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Donna Troy, sister and clone of Diana, had started moving since the incident with the aliens. Her life had been a series of tragedies from a young age.

With the death of her husband and child, she had thought of just settling down with the Amazons.

It was far away from everything and it was very peaceful.

But the thing is, she was not used to such a life.

Staying with people that hated the opposite sex meant that they could never understand her problems and would even whisper harsh words behind her back, calling her weak minded to fall for a man.

She was a clone made to play with Diana but there personalities were different since their experiences were different.

She had lived a normal life away from Themyscira and learned those values. She was kind, confident, brave and persistent girl.

But the experience had made her harsh and pessimistic.

All this changed the day she returned back to hero business and met Naruto.

She had heard of him before even meeting him and he reminded her of Diana in a way.

Everyone only had praises for the young man but she didn't really care unless he was going to hold her back.

She saw him handle the vampire problem. She saw him sacrifice his health and sanity for the people.

It touched her heart and reminded her of why she had been a hero in the first place.

That was from afar but they got closer once Naruto became the official therapist of the heroes, globally.

Every day he would have a meeting with many people because of his ability and they would talk for time, and he would help them relax with his aura or even give them advice.

Donna had mental problems and Diana obviously noticed it so she was forced into daily sessions with Naruto.

This was the start of their friendship, where she talked to him about her life and ended up crying.

It was his presence that just made her want to talk and open up.

And she did feel better a little bit after the talk.

From then on she made it a habit to meet him every day and some time's they would even hang outside as friends.

Within a month, Donna could say Naruto had become her best friend. He was the person that understood her the most and she enjoyed his presence very much.

She was also friends with all the members of the Golden Dawn but Naruto was special. Donna wasn't blind, she could see that her heart had been moved and it wanted to get closer to Naruto but he already had other partners.

According to the Island's rules it was normal for powerful men to have countless women under them and Donna wouldn't have minded either since she liked all of them but the problem was that she felt disgusted by herself for thinking such wicked thoughts when they opened their door for her and helped her through depression.

It felt like betrayal of trust.

Her feelings were buried so that she won't cause him trouble and betray her friends.

Of course, the girls seemed to have noticed and Kara's glare was definitely a warning to stay away.

Donna could understand as nobody wanted their time lessened because another girl entered the domain.

She could only wish that these feelings would just pass away and settle on someone else soon.

These feelings had caused her to stay away from her friends for months since they were empaths, and she didn't want to show her shameful self to them.

During her break time away from the heroes, Donna had been travelling the world and exploring the beauty that she had missed out on.

Naruto had also talked about how he enjoyed exploring the world so she ended up getting interested in the idea and now she was enjoying it.

It was very relaxing and she got to meet so many different kinds of people.

She got to appreciate the changes real time across the globe.

"Donna, we are having a party tonight. It is about Naruto's home world so please join us." Raven's calm voice entered her head as she was sitting in a restaurant in the mountains.

It felt like she was saying that they will ignore her feelings and allow her to come join them on this happy occasion.

Her pessimistic mind thought of real stupid things like they were going to mess with her if she went but in the end she really cared for Naruto.

This was an important occasion so she wanted to celebrate it with him.

"I will be there just give me some time."

"Donna, relax. We will be waiting for you and remember that we are friends so you can always talk to us."

Donna didn't say a thing as the connection cut off and she stared at the beautiful scenery of the clouds and the green mountain ranges.

'I hope nothing goes wrong.' Donna thought as she stood up and walked towards her cabin to get ready for the event.

On the other hand there was Diana Prince, the daughter of Hippolyta and Zeus, the strongest Amazonian and the founding member of the Justice League.

Diana was born from the affair of Zeus just like many of his other tryst since the man couldn't keep his pants on when he saw a beautiful woman. It didn't matter if she wanted it or not because all that mattered was if he wanted it or not.

The worst part came after since the man barely cared for what happened later and his jealous wife Hera would take out the anger on the woman and the child.

For this reason Diana's heritage was a secret and most people only knew her as the perfect Amazon that was made from clay so that Hera wouldn't murder them.

Diana only learned of this secret when she was older and wise, meaning after the death of her first love.

Diana was a bright, kind, confident and justice loving woman. She was brought up with great care and she loved everything around her.

She went to the outside world to help change it into a better place without any hate for the other gender though she had some bias against them from her upbringing.

She was a quick learner and adapted fast, becoming a hero to the people that represent hope, love and justice especially the women.

In this time she fell in love with a soldier but it was not meant to be as he died during a battle and Diana went back home with a broken heart.

In this time she had seen much tragedy and darkness, the death of her lover was the last part that sent her home.

Back home she recuperated and digested what she had learnt over the years. It took time but with time she became wiser and skilled.

She returned back when Darkseid attacked and helped the world once again.

Among all the people on this world, she was the only one that was very much similar to Naruto.

Naruto loved the world and the people, and Diana also did the same. She loved people unconditionally and wanted to make the world a better place.

Love doesn't mean she won't fight or kill them because she found this part of her love as well.

Her unconditional love had even disgusted Hades when he was forcing her to marry him. The words disgusted him so much that he threw her out of his realm.

Having such a similar outlook and even being fans of combat, Naruto and Diana hit off instantly.

Among the JL, she was the closest to him.

They sparred every day and it helped her skills grow as Naruto was a powerful foe with immense skill that grew very fast.

Fighting such a difficult opponent every day had forced her body to adapt and her skills to grow faster than ever.

Friendship between heroes was actually rare as they never hang out and only join together for training, fighting and planning.

Naruto's presence and the Young Justice changed all that so even the adults started to hang out more.

It wasn't just for duty anymore.

For a young child, Naruto had grown so fast and shown them a lot. His presence was truly like the shining sun and Diana wished she could replicate his abilities and do those deeds as well.

She wasn't his herald but Diana also went out with him to those sessions and helped people around the world.

There weren't many battles these days so it was training, playing around and helping people across the globe.

Just like Donna thought of Naruto as a friend, Diana also touched the sun.

She was unaware of Donna's true feelings but did feel interest in Naruto. Before him she had been interested in Clark but the man preferred human's, a soft woman and not a combat queen.

It was just a small interest, nothing much so she didn't take offence to his rejection especially since she also didn't like some of his traits.

She didn't like the fact he went easy on everyone. They were also opposite as he didn't like fighting while Diana loved combat.

It was part of her blood.

Among the heroes only her female friend Hawkwoman had that quality before Naruto joined in.

She felt interest for him and wasn't worried about rejection or about the other girls.

The problem was that she didn't think she had to share her partner with anyone so it was better to pass it up.

It was enough that Naruto was her friend and would always be there for her when she needed him. Being his lover meant, sexual pleasure but she didn't need it. It wasn't anything special in the first place.

Moving on, she was having tea with Lady Shiva after a spar. She had been fighting against different fighters like Naruto and enjoying nature these few days.

Lady Shiva was one of Naruto's servants since the day he became the leader of the League of Shadows. She was known as the best fighter in the world and was obsessed with it.

Shiva was always travelling to fight against skilled fighters and had beaten every one of them. From Batman to Green Arrow, none had won against her skills.

She had tasted her first official loss against Naruto as she had met him after his months of training.

Months in the real world, years mentally so his skills had sky rocketed and even before that he was highly skilled in combat.

His unusual combat style using clones and wind was too difficult to fight against. The golden energy form was even worse.

Naruto had used a weak a clone against Shiva for a fair fight and won with high difficulty since he had not utilized his clone fu or wind fu.

At the moment, Naruto was recognized as the best fighter in the world followed by Kara and Diana. Kara had trained with Naruto and he had even possessed her body so many times that she took on his skills.

Shiva was not disappointed but happy at the development as she loved challenges.

Diana liked the woman though her insistence to having Naruto's child was really annoying. Shiva liked to have the children of the man she found worthy and wanted to create a powerful child for the next gen.

They were sitting silence when she got the call for the party and looked at Shiva, deciding to bring her along as she could be considered a friend.

"Shiva, we are going to attend a party on the moon base and I want you to behave. Don't try to make him drunk and have sex with you."

"Heh, I don't know what you are talking about. I would never think such a thing about our glorious leader." Shiva gave a small smile and drank her tea.

Diana stared at her suspiciously and shook her head. Her warning wasn't going to work, she will leave it to the blonde to handle his problems.

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