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Chapter 11

Galadriel read the letter of Albedo with mild interest as her beloved succubus lover seemed rather happy about her meeting with the Malfoy family. It seemed for the words Albedo used, a great success. Galadriel smiled at that. But something was bothering her. Or well, confusing her. She read the letter again and wondered about what a splendid gift for you! Could mean. Galadriel sighed, hoping Albedo would gift her something nice. She thought about traveling to Europe as well, for just a few days. Maybe the next weekend could be a wonderful opportunity for her to just blow out some steam that she sorely needed.

Galadriel's plans were moving, albeit slowly. Her political power was emerging, and she figures that soon enough, in the next Wizengamot meeting, her family would surely bring everyone down to their knees awesomely. She only needs to wait. So, for now, she only needed to stand by and see where the pieces fall down in order to move out, and she would do just that. Wait.

And well, for now, there were some other things Galadriel had to do first. Things she was taking an eye out.

"Well, there is so much to think about."

Galadriel whispered as she kept on reading the letter in her hands, while her mind was still trying to figure out more. Truth be told, the report of Demiurge about the Dark Lord, or whatever, intrigued her a great deal. There were rumors deep in the Department of Mysteries about the supposed immortality that the dark lord gained. Demiurge was still on the lookout for more, but nevertheless, it peeked Galadriel's attention.

"How does immortality work here? I wonder if there is a potion, or an artifact around."

Galadriel pondered about it. Maybe she ought to be careful around the dark lord. Perhaps there was something secret or weird magic she was still unaware of. Or maybe she was being too careful. Regardless, she must investigate it more. The magic of this world is very strange and volatile. It makes me feel excited to see what can I do. Galadriel thought with a smirk on her face.

"Mm, well, for now, let's focus on the Wizengamot," Galadriel said, as she stretched her hands and legs.

"My lady."

Galadriel turned around and saw the girl named Minette as she strolled to her. Galadriel smiled at the poor girl, as she could see something different now in the girl. Minette seemed to gather her wits and confidence back. It was at that moment, Galadriel could truly appreciate how attractive the girl was, and well, now that she thought about it. Every single girl she has seen so far, it's incredibly cute. Galadriel wonders why it was that.

Minette had short, curled hair with a dark tone. Her eyes were deep dark, and her skin color slightly tanned. Minette was taller than most girls, but there was a sense of worth in her. Her body reminded Galadriel of Tracey. Both of them were not big in the chest department, but their wide hips and legs were attractive to everyone see on them. Their cute lips and cheeks. Their perfect lady-like faces, showing up their innocent beauty, or lustful secrets. A womanly body, Galadriel could appreciate a great deal. And she does, in fact, love looking at. Minette's exposed neck was highly beautiful, and she was now wearing a short skirt. A very short skirt. What is the girl playing at? Galadriel wondered, amused by how Minette seemed to smile at her.

And while it was true, the girl was incredibly attractive, and how her body seemed to have a pear shape body. Galadriel wondered if witches just ended up maturing faster than wizards. The witches Galadriel has seen so far were all incredibly beautiful, so she considered that, perhaps, magic shapes their bodies in order to attract males or something. Or maybe it was in their blood. As if magic just makes them more beautiful than regular females in the human world.

Maybe magic just makes them develop faster than regular humans and enhance their physique. Ah, maybe I'm looking too much into it. Galadriel thought as she put her book down. Still looking at the long legs of Minette.

"My dear Minette, what can I do for you?" Galadriel asked.

Minette gave Galadriel a letter, as she kept on smiling. "My lord father, has contacted me with a proposal for you. Well, I will not consider it to be a proposal, to be honest. But it gives an unobstructed view, he is desperate."

"Oh, how so?" Galadriel asked as she started to read to letter for herself.

"The dark lord seemed to be in a conundrum at the moment. I don't know the details myself, but from what my father says in the letter. He is getting more volatile and is now pushing things throughout the Wizengamot. But as well recruiting, and he is started to move to get his most loyal followers out of Azkaban."

"I see," Galadriel said.

Now that is interesting. I wonder if Albedo's recent activity with the Malfoy pushes the so-called dark lord over the edge, or is something else. Does he have a sort of temper issues? Galadriel thought.

"Keep me update it."

"Of course, my lady," Minette said with a sultry tone of voice. And it brought Galadriel's attention.

"My dear, is there anything else you wish to speak with me?" Galadriel asked.

Minette seemed happy to hear such words as she was waiting for them. Slowly, she walked to Galadriel, and she climbed on top of her. Galadriel tilted her head, and couldn't hide her amusement as Minette took Galadriel's hands and brought them underneath her skirt, right there, where her glorious and surprisingly big bum awaited her. And Galadriel noticed Minette's intentions, as she had no underwear. Allowing Galadriel to lick her lips, as she gropes Minette's body, in anyway she wanted. Well, it seems as if this girl wanted to do this for a reason. I wonder what she wanted from me? Galadriel thought.

"No underwear? What a naughty girl," Galadriel said, as she allowed her hand to roam freely.

Minette only smiled as she put her hands around Galadriel's neck and moved her hips slowly. Galadriel moves herself just enough to feel Minette's sex over her own. Minette couldn't help herself as she enjoyed her time slowly thrusting her hips. It was a rather dirty thing to do, in the middle of Slytherin's common room, but Galadriel wasn't bothering in caring about people watching them. She moved her hands to Minette's hips. And moved Minette's hips and her own at the same rhythm. Galadriel heard the small moan from Minette, and find herself amused by it. While, Galadriel was enjoying the feeling of Minette's private part moisturizing over her own, and the warmth of their intimate parts kissing each other. The Demon Empress was far from feeling full pleasure.

Galadriel blames Albedo, and Shalltear for it. They have spoiled her a great deal.

"I thought, my lady would like it… and it seems I was right," Minette said, smirking. Leaning more, so Galadriel could do more, and she did.

"Indeed, but I wonder, why the sudden… change in your attitude," Galadriel asked, as she kissed Minette's exposed neck. Leaving clear marks there for everyone to see.

Minette felt shivers, as she couldn't hold back her own pleasure from moaning loudly. Yet, she couldn't see her moves to have any effect on the girl below her. She is enjoying it, but she is still in control! I underestimate her. Minette thought as she pushed the edge a bit more. She removed her shirt, allowing Galadriel to see more of her body. Minette wasn't bothering to see around her, or if other people were watching. Right now, she had a goal.

"My lady… I'm trying to only please you in any way I can," Minette said, moaning.

Galadriel looked at the girl, not believing it one bit. So, hearing that, she bit Minette's pink and soft nipple. Making Minette shiver and squeal silently.

"Don't lie to me, my dear… you know better than that," Galadriel said with a serious voice. Minette shivered in fear as she decided to be honest.

"My father wishes to sell me for gold… my brother and father are going to lead our house to the mud. And I want to stop them," Minette said, as she felt Galadriel's hand caressing her flat stomach, tracing the sweat down to the entrance of her womanhood. Galadriel knew how to play with the female anatomy. She had a lot of experience with her fingers. So, it was easy to make Minette moan. The Demon Empress smiled as she let her fingers do the magic.

"Mm… selling his own daughter for gold. What a good father," Galadriel said, hissing the words. As she licked and kissed Minette's tits.

"I share no love with him or my brother. That's why, I want help… ugh! my lady!"

Minette could help the small squeal of pleasure, as she felt Galadriel's fingers going inside of her. Reaching, and playing with her spot, as if they knew each other for years now. It was like electricity. Minette couldn't believe how good it felt. It made no sense. She was not a virgin. Or was inexperience with other women. She had sex before with some of her subordinates. But it has never felt this good. This… this is insane! I can't… I can't control it! Minette thought as the frenzy was slowly sinking in. Lustful insanity. Galadriel, however, looked as it was another Friday. While she was enjoying herself, there was no pleasure to be held for her. Yet.

"Help you say. What type of help?" Galadriel asked as she moved her fingers faster, reaching deep and caressing Minette's honey spot. Her other hand was also bringing more pleasure to the girl. As her finger was teasing Minette's rear. The previous Slytherin queen moved her hips faster, trying to catch up with the white-haired girl's hand movements. The sounds of her wetness, and Galadriel's fingers going inside of her, were rather loud, as so was Minette moaning.

"Help to be the next head of my house! Help to… ah! ughh! Oh, yes, my lady, please!" Minette moaned more loudly, as she was now without shame. Galadriel looked amused as she ended things faster. There was a lot to do. So, with that in mind. Galadriel increased the speed of her hand. She pushed one of her fingers into Minette's rear. An action that was met with loud moaning. As Minette couldn't control herself and lead forward to capture Galadriel's lips. And while making out with her, she came. Galadriel felt the body of the girl under her spell shaking, as she makes sure to leave marks of her hand on Minette's bum and other parts. For a few minutes, they just kept on kissing.

"That's a good girl," Galadriel said, smiling, as she pulled her fingers out of Minette's well-pleased cunt. Galadriel licked the love juice of the girl from her fingers.

"Delicious," Galadriel said.

Minette was a mess. Her hair was all over the place. The sweat over her body was drenching both of them. The love bites and teeth marks on her neck, nipples, and chest were proof she didn't even feel them when Galadriel made them. Minette experienced one of the best orgasms in her life so far. And the worst part of it all was that Galadriel seemed too unbothered by all. Like it was nothing. Minette felt a bit ashamed that she could not make the girl with white-hair cum like her, but it looked as she would have to step up her game if she wanted to do just that. And well, truth be told. She would have to work a lot for it. It was hard to compete against a succubus.

"Next head of the Rosier house? I see, but my dear, there is only one way to do such a thing. And I think you know that already, don't you?" Galadriel said as she kept caressing Minette's naked body.

Minette shivered in pleasure. There was something else about the girl, of that she was sure about.

"Like I say, my lady, I share no love for my family. They would destroy us no matter what, and I want to avoid my name to go down with them. I could serve you with my house seats, if I can get rid of my family. The Rosier law clarified that if there is only one heir left alive. Regardless of the gender, he or she would take the mantle of Lord or Lady Rosier with everything in their name."

Galadriel nodded; it would make things easier if she gets even more seats. Besides, she would have the Rosier house under her control.

"I already swear loyalty to you, my lady… if there anything else you would like me to prove to you?" Minette asked, softly, purring the words as if they were honey.

"Don't worry yourself about it, my dear. However, there is something I would like for you to do, and is to follow me to my room."

Galadriel said, giving a small spank to the girl. "I'm going to do more to you... I hope you're ready." Galadriel said, leading her away.

Minette smiled. As both of them walked to a room, Galadriel got for herself. And closed the door behind them. Minette would discover that night something more about Galadriel, and well, it would certainly change many things. The girl knew about what could be possible with magic.

The morning set in, and in Diagon Alley, Harry Potter kept himself hidden from the eyes of the public. It was surprising how easy it was to sneak out of Hogwarts. But then again, it was as easier to sneak in Hogwarts, so he paid no mind. Harry looked around and waited until he reached the door of Gringotts. There, he took his time to enter. The goblins guarding the door only nodded at him.

There, in the middle of the bark, a shaggy black dog barked at him. Before transforming back to the wizard, he was. Sirius Black smiled at him.

"Harry! Merlin's bear, look at you!" Sirius said while inspecting his godson. "What did they give you to eat?!"

Harry laughed at the look of disbelief on Sirius' face.

"I just grew up, Padfoot," Harry said.

"Grew up? Bloody hell, haven't you looked at the mirror? You didn't just grow up! You transformed into someone else!" Sirius said, still having a hard time looking at his godson. Not just a month ago, he was small, skinny, and rather shy. Now he was the complete opposite. Tall, handsome and there were muscles there. How? Sirius wasn't sure of what took place in Hogwarts, but it seemed as if Harry was a different person now.

"I don't really feel different, but I guess I understand it. I do look peculiar, that's true," Harry said.

"Pff, sure peculiar. I bet a lot of girls are now behind you, right?" Sirius said as he noticed Harry suddenly smirk and blush.

"Oh, ho ho! So, there are girls trying to get a piece of the Potter charm? Tell me all about it!" Sirius said, as Harry couldn't help but feel a sense of pride hit him. Of ego perhaps. As he remembered the last few nights, where Lavender, and now some other girls, were knowing him better. It was surreal still, how in just less than a week everything has changed for him. Before, he would have never thought about kissing a girl or even holding hands. Now, it seemed as if was the law that he would shag a girl before going to sleep. If he ever desired to go to sleep. Lavender has made it easier for him, as Lavender has started to get other girls to just experience the bliss it was to sleep with him.

Harry smiled proudly, but before he could tell his godfather about his latest conquest. A sudden voice stopped him.

"Are you two done? We have a lot of things to talk about."

Harry saw a woman with long dark brown hair and the features of a woman in her prime. An hourglass figure, showing the curves of a gorgeous woman that, oddly enough, looked familiar to him. There were blue hazel eyes. Big red lips, and high cheekbones. Her face reminded Harry of those pictures of duchess or queens in history books. What more it was to say, only that, she was beautiful.

"Ah, yes… Harry, this is Andromeda Tonks, my cousin. She is Nymphadora's mother. I think you already meet her, back at Grimmauld Place," Sirius said, changing his tone.

"Don't call me, Nymphadora! Call me Dora!"

Nymphadora said, coming back from the shock she was at the look of Harry. She couldn't help herself but blush at the man before her. There was nothing that showed that he was the same boy she met a while ago. Nothing at all.

And for the way, Harry was smiling at her. It seemed he remembered all those teasing and provocative looks; she threw at him.

"My pleasure to meet you, Lady Tonks," Harry said, as he kissed Andromeda's hand, something that surprised not only the woman but Sirius, too.

"Charmed," Andromeda said, smiling gently.

"And you too, Dora, you look ravishing today. The purple hair, looks good on you," Harry said, smiling at the auror.

"Ah, well, thank you," Dora replied, blushing.

Sirius wanted to cry with joy as he saw Harry's confidence in the surrounding girls. James, are you looking at this?! Are you proud of your son!

"Where is Moony?" Harry asked.

"Ah, well, you know… the night before was a long one. He is resting."

"Oh, I understand," Harry said.

"Well, before we play catch up, I think is time for us to get into business. Griphook and Ironteeth are waiting for us," Sirius said.

Harry smiled as the group walked to one of the meeting rooms. There, Harry saw two goblins sharing notes or something. They looked rather joyful. For a goblin, that was. It was suspicious.

"Ah, lord Black, lady Tonks. Please sit, there are a great deal of things we must talk about!" Ironteeth said with a grin on his face.

"Pleasure to see both of you," Andromeda said, as Sirius only muttered some words.

"Now, it has come to us, that you wish to pass down the title of lord Black to your godson. A very smart move, on your part. It would certainly allow you to fight for you cause more easily. As well to leave us room to take on the financial status of the house."

"Great, you're happy about it," Sirius muttered, earning a glare from Andromeda.

"Sirius, stop sulking. This is the only way to get your name clean."

"I know… it just that, I don't want to get Harry all the responsibility," Sirius said.

"Sirius, if this is the only way to get you out of Azkaban and clear your name, is well worth it. I will take whatever responsibility to comes with being lord of the Black family," Harry said, with fierce determination. The goblins grinned at those words, since for them, it was only getting better.

"Alright, alright… what should I do?" Sirius asked.

"Mostly paperwork, and some oaths. However, there is something we should discuss before all that. Lord Potter, do you understand what you have to do in order to get the claim of the Black family, don't you?" Ironteeth asked.

Harry felt shivers looking at those goblin's eyes, but kept his face stoic.


Sirius groaned as he forgot about that detail. Nymphadora looked shocked, but Andromeda seemed rather relieved Harry understood where he was, he getting himself into. She knew little about the boy, only of what Sirius talked about with him. But so far, she was impressed with him.

"Are you sure, about this Harry?" Sirius asked softly.

"Yes… I told you. I will take upon the responsibility of being lord Black if that means your safety and freedom."

"Good to hear, but there is a minor detail. About the marriage… it was honestly something, I wanted to notify lord Black before. But couldn't do it, because it would compromise his hiding. But the marriage clause is, well, involve family members."

At those words, Sirius and Andromeda looked at the Goblin. "What?" They asked at the same time.

"If lord Potter wishes to take the Black family mantel, he had to take where, his godfather left off. And I believe you two know very well, what does it mean."

Sirius and Andromeda stared at each other in panic, as they realize what it meant.

"What is it?" Harry asked.

Sirius put his hands on his face as he took a deep breath. But he couldn't speak properly. Andromeda had the same reaction, making Dora worried about her mother.

"Hey, mom what is it?" She asked.

"Well, I feared this could happen," Andromeda said.

"What?" Dora asked, again.

"The person, I was going to marry before the war, was… well, Andromeda," Sirius said, as he saw the reaction of both Dora and Harry.

"What?!" they exclaimed.

Sirius groaned loudly, as he couldn't put in words how awkward the talk was going to be. He was already dreading it.

"The Black family has a long history of doing this, just like many other pureblood families. It was really no… weird. At least back then. But as both of you see now, I didn't intend to stay and marry, Sirius. I left, and marry you father the moment I left Hogwarts," Andromeda said.

"And well, I barely remember, Andi. I didn't know about the marriage until my fourth year of Hogwarts, but by then, she was already expecting a child. Honestly, and truthfully. The thought of marrying her, was not pleasant. Not even back then," Sirius said.

"You know what took place then. The family went mad and threw Andi out of the family. But it seems as if they didn't truly disown her. Or at least not completely," Sirius said.

"That's true. The previous lord Black, Arcturus Black, was level-headed and did not notify the family about his decision. They all believe he disown her. But it wasn't true. He did, however, change the clause to take over the Black family," Ironteeth said.

"Why?" Harry asked.

"The war took a tremendous tool on the wizarding world. The death of so many members of the Black family and the imprisonment of Sirius and Bellatrix in Azkaban brough a sense of panic to him. But before he died, he changes the family rule. He realized that the only way for the Black family to survive was too tight the knot on the members that were left. He didn't know if Sirius would manage to leave Azkaban ever. And he also didn't know that, Sirius was your godfather and you, his heir. So, he put on a clause that would lead the last male member of the Black family to take over the last females of the family. In any shape of form, in order to take the title and seats of the Black family."

They all looked at the goblin with disgust but realized the problem they were in.

"Wait… you say he didn't know. Sirius name me his heir. And for what I know, there wasn't any other Black male living at the time besides, Sirius. To whom, he was referring about?" Harry asked, as now Andromeda and Sirius thought about the implications of those words.

"Hold on, the only other male relative of the Black family he could be referring to would be… no way," Sirius whispered.

"Who?" Dora asked, completely terrified.

"Draco Malfoy," Andromeda said.

"The ferret?!" Harry exclaimed.

"Yes, he was the only relative of the Black family, well, besides you. Even thought, you two are related. He is closer to the Black family, thanks to his mother. You should be thankful, lord Potter. He only says the last male of the Black family. Otherwise, he could have changed the rules, and name Draco his heir, since Sirius was rotting in Azkaban. And that boy would have claimed, any of the females left alive who had the Black family blood in them. We should be thankful; he was old and his faculties were there anymore."

"But that brings us here. If you take the mantel of lord Black, you must take… the last females of Black family, who are unmarried, or widow," Ironteeth said, as now, Andromeda and Dora went pale at those words.

"Meaning that, Harry must take, Nymphadora Tonks, and her mother, Andromeda Tonks, who are daughters of the Black family as wives."

There was silence in the room, as everyone didn't know how to react.

"This is a joke, right?" Dora said.

"Not at all, my lady," the goblin said.

"Mom… please, tell me this is a joke. Please, mom… tell me this is not happening."

Andromeda had a face that was hard to read, not one could understand it. "And if we don't do it… Sirius would not be free. He would be in danger. Like the both of us, since if Harry doesn't take the title of lord Black. Draco Malfoy could do it, right?" Andromeda said.

"Yes… I will be force to notify, the Malfoy family about this."

Dora felt her legs giving up, as she couldn't do anything but fell to the chair. "I think, I'm going to pass out," she said.

"Is anything we could do to avoid this?" Sirius asked, with a soft voice.

"No," the goblin said without hesitation.

Harry had his hand on his face, trying to breathe, and he was not the only one having a hard time. However, once again, Andromeda proves her resolution.

"Alright… there is no reason to waste time. I will marry him," she said.

"What?! Mom, are you mad!" Dora yelled.

Andromeda looked at her daughter with such an icy gaze, it made everyone in the room flinch.

"I'm not mad, Nymphadora. Not at all. There is no other way to do this. We must do what we must."

"This is madness!"

"It is not, is life."

"Mom, this is bloody stupid!"

Andromeda now was getting angry, and frustrated too. She knew it was a horrible deal for them, but the alternatives were worse.

"Nymphadora enough! Do you understand that soon enough, a war will start? Voldemort will hunt everyone of us down! Do you understand it?! The Malfoy are going to claim the seats if we don't do it now. Do you want to give the power of the Black family to them? To the Dark Lord?! Do you?!" Andromeda yelled as Dora sobbed in her chair. Taking her time to relax, Andromeda took her daughter's hand.

"I know it's not fair… but it is the only way to secure, Sirius' freedom and our safety. Having the Black family magic behind us, would push any danger away from us. The Black library has a lot of things we could use. Things, that cannot fall in the wrong hands."

Nymphadora knew it was true. She was no fool. The seats in the Wizengamot were incredibly important, and so was the Black family magic. But it felt unfair to be forced to marry in such a way.

"This bloody sucks... I don't know what to think," Dora whispered.

"Shh, is alright... everything is going to be fine, my dear."

Andromeda softly said.

"Besides, Harry is a handsome man… don't you think? I don't know about you, but I'm still a young woman. And I know he would like my experience," Andromeda whispered, as Dora looked completely terrified and scandalized at those words.

"Mother!" She hissed, making Andromeda giggle.

"Just joking… I know it's hard… but tried to understand it."

Andromeda then looked at Harry, who seemed lost in thought. From what she could see, he was having a hard time with everything going on. Any man would have been thrilled to have many wives at his disposal, but it seemed as Harry was a rather unique person.

"Lord Potter, I know there is a lot of tension around this clause and… marriage. However, we are here for one thing and it to save Sirius and procure the title of the Black family. So, without wasting time, would you marry my daughter and myself?"

Harry stared at the floor and for the first time in the week, he felt as if the only thing he wanted to do was to just forget everything. Yet that won't happen. Not now, not ever. There was only going forward. He looked at Andromeda and nodded.

"Yes… I will."