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Chapter 12

Galadriel sighed as she stood up from the bed after a long night of just enjoying the pleasures of what the world could offer her. And smiled at the naked body next to her. The girl, Minette, was completely wasted on the bed. She was faced down, breathing slowly as Galadriel lovemaking left marks on the girl's skins, nails marks, kisses, and many other delicious things she enjoyed doing. And well, also inside the girl. Galadriel had a World Item called [Demoniality] which, in simple terms, just served as an item that could buff Demon-like races or a debuff against them. It wasn't really a neat item to have, and it wasn't really a world item that many people really cared about.

And it wasn't. That's why Galadriel got it for a cheap price in the dark marketplace in Yggdrasil the last weeks of the game. Yet, there was a special ability the item offered for Demon-like races. And it was the possibility to change a racial job of the demon race tree. And Galadriel discovered it, that she could use the Succubus racial-class, and well, after experiencing Albedo's own ability to bring up a cock into bed. Galadriel had to test it out too. And she did, many times back in Nazarick, with not only Albedo or Shalltear, but the Pleiades, and the many maids. Galadriel's sex life has reached Peroroncino levels of lewd. As Galadriel was sure, her old friend would nod in approval at her large harem of gorgeous women. I hope you're proud of me!

So, now, she could enjoy both privileges of receiving and giving, or both deepening on how kinky she felt.

Galadriel looked at the body of Minette, and she couldn't miss how gorgeous the girl was, but at the same time, Galadriel knew she had to be careful.

This girl is not Albedo or Shalltear. Or well, any of the dear Pleiades and Homunculus Maids. I could kill her if I am not careful.

Galadriel knows that she could have continued to have her way with Minette's body all night long. But if she did, well, she could have broken Minette's bones and body by accident. And not only that, Galadriel was using the succubus trait, so she could also suck the life out of the poor girl. That's why Galadriel, although she utterly enjoyed the girl's flesh, she held back a lot. Besides, there was something she found amusing.

"The girl was not as a dominant as I thought, and she was ovulating. I could have got her pregnant, if I wanted it to."

Galadriel whispered with a smirk. "If I couldn't control my seed, well, I would have become a father. And Albedo would have been furious that she wasn't the first one."

However, that also brought up a question she was wondering. If I impregnate a witch, the child would be able to use Tier magic and this world magic? Or perhaps the child could use a new type of magic? Or both? Mm, this is a rather interesting question. Galadriel wondered as she looked at Minette's body. The Slytherin girl was highly attractive and perhaps she would be useful in that department. But then again, there were few gorgeous witches with perfect bodies, Galadriel could use as an experiment. But that was ahead of the line.

"For now, I must cultivate loyalty and also investigate more about this world magic."

Galadriel muttered, then turned around when someone open the door. And surprise, it was Daphne who stood still while looking at the scene before her.

"My lady… I… sorry to disturb."

The golden-haired girl's face went through different types of angst, jealousy, pain, anger, and lust. Galadriel looked at her naked body and understood the lust part. The anger and pain were rather strange, but she also could see where Daphne was coming from, and the jealousy was flattering.

"You're not disturbing at all, my dear," Galadriel said while walking to the girl, swaying her hips. It was funny to see how Daphne was trying so hard to avoid looking all flustered or uncaring. But when a goddess of incredible beauty was in front of her. Daphne couldn't do anything like that.

"I just had a bit of fun with dear Minette, and well, the girl couldn't keep up. Poor dear, I think I overdo it. But what brings you here, at such an early hour?" Galadriel whispered sultry as she put her hands around Daphne's neck, allowing the golden-haired girl to feel her naked body press on her.

Daphne couldn't do much. The heart of the girl was beating fast, as she could see the face of Galadriel up close. Those gorgeous red lips, shinning at her. The beautiful and perfect face, following with the most stunning body Daphne has ever, or would ever see, naked before her. And you have a very horny girl. Daphne saw those breasts of Galadriel; they were so big and firm. The pink nipple was hard and so was hers. And she wasn't particularly using too many clothes at those early hours.

"I just wanted to... See... homework?" Daphne stuttered, making Galadriel giggle.

Galadriel decided to have fun with Daphne at last. She was still horny.

"I feel you, my dear Daphne. You want to touch me? Don't you? Well, you can," Galadriel whispered, as she then kissed Daphne. Daphne's mouth was more than happy to allow such an invasion. Daphne surrender to the lust she felt and forgot about Minette laying on the bed. The Ice Queen of Slytherin would not allow the opportunity to go a miss. She put her hands around Galadriel's waist and rejoiced on the skin of the girl she was crazy for.

The skin was so soft, yet warm. Daphne's fingertips wanted to feel it forever. And as Galadriel moved her tongue inside Daphne's, as the golden-haired girl was licking and tasting the delicious saliva of Galadriel's mouth. Daphne's hand started to go lower, as she then squeezes Galadriel's perfect and glorious butt. So big, so soft, and yet firm. I want to eat it. I want to taste it. Daphne moaned as she grabbed the white-haired girl's ass with all her strength. She wanted to leave marks on her hand there. And even started to spank it. Galadriel giggled at the ferocity of Daphne's lust.

So young, she wants to just do what her mind tells her to.

Galadriel thought as she then stopped the kiss. "I know what you want." Galadriel whispered, as she turned around and walked to a couch she had there. A good thing her room was bigger than most, so she was able to put a lot of decent furniture there.

"If you want to know what I did with dear Minette, and why she is in that state. Well, you will have to show me how much you want me to take you."

Galadriel giggled with the voice of a professional seductress. Galadriel walked to the couch and bend over it. She put her knees up and used her hand to spread her entire backside. The view was immoral. Daphne saw it all. She saw Galadriel as perfect, big, and glorious ass. Perfect shape, with those muscular and yet thick thighs. And the beautiful sex of the white-haired girl, and the pink little star that was her asshole. Galadriel bit her lip, as she wiggled her ass from one side to the next, as her bum wiggled each time.

"Show me then, my dear, show me, how well can you use that mouth of you."

Daphne was trembling as the smell of sex was lingering in her thoughts and mind. It was the first time she would ever do something like that, but she would be dumb to not try it. Besides, how would someone deny such an opportunity? Only a fool would throw it away. So, Daphne slowly approached Galadriel, and saw the smirk on the white-haired girl, as she now brought her hands front, so she could hold herself better.

"What are you waiting for?" Galadriel asked softly.

Daphne kneeled before the most lustful view ever, and couldn't help herself but to bury her face in Galadriel cunt. Daphne was a virgin, and Galadriel knew it. So, she found it funny to see the girl practically trying to push her mouth into the deeps of her fold while squeezing her ass.

"Now, now… use your tongue, my dear… play with my clit and lick it," Galadriel instructed, moaning. As Daphne listened. The girl grabbed Galadriel's soft butt and spread her inner lips so she could see the beauty of female anatomy. The liquid emanating from her was bright and almost liquid gold. As Daphne was breathing hard, still lost in the lust and excitement of what was happening.

"That's it~, lick it, and try to get your tongue deep~"

Galadriel moaned at the amateur try of Daphne to eat her out. Daphne was practically sucking Galadriel's clit and drinking all of her love juices. She would also keep on squeezing her ass and spanking her. She would lick her large bum and bite it as if was a marshmallow. Daphne's lipstick was marking Galadriel's shiny bottom with many kisses. And Galadriel would moan every time Daphne would get her tongue inside of her.

Daphne still needed to learn how to give oral better, but Galadriel was anything but patient. It would be unfair to compare it to Shalltear, large, and experience mouth. Or Albedo's sexual nature to know how to please her. Daphne was still young and had a lot to learn, but Galadriel was ready to teach her pet how to do it properly.

"Slowly, my dear... play with your food~! Move your fingers, taste it. Lick it, enjoy it, is all yours," Galadriel moaned. And Daphne did just that, like eating a delicious food, she took her time to enjoy it.

"Yeah! That's what I like! UH! MMMHM, THAT'S KEEP DOING IT!"

Galadriel moaned as Daphne found a rhythm in her licking and eating. She would move her tongue around Galadriel's cunt, while with one hand she would start massaging her clitoris, and with the other one, she would spank her.

"Mmprprhrh! Mmprphprh!" Those were the sounds of Daphne sucking the juices of Galadriel's vagina. As Galadriel bend more and more, leaving practically her ass on the air, Daphne buried herself deep in her ass.

Daphne found nothing but delicious the taste of the girl. And even more, she started to lick Galadriel's arsehole, slowly licking the ring, and trying to get her tongue in, while her two fingers were fucking Galadriel. The white-haired girl moaned louder, as Daphne's finger surprised her with experience. Or perhaps not. After all, Daphne was masturbating a lot, thinking of her. So, she knew where the delicate point of pleasure was for a female.

"Ugh! YES! JUST KEEP DOING IT! I AM GOING TO-UGHH!" Galadriel's body exploded in orgasm, while Daphne did not want to miss anything. She put her mouth directly into Galadriel's glorious sex and drank whatever juice came. Licking, sucking, burying her fingernails in Galadriel's big ass. Galadriel may not feel the pain that Daphne was doing with her big bum, but the feeling of having someone touching her was rather spectacular. And Daphne wanted nothing but to never stop feeling her hands around Galadriel's buttocks. But then again, who wouldn't? Who wouldn't want to have their hands squeezing and groping such an ass all the time? Everyone would love to have Galadriel bottom for themselves. So, Daphne, for that moment, had complete control over Galadriel's behind. "OHHH! YESSS!" Galadriel moaned as she bit the pillow off the couch, while Daphne kept on eating her out. Better than I expected it. She thought in joy.

"MMPRPRHRH!" Daphne's mouth sounded like a vacuum, while slowly licking anything around her lustful lady core.

Daphne kept on doing licking, pushing her fingers, and touching inside of Galadriel for a few more minutes, trying to taste all of it.

"Mm-mm, that's it, clean me…. Taste it all."

Galadriel moaned loudly while grinding her ass on Daphne's face.

It was a wonderful orgasm, but not the most powerful I had. Albedo can make me cum for ten minutes straight. And that would be a fast one. But this one was good.

Galadriel giggled, as she sighed contently, allowing herself a few more minutes of Daphne's mouth in her cunt. Noticing Galadriel's face of joy, Daphne realizes she wanted to sit now. So, the golden-haired girl gave a good one lick to the inner folds of Galadriel, and one kiss to her asshole, and big bum. Galadriel giggled at those kisses. She looks adorable. Galadriel thought with a smirk. As she now sat before a kneeling Daphne, with her legs spread out.

"You did good, my dear."

Galadriel moaned giggling, as she shows her front body shamelessly to Daphne, who had her entire face filled with her love juice and sweat.

"Did… did you enjoy it, my lady?" Daphne asked huskily, licking her lips, and the remains of Galadriel cum.

"Oh, I did, enjoyed it. You have earned a wonderful reward. But I wonder if you are ready for what is to come? Do you want to know more about me?" Galadriel said while spreading her inner sex, slowly masturbating in front of Daphne who couldn't stop looking at the goddess before her doing something so slutty.

"I… I told you… that I am at your services… in anything," Daphne whispered.

"Mm, are you know~?" Galadriel moaned as she fingered herself. "Truly? What if I asked of you to undress?"

Daphne wasted no time to do just that. She stood up and took her clothes, revealing a rather sinful body. Daphne Greengrass was a gorgeous girl. There was no denying it. Galadriel purred as she saw Daphne's rather large hips and long, sexy legs. The golden-haired girl had a perfect hourglass figure. Her legs weren't as muscular as Minette, or as thick as Galadriel. But they were rather elegant and incredibly lean. They looked wonderful on Daphne, as the girl had childbearing hips, with a wonderful bubble butt. And a flat stomach that looked sexier with how wide her hips were. And, surprisingly, Galadriel smirked at those breasts of the girl. She had a lot to share, and it was clear that Daphne had the bigger chest from both Minette and Tracey. They were perfect.

Galadriel had a firm 32D cup size breast with a slightly than average cup size than the rest of the girls at school. But it clearly changes when she was in her adult form to an F cup size easily enough with a bigger cup than normal. Albedo shared the same size as her, if anything just a bit bigger in a few centimeters in wide. Perhaps, to a G. But then again, when Galadriel design her character, she wanted to be a sexy, beautiful demoness. And Albedo, well, she was made out to be a glorious, sexy succubus with an incredible body.

Galadriel would laugh at anyone who wanted a girl with two big melons before, but now that she was a girl with two big melons. Well, she owned it.

And Daphne had a wonderful C cup size. Just perfect to her body, and added nothing but elegance and sexiness to an already gorgeous girl.

The sweat and the lustful face just added more to her. Galadriel smiled and sniffed the air.

"You're gorgeous, my dear Daphne," Galadriel said, as she stopped touching herself.

"Thank you, my lady," Daphne replied with intoxication in her voice.

"Kneel before me, my dear."

Daphne obeyed, as she was now looking directly at Galadriel's cunt once more. And just like before, it looked magnificent. "You say you were ready, that you were prepared. Are you? Because what I am about to show you is going to change you." Galadriel whispered, staring at the girl kneeling before her with those golden eyes of her.

Daphne shivered at those eyes, but couldn't help to feel excited about what was to come.

"I am yours."

Galadriel smiled. "My family has a lot of secrets. One of them is that the females do not need a male to reproduce. We have the ability to… choose a witch of our liking and impregnate her. And you know what does that means, don't you?"

Galadriel said, as she rejoiced in the face of the shock of Daphne. She wouldn't blame her. It was almost the same reaction to when Albedo showed her the ability that took her maidenhood. And now, she was doing it too many other females.

"You… mean that," Daphne muttered.

"Oh yeah, my dear. I can have a cock… a big, delicious cock. All for you."

Daphne stared at Galadriel, vagina and wondered how could it be. But then again, in a world of magic, everything was possible. And looking at Minette's body, she felt jealous that she wasn't the first. She was anxious and excited. Since the prospect of such a thing was alien to her. And while she may not like men. Daphne couldn't shake the feeling of the possibility of doing it with Galadriel if she had such a thing.

"Yes… please," Daphne whispered, in heat. Galadriel wondered if her aura was influencing the girl. But she did not care.

"Good girl," Galadriel whispered, as then muttered some words that Daphne couldn't understand, but in a flash of light. A rather enormous cock replaced the place that once held a beautiful and enticing cunt, the large piece of meat fell on Daphne's face, with a thud. And, since now, Galadriel was using the succubus trait. Her aura became more penetrating to Daphne, who was sniffing Galadriel's cock like a bitch in heat. Galadriel laughed at the reaction, feeling Daphne lust for her. The size of her tool could change, deepening in which form she was using it. Right now, she felt proud of her nine-inch cock, with the perfect shape, and an enormous set of testicles.

Ah, Peroroncino would have laughed a great deal if he could see this. Galadriel, the futa. Such a stupid name. Galadriel thought with joy.

"What do you think? Mm?" Galadriel said, while she grabbed her cock and started to spread her pre-cum all over a very dizzy and lustful Daphne. The girl couldn't speak, not properly. The smell was too intoxicating for her. There was only one thing on her mind.


Daphne was in a state of euphoria, as Galadriel knew it would take a bit for Daphne to get a hold of herself. It was a rather difficult thing to control. The lust. Especially since she could smell the same scent from Minette in Daphne. She is also ovulating. What luck today is. Galadriel groaned lustfully, as she could feel the need to procreate. To breed the girl, whose bodies crave for the same thing.

I must really be thankful for Albedo's restraint. I know she wants to knock me up. But she doesn't do it, even though I also lost myself in the euphoria that a succubus aura could give and beg her to impregnate me. Really, she is strong-willed. More than me.

Galadriel thought as she pushed the tip of her cock into Daphne's lips, and the girl slowly opened her mouth. Allowing the white-haired girl meat to go in.

"Use your tongue, suck me… you will learn how to do it properly. This is your job from now on, understand?" Galadriel moaned.

Daphne moaned as she licked the surroundings of the cock. She kissed the top, and licked the shaft, and went all the way down to Galadriel heavy balls. And was able to put one in her mouth, and sucked it gently and softly, while her tongue massaged it.

"OH~ Good girl, that's it," Galadriel groaned, as she felt shivers at the feeling of a blowjob.

"Mphmmhp, mphmmp!" Daphne's mouth sounded all watery and highly dirty when she sucked Galadriel's cock. It was the same feeling as a vacuum. The sound was loud and brought a smile to Galadriel.

"Ugh, that's it~ Keep doing it, and move your mouth more, with your head! ~ That's it, good pet," Galadriel exclaimed, as Daphne's head move up and down, while her face was completely unrecognizable by how her lips and mouth were sucking such a large cock. Daphne's face was no longer of an elegant pureblood heiress. It was of a whore, of a whore who loved cocks.


The sounds became louder and more sinful. Daphne was in a squat position. With her legs wide open, she was fingering herself while the other hand was gently massaging Galadriel testicles. The sweat was just too much. She was practically covered in it. Making it better for Galadriel, since she could now enjoy the body a lot better.

"Look at me!" Galadriel groaned as she pulled Daphne's hair, and force her to look at her in the eyes. The blonde girl was only staring, having a hard time breathing, and her mouth only reeked of Galadriel pre-cum and cock. "Tell me, are you my little bitch? My little whore?" Galadriel said while giving a gentle smack in the face to Daphne, who responded with a surprising moan.

"YES!" Daphne moaned loudly.

"Yes, what?" Galadriel asked while giving Daphne another gently slap in the face.


Galadriel smiled at the complete face of someone lost in the ecstasy. "I want you in four, on the floor. You're not worth of a bed, you are a bitch… and bitches get fuck in the floor." Galadriel hissed as Daphne whimpered.

The golden-haired girl devoid of any self-respect obeyed her lady, and like a bitch, crawled into the floor. Her backside before Galadriel, who smiled. "Nice view. Such a good body to fuck. And to breed." Galadriel hissed as it was now her turn to spank Daphne and squeeze that cute bubbled butt.

Galadriel positioned behind Daphne, and put her hands on the blonde-haired girl's waist, facing the tip of her cock in Daphne's wet pussy. Her cock gave a few kisses to Daphne's clitoris, as the tip of the cock was being covered in love juices.

"Mm, you want it? My little bitch in heat?" Galadriel whispered while spanking the girl, as it was Daphne's ass that had now the marks of a hand imprinted on them.


"YOU'RE A DOG! A BITCH! BITCHES DON'T SPEAK!" Galadriel said, spanking Daphne a few times. "HOW DO A BITCH SPEAK?!" Galadriel said while pulling Daphne's hair hard. Or hard enough for Daphne to feel it. And she felt the pain, but Daphne only focused on the pleasure it gave it. To be owned in such a way.

"W… Woof! Woof!" Daphne whimpered.

"Not loud enough, bitch! If you don't behave properly, I will fuck Minette. At least she understands how does a bitch speak."

Galadriel threatened Daphne, who did not want her to leave her. "WOOF! WOOF! WOOF!" Daphne barked, as she wiggled her butt, trying to get Galadriel's cock inside of her. A desperate measure, but one that brought a smile to Galadriel.

"Good girl," Galadriel hissed. "Good girls get rewards, and this… my dear, is your prize for being a good bitch."

And with that Galadriel's cock went inside Daphne, with little trouble, as the pureblood girl was incredibly wet. And there, inside of her. Galadriel's cock made it home. As the white-haired girl moaned loudly, feeling the tight channel squeezing her meat with lust and thirst. Galadriel would always love the feeling of a virgin cunt. It was beautiful. And slowly, she started to move her hips, enjoying the view of Daphne's ass wiggling every time they met her hips. She could see Daphne's inner lips, not wanting to let her cock leave. Every time Galadriel would pull out, Daphne's pussy would suck her in. And it would become tighter each time.

"So tight! ~ Uh, my dear bitch! You're such a tight whore~!" Galadriel moaned as she grabbed Daphne's hair, holding her in place while with the other hand she spanked the blonde-haired girl. The sweat on Daphne's back, and the face of complete ecstasy, was reflecting on the girl. As the pussy of Daphne was in paradise.

"Woof~! Woof~! Woof~!" Daphne moaned loudly, as she had her tongue out, drinking saliva on the floor like a real bitch. While the tip of Galadriel's cock was caressing Daphne's womb. And the fertile eggs of the blonde-haired girl were screaming to be inseminated. And Galadriel could feel it, she could smell it. All of it. The heat, the lust, the desire of Daphne of having a child with her. The primordial need to reproduce. Galadriel spanked her. And every time, Daphne would grow tighter.

Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap! The sounds of flesh hitting flesh were echoing the room, and soo were the moans of both girls.

"You're my bitch, you understand?! . !" Galadriel exclaimed, thrusting harder and harder, pushing her cock deeper and deeper.

Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap!

"WOOF! WOOF! WOOF! WOOF!" Daphne barked more and more, as she was face down, with only her gorgeous ass in the air.

Galadriel pushed her to a prone position and moved her hands to Daphne's beautiful tits as she licked Daphne's neck.

Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap! Galadriel moaned as she gripped Daphne tits harder, and practically hugging the girl tightly as her both their hips didn't stop moving. Galadriel was fucking, Daphne like a madwoman. Daphne's cunt was gripping her cock, and the more the white-haired girl fucked her. The more Daphne pussy clenched it.

Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap!

"I am cumming inside of you! You understand?! I am going to fill your womb with my cum, and I don't care if you get pregnant!" Galadriel moaned as she moved her hips faster and faster, hugging Daphne closer and closer.

"Woof~! Wooooof~!" Daphne only replied.

Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap!


Galadriel moaned loudly, as she felt the seed on her balls traveling all the way to her shaft, all the way to the tip of her cock. And really not carrying about anything else. Galadriel thrust deep, pushing the tip of her cock all the way inside Daphne's hot channel. And was so deep that Daphne felt how the tip of the cock that was fucking her pushed its way to her womb. Opening the doors of her baby room, only to spray cum all inside of her.

"wOOoOOOOoofffF~!" Daphne moaned while Galadriel kept on pushing her cock all the way in, moaning loudly as rope after rope of her incredibly potent and virile seed traveled all the way inside Daphne.

"Yes! Take it all inside you," Galadriel moaned, not stopping her hips one bit.

Daphne's mind went into overdrive, and completely blank out. Nothing, there was nothing up there. Only pleasure, only Galadriel cock. And nothing more. Daphne's mind wasn't bothered about anything else. Galadriel's sperm traveled all the way to Daphne's eggs. They were ready to be inseminated. But then they disappeared like they just simply vanished.

Galadriel moaned as she retreated her cock from the well-fucked pussy. "I would have love to get you pregnant, but… not yet. I had to give the privileged of my first baby to Albedo, I promised to her. But, I after that, well… you're going to have to find a way to keep up with Hogwarts while being pregnant."

Galadriel said with a still horny intent. Galadriel gave a slight kiss to the cheek, to Daphne, who was out. The same way as Minette.

"Mm, this was good. I hope I didn't overdo it with her too. Oh, well, it doesn't matter. They are alive."

Galadriel sighed happily. "I need a shower. And a long breakfast."

And while Galadriel felt quite happy in the showers, at the same time, in another part of the country. Well, she wasn't the only person who was enjoying the pleasures of sex. Harry Potter, the newly named Lord of House Black, was enjoying the privilege of having two wives. A mother and a daughter. And well, for the Boy-Who-Lived luck. He was incredibly happy with the arrangement. But the details would have to wait.