else he would have tried to check things out by himself.

It was a lucky opportunity so he decided to take it instead of wasting his time since he couldn't really understand their language.

The duo could also see the urgency in his words and didn't delay the process as they flew towards Zatanna's place and this wasn't the first time they had to do this, as aliens crashing onto Planet earth were quite normal these days.

Fortunately Naruto didn't seem to be a bad person but even if he was, Superman was confident they could take him down without an issue especially with Zatanna on their side.

Zatanna was part of the Justice League and one of the most powerful magicians on the Planet with powers to enter different dimensions so she was the only hope for the boy currently as other sources were very mysterious.

'You will only find failure in this endeavor, boy. We are connected to this world.'

'What does that mean?'

'It means someone erased our connection to our original world. I can sense that my energy is similar to this planet now.'

'How can that be?'

'Someone big has use for us so they brought us here. You can move along nicely or try to find them.'

'They did give us a second chance so we owe them but I really wish they could send us back.'

'You can stop dreaming, nobody does things freely. They summoned us for a purpose and you better not try to locate them with your weak self.'

Naruto felt his heart in pain from the realization of the reality and could only place hope on these unknown people as he had zero knowledge on space time techniques.

Naruto ignored those words and they arrived in Las Vegas where Zatanna was hosting a magic show, which ended shortly after so they didn't have to wait long.

"How can I help you Superman?" Zatanna asked as she took off her hat and sat down on the chair near the mirror as the team entered her room

"Can you check if you are able to return him home to his own dimension?"

Zatanna turned around to see Naruto and unlike the two magic blind people, she was able to see the enormous amount of energy inside his body.

Her eyes were used to seeing such things so hiding from her sight was very difficult when she was in business mode.

"Definitely not from here, I can sense a lot of chakra inside his body when most of those guys barely have any." Zatanna said as she knew about many kinds of energy around the world since she was well versed in the mystical side and read upon many different methods to improve her powers

Chakra was one of them as she had come across some users in Tibet but they had less and they seemed wiser than Naruto. She had stayed with them for some time and learned a lot of meditation and opening up to the higher world, which was how she opened to the cosmic energies.

"You have chakra?"

"No, I have mana. It's a different type of energy but since you are leaving there is no point in talking about it." Zatanna smiled as she looked at the young man and spoke some words to search for his origin

"You are from here."

"That's not possible. I saw everything on the way and those things don't exist. You don't exist in my world."

"Someone has made you part of this world so finding your original home has become almost impossible. I am sorry but this is beyond my capability now. Some immortals have made their moves and it is better for all of us stay out of it."

Naruto felt his body shake and his heart almost burst from the pain as he fell to the ground after hearing that response. He wasn't worried about himself but for others.

Sasuke depended on him.

His village needed him the most at this moment.

'They will survive with better chances now that you are dead and I am gone from that world.'

'What do you mean?'

'Don't you remember what Nagato told you?'

'Awakening the Juubi by consuming the tailed beasts'

'Yes, so our death had one good result for you since I saw no hope in your people from stopping the revival of the beast.'

'Why are you being so nice suddenly?'

'You are the only connection I have left of my world and I realized at the time of death that you are connected to my father.'


'The Sage of six paths, he is our father and we were supposed to be guardians of the world but humans turned on us.'

'Thanks for not abandoning me.'

"Naruto relax, this might sound bad but we can definitely find a way if we look for it." Kara shook his shoulders as he went quite

"Certainly there is no need to lose hope as I will try my best to help you but for now please accept this gift of the tongue."

With a tap on his forehead, Naruto gained the ability to speak English.

"Thank you, I feel better now. But you said we shouldn't mess with these immortals."

"We can still send you back but it will take work while messing with the Olympians could lead to a fate worse than death. Those guys are never good news and love to play around with people. But there is also a possibility that you ended up here because of natural causes. Yes, some weird things happen here so it won't be unusual for that to have happened.

I will keep some of your blood and chakra with me to help me with the search."

"Thank you so much for helping me. I will definitely repay this debt and if you wouldn't mind could you hire me or something since I will need a place to stay now."

"That could be interesting but they have a better place for someone like you." Zatanna squeezed his cheeks as she felt sympathy for the sad child

She had been careful and seen his soul to make sure of his character. She saw he was a great guy that had gone through terrible days.

"Since you have nowhere to go, I have a place you might fit in." Clark offered as he looked at Naruto. They had been recruiting young heroes these days and since Zatanna was vouching for his character than putting him with the rest of the kids was a good idea.


"It's a team of young heroes under us. You can live with them and get to know them while we find a way to help you."

"I can't just mooch of people. I will help you out with this hero business."

"He said he is a Shinobi."

"He has a lot of energy so most of the members are weaker than him but a shinobi means killer, have you ever killed anyone Naruto?" Zatanna provided and asked

"I believe that people should be given a chance to change and that killing will only make the world a worst place so I don't kill. If you are going to ask me to kill then we will have to part ways." Naruto answered seriously as he looked at them, he had decided on this path the day Jiraiya died. Before that he had yet to understand the pain of death and loss. He would attack others without any intention of going easy on them. They were his enemies so death was the outcome.

Fortunately he had only killed one person by mistake because of Itachi using him as a vessel. The second kill would have been Diedara or Kakuzu but both were taken from him.

Jiraiya had taught him many things but he was not smart enough to understand them but with the death of his father figure, Naruto read his books and finally understood what he had been missing.

The world was a terrible place and a beautiful so it was the responsibility of the people to keep it beautiful.

But in this world majority didn't care about others. Then there was the vocal few scum that caused chaos and the few good that tried to help the world.

Naruto hated the pain from the loss and the despair he had felt. If he didn't like it and he didn't want it for himself so why would he act in a way that it would cause such pain for others.

Understanding this point, Naruto decided that he will never kill anyone and they would be punished and reformed so that the world would be a positive place.

Everything has to start from a point and as a leader candidate Naruto was someone that people watched with attention, he couldn't be a bad example. If he went around killing people in the name of justice then what will stop other people from doing it.

Even if his actions were justified, people had different definitions of truth and justice.

Walking such a way would leave the same old examples for the world and with his death nothing would have changed on the broader scope.

Even though this path was difficult, Naruto wanted the world to understand the pain and come together as family and friends.

It was the only way for pain and despair to go away.

It was a dream that people had seen in the past and now it was his time to dream of the perfect world, and it didn't matter how much he had to endure because a shinobi is someone that endures every burden and pain that comes at him.

"You are officially the weirdest ninja I have ever seen as all of them kill without even thinking about it." Zatanna smiled and Clark nodded as he didn't feel Naruto was anyway similar to the shadows

"You don't have to worry since we have no kill rule and only help authorities imprison criminals or sometimes we imprison them personally." Clark explained as they had to change some policies once the governments let out criminals for their own use so they were forced to imprison them personally in a place where no one could escape.

"Now show us what you can do so we can understand where you stand." Zatanna said in a calm tone as she looked at Naruto. She wanted to see where they should put the young man.

He might not be suited to operate at the moment or he might be too dangerous.

In this kind of situation where heroes were being looked in a negative light, Superman couldn't let such a thing happen.

"I have no problem with that, but could I see how strong is Superman. I am very curious and it will help me understand the world better." Naruto had no problem with showing his some of his skills. Right now he needed them to find a way home, so this was a sign of basic trust.

"Show him" Clark's feats were no secret so he allowed Zatanna to show him. He wanted to see how Naruto would react to those feats.

Zatanna waved her wand and Naruto saw a screen appear that showed Superman's feats. His feat of lifting the weight of the earth for five days. His feat of moving from one side of the Universe to another in a short time. His feat of punching a guy from the planet to the moon. His feat of surviving of a black hole. His feat of fighting Darkseid. His feat of fighting Doomsday. His feat of fighting Hercules.

The few clear feats he could understand but for somethings he had to informed by Zatanna and Kurama. He didn't the foes and a black hole.

By the end of it, his jaw had dropped to the floor. The things he had seen were more ridiculous than what he had heard about the Sage of Six Paths. This was truly insane and no bloody training was involved, how unfair.

But it did give him idea about his Sage Mode. Superman was absorbing sun light to grow this strong and Naruto could absorb Nature energy from all sources in the universe, earth, moon, stars etc.

"You are the strongest person I have ever seen. You are cool in my books." Naruto smiled and raised his fist for a fist bump

Seeing his reaction Clark was actually happy as most people would feel some fear as they would know they were like ants in front of him.

"Thanks, you are in my good books as well." Clark replied with a smile and a fist bump

"Okay, no more bromance in here. You can enter this gate way to arrive on a testing ground." Zatanna made a portal and the team walked through it to arrive on a large wasteland

"Naruto, go wild in here. There is no problem in destroying all of it." Kara said as she patted his back and pushed him forward

"Are you sure?" Naruto questioned as he looked at Clark and then Kara

"You can do your best Naruto but in form us if you are going to planet bust." Zatanna said teasingly.

Hearing her words, Naruto felt that she was teasing him.

Naruto dashed across the field with full speed without Sage mode, Mach 100, and with chakra enhancement on his body, Naruto punched the mountain causing immense destruction from the high speed impact.

Naruto jumped back into the air and took out kunai that were enhanced with wind chakra. He threw them and they flew in a different direction, easily piercing through th mountain top.

Naruto made some signs for his clone to appear and he made a large rasengan that he slammed into the mountain. He carved through the mountain like it was nothing.

The rasengan had been humangous as it was about the size of a two storey house. He decided not to show his sage mode and Rasenshuriken as back ups for emergencies.

Clark was impressed by the speed and power behind Naruto's attacks but they were not on his level and only a few league members would lose to the young man as he was used to doing the impossible even in a normal state without going for a sun dip. The attacks would not stopped by his natural electro-magnetic field that would weaken almost all attacks to a minimum but magic and spiritual attacks bypassed that barrier.

Regardless of bypassing his barrier, Clark had faced magicians before and his normal body was still too strong for majority of them so he didn't need his barrier. Only someone like Shazam and people of his level could usually hurt him when he was in a normal state. If he was weakened than weaker foes could also affect him.

Magic to him was like fire to normal people, it hurt as he had no shield to block it and he had to endure it normally with his physique. Luckily his physique was strong enough to handle good amount of power.

From his movement, Clark could see that the boy was a skilled close contact fighter.

"That was good Naruto. Thank you for the demonstration." Clark said as Naruto stopped.

Naruto nodded at him but he didn't feel the pride he once held. This was nothing in comparison to what he had seen.

'I think we might need to work together if there are more like him.'

'You can make me that strong.'

'No, but you will be a lot stronger than now and your attacks would make him bleed.'

'Are you sure?'

'Trust me boy, you haven't seen anything from me yet.'

"Zatanna is there a way for me to learn more skills since you can see my list is very limited, and I think I should at least learn teleportation for escape purposes."

"It's not impossible since you have great potential."


"Yes but you will have to learn some complex subjects. So how are your academics?"


"Well that will take you some years then."

Naruto cursed his fate for this situation. Why did he have to terrible at studying or why did magic require this?

Clones could help but using them for complex situations wasn't recommended as too much information would cause brain damage and mess with his memories since the human mind wasn't used to computing such large information.

Even using clones, Naruto would have to take long and since he didn't like studying the clones would also slack off.

"Well, you have time to learn so don't hurry and hurt yourself." Kara advised as she patted his back

She was impressed by his powers as that had enough oomph to hurt her slightly unlike Superman since she was still growing.

"She is right so I will send you along your way and you can rest for today." Zatanna said as she sent the trio to the Young Justice base

A.N Hope you enjoyed and comment

How is it?

Naruto will change slowly from this personality. This is his canon personality. Naruto in the pain arc became like this and if you think he is some assassin then you only remember some fanfic and not the OG Naruto. If you think I am wrong just check the end of the Pain arc again. Naruto's talk with Nagato will show you why this fic Naruto is very close to OG Naruto. You have to remember Naruto wasn't going to Kill Nagato even after Nagato had killed almost everyone in Konoha. Killed his friends and teacher. He didn't even attempt to kill him. He only said he won't forgive him and he would pay for his crimes, meaning blood prison.

This is a harem story and Naruto will become stronger than Superman by the second part of this story. It will move along slowly and Naruto won't be one shotting strong villains but villains that are weak are getting one shotted. You don't have to worry about him looking weak, he is going overwhelm everyone with his presence.

This was only for this spar since current Naruto is not close to Clark's base form. I know people don't like this happening but in comics Clark only gets hurt by weak attacks for plot like Naruto does in Boruto. You can say bad writing since they don't a better way to move the plot as Clark has survived worse things.

I am not some fan of Superman and my fav is Spiderman. I like fighters with unique fighting style and those that actually struggle, and not because plot decided it.

I believe Adult Naruto can actually beat him if Superman isn't out of character and wants to kill since Naruto should be able to depower him and take out the solar energy.





Donna Troy



Poison Ivy


Original power level of Naruto after Pain fight

Comic power levels

Young Justice and Justice League

Naruto Canon The last Movie: Sage of six paths mode

Chakra: Enormous (Can last three days expenditure with big booms)

Durability: Planetary: 1. Tsunade could survive light speed transportation with minor injuries and she is an ant to this Naruto

2. Survived his own chakra exploding on him with zero defence since it was his own chakra that caused an explosion levelling city worth of area. Only needed chakra recovery to get back up

3. The actual reason for the durability is the fact that Naruto's durability is very close to his attack potency.

4. The beam that cut through the moon casually and it was not completely hallowed because the branch clan wasn't that big plus the moon would have fallen apart if it was hollow. It actually had gravity of earth and was going to crash into the planet to destroy it.

Attack Potency: In the last movie his attack potency had increased a by large range or it was made clearer. Toneri intended to crash the moon into earth and remake the whole planet. He said his castle will survive this impact as it was surrounded by the Tensaigan barrier, meaning it would survive planetary destruction.

Naruto destroyed the barrier with a rasengan and destroyed Toneri's chakra cloak with a punch. This is a clear feat since nobody deny that this was the plot of the story. Plus he wasn't even at full power in the movie as Kurama was fighting the golem and Naruto only used Bijuu sage mode not Six paths sage mode. Six path gives enormous boost in power way more than normal sage mode and Kurama's chakra. This is proof enough to say that Naruto was at least Planet level as a 19 year old.

This should proof his attack potency is monstrous by this age and even in the Boruto movie his Bijuudama had moved from city level attack to continental destroyer as said in the movie itself by Sasuke who is the most knowledge about him. Then in the finale Boruto uses Naruto's rasengan to defeat Momoshiki.

The rasengan beat another rasengan before ploughing through the shinju tree and the mountains before exploding in space.

Shinju tree has roots across the planet and was durable enough to take make attacks that were large as an island look like nothing.

A big ball rasengan from a tired Base Naruto. Yes, you can go check and see that it was just base Naruto with no enhancements. No sage mode, no six path mode and no Kurama.

Strength with Kurama Avatar: Should be in the 100,000 plus tonnes for lifting up a giant golem

Without Avatar it should be in the 10,000 range and can be increased by using unrivalled strength.

If you don't remember than i will remind you that Naruto picked up Kurama at one point by the tail and smashed him into the ground during their battle. Kurama is at least 50 meter tall to 100 meter tall as he has been shown to actually dwarf small mountains. This was in just normal sage mode before the war and the time skip.

Attack area of effect: City level

Speed: Faster than light. 1. We have already seen Tsunade get transported at the speed of light along with the Raikage and come out fine.

2. On screen Naruto dodged light beam from Madara and kicked him. It was a sage art so it had all its natural properties plus some more. Meaning it was at least Light speed and could be more unless you think sage mode just gives you the normal element.

3. In the novels a tired base Hokage Naruto dodges photon guns

Jutsu: Limited because of the writer: Shadow clone, Transformation, Substitution, Rasengan variants, Sage mode, Chakra enhancement, summoning, high speed movement

Chakra control: Perfect

Bloodline: All bijuu specialty acquired and Universal understanding of chakra that allows for ease of creation of jutsu

Created Rasenshuriken variants within seconds when the wind version took years to make. Naruto took weeks using more than 100 clones to make it so you have to take all of it in account.

The above is my opinion formed after taking into accounts these events carefully and you can go check them out yourself. I just used the two movies so it shouldn't be hard to just watch those parts.

This puts Naruto in the high tier of Dc and Marvel but at the bottom of the high tier. Many characters still one shot him and destroy him because of his lack of hax skills or over the top physicals.

Last Naruto can beat Clark when he isn't serious and has no knowledge on him. But in a serious fight Clark would be too fast and strong for him, though if the writers expanded on Naruto's sage powers then he could defeat anyone that took energy from nature.

He could easily just stop the process and suck out all the solar energy Clark took, making him weak and easy to defeat. I think this could be possible but since it has never happened in Naruto, it is just in my head.

This is how I think and most people wouldn't agree with it in the debate sites as they completely ignore the implications of the Last movie and even the canon novels. In canon Novels Hokage Naruto while sick dodged photon lasers. So from the logical growth of characters from Last, Hokage Naruto has Large Planet level attack potency and defence while MFTL speed and reaction. This Naruto will arrive their very early and also face the same sickness early.

He would have died from the sickness if not for the Sage of six paths leaving a cure as he knew that Naruto would get sick in the future.

Now moving onto Superman since many are only aware of the animated and movie versions that are nerfed to barely one percent of the original.


Superman tested his powers into Dr. Veritas's lab which is situated into the core of our planet where he could lift for 5 days straight the equivalent weight of the earth thanks to a graviton matrix without being exposed to the sun's light and without even reaching the true limits of his strength. Shay Veritas wanted to go even further by opening a pandimensional whormhole in order test his real power but they both agreed that this method was too dangerous since it could suck the whole planet.

Immediately after being beaten up by Batman with a chunk of Kryptonite,Superman could easily change the trajectory of Warworld which was going to crash toward earth:he pushed it into the arctic where it could be teleported away into the phantom zone.

Superman was still weakened by red sun radiations but he could easily lift and push into space the Sunturian's ship that was big enough to be disguised as a part of Metropolis.

Superman was weakened by green,blue and red Kryptonite but he could still push that Superdoom's statue behind the moon in few seconds.

Surviving and escaping from a black hole plus travelling for two months non-stop into deep space.

H'el punches Superman(who remains conscious and undamaged) from the earth into the cislunar orbit making him slam into the Oracle's hand.

the whole fight against Doomsday is a feat: the monster had an energy field which could destroy,burn and poison everything around him and Superman was told to be the only being in the planet who could last more than 10 minutes in a fight against Superman could take many hits from the beast which was strong enough to broke both of Wonder Woman's arms with one punch when he was in a weaker form.