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Richard and Barbara looked far from average from just one touch and he could sense their body strength. They were stronger than normal humans, born or they were genetically enhanced.

Naruto couldn't tell without checking their memories or hearing from them. Utilizing the Yamanaka technique and genjutsu together, Naruto asked them simple things from their name to information about the world.

The man was called Richard John Grayson, adopted son of Bruce Wayne, and the girl was Barbara Gordon.

Richard was a handsome man with a lean muscled body that was just perfect. He had black hair and blue eyes. He was in his twenties but was swamped by worries.

Barbara was a beautiful girl with long red hair and green eyes. Just like Richard, she had a perfectly fit body that was made for combat. She was in the same age range and was more outgoing than Richard, though both had worries.

They were close friends that trained at the dojo together and it was the reason why their body seemed so ready for combat.

They were here for a picnic and to rest from the hubbub of the city. Richard intended to talk about his relationship problems with Barbara since they were very close.

These two were normal but this world wasn't normal at all. It was filled with monsters, aliens and mutants.

This world was filled with crime that made his world look saintly in comparison. It was a place hanging by a thin thread as so many powerful beings existed in this world and these beings somehow found reasons to cause a mess here.

This world was lucky that it had so many people that were selfless enough to fight for them.

Unfortunately these heroes seem to fear stepping out too far from the limits of this world and would never kill the criminals causing the damage while the government seemed to be on the game itself as the villains did not get the death penalty after escaping more than once.

It was a strange world indeed and filthy at that.

It was advanced beyond his world's level but the people here were more miserable than his own.

Looking at the situation, Naruto could tell that this world was dangerous for him at his level. He couldn't really trust the heroes either as they would most likely lead to more problems for him.

He could maybe make use of them from the shadows but never associate with them. The situation was dangerous but he wasn't worried and was kind of relieved after seeing the data as he had almost concluded it was a normal world.

Normal world would be really bad for him since he wouldn't have practice partners and dangerous battles to help him grow.

He didn't have unlimited time or something to grow slowly and only through battles was the potential properly exploited.

In this world he had variety of foes to defeat and learn from. He had many ways to make himself stronger by acquiring the technology and knowledge of this world.

Those were all reasons why he would fight in this world and he won't spare the heroes either. They seem to need a wakeup call, so if he got a chance to teach them then he would teach them for the betterment of the world.

Since he was in this world, Naruto intended to clear away whatever he could from this world. No matter where he went, he still represented justice and fairness.

He couldn't just sit down and let evil grow.

Through these memories he could see that there were many useful things for him and even people that he could tame for his battle against Madara.

According to his understanding, Madara was at least in the ranges of a country destroyer from what he remembered about the man.

It was recorded that the battle between him and Hashirama had caused a kingdom to disappear. His Susanoo sliced through mountains like they were tofu and it was humongous.

At the moment Naruto was capable of destroying a city but his attack wasn't powerful enough to break through the Susanoo. He had also no counter for Madara's Mangekyo ability to go intangible. He also had the time reversal ability that was recorded down by Hashirama.

The opponent had abilities that Naruto had no counter to at the moment and was powerful enough to take him out within a minute.

With normal training it would take him at least five years to arrive at that stage but he didn't believe there was that much time.

He had to finish up everything within two years and kill him, and burn his body to be sure.

'With sage mode training my power should increase faster and finish up within two years. But the problem is, the fact this assumption takes into account only Madara's previous level. He had 60 years to train and improve himself. There is no way he is still within this level. I should assume he has the power to destroy the whole Land of Fire by now.

He didn't want to use his power to take over the world to avoid bloodshed. It seems he really intends to use the eternal illusion from legends.' Naruto disappeared into the forest leaving the Barbara and Richard without them noticing his presence.

He had trained and learned many things throughout life. One of the things was the legends of old that were very important to the shinobi. They were related to the sage of six paths. From those he had understood that the bijuu were the creation of the Sage and together they formed a vicious beast of apocalypse that would end the world.

There was also mention of the Immortal Queen that ruled the world and brought a peaceful era. There was also mention of starting the process with eternal illusion and a giant tree.

From these clues and the abilities of the Akatsuki, Jiraiya and Naruto had already theorized that they intended to merge the bijuu into one somehow.

Meeting Pain and learning about Madara gave him the final piece of the puzzle to realize their ultimate goal. Madara wanted to bring peace to the accursed world but the man was arrogant, prideful and war like.

His suggestions were to bring down a rain of blood in this world and conquer it.

The man was a crazy bastard and one of the biggest reasons why the world became even more messed up since he destroyed the delicate balance as Hashirama's death was partly his fault.

If he had just worked with Hashirama, the world would have been at peace since nobody could have stood against their combined power at that time.

'If he has that much power, why didn't he just try to take over the world one by one from the shadows. Sigh, I will never understand insane bastards.' Naruto thought as walked deeper into the forest toward Konan.

On the other hand, the young adults went back to their activities without realizing what had just happened. Though they had their memories scanned, it was of no consequence to them because of magical seal made by Dr. Fate.

Batman was always careful especially after experiencing having his memories read. He decided to take countermeasures for such a situation and took help from Dr. Fate.

The seal would make sure that no one could see memories involving the hero life and they wouldn't feel the seal's presence either unless they were very powerful beings.

This way no one would find them interesting because of the seal or kill them when they couldn't see any memories.

It was the perfect measure for such a situation. To go further, Batman had also got them a protection seal and locater seal so the case of Jason Todd would not repeat.

Jason Todd was the second Robin and he had died by the hands of the Joker. It was one of the most painful moments for Bruce and it had tested him.

He was a man of principles and he had vowed to never kill, never hold a gun. At that moment, he had beaten Joker to the brink of death and wanted to wring his fragile neck, but he didn't.

It was the reason for Richard and Bruce breaking off. Their relationship was strained from that incident as Richard wanted to kill Joker but Bruce stopped him.

'Nagato, I don't understand your purpose.

Why did you have to do this?

What did you see that I am unaware off?

Why could you have not shared your concerns with me, were we not closer than siblings?

Is the boy truly worthy of your sacrifice? He may be stronger than me and you but just like you said, it is pointless so why did this happen.

Did you waver in the time of weakness?' Konan questioned as she stared at the grave she had dug for her friend

She had followed his commands without a question but now that he was dead, she was left alone. No companion, no friend to share her grief.

Konan did not hold anything positive about Naruto. To her, he was just a little child that had never seen the world. He was a person that didn't deserve to think about leading as he had yet to experience the cruelty of the world.

"Are you sure about digging a grave here?" Naruto asked as he arrived at her location. She had gone deep into the forest and dug a simple grave.

"It's good enough. Did you find anything?" Konan collected herself and turned around to see the boy having regained his spirit.

Just from that she could see he had a strong mind that didn't get stressed out from unknown situations. He was relaxed even in this situation where he had lost contact with everything he knew.

Naruto nodded and didn't care what she did since Nagato was just an enemy to him. He might have been his senior and a man with a good intentions but he was misguided and deserved death.

He felt nothing for the man except sadness that he was never saved that day from becoming this monster.

"I got the information and can conclude this world is more dangerous than ours. From now on we will stay in the shadows to avoid attention, understood." Naruto replied calmly as he looked at the cold but beautiful woman.

He was the type to enjoy beauty but his dislike for her previous actions kept him away. She was only alive because he had a need for her and he promised Nagato to keep her safe. She was also lucky enough to never have participated in massacres like the rest of the Akatsuki and was one of the peaceful members that helped out her village.

Taking from that Naruto gave her a second chance at life or he would have just murdered her after taking the Rinnegan. He would taken her soul out for the information, so technically he had no use for her but let her live because she was from his home world and she deserved a second chance.

He could tell she was depressed and lost. She regretted her actions even if they were few and between. Nagato had said she didn't really participate in criminal activities and helped out with the management of the village.

She had tried to talk to him but he had never listened.

Naruto could tell he was telling the truth and Nagato understood him so he gave him reasons to let her live.

The man would have never trusted Konan's life in Naruto's hand without passing on that info since he should have known that Naruto killed every person that was a scumbag criminal with no redeeming quality.

"What do you plan to do now?" Konan asked as a test of his character. She had the knowledge on his deeds and upbringing but she wanted to see it with her own eyes. She wanted to see what Nagato saw in him at the last moment. She wanted to see if he was worthy of his eyes.

"The same as always, train, fight, learn new things, enjoy life and kill scum. I intend to continue the similar path but with slight difference since this world has more powerful beings than ours. I don't intend to make my power known this time around and I am going to help the world improve from the shadows as much as I can. Hmm, did you think I would answer something else?" Naruto smiled knowingly.

He could see that the question was like a confirmation of sorts.

"Why do you intend to help this world?" Konan didn't mind that he understood her reasoning and continued to ask.

"Justice, I never limited my range to one place. I would never allow for injustice to exist. I was born for it and brought up for it. Remember it well, Konan. From now on you are my follower and I will show you how to improve the world. Your group could have done it back home easily as well but, Nagato had already lost his mind and most of your people were utter scum." Naruto explained as he took her hand and carved a seal on her palm.

Konan didn't resist or block it. She was here to follow him. He was the last person she had any connection to and he was the person chosen by her master and brother.

His answers were satisfactory and had no signs of hypocrisy. If he had answered wrong, she intended to kill herself and destroy the Rinnegan.

She would never allow someone like Nagato to surface again. They had done the mistake once and there was no need to repeat it.

"The language?" Konan questioned as he finished.

"It's different so rely on your genjutsu skills to communicate for now and learn the languages. We are going to Gotham now and we will clean up the place while looking for the shadow league. I have lost my connection to Konoha so I need another big shadow organization under me for my goals. These are normal human assassins, but they seem to have resources and influence." Naruto replied and explained things she would have asked before she asked.


"Store Nagato in the storage seal, People here can also clone others and use genetic manipulation better than Orochimaru." Naruto didn't care where the man was put to rest but he didn't want people from this world studying the corpse.

Listening to his words, Konan understood and paper spread around her as it dug out Nagato before he disappeared into the storage seal on her breast.

"I will cremate him once we find a proper place." Konan muttered as she also didn't want anyone disrespecting the corpse of her family.

"Good, let's go. Remember to avoid attention." Naruto said one more time and they flew towards Gotham while becoming invisible. It was Jiraiya's technique that he had taught his students.

Konan flew using her wings while Naruto used wind flight as he was the master of wind manipulation.

While Naruto left, Richard and Barbara continued normally. They put down the camping material by the river and took out fishing material.

Life had been very hectic and with high level of fluctuations. Richard could feel his spirit getting fatigue from all this work.

They were putting their lives on the line for people but the system was intent on not doing their job. It made him want to kill the villains but he couldn't.

The system wanted them to do it. The Government hated them as they were not under their control. They weren't stupid enough to not notice that they were manipulating public opinion into blaming the heroes for not taking care of the villain, instead of taking responsibility.

Once the heroes killed villains, they would become criminals. The system would have more ammo to brainwash the citizens.

Not every Hero was like Batman, obsessed with not killing. Most of them couldn't do it because of these circumstances.

Superman was in the worst position since he was an alien. If he took one wrong step, people would be calling for his head.

Batman had been trying to fix the system but it wasn't an easy task as too many forces were involved. Villains could take advantage of it and the heroes didn't want to use excessive methods as they might lose their way and start controlling everything.

"Sigh, why is our world so damn unlucky?" Richard groaned as he sat down beside the river with his fishing gear. He was here to relax and find some solace from the dangers of life.

"I suppose that is a rhetorical question, but the answer you are looking for is corruption, fear and selfishness. If the government did its job and killed the criminals instead of trying to use them, we would have an easier life." Barbara whipped her long ponytail and sat down beside him.

She was a charming and intelligent lady with a sassy attitude. Her father worked for the Police Department so she had been privy to a lot of these things from a young age.

The world had moved and new tech had arrived but the police had yet to be armed with anything powerful. The Police were not equipped to handle the new world.

The days of police brutality was over long time ago, it was rare in this age as the Police genuinely feared the people.

It was one of the worst jobs possible since anyone could turn out to be an alien, ghost or meta-human. Death was very common but the people didn't give a shit and only funded their research along with formation of special squads.

The most recent was the Suicide Squad but there was also the Justice League of America, Team 7 and whatnot.

Anyone with knowledge could see that this was a setup. The higher ups didn't want accidental killing of their future subjects and they also used the human lives to garner emotional control.

There was no soul in this system and it treated human life as expendable resource.

"That is an ideal world, where we could have worked with them instead of fighting against them. Let's talk not about, my mood will get worse." Richard decided not to continue on these thoughts as they made him frustrated.

The system wanted to control them because of fear and selfishness while the heroes couldn't allow such a thing because the government never represented justice and dealt in shady things. It wasn't even some top level secret, everyone and their moms knew what kind of shit the government had been involved in but nobody cared unless the shit hit them in the face.

Barbara nodded with a wry smile before pumping herself up, "So, how has your relationship been going after you rejected my confession?"

Looking at that smile, Richard groaned. He questioned why he went with Barbara instead of Cyborg or Beast Boy or Superboy.

Then he remembered that all of them were terrible at what he needed at the moment.

"Terrible, just terrible. I have come face to face with the reality of how dangerous a relationship with a super being is. Every moment feels like I am on the edge of death.

Kori is getting frustrated and I am also not happy with the situation. We can't even act intimate because Kori might end up killing me by mistake."

"Hahahahaha you so deserve that."

"You are a horrible human, you know that."

"But you still love me and I am loved by the masses…" Barbara replied with a smug smile as she moved her eyebrows suggestively.

"Though the situation is laughable showing your lack of future planning because you were too happy, I can see the pain you guys are going through.

Why not ask Superman to make you part Kryptonian? That would be the best deal here."

Richard rolled his eyes, "I thought of that and I doubt he is going to let me do that. I also feel averse to changing my species like that."

"You will have to make a compromise because Kori is emotional and driven by instinct."

"Are you telling me to give up being human?"

"Well, this is the path you chose or you could backtrack and come to me." Barbara chuckled, it had been a year since that happened and she had kind of moved on from Richard. She just found amusement in teasing him about it.

"An attractive proposal but I still love Kori. Maybe I could just get some minor enhancements and learn magic for further help. This could improve my fighting chances as well."

"The first option is possible and you could visit Veritas for it, but the other option will too long. You will become old before learning something useful." Barbara cut him down as she had also been interested in the mystic arts once after meeting Zatanna and Raven,

"Well, let's think about it a bit more. I don't want to regret my decision." Richard looked at the water and caught a fish. He let it go and started talking to Barbara about casual topics to loosen up as they had been very busy these weeks.

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