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Boku No Overlord

Overlord: The Demon Empress

From Thedas To Westeros

Overlord: The Demon Empress in Westeros (Normal chapter and updates in the poll review!)

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Chapter 9

Harry Potter stared at the white-haired girl with a baffled expression, wondering what in God's name was she talking about. Oddly enough, Harry wasn't the only one wondering the same, yet none spoke a word They were all stunned by the words she delivered. Daphne and Hermione looked as if they wanted to faint for an odd reason, while Tracey did not know what brought that reaction from the other girls. Blaise was just living the moment.

"What? Marry? Me?"

Harry asked, dumbfounded, while looking at the girl with white hair.

"Yes, marriage, mister Potter. You know, when people swear oaths of love and all of that."

"I know what marriage is!"

"Good, since I don't want to explain it."

Galadriel drawled as she stared at the boy with green eyes with an amused expression. Truthfully, she could understand the reaction from him. How could she not? Having someone talking about such a topic before you, telling how marrying someone could save someone's life. It was hard to accept. However, she needed him to understand why he had to do it. Harry would thank her later for it. But Galadriel looked at the reactions from the rest and seemed to gather the thought of the people there. She should have worded it better.

"Mm, alright, it seems as if I didn't say correctly. I didn't mean, that both of us should marry. But that you should do it."

Daphne and Hermione let out a sigh of relief, and the bushy-haired girl wondered why she felt so relieved to hear Galadriel say that. It still confused Harry to hear such a thing.

"I don't understand why they are you talking about. What does marriage has anything to do with my godfather?"

Harry said with a steel voice. Daphne, however, was thinking something different. As she heard the word Godfather, she was now understanding what the white-haired girl was trying to say.

"Now, I understand. Sirius Black is your Godfather… that means… wait! Are you the heir of the Black family too?"

Daphne asked as she stared at Harry Potter.

"Ah? What… I don't even know what does being heir to a family means!"

Harry said, enraged, as he felt more confused by the minute. Since he left Dumbledore's office, he wanted to explode or something like that. His magic felt as if wanted to leave his body. Harry didn't know what does it mean but the more time passes the more the need to do something, to break free, filled his body. Harry was currently experiencing what should happen awhile ago. Now that his magic was free of any restraint, lay upon him. His body was reaching maturity and was making him a powerful wizard. It could feel as if wanted to ravish something. To explore and make himself known.

Well, it was also the fact that all his life, Harry has been told what to do. Never living on his own and deciding for himself. And now that his body was finally healthy enough to reach his maturity, Harry wanted to do just that. Lived.

"Heir Potter, this is with no intention of offending you. But they have not taught you about your family? About the Potter family? About the nobility of this world?" Blaise asked.

"No… nothing at all. I didn't even know about magic until a week before coming to Hogwarts. I know nothing."

Harry muttered in anger, as he stared down, blaming Dumbledore for everything.

"Well, that's… not good," Blaise whispered.

"But not the end of the world. Harry, I would advise for you to go to Gringotts immediately. There is a lot you need to know, perhaps you should write to them too. Get in contact with your family account manager and see what have you been missing."

"I will…" Harry only said.

"Now, unto the whole marry thing. What I mean with that is that, you're the last of your line. The last Potter, and Sirius Black is your Godfather, and in the Wizarding World that title is more important than in the Muggle world."

"How so? What it so important?" Hary asked the white-haired girl.

"Because Sirius Black should have been the one responsible for you. The one whose magic would do anything to protect, since it recognizes you as it own," Daphne said.

"What…?" Harry muttered.

"A godfather or godmother in the Wizarding World is practically a magic guardian. Their purpose is to protect their godchild with anything they can, betraying that oath it's… not something people would like to think about. It goes against magic, against their own blood. A godfather or godmother who loses their protegee can go mad with grief. They will stop at nothing to avenge their godchild. That's why taking such an oath is a serious thing," Daphne said with a soft expression.

"That title is special, and important. Even the most conservatives families do not give such title to anyone, in fact such magic oath is not common. It's truly the last loyalty test for anyone. And to hear someone like Sirius Black took it. No wonder he did all of that during the third year. Escaping from Azkaban, infiltrating Hogwarts, his magic push him to do things like that, his oath," Blaise said.

"I didn't know…" Harry replied with a hurt face.

"Sirius must truly love you, Harry," Hermione said softly.

"Yes, and that's why we could use this," Galadriel said.

"How?" Harry asked.

"Currently, the Wizengamot and the Wizarding public see Sirius Black as a criminal. They do not know the true. Also, you may don't know but, there was never a trial made for him either. They lock him up with no evidence or trial."

"Wait, why?! That's barbaric!"

Hermione exclaimed, mortified by the statement. Harry truly believes it was a horrible day for him to think of positive things. How could they do something like that to him? Harry thought furious.

"The Wizarding World was in practically martial law during those times. The government had the power to do things like that," Daphne said.

"Still…" Hermione muttered.

"How do we save him? How do we clean his name?" Harry asked with a serious tone, to which Galadriel smiled.

"Like I say, they never gave him a proper trial. Soo, we must push for one."

"You made it sound like it something easy," Harry said suspiciously.

"Well, it's not. Nothing ever is. This is how we do it. First, you're his godchild. This is a powerful magic bond that everyone in the Wizarding world knows about. Once we claim that, they will have to listen to us. Well, not us, but you. How do we do that? Well, if you claim your lordship of the Potter family and get your seats. You will push for his trial, of course you will need support."

"Support? You?"

"Not me, but us. I will offer you my family alliance. The Greengrass, David, Zabini and Nazarick, with those names on your side. Not even the Minister of Magic would try to do something stupid. And you know, he will, but not only him. Other families will try to do so. Mainly the Malfoys."

"Wait, why? Why would the Malfoys care for Sirius freedom?" Harry asked.

"Because, they want his lordship of the Black family," Galadriel said.

"Narcissa Malfoy is Sirius' cousin, and somehow related to you. Like I say, distant, but blood is thicker in the Wizarding World."

"Wait, does that mean that Draco Malfoy is… my cousin?" Harry said with a disgusted tone of voice.

"Perhaps he is your second or third cousin. Who knows? All noble families are related to each other to an extend," Blaise said.

"For example, Daphne and I, are third cousins. Tracey and Daphne are second cousins. Mm, Hannah Abbot and Susan Bones are related to you both, right?" Blaise asked.

"Yeah, Susan is my cousin," Daphne said.

"Hannah is my… well, it's complicated," Tracey muttered.

"Let's not talk about it," Tracey said.

"Yeah, however, that is not the important. We need more seats in order to help your godfather. The jury will be made of Noble families and each one will cast a vote in form of seats. The bigger the number of seats in our favor, the more votes to free Sirius we have. That's why you need to marry to procure the seat of the Black family. Sirius is Lord Black, but he can't vote for himself, since he is on trial, but if you take the role of Lord Black, you can do it."

"Me… being a lord?" Harry asked, still having problems processing all of it.

"But wait, how does he have to marry? Can he just take the role temporary or something? He is Sirius heir, right?" Hermione asked.

"He is the last heir of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Potter. Harry, by law, could take the mantle as Lord Potter with no interference of the Wizengamot. But with Sirius on trial, he considered a criminal. He seats and the Black family vote will be blocked. The only way for Harry to get the Black Family lordship, is if Sirius Black perish or if he renounces his lordship. And I doubt you want him to die, don't you?" Galadriel said.

"Never," Harry replied.

"That's why, you must go to Gringotts, take the Potter Lordship. Talk to Sirius and convince him to renounce the lordship to you. Doing that, will make your Lord Black, but… and here is the whole marriage thing. You must marry, in order to secure house Black."

"I don't understand that part. Why do I have to marry? If I claim the house already?" Harry asked.

"The Black Family has many laws and traditions, just like any other noble house. But when it comes to lordship, well things get tricky. Sirius got the title of Lord Black because he was the oldest son. I believe that at some point he was about to marry or something, but the Wizarding war started and he got locked up in Azkaban not soon after that. So, you as his heir need to follow through his duty and marry in his name to get the title of Lord Black. Here all is in this book," Galadriel said, as she pushed forward a giant tome.

"What is this?" Harry asked.

"Traditions, laws and Noble Houses. A book that explains not only the Black family traditions, but pretty much all the other houses, and the laws of nobility. I recommend you to read it, all of it."

Harry stared at the biggest book he has seen in his life. Page after page explained every detail of the families he has never heard before. And as he was exploring the pages of the book, he soon noticed his family name. The Potter family. I need to read this, no matter what. He thought.

"Now, Harry, hearing all of this, will you do it? To save your dear godfather?" Galadriel asked, hiding her smirk.

"What do you win of all of this? What is your goal?" Harry asked.

"Mm, what about this? Let's save your dear godfather first, then we can talk about what my family is aiming at. So, will you do it?"

Harry only stared at the golden eyes before him, wondering, thinking. So far, he hasn't been able to do anything by himself. Yet, saving Sirius was more important than anything. He must do it for him.

"Let's do it."

Harry strolled through the halls of Hogwarts, lost in thought. There was just too much for him to think about in just so little time. His life has just become more complicated than before. But he knows that Sirius' freedom was worth it. But Harry felt as if he was losing his own freedom. Perhaps he never had it to begin with. He could only contemplate what a shitty life he has now.

And as he was walking, Harry then noticed a girl walking before him.

"Lavender?" He said, making the girl turn back at him.

"Harry?" Lavender asked, surprised by him.

"What are you doing here?" She asked him.

"I was just in the library, and you?" Harry asked with a confident tone of voice. Something weird that he noticed was how easy it for him was to talk to witches now. Weird indeed.

"Just delivering a Transfiguration paper to professor McGonagall… She made me write it again," she said nervously.

"Having problems with that?" Harry asked.

"Kind of, just the hand movement… I can't get the way of how to do it properly."

"I could help you, if you want."

"Oh, thank you… I will like that," Lavender said.

Harry and Lavender walked for a few minutes in silence. There wasn't much to talk about well for Lavender since she was blushing at the way she felt Harry looking at her. She couldn't help herself but smirk as she moved her hips more and make sure her large breast seemed even bigger. Pushing them up with her arms. Harry looked at the curves of the dirty blond-haired girl and couldn't help himself but to want to see more.

What it's happening to me? What do I feel so… confident about? Why it's my body telling me to act like this?

Harry thought, perhaps it was how his life has turned up. How he wasn't able to do anything for himself. Maybe, and just maybe, he could enjoy himself somehow. He wanted to be like a normal young man. Harry wanted to feel, to live without thinking of Voldemort or Dumbledore. He just wanted some joy in his so far, pathetic life. That's why he did just that.

Harry put his hand around Lavender's waist, making the girl let an internal squeal as she felt Harry's hands bringing her close to him.

"Lavender, do you have a boyfriend?" Harry asked huskily, feeling more in control.

"N-not at all. There are no good men in Gryffindor. No one worth the time," Lavender replied, blushing.

"No one? Mm, what about me?" Harry said, as he stopped her.

He nuzzled her to the wall, slowly putting his hand on her hips. Lavender let a soft moan as she stared at Harry. She didn't know why, but he felt so strong. She felt his magic around her, dominating her. It was so strange, but Lavender loved it.

"Maybe… you're worth something?" Lavender said, as she slowly raises her hands, locking them around Harry's neck.

"Would you like to see if I'm worth something?" Harry asked as he kissed her softly.

"Y-yes… I want to see."

Harry did not know who was taking the wheels inside his head, but whoever it was. He was glad that such a thing existed. He has never acted like he was doing now. But everything felt so natural to him. So with that in mind, Harry thought that, if he was going to face Voldemort or whatever. He would make sure to not die with any regret. He would take any opportunity to be just another teenager.

"Come with me," Harry said as he guided Lavender to an empty classroom. The poor girl did not know, but she was about to experience something beyond her wildest dreams. That night, something would change in Harry, something that would improve his life. In the best way possible. Since Lavender would surely make a lot of noise and tell the rest of the girls what took place.

Perhaps things would finally change for the better. Who knows? But Harry would defiantly enjoy what was to come.

Lucius Malfoy stared down at his outfit with a rather smug face. He would make an excellent impression on the head of the Nazarick family. He had to make them see reason and join the Dark Lord's side before anything. And now that he thought about his lord. Lucius couldn't shake the feeling of something happening to him. A few days ago, their lord screamed in pain. He was in pure agony, and they weren't sure why.

Of course, the powerful Dark Lord got better, but he seemed more angry than usual. More vindictive in his punishment, too. Lucius shivered at the last Crucio he felt on his body. He wanted to avoid angering him more.

"I must not fail in this," he whispered.

"Lucius, I'm ready."

Narcissa Malfoy said as she paraded with a glorious gown, showing off that even after a child. She was a woman in her prime. A soft skin, with no pimples or wrinkles. Curves showing her attractive body. An hourglass figure that many witches at her age would kill for. Yes, Narcissa Malfoy was a beautiful woman, yet none of that mattered to Lucius, who saw her with a sneer.

"You took long enough. What are you wearing? I told you to show more of your cleavage and shoulders," Lucius said.

"But… I am doing just that," Narcissa said.

"Not enough!" Lucius hissed.

He approached and forcefully lowered more of her cleavage, almost making Narcissa's bust come out.

"Lucius! Stop!"

"Be quiet, woman. You need to understand what it's at stake here!"

"I know what is a stake! But I'm not some kind of doll for you to parade!"


Lucius then grabbed Narcissa's face with his hand, squeezing hard as the poor woman tried to stop him, but with no luck.

"You're anything I want you to be, understand? If I have to whore you to lord Nazarick, to get them on our side. I will!" Lucius said.

Narcissa only stared with full of resentment at the man she once loved. How foolish of a woman I was. Lucius never loved me. He never cared for me. I was just a mean to an end. She thought, as she refused to cry. She would not show weakness. Narcissa was a Black before she was ever a Malfoy.

"Do you understand? Don't make mistakes, Narcissa… I did it once. I will do it again."

Narcissa clenched her fist as she remembered the way he sold her to clear his name. The things she had to endure all those years ago. She wanted to leave, but couldn't. Her beloved mother signed the marriage contract in such a way that she was nothing but a pet to the Malfoys. It was now that she understood why her sister Andromeda left. And why, Bellatrix went mad. They were nothing but slaves to the Black family.

"I do… I understand, Lucius," Narcissa said with a broken voice, hating showing her weakness.

"Good, now, my dear. We have a meeting, please do not make myself look bad."

Lucius said as he went walked to the fireplace with the same smug on his face. However, he didn't notice how Narcissa was looking at him.

"You just wait… Lucius. You just wait."

Narcissa whispered, as she was already planning to do whatever was necessary to avoid Lucius' fate. Deeply, she wanted for the Dark Lord to be defeated. And not because she loved Muggle-born or the Light. But because any other alternative was better than having such a madman ruling the Wizarding World. That's why she was already thinking of what to do, to leave Britain if the worst comes to pass. Perhaps she would just do exactly that, and sleep with Lord Nazarick in order to gain favor and leave. Narcissa was that desperate.

But she would wait and see. Narcissa was a Slytherin. She would take her opportunity to strike. She only needed patience.

Thankful for her. Narcissa won't need to whore herself out, as she intended to be free of Lucius and his master. She would only need to ask nicely to the Succubus who she would meet soon enough. After all, Albedo truly loves giving gifts to her lady. And Narcissa Malfoy. The glorious, lustful, and beautiful witch could be one.