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Possible threesome in the future but for now it's an illusion and may or may not end up happening for real.

Bumped Sora's age up to 16 in KH1 so other ages follow.

Chapter 1

Sora smiled happily as he explored Halloween Town, the danger was dealt with, so he'd slipped away to explore, Goofy giving him a grin and wave when he did. They'd stop Oogie Boogie and sealed the worlds' Keyhole; they deserved a short break. It wasn't as exciting as it had been before though…not after seeing Riku when inside the whale, seeing how he treated Pinocchio, how he'd abandoned them to fight the Heartless, his cruel words…what had happened to change him so much? He wasn't the Riku that Sora had grown up with anymore and that scared him. And… some of what he'd said…had Kairi somehow lost her heart? Was she okay? Or at least somewhere safe? Nothing made sense anymore and it hurt.

He blinked when he realised he was in the cemetery but then shrugged and kept wandering. It was Halloween Town after all, graves were all part of the place. He didn't feel curious eyes watching him, hungry eyes.


She watched the boy wander, curious, but not fooled by his appearance. No…he was not one of her kind despite what he looked like, she could smell rich, hot, blood flowing through his veins, hear the beating of a living heart. How long had it been since any of them had sensed such life? Had whatever disguise fooled everyone else? No matter, soon the disguise would be fact. If he wanted to be one of them so much then she would grant him his wish…after taking her fill.

She crouched on top of the tall grave, waiting as the boy passed by below, and then dropped silently behind him, wrapping an arm around his waist and pressing her hand over his mouth. He struggled, stronger than expected, but not strong enough to break free.

"Sleep," she breathed in his ear, ignoring the way the young one bit at her hand in desperation, tiny fangs not even breaking the skin. "Calm down, there's no danger. You're tired, so tired, just give in and sleep," she crooned gently, and the struggles weakened slowly until the body was limp in her hold, breathing deep and even.

Lifting him was easy and then they were gone.


Sora blinked sleepily and then smiled happily, feeling the softness of a bed under him. "Riku…Kairi…" he whispered and they both smiled at him, Kairi leaning in to kiss him even as he felt sure hands caressing his sides. It felt so…nice…peaceful.

There was something…not right…something….he gasped and then moaned as hands moved even lower, distracting him.


Riku stared out at the night sky, still shocked by the confrontation with Sora…he'd actually been ready to fight him if that Heartless hadn't shown up. Hadn't he understood what he was telling him? What had happened to Kairi? He'd hoped a puppet with a heart might hold some kind of answer, but it hadn't. Didn't Sora want Kairi to get better? Maybe the idiot really hadn't understood what he was telling him…or did he really not care anymore? Too busy running around playing hero with his new friends.

He didn't need Sora; he would save Kairi himself. So why…did he miss him?


"Gawrsh Donald, Sora can take care of himself. He just wanted to look around."

"What if he runs into more Heartless?" Donald demanded as they looked around.

"He's got the Keyblade," he pointed out.

Sora was strong, he could look after himself…but he had been gone for a while. He looked around for Jack, hoping he'd have seen him, or Zero would have. Sure enough, the ghostly dog soon had them heading for the graveyard.


Impressive, he was trying to wake up, despite being given a fantasy of something he longed for. Oh well, it wouldn't matter for much longer.

"Ri…ku…" the boy mumbled in his sleep, obviously enjoying his dream a lot. He was laying naked on a stone slab, looking very different with the disguise removed. That had been a lot harder than expected but the clothing had eventually come off.

She licked her lips in anticipation and then lifted his upper body off the stone, holding him against her own chest even as he let out a breathy moan of pleasure. She carefully tipped the heavy head to one side, baring his throat, seeing the steady thrum of his pulse under the warm skin. She lapped at the skin, taking in the scents and flavours, some totally unfamiliar.

She bit down hard, sighing in pleasure at the rush of hot, delicious, fluid. He whimpered, moving restlessly, the pain translating to pleasure in the fantasy. He was more sweet than handsome, still growing, though that would soon be stopped. She drank deeply, wanting to enjoy as much of his blood as possible, watching his skin become paler, his body quieting as he weakened.

The door slammed open, voices yelling, but they were too late as she went from feeding to injecting the lethal venom.


Donald cursed his much shorter legs as Zero picked up the pace, Jack and Goofy easily matching it. Jack was beginning to look very worried, though how his expressions were so easy to read was a bit confusing considering his appearance. "What's wrong?" he called out and Jack glanced back at him.

"Well, I never wish to imply bad things about those who live here but this area…but they do tend to be rather a bit rougher than the rest of us. There's not many of them, not enough food for them here you see, but they are what Sora appears to be, vampires. They may have realised he wasn't one of them and I'm not sure how they'll take that."

Donald looked at Goofy, seeing his concern mirrored there. Real vampires? Sora could be in a lot of trouble. And Jack could see through the magic to realise Sora wasn't what he appeared as? That was troubling, had he cast the spell on the kid wrong?

"Zero has the trail!"

They picked up speed, the ghost dog obviously anxious. They found a doorway leading down, a few others around, but Zero led them right to that one. The door was massive and locked, but Donald wasn't going to let that stop them! He gathered his magic and let it out in a massive fire spell, half melting the door. They were in some kind of underground home but Zero led them further down to another locked door. This one just needed the three of them ramming against it to burst open, spilling them inside, weapons out and ready.

They froze at the sight of a pale, naked, unconscious Sora cradled in a woman's arms; her face buried in his throat.

"Sora!" Goofy yelled in alarm.

Donald hesitated, any spell he cast would hit Sora since he was in front of her! "Sora wake up!" he called, seeing his eyelids flicker slightly, the teen groaning…and not in pain.

She looked up at them and then pulled off of Sora's throat, blood beginning to trickle down tanned skin, Sora's head lolling without her holding it in place. She smiled, blood coating her lips and teeth and Donald fought back a shudder of fear and disgust. She'd been…

"He won't wake, not until the transformation is over." She ran her fingers through wild spikes, and he realised her fingers were tipped with claws…like Sora's costume had been. The only real difference he could see was the lack of the pumpkin mask Sora had worn.

"Let him go Imelda!" Jack demanded and she laughed.

"I don't answer to you Jack Skellington, we may live here but we aren't part of your little town. If you wanted him kept away from us, you shouldn't have had him dress the part," she smirked and then lapped up the dripping blood.

Whatever she had done to Sora, he was completely unaware of what was happening, that much was obvious. He seemed to be dreaming or something, at least it was something far more pleasant than the reality. They had to wake him up! But…even if he did, would he be able to fight her off? He was very pale, body barely twitching in reaction to his dreams. Donald cast a Cure his way, the magic swirling around him, but nothing changed except the bite wound healing over. How much blood had he lost?


Sora was gasping, writhing in their hold, overwhelmed by sensation as they touched him, finding every spot that would bring pleasure. It felt so good but…he was tired…so tired…something…wrong?


He knew that voice…didn't he? He gasped as Kairi slid into his lap and a surge of sudden heat centred in his chest…his heart.

'WAKE UP!' a different, unknown, voice yelled at him.

Wake up? He was…dreaming? He stared up into Kairi's eyes and then he screamed, pain overtaking the pleasure as he saw the emptiness in her eyes.


Goofy started as Sora screamed, thrashing weakly in her hold. His eyelids fluttered, eyes rolling behind them, trying to wake up?

The woman holding him looked a lot like Sora's costume, with fangs and…yep, bat wings on her back. She looked a lot scarier than Sora ever could though! And her eyes…they were very creepy, a mix of blood red and gold.

He could rush her, try and hit her with his shield, but Sora was still in the way, though struggling weakly. Slowly, glassy blue eyes opened, struggling to focus even as Sora kept screaming in pain. What had she done to him?

"Sora, move!" he yelled, and Sora whimpered but his struggles became a little stronger, more focused.

She looked down and that was the opening Jack needed, long limbs crossing the room in a split second to pull Sora free, letting them attack.

"Get him outta here!" Donald yelled, and Jack nodded, leaving with the still screaming Sora. Donald looked at him and Goofy nodded, they would deal with her.


Sora didn't know what was happening, he just wanted the agony to end. He felt long skinny arms around him even as he tried not to struggle, vaguely recognising them. There was noise…a voice? He couldn't understand the words, couldn't focus. It hurt…why did it hurt?


Jack ran with his precious burden right back to town, trusting the other two to get away and come after him. He spoke gently to Sora the whole time, wanting to let him know he wasn't alone, that he was with a friend, even if it was likely Sora couldn't hear him.

"Jack?" he heard Sally call.

"Sora's hurt badly," he answered, looking around for somewhere secure to place him, to wait out the transformation.

"Oh no," she looked at the writhing figure in his arms, seeing the blood on his throat.

Rushing footsteps had him turning, relieved to see Goofy and Donald.


Maleficent nodded as Riku successfully cast the spell she had taught him for the first time. He had a lot of natural talent for magic that just needed the right person to help nurture it. What luck he had been brought to Hollow Bastion when his World was consumed by the Heartless and not somewhere some idiot like Master Yen Sid or those fairies would have been the ones to teach him.

"Well done," she praised, and he looked up at her, smiling faintly. He reacted very well approval, to any attention really, and she wondered if once, he would have been a child the faeries would have taken away to raise. It didn't matter, he was with her now, and she would see to it that he had everything he could need or want, he would be a worthy pupil indeed.


Donald was actually relieved to hear Sora screaming and whimpering, noise meant he was still alive. Jack had the teen cradled close to his body, holding him still with inhuman strength, keeping Sora from thrashing and hurting himself. "What did she do to him?" he demanded, struggling to make his words clear.

"She bit him to turn him. I am sorry, but when it's over, he'll be a vampire for real," Jack explained, and Donald shook his head. No…no that wasn't possible.

"Gee Donald, what can we do?" Goofy asked, obviously worried.

They didn't know where the King was…had no way to contact Master Yen Sid…who else could…maybe… "We need to go," he snapped and Goofy took Sora from Jack, then they were running for the ship.


"Traverse Town! Merlin's the only Wizard around," except him but this was way beyond anything he'd ever seen.

They got on board and he left Goofy to get Sora settled in, powering up the engines. He pushed the ship a lot more than normal, but he couldn't bear the sounds of pain coming from the boy. They were meant to protect him, and they'd failed, he was not going to let him die! Sora had adapted so quickly to becoming a Keyblade Wielder, to other worlds, that sometimes they forgot how young he was, only sixteen, not fully grown or anything.

By the time they landed, the screams had tapered off into moans and whimpers, Sora still far too pale and eyes glassy when Goofy could coax them open. They rushed through the town, Donald having to deal with any Heartless on his own.

"Leon!" Goofy called when they spotted the tall man, and he ran over when he saw the wrapped bundle in his arms.

"Sora?" he asked in alarm, pressing a hand to a now feverish brow.

"We need ta get him to Merlin," Donald snapped, blasting some approaching Shadows with fire.

Leon nodded and drew his own weapon, moving to help clear the way.


"Quickly, quickly, bring him inside!" Merlin called as they arrived at his rather rundown cottage, although it looked better than it had their first visit.

Goofy carried Sora inside and Merlin quickly moved them to the room he had helped Sora practice his magic in only days before because of the heavier protections on it.

"Set him down here, that's it," Merlin swiftly moved in to examine him and they moved back to give him space. "Oh dear, oh you poor boy."

"What is it?" Leon asked as he watched, and Merlin looked up at him.

"Sora is becoming a vampire, and nothing can stop that," Merlin answered, gently turning Sora's head to reveal the bite, even as the teen moaned in pain.

He carefully unwrapped him from the blanket he was wrapped in, relieved to find no other wounds or signs of other violation, despite his nakedness. Of course the question then became, what kind of vampire, there were many different species throughout the worlds after all.

"Where did this happen?"

"Halloween Town, Sora got grabbed by a woman. He couldn't wake up, like she was keeping him asleep," Goofy answered.

Merlin nodded absently, Halloween Town…he went there once, had seen the vampires there. It would be difficult for Sora to hide what he had become due to the wings, but magic could do a lot. There was time perhaps for one spell, weaving it very carefully into the changing and dying body before him. Sora was small for his age; it was bad enough he would be eternally a teenager but at least he could give him a little more height. He was burning up, the venom spreading quicker and quicker, Sora beginning to shake, almost convulsing.


"Stay back," Merlin told them even as he drew back as well, he could defend himself from even a vampire, but it would be better for there to be no need to. Then again, he should 'sleep' for some time before waking, but it was better to be safe than sorry.

"Leon, the…third cabinet from the door on the left, open it with the need for blood suitable for a newborn vampire and bring it here," he told the man who nodded and left the room.

He raised more protections around the majority of the room to keep Sora contained once he woke, a spell had them all listening to Sora's heartbeat as it raced. Gradually, it began to slow, and then slow even further as Sora went limp. His chest was rising and falling still as he struggled for air. By the time Leon returned, his heart was beating irregularly, skipping beats. A few more minutes and the room was silent, Sora's body utterly still.

"Is he…" Goofy trailed off, and Merlin nodded, Sora was dead.

He took the blood packs from Leon and placed them within the wards for when Sora woke. "There's nothing more anyone can do for him; he will wake when he is ready."

"Will he still be Sora?" Leon asked, staring at the boy.

"Of course! Obviously, when he first wakes he will be consumed by the need to feed. Don't worry, we're safe, he's behind powerful wards. It will be hard; he will spend the rest of existence fighting his own instincts and there will be a lot to learn before it is safe for him to be around humans without very close supervision. I know we can't afford to wait which is why there is powerful magic in this room, very little time will pass elsewhere so long as he is here."


"Instincts?" Goofy asked in confusion.

"Of course, after all, humans are a vampires natural food source," Merlin answered and Goofy gulped.

"You mean…he's going to eat people? Like a Heartless?" Donald demanded.

"No, of course not! He won't eat their hearts or anything, just their blood," Merlin explained. "The hungrier he is, the more it will take, so it's better if he remains well fed. Remember, biting does not mean killing or even turning. In order to turn Sora, she had to inject venom, Sora won't develop that for several years. I have a few books on this particular breed of vampire that you can read at your leisure. Now then, even with the time magic, it will still take several hours for him to waken, you should all rest up as well." With that they were being ushered downstairs to get some rest.


"What else?" Donald asked, crossing his arms as he looked at Merlin while Leon returned home and Goofy got settled.

Merlin looked at him and then sighed. "No Keyblade bearer has ever been turned."

"He could lose the Keyblade?" he squawked in alarm and Merlin nodded.

"There's no way to know what will happen."


Jiminy watched as Sora lay utterly still…dead. If he had been with him, could he have helped him escape? What could he have done against a vampire though? All he could do was record events and try to give advice.

What would happen when Sora woke? Would he still be the Sora they knew? Or would he be like the one who had attacked him? Sora was such a bright child…a child, only sixteen, he shouldn't have the burden of the Keyblade at such a young age. He shouldn't be having to fight in a war and yet what other option was there? The Keyblade chose its wielder after all. Perhaps for Sora's sake it would be better if he lost it, but then would they leave to find the new bearer? Jiminy sighed, poor kid, there didn't seem to be many good options left for him.