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Chapter 10

Narcissa Malfoy followed her beloved husband through the fireplace, hoping a sign of hope would present itself for her to gain the existence of her current dilemma. Maybe the so-called Nazarick family would truly be her savior. Narcissa had to play her cards rights. But the questions remain. What could she do? She knew something easily seduced no all men. Narcissa had known a few of them in all her life. Voldemort was one of them. The Dark Lord cared little for the pleasure of sex. The joy of the flesh, although she remembered. How Bellatrix was trying to get into bed with him. A thought Narcissa found rather disgusting.

However, Narcissa would do what she must, yet she wondered what would Draco do. Her only son has become like his father, to the point it upset her greatly.

I always wanted another child, a daughter, but Lucius never wanted it. He doesn't even sleep in the same bed as I do. Not that I care, but I'm still a woman. And I'm still young. Age won't be a problem for me, just like many witches. Still, it makes me hate Lucius even more.

Narcissa thought as she held her head high and prepare herself to meet the Lord of the Nazarick family. The lady of the Malfoy family held her breath as she stared at the vast room. Narcissa expected a mansion, a state just like a normal family of their standing would. However, she wasn't expecting such a palace. The room looked as if they made it out of the most wonderful and expensive marble stone. Many of the windows seemed made of pure gold. How is that possible?! Narcissa thought as she stared in wonder at the marvelous palace of the Nazarick Family.

But then she wondered if it was a good thing.

If they are this well off, in terms of gold and riches. Then, I don't think, Lucius or anyone could bride them. They don't need it. This is bad. Narcissa thought. So, if it comes down to me, selling my body to get Lord Nazarick to our side. I will have to do it.

Narcissa couldn't shake the feeling of disgust at the thought of it, but she saw the face of Lucius, who seemed to think just that. She cringed, but held her head high. Narcissa was still on a mission. Surely a Lord Nazarick would enjoy having the possibility of having a lady just like her on his bed. Narcissa was attractive, in every single way a witch of her age would. The females of the Black family, and well, males too, were beautiful and highly attractive to everyone, especially in their younger years. But the reason many of them ended up becoming rather unpleasant was because of their own ego and seek of magic more dark and powerful.

It was a strange occurrence. Narcissa thought of Walburga, her dearest aunt. The woman may have become a shadow of herself in the later years, but when she was young. Walburga's beauty was not to be scoffed at. The woman was gorgeous. But then, Narcissa wondered why then they become so distasteful in their later years. Walburga went from a beautiful woman to a disgusting-looking mongrel. She could say the same about her once dear older sister, Bellatrix. Her sister has been always a rather rebel person. But she could still remember how Bellatrix would sing to her while she was trying to sleep. Narcissa remembers the woman who fought against her parents to be free. Suddenly it ended with Bellatrix being sent away to that awful man. And then Bellatrix falling in the path of the Death Eaters, never to come back from that whole.

Now, Bellatrix was rotting in Azkaban, and from what she witnessed the last time she saw her. Narcissa, once beloved sister, was nowhere to be found. The delicate beauty of Bellatrix changed to one of a rotten mad dog. It broke Narcissa to see her sister like that, but she knew there was nothing she could do for her. It was too late.

Andi was right. We should have escaped with her when we had the chance. Narcissa thought in sorrow at the words of her only relative alive, whose she still talked to. Albeit in secret.

So hoping things won't be worse. She walked next to Lucius, but then three servants stopped them.

"Welcome, Lord and lady Malfoy, to our master home. My name is Increment. We will attend both of you this evening."

Narcissa stood there, gawking at the three maids. The one named Increment had a sharp look on her face, but her beauty couldn't be any less of a woman at the prime of her life. Even worst, the other two maids were also incredibly beautiful. One had bright golden hair, big green eyes, and a cheerful smile on her face. While the other had long blond hair with a pair of eyeglasses that fit her face incredibly well. They are gorgeous! Narcissa thought in dismay as she inspected the body of those maids.

Any man would want them, it not possible for a person to hold themselves against such beauty.

Narcissa wondered what was going on inside Lucius' head. Perhaps he was asking himself the same thing.

"Our lord is awaiting both of you in the living room. Please follow us."

The maid said, really leaving no room to argue as they walked away. Lucius and Narcissa stared at each other, wondering what was the head of the Nazarick planning. Regardless, they continue to stroll behind the maids, still mesmerized by the beauty of the place. Narcissa thought that comparing Malfoy state to the Nazarick palace was an insult to the former. The place was in its own league. Narcissa felt rather embarrassed, even though she was not a poor peasant. Lucius had a haughty, smug look on his face. She wondered why.

"Narcissa, we must get a good impression with Lord Nazarick. If things go as we expected, we may get something more out of this," Lucius said.

"Oh, and what would that be?" Narcissa asked.

"Draco is my heir, and Lord Nazarick has a daughter. Could you imagine if we get a marriage contract out of them?" Lucius said, smirking at his intelligence.

Narcissa, however, was not so confident about such a thing. Draco was her son, and she loved him, regardless of his disappointed attitude. However, to think someone like Lord Nazarick would agree on such a thing was laughable at best and insulting at worst. She may not know the head of the Nazarick yet, but she doubted it would go as Lucius thinks it would do. Perhaps they were all wasting time here.

Hopefully, I will still have a chance? Narcissa thought.

"We must try to convince him, he is a man, and for the looks of it. He must enjoy his maids daily," Lucius said.

Narcissa said nothing, but he looked at the face of Lucius as he was perhaps undressing the maids on his mind. He doesn't seem interested in me, but in other women he does? Or perhaps is something more? I honestly don't care anymore. Narcissa sighed silently.

Both then entered the living, one of the greatest livings Narcissa has ever seen if she was honest. But neither of them expected to see a man there, sitting on the sofa with the newspaper, The Daily Prophet. Narcissa held her breath as she saw the man with grey hair and a strong jawline. The man stood up, and Narcissa could only feel weak on her knees. And her blushing cheeks were visible.

"Ah, I apologize, my lord, my lady, I lost my time while reading."

The man approached Narcissa as he gently kissed her hand in a sign of politeness. The gentle smile and those eyes filled with compassion. Made her feel strangely happy.

"My lady, Sebas Nazarick, to serve you," Sebas said in a polite tone.

Lucius nodded at her as Narcissa smiled at the action, feeling that it would be a good start for her own plans.

"Narcissa Malfoy, my lord a please to meet you," Narcissa said.

"Lord Malfoy, a pleasure to meet you. Especially after such a long time of hearing from you and your family," Sebas said, smiling.

"Ah, the pleasure is all mine, lord Nazarick, but I wonder what type of things have you heard about me and mine?"

"Everyone knows about the Malfoy family, even across the continent," Sebas said in a fake voice, something Lucius didn't notice.

"Of course, that's only obvious," Lucius said smugly.

"Ah, I almost forget. Please sit down, Increment bring our guest some beverages," Sebas said as Increment and the other maids nodded and leave respectfully.

Lucius and Narcissa sat down, making them comfortable. Narcissa felt a nudge coming from Lucius, who made a face, a command for her to show more of herself. More of her skin and all that made her an attractive witch. Narcissa smiled sultry, as she presented herself in a way breast and legs were more visible. Narcissa was an attractive woman with no doubt, but it was a shame she was dealing with him. Sebas only smiled gently, not showing a single trace of lust or interest in her. It made Narcissa felt less of a woman and embarrassed that her sexiness did not affect a man.

Lucius noticed and scowled, but kept his face calm.

"So, lord Nazarick, we have been wondering many things about your family," Lucius asked.

"Oh, is that so? What type of things, may I ask?"

"First, as you may be well aware. The Malfoy family has been a pureblood family for a long time now. Over five hundred years. Our family lineage is old and pure. But among all the things and records we have, is strange that we have heard nothing about the Nazarick family. Not a single thing. So, I wondered, where does the Nazarick family come from?" Malfoy asked with a very snarky smile. Lucius had to learn more about them. It was one of his aims, perhaps he could even trick the lord Nazarick into something later on.

Lucius was a Slytherin. Besides, he believed that Lord Nazarick wasn't really too smart. Or at least not as smart as him. He seemed like a rather good person. Mm, perhaps I could intimidate him? Ah, that won't be good. I need to see how good he is with magic. Maybe if things don't go according to our plans. I would have to use the Imperius curse. Still, I must be careful. Lucius thought as he clenched his staff.

"Those are good questions, lord Malfoy. It seems as we would never escape the intrigue of the people. They always wanted to know about our heritage," Sebas said with an amused tone in his voice.

"Can you blame us, lord Nazarick?"

"Please, call me Sebas," Sebas said, interrupting Narcissa, who blushed.

"If that is what you wish, lord… Sebas," Narcissa said.

"As I was saying, you can't blame us for our intrigue. You came here and donated an enormous amount of galleons. And suddenly you have become quite the figure in the Wizengamot. So is only natural for us to get more interested in your family," Narcissa said.

"Understandable," Sebas said, not giving any more information.

Lucius and Narcissa realized that Lord Nazarick was smarter than they thought. They would need to put more pressure if they want to know anything worth the trouble. Besides, they knew that if they go back with empty hands to Voldemort, the punishment won't be pleasant at all. The Dark Lord was already in a foul mood, and neither Lucius nor Narcissa wanted to feel the pain of the Cruciatus curse. Again.

But as soon as they were going to ask more questions, a new person entered the room and what they thought would be maids was, in fact, a woman. Words or any expression couldn't describe her beauty. Her long, dark hair and golden eyes were just one part of her grace. Her allure was radiating and intoxicating any men or women. What is she? She is not human, she can't possibly be mortal. Something so beautiful. Narcissa felt panic rising inside of her, because if that woman was who she thinks she was. How could she even think of seducing a man like Lord Nazarick?

"My dear, am I interrupting anything?" The woman with golden eyes asked.

"Nothing at all. Please come let me introduce you to lord and lady Malfoy," Sebas said, smiling. "My lord, my lady let me introduce you, my wife, Albedo Nazarick."

Whatever plan both of them had, The Malfoys would have to change. Fast.

Albedo stared at both humans with a polite smile. Truthfully, they came at the worst possible time of the day. Albedo was about to clean her beloved lady bed sheets. And clean their room, just like a good wife would. Yes, they had maids to do all of that, but since Albedo became the official first wife, she thought it was only logical for her to be in charge of things like that. So having to deal with the lowlife form during her precious cleaning hours brought anger to her. Yet she would calm herself.

Albedo had to put on the mask of lady Nazarick, and wife of Sebas. Not that she enjoyed it, but it was their role. Besides, she has put too much effort into acting to screw it all.

"I'm so happy to meet you, my lord, my lady," Albedo said, with an almost high-pitched voice.

"The pleasure is all mine," Lucius said as he stood up to kiss Albedo's hand.

Albedo's teeth clenched, but she kept the smile up.

"My lady, please let me introduce you to my wife, Narcissa Malfoy," Lucius said in a strange, haughty tone in his voice. But it seemed to be directed to the woman in question. And Albedo caught it right away. As if he was looking down at his wife for an odd reason. Maybe something work looking into? Albedo wondered, as she could see how weak that woman looked. Well, Albedo thought all of those mortal beings were as small as a cockroach. Not worth getting to know them, but they had orders to seek information about the Noble families, the Dark Lod, and the Wizengamot. So maybe it would do well to see if they could use that woman to their advantage.

Ah, for a worm she is attractive enough, I suppose. But Demiurge would just cut to the chase and get both of them to tell us what we want right away. Mm, are we misunderstanding our lady orders? Or we are missing something? Albedo thought.

Albedo and Sebas wondered the same, but kept the charade and decided that it was their time to push for questions. The maids arrived and brought in delicious snacks and beverages, something that brought smiles to the Malfoys. As they had never tasted something so delicious in their lives. But as they kept on eating, something changed in the place. Lucius felt a sudden tense air around both lady and lord Nazarick. Narcissa also felt the same.

"Now what about if we get more serious?" Sebas said in a chilling tone.

"Serius topic? Mm, I sudden change, don't you think, lord Nazarick? We haven't heard about you at all," Lucius said, trying to regain some sense of control. But without luck.

"Knowing our family requires a certain understanding of the past, and power," Albedo said with a sweet tone in her voice.

"Understanding of the past and power? What does that mean?" Narcissa said in a whisper.

"Our… family is more than just a lineage. More than anything you could ever imagine. The power we held is not something any of you could understand. Not even your Dark Lord, Voldemort."

"Don't say his name so lightly… my lord," Lucius hissed.

Narcissa could almost feel the air getting denser, and honestly, it was the fact these two looked so indifferent about naming the most powerful Dark Lord in history name.

"Lightly? Ah, I forgot that for all of you he is powerful, isn't it?" Albedo said in an almost mocking tone.

"He is the most powerful wizard in history! And he is someone who would get rid of those mudbloods in our society. Cleansing it, and I wonder if your family is truly, one of us," Lucius said haughtily.

"I see, and by one of us, you mean if we are pureblood?" Sebas asked.

"Exactly, and if you are I have to behest you to join… the cause of the Dark Lord," Lucius said with an arrogant tone.

"Join the Dark Lord… Mm, what do you think, my dear wife?" Sebas asked Albedo.

The reason Sebas asked Albedo was that she was the one with the final say. He knew there wasn't a reason to bother about the Malfoys, however; they had orders to make sure they get everything they needed. But how to do it was the question.

"We should know more, just to be safe," Albedo said, faking innocence. Sebas nodded, as he too faked his voice.

"Please, lord Malfoy, could you tell us, everything?" Sebas said, as he used a special ability to make Lucius spill the beans without realizing.

"Of course," Lucius said.

Lucius, like a buffoon, told them everything. However, for Albedo it became incredibly hard to keep hearing the smug voice of that person. He wasn't even saying anything they have discovered by themselves. It was rather unpleasant, but something brought her attention, and it was Narcissa. The woman looked rather uncomfortable, but in the sense that she felt rather stressed out. Or as she wanted to leave to somewhere.

"So with that in mind, what do you say, lord Nazarick? Don't you agree with our views? Shouldn't we rule over those who are inferior?" Lucius said smugly.

Mmph, rule over those who are inferior is what my lady will do, your insignificant worm. Albedo thought.

"Inferior is a matter of view, lord Malfoy," Albedo said.

"What does that mean, my lady?" Narcissa asked.

"Nothing that you should worry about, after all… you're both inferior to us."

"What? What are you talking about?" Lucius asked, confused by those words spoken by the beautiful woman.

Albedo had enough information. Honestly, it wasn't anything they already knew. However, now they know where the so-called most powerful dark lord of history was hiding. And about the Wizengamot seats and influence. It was something Albedo and Demiurge would talk about with their lady. So many of the families who held any power were long dead, or between the Dark and Light factions. The stalemate among the House of Representatives was because of the lack of numbers to make any actual difference between factions. And they were going to take advantage of that. Our lady was right once we know the balance of power in any form of government. It becomes easy to just break it. Albedo smiled smugly.

"You asked us, what lineage we belong to. But we do not belong to any lineage, so to speak. The Nazarick family is far more than just that. We don't follow anyone, we are not sheep. To say we're descendants of this family, or that family is an insult for us," Albedo said, as she stood up and walked directly to a portrait that neither Narcissa and Lucius paid attention to before. Where did it come from? Narcissa thought as she stared at the portrait of a woman with white hair and golden eyes.

"We are not offsprings of inferior beings like yourself. Our progenitor is more than you will ever understand. Families like Pendragon, Le Fay, even the founders families of Hogwarts. They are all below us. Tell that to Voldemort. Tell him he is nothing to us, but a vermin in our feet. A insignificant little worm and nothing more.

Albedo said as she was looking down at Lucius, who couldn't comprehend the audacity of such a person.

"Just like yourself," Albedo said, smirking.

"How dare you?! You wench!"

Lucius exclaimed as he stood up, ready to defend his master's honor. A non-existent honor. Yet, like an obedient dog, Lucius went ahead with his pathetic excuse of a spell. Narcissa had a horrified look on her face, green light that killed hundreds of wizards and witches in the past stroke the beautiful woman in front of her. But Albedo and Sebas looked rather amused.


Lucius could only say as he stared dumbfounded at the woman still on her feet.

"Quite the insult to attack someone in their own home," Albedo said, cutting Lucius's hand with her nails. Mm, I must admit, Shalltear was right. It's quite entertaining to cut someone with only nails.

Lucius fell to the ground, screaming, while holding his hand in pain. Narcissa wanted to scream or something, but the look of Sebas stopped her from doing so.

"Ah, this is not what I was thinking about… But I guess, we have what we need," Albedo said, ignoring the cries of pain from Lucius.

"Is that, so, lady Albedo? Do you think, our lady would be please?" Sebas asked.

"We got the information we needed. I never thought he would attack me so openly. But I suppose is my fault. My lady told me always expect anything," Albedo said with a sigh.

"Our lady would understand, but what should we do, with him?"

Albedo looked down and wondered if she should allow Demiurge to get anything else from the head of that annoying human. Better to be safe. I already made a mistake. Albedo thought, annoyed.

"Send him to Demiurge, he would get anything else from him."

"Understood, lady Albedo… but what about her? Should we erase her memories? Or something else?" Sebas asked, looking at a terrified Narcissa. The poor witch only stared at the scene before her. The woman with dark long hair and golden eyes looked even crueler than Voldemort himself. And not only that, the auras emanating from both of them were too powerful for any witch or wizard. How?! Their aura is even more dense and powerful… I can't even think… breathe. What are they?! They are not human! Narcissa thought, horrified.

"Mm, what should we do with you, human? I doubt you are of any use to us. Perhaps her skin or something could be useful? Demiurge wanted to test something… about their cores? Perhaps we should give her away to him and see what could he find out."

Narcissa's instinct of survival kicked in as she practically fell to her knees. "Please! Please! Allow me to serve you!"

"Oh, what could you offer to us?" Albedo asked.

"Th-the Malfoy family has Wizengamot seats and influence! I'm also part Black! If you allow me to live, I will put this resource to good use! As well, that… th-the dark lord sees us as one of his closes allies!" Narcissa said, almost imploring.

"You filthy bitch! You blood-traitor!" Lucius yelled on the floor.

Albedo stepped on Lucius' other hand, breaking it. "Please, take him away, Sebas… his blood is dirtying our lady palace. Send Increment to clean it, please."

"Right away, lady Albedo."

"Mm, my lady told me to think for myself… and to not waste any resources…" Albedo whispered as she stared at the woman on her knees. "And well, I guess she could also serve our lady in other ways… Shalltear has brought some of her vampire brides during those nights."

Narcissa does not know what she was talking about, but whatever it was, she knew it was better to whatever Lucius was suffering. The way they dragged him away through some kind of portal was evidence enough she was now dealing with something beyond understanding. I will not give my life away for some dark lord, or Lucius. They can all go to hell for all I care. Narcissa said.

"Lady… My lady, I will do whatever you wish! I swear it on my life and magic!" Narcissa said.

Albedo just shrugged it off. She would follow her lady's advice and use any resource at her disposal. Besides, with their new information, there was a lot of planning. That woman could serve them in the long run.

"Well, you better prove yourself… otherwise, you will follow your beloved husband. Do not fail us."

"I won't, my lady… I won't."