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Kendra and Seth grew up on fairy tales.

It wasn't something that much different from their friends. They knew all the classics, just like everyone else. They could tell you the tale of sleeping beauty, snow white and the seven dwarves, little red riding hood, the three little pigs, beauty and the beast, and the little mermaid.

They loved those stories and Seth dressed up as the beast one year when Kendra was red riding hood.

But Kendra and Seth also knew some fairy tales that were less popular. Ones that got them some odd looks from their friends when they mentioned them.

Like the tale of the fall of the Fairy King, how there'd been a betrayal and he'd fallen to the Demon King who hated the fairies and all that they stood for. Or the War of the Dragons, how they lost against the wizards who then gave them the choice of death or a treaty, they picked the treaty. Or even the imprisonment of the Demons in the mythical Zzyxx, with thousands of demons locked inside and created by the most powerful of wizards.

And there were some more niche stories, like the fall of the manor house at their granddaddy's home (though they didn't know a lot of that myth, it was lost to time apparently). There was also the demon Bahumat being imprisoned beneath an old chapel, still straining at his bindings in hopes of destroying all once more. And then there was the witch Muriel in her wooden house tied with a rope to keep her powers in check so she could harm no one else.

They knew that fairies shone in the dark and spoke with voices like bells. They knew that demons were tricky and that was their nature. They knew that dragons were massive beings hidden away where none could see. They knew all these stories because they'd been told them their whole lives by all their family.

Their dad would tell them the stories, holding them on his knee as he told them the tales his parents told him about the manor houses and the demons that lived there.

Their grandparents would sit them down and tell them whispers of beings called blixes and their great foes the unicorns, or how the astrids were once great proud beings that served the fairies, or of the centaurs and their pride within their powerful homes.

Their other grandparents raised them on tales of the great adventurer Patton and his many adventures, from dragon preserves to magical forests. He was a role model to Seth for his adventures, and to Kendra for his vast knowledge.

Yes, Kendra and Seth were raised on fairy tales. And they believed them for a long time. Just as every child believes the tooth fairy comes to take their teeth, or that Santa Klaus leaves them presents under the tree, or that the Easter Bunny hops through their yard to deliver eggs and chocolate.

But children grow up, and magic fades from memory.

Kendra and Seth were no different here, they grew up as well. They were exposed to a world that doesn't believe in magic, and in time they stopped believing too.

The siblings grew up and relegated their childhood stories to just that, stories.

They never forgot them, but they didn't believe them like the once had.

Until they did.