This is a One-shot. I want to see if you guys like this, I have three more ideas I want to put here before choosing one.

The other three are as follows: The first one is about the usual (Wrong Boy Who Lived Trope) Harry has a twin sister who was sent to live with the Dursley and all that, before being saved by Nazarick. Dumbledore and the rest figures out she is the true chosen one and yadda yadda. They want to get her back and all that. I believe you guys know how it goes.

The second one is Harry being adopted by Galadriel and raise in Nazarick. Pretty much like the first one, but with A powerful Harry Potter with luck with girls.

The third one is one where Nazarick arrives at the beginning of the first war against Voldemort. Or more specifically, Galadriel arrives alone. And she is involved in the war as people mistake her for another powerful dark lord and such. (I personally like this one) Then Nazarick arrives later.

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Harry Potter x Overlord (One-shot)

A couple of tears ran visibly on his face as he moaned more and more. A nightmarish dream. The sweat and the horrible feeling of dread coming from the nightmare he was witnessing.

The young-men woke up and again, over the last week, he couldn't go back to sleep. His green-eyes and his messy hair made sure to show up who he was.

Harry Potter's life was not the best as of right now. There was no better luck for the Boy-who-lived than being pushed to this life. The threat of expulsion from Hogwarts came as a hard blow to him. But thankfully, thanks to Dumbledore, he was safe from being kick-out.

Still, there was too much going on for him.

The slandering from The Daily Prophet among many other magazines about him and Dumbledore was getting ridiculous. The wizarding world's denial to accept the truth about Voldemort's return was perhaps the most frightful thing about it all. The Minister of Magic went all out against Harry and Dumbledore. Calling them liars and that they wanted to usurp the ministry leadership. All rubbish, of course, but the people were not smart enough to see it. They believed every single word from The Daily Prophet. And now, Harry Potter was undesirable number one in all Britain. If things were different, he would have been happy about that title, but it was not the case. Harry was tired of it all.

Harry sighed, feeling exhausted from all of this.

The snoring sounds from the person next to him brought a smile to Harry. He watched the face of Ron, his best friend. And for a brief minute, he could feel happy. Harry was not alone. He needed to remember that.

The door burst open, and Harry saw the bushy hair of Hermione. The sudden action of the entrance to the room of both Harry and Ron woke the latter one.

Ron gave a small squeal, looking at the sight of Hermione in the room.

"Bloody hell, Hermione! Can you knock?!" Ron said, covering himself. The scene made Hermione snort. Ron was blushing, but the bushy-girl ignored him.

"Honestly, Ronald. Your mother has made breakfast already! You need to hurry up! Or the twins will eat all of it," Hermione said.

Ron's eyes winded at the idea of losing his precious breakfast. So without losing more time, he jumped out of his bed. He tripped on his way out, while Harry and Hermione only laugh.

The bushy-haired girl stared at his friend. He looked like someone who hasn't slept in the last days. Hermione has noticed how irritated Harry was. She grew concerned about him. Still, she knew Harry would never tell her what was wrong. She knows him too well.

She has tried to talk to him, but no avail. So Hermione could only hope for him to approach her when he was ready. That's all she could wish.

"Harry, breakfast is ready," Hermione said with a soft voice.

"Thank you," Harry replied.

Hermione stood there for a few seconds. Then she let out a small sigh and left him alone.

Harry did not react to Hermione's sigh. He glared at the wall and only exhaled. He would have to speak with Dumbledore when he was able to. That was if the old-wizard felt like it.

Not only was Dumbledore ignoring him, but Harry could feel something going on. He hated being left in the dark. But he could not do anything right now. And that angers him more.

"Harry breakfast!" Harry heard the voice of Miss. Weasley and stood up from the bed. There was no point in thinking of it. At the very least, not right now.

Harry arrived at the small kitchen where everyone was having breakfast. He smiled at his Godfather, Sirius Black.

"Harry, good morning," Sirius said with his trademark smirk.

Harry smiled at him and sat down.

"Harry, how are you doing today?" Remus asked with a smile.

"It's fine," Harry muttered.

Both Marauders glared at each other but chose to say nothing. They knew about Harry's nightmares. The problems the young boy was dealing with, so both of them decided to talk about it later on.

"Harry, my dear, here you go," Miss. Weasley said while putting some eggs and bacon on his plate.

"Thank you," Harry said as he started to eat slowly. He was not really hungry right now.

The next hour or so went by. Harry was happy to ignore everyone else for now. Then there was something he saw on the cover of the latest newspaper Remus brought. On the portrait of The Daily Prophet, there was something strange.

He saw a mysterious name, an unusual name.

"What is that?" Harry asked, pointing at the newspaper.

The title brought everyone's attention as they saw the same thing as Harry. With big letters on the cover, the announcement said.

The Mysterious Nazarick Family. An Ancient Noble House? Or a new Wizard Nobility? Who are they? And why are they here?

The title baffled everyone and even more by the sudden and out-of-place news of the report from the Prophet. It looked like someone paid to put that article there, but then again. Why?

"Nazarick Family? I have never heard that name before. What about you, Moony?" Sirius asked.

"Me neither, this is the first time I have heard that name," Remus said with a frown on his face.

"The Prophet is babbling nonsense. Utterly nonsense. I still can't believe the people believed everything they read," Miss. Weasley muttered while cleaning dishes. Harry was happy about the change of topic from the newspaper. But he was interested in the family for an odd reason.

"What about you, Hermione? You know everything," Ron asked.

Hermione seemed deep in thought. There was nothing she did not know. But the more Hermione tried to remember anything about such a family. The more Hermione realizes she has no idea who they are.

"Maybe they are foreigners? Or something like that?" Hermione replied with an embarrassed tone. She was going to spend some time reading, to find anything about them. Both Harry and Ron looked stunned by this.

"Bloody hell, there is something Hermione doesn't know!" Ron exclaimed, earning a stern look from his mother.

"What else does it say?" Asked Harry, looking interested in the family.

"Let's see... The Nazarick Family are newcomers to the proud Wizarding World. They have already shown the level of wealth they hold to everyone. They have donated and invested an incredible amount of Galleons to different charities and business. The amount of gold given away by the Nazarick Family already exceeds the ludicrous amount of 45 million Galleons!" To say the amount of gold they have given away startled the people in the room was something hard to be accepted. Sirius let out a whistle, looking at the numbers. It was enormous, and it was surely a way to make some noise. But why? Sirius thought.

"45 million Galleons! With that, we could purchase Hogwarts!" The Weasley's twins exclaimed.

"Bet they have a house of the size of Hogwarts," Ron muttered with a disgusted voice full of envy and resentment.

"That's a sizeable sum of Galleons," Remus said.

"It makes me wonder how rich they are," Sirius said with a serious face.

"What do you mean by that, Sirius?" Harry asked.

"If they have a lot of gold," Sirius replied with a cheeky grin.

"I'm not talking about that, Padfoot," Harry said with a sigh but couldn't hide his smile.

"Many of the Purebloods Houses after the war. Lost a huge part of their wealth," Sirius said.

"Bribery doesn't come cheap," Remus whispered.

"The Blacks, Malfoys, Lestrange among others, are still well off. But the rest of the Sacred-twenty-eight are still recovering from the entire ordeal. It will take them years, decades, even to recover the loses. They donated a lot of gold to their precious Dark Lord," Sirius said with a mocking voice.

"War is also no cheap," Remus replied with a nasty grin.

"They have lost a big part of their reputation and control. Voldemort's return will surely bring things back to them. But they will not make the same mistakes as before. Arrange marriages and more things are coming back," he said with a sore tone in his voice.

"Arrange marriages?!" Hermione exclaimed.

"They are not as usual anymore, but they happen," Remus said.

"But how can they do that?! It's barbaric and archaic," it outraged Hermione.

"It's the Old way, Hermione. Even thought you-know-who was defeated. The Pureblood families who bribed their way out of Azkaban. Got themselves high in the hierarchy at the ministry and The Wizengamot. They brought some old traditions back, that's why you all need to be careful," Remus said with his teacher's voice.

"They lost reputation and the war, yes. But like I said, they also wasted a lot of money to get themselves nice seats here and there," Sirius replied.

"Arrange marriages, between Purebloods families is a way to secure their legacy, gold, and Wizengamot power," Sirius told them.

"Which brings us to the Nazarick Family, and the way they are showing up their wealth in front of everyone. Like they know how bad things are," Sirius said.

"They are showing up their wealth over everyone's face. Surely they know what this will bring. Every single Pureblood family will be over them," Sirius said.

"Well, Merlin's beard. Padfoot you are using your brain," Remus laughed at the face of Sirius, who scowled at him.

"I take offense of that," Sirius said with a smile.

"What if they joined the Slytherin's and Voldemort?" Ron asked.

"Ronald, not everyone of Slytherin is a bad person," Hermione said with a huffed tone.

"You say that now," Ron muttered.

Harry stared at the name, forgetting everyone around him. He could only feel that this year at Hogwarts, things were going to be different.

On the King's Cross Station, Harry and his friend said their goodbyes. Harry gave one last hug to the shaggy black dog.

"See you later, Padfoot," Harry whispered, and Padfoot licked him.

As Harry went aboard the train he notices everyone else on the 9¾ platform. The people standing there. Their mere-presence was something intimidating.

A tall old man with a powerful gaze. His hair and beard showed his age, but he did not look fragile at all. Harry could see the muscle behind his outfit. The old man looked like he could snap someone's neck easily. But Harry could feel a strong sense of goodness. The same grandfatherly smile he sometimes sees in Dumbledore. However, he seemed more genuine. For Harry, it was hard to explain.

The next person was perhaps a beauty to behold. Dark hair, soft features, deep golden eyes with a motherly look. A woman with all the features of elegance and grace. Her gown left to those watching her, her curves and skin. She was something stunning. Harry, like any other young man, could not look the other way.

Next to her, a young girl with a particular white-hair and golden shining eyes stood there. Holding the hands of the dark-haired beauty. Harry could only stare at the gorgeous girl. She was as stunning as the woman next to her. If not more, in Harry's humble opinion.

She had a very developed body that could put Fleur Delacour to shame by a million times. Everything about her screams elegance, grace, beauty and every term someone could use to describe a beautiful girl. Hermione and every single girl in the station felt intimidated by such beauty. They felt less of a woman and embarrassed. They wanted to hate those two stunning women.

But it was impossible. They could not hate such delicacy, no matter what they thought. Some girls there blushed, even if they were straight. Those two were that attractive, and even the old man could make heads turn around. Especially for the girls who seemed attracted to older guys.

"Genes, bloody genes," Hermione hissed with a clear blush on her cheeks as she could stare at the three of them. Harry and Ron did not notice the bushy-girl cursing.

They stop gawking at them and entered the Hogwarts Express.

It would do no good stared at them so, they try to forget about it. There was more for them to talk about, and the way to the castle was a long one.

The sounds of students talking and pointing fingers at the beauty standing before everyone was getting annoying to her. She did her best to not show anything on her face. Holding a smile and waiting for her turn. The people there had no clue about who she was. Or what she was.

The sorting of the first year went by, leaving her alone before everyone.

Albus Dumbledore smiled at her as he knew more than her. The white-haired girl wanted to snort but avoided doing something insulting. She was here to learn about the magic of this familiar but different world. Among other things, she wanted to do.

A few minutes later, Dumbledore got the attention of everyone in the great hall.

"Now please, silence. Before I introduce our new staff, I wanted to present a new student who will join you today. I hope you can all make her feel comfortable. Her family has just recently move here, and she maybe unfamiliar with things," Dumbledore said, looking intensely at some students.

"Please welcome, miss Galadriel Nazarick," everyone gasped at the name.

For the last few days, the Nazarick Family has become famous for countless appearances in the Daily Prophet. The surrounding mystery of who they are, and where did they come from, only increases their popularity. The school was excited to see in which house they sorted her in.

"Please miss Nazarick, step forward so the hat can sort you," McGonagall said with her serious voice. But even her, could not hide her excitement over this particular sorting.

Galadriel sat down on the small chair, and as soon as the sorting hat touched her head. The hat went numb. She knew about what the sorting hat does. But because of her racial stats and passive skills. The poor hat could not read or even comprehend what was going on.

The white-haired girl smiled inwardly.

There was something Galadriel wanted to test, and it was as if she could use the hat as an item. She was wearing it, so why not tried it?

"{Can you hear me?}" Galadriel spoke through her mind.

"{What?! How can you do this?!}" The Sorting Hat replied, stunned.

"{Talking to you?}" Galadriel said with an amused tone.

"{No only that, but how can you link up with me in such a way? I have never encountered something like this in my long sentient life!}" The hat exclaimed.

"{A mistery for the ages. Tell me hat, what do you feel?}" Galadriel answered.

"{I can't see anything and I feel… STRONG!}" The hat said.

"{I see now. You are a hat, an item, something I can wear without worrying about you diving into my mind. Not that you could in any case.}" Galadriel said.

"{But you're… Very useless. I don't think there is anything you could do besides reading minds.}" Galadriel said with a disappointed tone. She expected this. They have been spying on the school since they arrived here a few months ago. Galadriel felt lucky knowing that Nazarick was close to this school.

The Great Tomb Of Nazarick was just a few minutes away. In the middle of the Forbidden Forest.

"{Useless?! Item?! Let me tell you, little girl, that I was charmed by four of the greatest witches and wizards in history!}" The hat exclaimed with a proud tone.

"{I see, but what can you do? Besides sorting children?}" Galadriel asked.

"{Well, I am in charge of… Sorting children's and… More.}" The hat said, reluctantly.

"{Uwah, so powerful.}" Galadriel exclaims mockingly. She could sense nothing useful from this hat. There was nothing important to him. At least for her.

"{I have other uses! But I won't tell you~!}" The hat told her with a childish tone.

"{Regardless, just put me in a house, I don't really care which one.}" Galadriel said.

"{Oh, now finally something I can do.}" The hat said.

"{I would love to dive in your mind… But I felt it would be a bad idea.}" The hat muttered.

The hat could feel a rush of power coming from the white-haired girl. It was a strange feeling of something more. He was sure that Dumbledore would love to hear what this girl's mind works. Not that he would tell the old man anything. The founders bounded the hat to secrecy. To reveal nothing of the young student's mind.

He was there when Dumbledore spoke with the parents of the young girl. The hat knew of the old headmaster plots. The need for Dumbledore to control and know everything around him was something he did not agree. Still, Dumbledore was not a bad person, the hat was sure of it.

Dumbledore sometimes believed he knew the best. And that only he could guide people to the right path.

The hat could see why Dumbledore thought that. He was at the vanguard against one of the most powerful dark lords in history. Dumbledore was only doing his best. He was not perfect, but then again, he was only a human.

Still, the hat would keep an eye on him.

"{Now, you say whatever house is fine with you. Are you sure about it?}" The hat asked.

"{Yes. There is little importance for me about which colour my uniform is. I have better things to do.}" Galadriel said.

"{Oh, an ambitious one, eh? You don't care how, when, or where. You have set the goal and what you're going to do. I believe I know which house will suit you well.}" The hat said.

"{I think you will have some fun there.}"

"Slytherin!" The hat yelled.

The Slytherin side of the great hall cheered at her. The rest of the students didn't seem to trill, however. They clapped politely. The Gryffindor groaned and at the big long table, The Golden Trio stared at the girl with white-hair with mixed feelings.

"She is a snake," Ron hissed.

"They are going to fill her with ideas, just you wait!" Hermione rolled her eyes at him.

"Not all Slytherin are evil, Ron!" Hermione said.

"Whatever," Ron responded.

Harry only stared at the girl, disappointed about her placement in Slytherin. She looked confused and didn't seem to understand the implication of her new house. She was just smiling nervously at the surrounding people. She looks so lost, thought Harry.

On the table of the snakes, Galadriel was, however, not nervous at all.

She was staring at the place, trying to assess the castle and the magic emanating from it. The voice of a pompous blonde hair boy interrupted Galadriel's mind with his annoying voice.

"Welcome, miss Nazarick to the noble house of Slytherin," he said with a smirk.

"I should have know that someone of an esteem family like yours would only be a Slytherin. My name is Draco… Draco Malfoy," Draco said with a big superior smile.

"Heir of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Malfoy. You only need to call me if you have a problem. I will fix it immediately," Draco said.

"All of us will help you," An older student interrupted Draco. He had dark hair and blue eyes. He had the look of a handsome young man. Draco only sneered at him but said nothing.

"Evan Rosier at your service. From the Noble House of Rosier, one of the Sacred Twenty-eight," he said while winking at her.

The way they looked at her did not amuse Galadriel. She could read their mind without the use of any spell. They see her as easy prey. A young-girl of a wealthy family, with looks that could kill. They did not know the truth, and she wanted to keep it that way. For now, at least.

It was funny with all honesty. But Galadriel was something more. But she came here to learn, and experiment with the magic, among other things. A part of her was also looking for an escape from the mental-exhaustion that was the paperwork from Nazarick.

The investments she made on both the muggle world and the Wizarding world. Were making her go crazy. She needed a break once in a while.

Besides, with the tomb so close. Galadriel could just walk to the Forbidden forest where Aura was having the time of her life taming the wildlife or use Gate and go back whenever she needed. And Nazarick agents were already here. The defenses of Hogwarts were nothing to worry about, and one could say that the ancient castle was under Nazarick control.

So Galadriel smiled at them. Using her demonic charm to snare them.

"I appreciate the help. I will surely remember it, there is a lot I do not know, so please be patient with me," Galadriel said with her best smile, and everyone was captivated by her.

The Slytherin table was numb and some only laugh goofily. They were all disrupted by the high-pitched voice of a fat lady in a pink outfit.

Galadriel stared at her with a funny look.

"She looks like a pink toad. A Fat, ugly pink toad," Galadriel thought.

Galadriel heard the speech from the fat pink toad and did not understand what exactly she meant by it. Galadriel was not sure of it, but highly suspect that the woman named Umbridge was against someone.

The white-haired girl did not bother too much to pay attention to her, she wanted to taste the food here. And after a long introduction, the food presented itself before her. It surprised her but did not show it. And with a regal pose, she took small bites. For Galadriel, this was a moment to inspect the food of Hogwarts. The most important thing for her.

"Not bad, but not good enough to compete to Nazarick," Galadriel thought.

She was not paying attention to the looks from everyone at the table. They were monitoring her, watching her every move. They wanted to learn everything from her, either to exploit to take advantage of her. Or to slip through her defenses with a promise of friendship and more. So far, the oldest members of the house could see a reserved girl with proper etiquette.

One of the leaders of Slytherin glared at one of the lesser members of the house. To move out with the questioning. To gather more information from the young white-haired girl.

"Miss Nazarick, if I may have a moment of your time. I wanted to ask about your family. Where are they from?" A chubby boy with a long nose and ugly face asked while looking at the girl with lust in his eyes.

Galadriel stared at him, annoyed at the way the dog-faced boy interrupted her meal. When she ate on Nazarick, everyone knows about it. They will never disturb her if it was not important. Her mealtime and nap time was a holy time for Galadriel.

She let a sigh and smiled at him.

"My family is old, but we have avoided the mainland for centuries. We travel trough out the world and made long friendships. We never stay in one place. This is the first time in a long time we decided to… Join the rest of the world," Galadriel said, faking innocence.

"So your family most be rich," the dog face boy replied with a husky voice. A very disgusting husky voice.

"You could say that," Galadriel replied.

The boy kept asking her more questions, and each one of them was more personal than the last one. Galadriel was smart enough to realize what they were doing, so she kept playing their little game.

"You are very gorgeous, may I add. Do you have any suitor? Asking for a friend," Galadriel put her fork down and glared at him. Everyone at the table got stunned. They saw those golden eyes sparkling and suddenly they felt the power from her. It was fast, like a lightning strike. Then it disappeared.

She said nothing. Galadriel didn't have to, as the people at the top of the Slytherin hierarchy could feel she was different. Still, some of them will keep an eye on her for any opportunity to take advantage of her.

The dinner went on, and Galadriel was pleased to be left alone. She could eat in peace, of course. She did not notice the blonde girl next to her. She was looking at Galadriel's every move.

"Daphne, are you going to ask her out?" Daphne glared daggers at her friend with brunette hair and a playful smile.

"Silence, Tracey!" Daphne hissed at her friend.

"Just looking out for my best friend," Tracey said with a smirk.

They did not know that just behind them a dangerous red-haired maid was smirking at them. Her invisibility made her capable of sneaking around without being noticed. Once the dinner ended they guide her to the dungeons where the Slytherin common room was.

Galadriel looked around, wondering how those paintings could move. She was already wondering if she could imitate something like that. Galadriel would love to have moving paintings in Nazarick of her old friends. It would put a smile on her face.

She was next to the first year for an odd reason. They told her she needed to listen to the words of the head-house. Whatever they meant. Galadriel saw a man with dark hair, a very stern look on his face, and a long coat. Galadriel was mesmerized by how his cloak moved.

His name was Severus Snape.

He drawled all the way, telling the first years how they should behave. He told them the rules very concisely. Then his eyes gazed upon her, locking his stares at her. He stared at her for a few seconds until he finally spoke.

"Miss Nazarick, welcome to… Slytherin," he said with a monotone voice.

"The rules apply to you the same way as everyone else. As a fifth year student, you will have to wake up early and show up together with the rest. We Slytherin stick together, and we do not make fools of ourselves. Miss Greengrass will help you adjust. She will guide you for now. And before you leave… Please be careful and do not trust easily. You are being watched at ever turn. Welcome to the Snake Pit," Snape said before he left her. His cloak followed him like a mist of darkness, and for the Demon Empress. He looked cool doing it.

"I need to learn how to do that," Galadriel thought, already thinking how can she move her cape and stuff like that.

"Nazarick, follow me," Galadriel raised her eyebrows at the tone of the pretty blonde girl.

They soon reached a room with five beds. Galadriel notices three other girls there. One was a chubby girl who hides her face behind her hair. From what Galadriel could see, the thick girl was not as ugly to hide her face like that. But she knows that at this age girls could be horrible at each other.

Then there was a girl with brunette hair and a big smile. She seems the type of girl easy to get along with. The one everyone was friends with. Galadriel knew a few of them back in her old world. Good people with good intentions. Then Galadriel saw it.

A girl with bobbed short hair and a very nasty look in her eyes. She was a small and petite girl. She approached Galadriel and almost sneering at her.

"So, you are the new student. Well, let me tell you something, my name is Pansy Parkinson. Pureblood witch, of course. And let me warn you, keep your hands of my Draco!" Pansy said pointing her wand at Galadriel.

Galadriel thought back on the girls who bullied her back in her old world. This girl reminded her of one of them. It was a funny thing to see here. Now that she was older, Galadriel did not feel intimidated at all. Well, and that she could probably crush her skull with her bare hands and laugh about it. What Galadriel felt was a sense of pride.

That she was no longer that young girl afraid of her own shadow and who could not stand up for herself. She was strong here.

Galadriel smiled at the small girl.

"Miss Parkinson, put the wand down before you hurt yourself," Galadriel whispered.

"Pansy, stop embarrassing yourself and put the wand down," Daphne said with a stern voice, but Pansy only sneered at the blond girl.

"I don't take orders from you, Greengrass," Pansy replied.

"Pansy, you better stop now before," Tracey said, standing next to Daphne.

Pansy only smirked, slowly placing the tip of her wand on Galadriel's cheek. Something the white-haired girl did not like at all.

"I am a Perfect remember? I can do whatever I want here," Pansy said with a sadistic smile.

"Pansy enough!" Daphne yelled while pulling her wand out.

"I don't listen to disgusting dykes! Now I need to teach this girl a lesso-Eeak! Why are you doing?!" Pansy was stopped by the sudden feel of Galadriel's hand on her neck.

Then everything froze for Pansy. She saw those golden eyes, and the only thing she could do was fear for her life.

"I told you to lower your wand, girl. I dislike repeating myself. So next time I told you to do something, you will do it," Galadriel's voice was enough to intimidate them. To make them feel small. Pansy was shaking, sobbing. She was terrified of Galadriel. It was like something slowly devouring her. Pansy did not like this, not at all.

It annoyed Galadriel more than anything. She wanted to take her nap. Not here, she was going to put the girls to sleep so she could go to Nazarick and take her nap there. But now she was irritated. Besides, calling someone a disgusting dyke in front of her was a no-no. She loves to munch the carpet as well.

Galadriel intimidated the girl in the best way she could.

"As long you sleep here. You will not use that tone with anyone. Understood?" Galadriel said with an icy voice. Pansy only nodded fearfully.

"If you behave like a good girl, I will reward you," Galadriel said, tracing her fingers on Pansy's cheeks. The poor girl was crying openly, both frightened and aroused.

The rest of the girls only stared at her with the same feelings.

"That goes for the rest of you too. If you behave like good girls, I will reward you," Galadriel said with a smile. Behind her, Lupusregina smirked too.

Perhaps they could have fun here. Lots of fun.

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