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Chapter 13

Harry and the rest came from Gringotts directly after the meeting with the account managers. And to say Harry was tired would be a colossal understatement. The meeting was long, and it was not only because of the marriage situation. But also, the many things he had to sign, and put his name on. The number of assets he had to care about now was incredible, almost scary. Harry knew he was rather rich, but he never thought it was that rich. But with the Potter and Black assets combined. It truly makes Harry multi-millionaire. And if what goblins said was true. He could take yet another title.

There is no end to this.

Harry groaned while he sat down on the table. The screams of Sirius's mother weren't really pleasant to hear at his hours. But he was now looking at Andromeda and Nymphadora; they were rather compliant by the whole thing. Or it was just exhaustion more than anything. He couldn't be sure. However, hopefully, there would be a time for him to explain himself and more. Harry wanted to have a good relationship with them. But how? Well, Harry wasn't sure.

"So, this just happened... quite the day, eh?" Sirius muttered.

Lupin, who had a rather tired face, only nodded softly. The previous night was still lingering on his face, and from what Harry was seeing. Lupin was still weary from the last full-moon.

"It had to be done, otherwise, I don't believe you would have liked to give Malfoy the... you know."

Lupin said, trying not to look at the glare of Nymphadora. Yet, it was Andromeda, the one who spoke, instead of her already irritated child. Andromeda knew the reason for such attitude, and it was not necessarily because Nymphadora was marrying Harry Potter. Not at all. Andromeda could see the crush on the boy, on her daughter's child. And even a mature witch like her could feel a bit lucky to know that the boy would respect them, and even cherish them with time. So, Andromeda understood, it was not the problem. It was the fact that Nymphadora hated being used as a pawn or a sort of object. But sadly, for them, they were Black pawns all along. And the Black family was notorious for doing such things.

"It's done, so there is no need to worry about it now. Now that we have the Black seat and Harry is the new Lord Black. We could move forward to Sirius trial without a problem."

"That's true," Lupin pointed out.

"Great... still, I don't trust Fudge. He would not simply allow us to get a trial. That fat prick would try to stop us, or something. There is a warranty for me, with a death sentence on it," Sirius said.

"Kiss on sight, that's the order. A Dementor would be your executioner," Nymphadora muttered, as she was now trying to calm down. There was no reason for her to feel angry, at least not now. There was much to do.

"While the trial can push, I don't doubt they would try to kill Sirius before anything happens. How can we make sure nothing happens to Sirius until hen?"

Harry then remembered the word of the white-haired girl and the promise. The deal or promised they made, of sorts.

"I know someone who could help us with that," Harry said, bringing the attention to him.

"What do you mean?" Sirius asked.

"I have a sort of deal? Or promise or something with a person. She promised to help us during the trial, if I help later."

"Harry, who are you making a promise with?" Sirius worried.

"Galadriel Nazarick," Harry said.

"Nazarick, the new family?" Andromeda asked, confused. "Why would the Nazarick family want with us? They are a relatively new here. What can they give us?" Andromeda, just like many, wondered about the mysterious family's arrival. To see a new family out of nowhere with so much gold was rather unheard of. So, she was a bit apprehensive about them. The unknown was a scary thing, and Andromeda knew it.

"Harry, you should never trust a dark family!" Lupin hissed.

"I think the same, Harry. Trusting a dark family is never a good idea," Sirius said.

Harry frowned at those words. "Remus, Sirius, don't forget, the Black family is a dark family. And so far, there has been nothing that made me doubt the Nazarick family. Galadriel has been the only one who has been honest with me. She told me that perhaps, her family would like my family to join them when the times is right."

"Harry, I just don't want you to trust the wrong people," Sirius said.

"Like you trusted Dumbledore?" Harry asked with a sharp voice, and Sirius and the Remus flinched.

Harry told them, and it seemed as if his voice surprised them. But it was true, the way he looked like that surprised them. Harry wasn't the same kid as before. And he wasn't still please about what Dumbledore has done to him. So, he was practically daring for any of them to say anything. And wisely, both Remus and Sirius avoided mentioning Dumbledore for now. But Sirius would lie and say if he didn't have questions as well.

"We are just worry," Remus said softly.

Harry took a deep breath. "I know, and I understand the worry. But if we have any chance to secure your trial without you being put directly in danger. We must trust the Nazarick family on this. You must trust me. Can you do that?" Harry asked.

The rest were not truly convinced of it, but so far, they understood. That without help, the trial could be more difficult for them.

"Look, we can talk to the Nazarick family before the trial. So, we can try to clear things out. But until now, let's try to be careful. Would that be alright?" Andromeda said.

"Alright, alright."

Said Sirius, as he stood up from the chair. The tension in the living room lowers a bit, and Harry relaxed.

"So, Harry... how are you feeling with the whole marriage thing?" Remus asked gently.


Harry turned to look at Andromeda and Nymphadora and blushed, but coughed nervously. He wasn't really sure about it. Nymphadora and Andromeda were gorgeous women. A man would be lucky to have them, and well, Harry was now the lucky man. But of course, he wasn't about to act all arrogantly. He wasn't like that. In fact, he was quite scared still. He didn't know them too well, so Harry felt as he should remain quiet for a while. But he noticed the smirk from Andromeda, as the milf only chuckled.

"He does look please," Andromeda teased.

"No! No! It's not that!" Harry tried to defend himself. "Just nervous! I'm too young to be married, you know? I'm still processing it."

"Fair enough. But you're now my husband and lord Black. So, you need to act accordingly," Andromeda said sharply, making Harry gulp nervously. As he stared at the older witch.

"There is a lot you must learn and how to act. Especially when meeting other noble families and lords. We must start with how you should introduce us..." Sirius' voice suddenly interrupted Andromeda.

"Andi, for the love of Merlin's saggy balls! Let him rest for today! Here, take this!" Sirius said as he slammed a few bottles of Firewhisky on the table. Harry only stared, confused, at the bottles.

"Firewhisky, for the married man!" Sirius boasted.

"Sirius," Andromeda sneered.

"Please, Harry is already a man. Not only is he married one, but he is also a lord. Don't you think is time for him to enjoy simple things in life?" Sirius said with a smirk.

"It's not the time," Andromeda said, but suddenly, Nymphadora took a bottle for herself. Interrupting the older witch. The younger Black witch needed to drink alcohol desperately. After such a long day, with many twists and turns. Nymphadora truly needed a break. Of course, she also wanted to be drunk enough to forget her feelings for Lupin. Although they weren't enough for her to be sad. It was mostly a crush, more than anything. But now that she was married. Well, it was a feeling of just gloom.

"Give me this, I need it!" Nymphadora said as drank directly from the bottle without caring too much for anything else.

"Nymphadora!" Andromeda called her daughter, not only angry but embarrassed by her behavior.

"That's it, Dora! That bottle is all yours!" Sirius said happily while giving Harry a cup of Firewhisky.

Harry smiled, noticing the funny faces of Andromeda. He only stared at the cup in his hand and wondered if he should drink it. Harry realized that the words spoken by Sirius were true. He was an adult now. So why shouldn't he do what he wanted? Harry then took a sip of the Firewhisky and coughed hard.

"Eh, strong right?" Remus said, smiling, taking a sip of his own Firewhisky.

"And disgusting," Harry muttered.

"You'll like it. Just need time," Sirius said, as he brought his cup up. "Welcome to adulthood, Harry."

Harry only rolled his eyes. But perhaps being an adult won't be that bad.

Harry sighed while sitting on the couch in the living room. He couldn't help himself but chuckle at the way he had to drag Sirius to his room because of how drunk he was. Harry's godfather really felt guilty about the whole thing and practically drank himself until he couldn't even speak properly. Remus, for some reason, also drank a bit too much. And ended up passing out the minute he touched the bed. So, now, it was only Harry in the living room with Andromeda and Nymphadora. Both were drunk, or so Harry thought. They didn't look like Sirius or Remus, but they seemed tipsy.

Andromeda sat next to him, too close to him. And Harry could see the blush on the elder witch, and how she took some of her clothes off. Leaving nothing but a white undergarment and a transparent gown. Harry could see the sweat of the evening, making it easier for him to see the glorious attributes of Andromeda, who seemed to notice it. The elder witch smirked as she put her head on Harry's shoulder, and moved both of her legs closer to him too, crossing them and exposing her long legs, thick thighs. Harry wanted to look away but couldn't. Andromeda skirt was almost all the way up, and it would only take a small peak for Harry, to see what lays under it.

"Mmmhm, you smell so nice, my dear husband," Andromeda purred, as she slowly strokes Harry's inner thighs.

Harry tried to take a deep breath, but Andromeda's hands were getting too close to his shaft.

"Eh, yeah... you're drunk, miss Tonks," Harry muttered, as he looked at Andromeda's breast. They were so big and juicy. The elegant bra was only making them look better. And he could already see the hard nipples poking through the clothes.

"Ha ha~ drunk? No, my dear. I'm not drunk at all. Just tipsy, that's all. And why do you call me, miss Tonks? I am your wife. Call me Andi," Andromeda whispered huskily in Harry's ear. The Boy-Who-Lived felt moist in her voice and the feeling of her hot breath.

"Don't be so shy, Harry, as a married couple. This is only normal." Andromeda brought Harry's arm around her so she could be even closer. And she gave a slight lick to Harry's ear, making the young boy groan.

"Don't you think?" Andromeda said again, as her hand was now traveling all the way up, teasing her young husband's penis.

Maybe it was the alcohol, but Harry was feeling more daring than before. No one could blame him for just letting it go, since he did try to think rationally about his current position. But it was clear that Andromeda, his wife, had other intentions. And he was down for them. Let's better enjoy this. Harry thought.

"I guess you're right, Andi," Harry muttered while taking the elder witch by surprise. He kissed her, and Andromeda let a soft moan, surprised by the reaction of the boy. She was wondering if he would do something first, or if she would have to do it herself. Andromeda was still on her prime days. She wasn't old. She wanted to still enjoy life. But after Ted's death, she shut it down in order to raise Nymphadora. She hasn't even masturbated in years. And the last time she slept with a man was when Ted was alive. Around 9 years ago. So, right now, with the Firewhisky in her veins, and with the notion of having a young, handsome lover next to her. Andromeda thought she would have something for herself.

Harry's mouth wanted domination over her. And Andromeda was more than willing to give it away. Their tongues would dance inside their mouths. Harry would make sure to give her a sore jaw after the kiss. And he explored more than just that. Harry brought his left hand, the one that was freed, and groped Andromeda's giant tits. His hand took away any resistance of Andromeda undergarments and threw away her bra and other things. And now, exposed, Harry finally saw the glorious witch's tits.

Andromeda moaned at Harry's relentless attacks. He wanted to squeeze and play with her nipples, and her body started to react to them. She licked her lips as her hand discovered something growing. She felt the now rock-hard erection of Harry, and how his pants seemed too tight for it. He is so big! Bigger than Ted! Andromeda moaned, while her hand was squeezing the cock and slowly stroking it.

"Aren't you a big boy?" Andromeda teased.

"And you have seen nothing yet," Harry groaned, as he was enjoying folding Andromeda's big tits.

"Show me," Andromeda whispered, but before both could do more, another voice came down from the kitchen.

"What are you two doing?!" Nymphadora called, blushing furiously at the scene.

"Mm? What is it, my dear?" Andromeda replied, unbothered by her state of undress.

"Wh-what?! Mom, yo-you are making out with Harry!" Nymphadora pointed out, as she stared at her mother's exposed chest, and how, even after calling them out. Andromeda was still stroking Harry's cock. And even more, Harry kept on kissing Andi's neck and playing with her tits without even caring about anything else. "Harry, stop groping my mother!" She yelled, and Harry only looked at her with a funny face. Almost smiling.

"No, she is my wife, and I am enjoying her," Harry replied with a confident smile.

And Andromeda only giggled and moaned, making Nymphadora even more embarrassed.

"That's right, let me please our husband," Andromeda whispered.

"This is so weird...!" Nymphadora muttered, not knowing what she would do now.

Andromeda rolled her eyes, but she stood up and took everything else off, exposing her naked body to Harry, who smirked at the scene.

"Mother!" Nymphadora squealed as she saw her mother slowly teasing her skin to Harry, dancing like a common whore.

"Does my body please you, my lord husband?" Andromeda purred as she took her underwear off, the last piece of clothes.

Harry saw, now, how beautiful of a witch Andromeda truly was. Underneath her clothes, hide a true gem. Andi's childbearing hips were even wider than he thought. Her long and thick legs showed a lustful view, that only leads to an unshaved pussy, that was not truly very hairy, just a bit. Andromeda seemed to keep it trim. But, for Harry, it only adds more flavor to the already hot soup of a body his wife has. An hourglass figure. And while he did notice a bit of belly and meat in her body. She was far from being even chubby. It was the product of giving birth. And Harry felt that he could grab those hips from behind, and fuck Andromeda. However, he wanted to.

"It does please me, Andi. Why don't you kneel before me?" Harry said, surprising Nymphadora yet again.

Andromeda gave a brief glance to Nymphadora and smirked. The Milf crawled on four and reached Harry's place. The Boy-Who-Lived decided to take off all of his clothes too because it was only fair. He started with his shirt and smiled at the reaction of both witches there. His body wasn't the same. Harry was ripped now, with abs and was tall. He could easily pick Andromeda up and carry her to a bed, but he won't of course. Not now, at least. And then he took his pants and underwear. And Andromeda's jaw drops, as she stared at the giant cock between Harry's leg.

"Now, do you like this?" Harry groaned, as he took his nine-inch cock with his hand and practically started to jerk off slowly.

Andromeda and Nymphadora stared in shock and lust. As they saw the stud before them, slowly jerking off. Harry smirked. He sat down back again, and spread his legs wide open, leaving only his erected cock in full view, with a set of heavy and hairy balls, filled with potent sperm ready to burst.

"Do you like it?"

"I do, my lord...! I really do!"

Andromeda was beyond horny now. And the same could be said for Nymphadora since she was now staring at Harry, licking his lip, while his cock was already ready to go. Andromeda approached slowly on the cock. Harry allowed her to take it and expressed his excitement by moaning at the sensation of Andromeda's soft hand grabbing his shaft. The elder witch started to stroke now and was completely hypnotized by the pre-cum slowly leaking. And it was a lot of pre-cum, as her hand felt the hot liquid slowly covering her fingers and palm.

"So big," Andromeda whispered again.

"It is, right? And is yours."

Andromeda kept on stroking it, loving the sensation of hotness on her hand. The cock was fat, and heavy. Her fingers weren't capable of going all the way around it. Of how thick it was. And the more, Andromeda started to jerk it off, the more Harry moaned.

"Do you like it, my lord?" Andromeda moaned, increasing the speed of her hand.

"Yeah...! I do!" Harry moaned.

Andromeda stared at the cock with hunger, and while she was still jerking it off, she wondered how it would taste. And Harry was also thinking of something like that. He wanted to see, the milf sucking his cock.

"Can I suck your fat dick?" Andromeda moaned.

"Suck it, my dear wife. I want to know how does that mouth feels," Harry grunted, and Andromeda felt so dominated by the young boy. As if they were longtime lovers. And she loved it. Ted was a gentleman, not too rude or the dominant in the relationship. And while she loved him dearly... Andromeda wanted a man who would do that to her. She wanted a man who would order her around. A wizard capable of putting her where she belongs. And looking at the fierce gaze of Harry on her, she practically started to wet herself, in the best way possible.

"What are you waiting for? Be an obedient wife, and please your husband with your mouth."

Andromeda obeyed and without wasting time, she started to suck her new husband's cock with the only intention of pleasing him. She made sure to taste the pre-cum first and started with the head. Her tongue cleaned the tip, and with no more to taste, her lips then followed. Harry groaned as the warm and wet mouth of Andromeda proceed to please him. And the fact, a woman older enough to be his mother was on her knees, naked, and sucking his fat cock, only made him hornier.

"Ugh...! That's it!"

Harry muttered as he spread more his legs, allowing more space for Andromeda to move freely. The older witch was now, bobbing her head up and down, sucking hard, like a vacuum, while using one hand to jerk the shaft at the same rhythm of her head, and the other hand was gently massaging Harry's balls. Andromeda was not new to sucking cock, but it was the first time, since, ever, that such a big one was in her mouth. And if she could be honesty, the taste of Harry's prick was incredibly delicious in the dirtiest way. Her tongue was moving all over his shaft, feeling the pulsation of his body. The taste of it all.

"Gahk...! Gahk...! Gahk...!"

Andromeda gagged deeply, enjoying the moans of Harry. Then she gave a slight squeeze to Harry's testicles, loving how big they were. There is so much cum there, waiting for me! Andromeda thought with lustful joy. She moved her fingers between Harry's testicles, slowly and teasingly playing with them. Adding even more pleasure to him. As Harry had his head resting on the couch, while Andromeda was deep throating him, and playing with his large balls. It was every man's dream.

However, Nymphadora was only watching, as she practically fell on her knees, while watching, her mother sucking a young man's cock like she was born to do it. The Metamorphmagus could see her mother's naked back and her big ass. Dora knew her mother was incredibly attractive, but to see her in such a state was completely new to her. And it brought mixed feelings. Especially when she saw her mother's free hand going to her private place. Nymphadora saw her mother masturbating, while Harry was moaning loudly, as he grabbed the milf witch's head with both hands of his and, with his hips and lust, started to fuck her mouth.

"GAHK...! GAHK...! GAHK...!"

The sounds of Andromeda gagging were even louder. And the moans of Harry even more. Nymphadora could see her mother cunt and asshole. She could see the fingers going in and out. And got horny. She was getting hornier by watching her mother getting used to like a bitch in heat. Nymphadora started to softly play with her nipples. With one hand and with the other one, she was starting to touch her clit. My mother is...! My mother makes me horny! God's she's so fucking beautiful! I want to lick her cunt! Nymphadora thought as she was now moaning. Maybe it was how drunk she was, or the entire scene. But, Nymphadora was just awaking something inside her.

"Oh, shit...! Here I come!"

Harry started to cum without any bother to pull out of Andromeda's mouth. Andromeda, for her part, allowed him to push as far as he could, and while she wanted to puke since her gagging reflex was still there. She kept Harry's hips firm and swallowed every last drop of the seed deposited in her mouth. She even sucked it dry. And the sounds her mouth made were so naughty, so deliciously disgusting, that Harry kept a firm grab on Andromeda's face, moaning loudly as Andromeda's tongue was visible, going around his shaft trying to gather any drips of cum that managed to get out of her mouth.

"God, that's it, keep sucking," Harry moaned. He was a gentleman, so he took Andromeda's hair up, so she would not be bothered by it. And for the next minutes, he simply enjoyed the cleaning blowjob of Andromeda.

"Did you like my cum, so much?" Harry asked, as Andromeda gave a few kisses to the tip of his cock.

"It was delicious," Andromeda whispered, licking her lips. A bit of Harry's pubic hair made it to her lips, but she didn't even bother to clean it up.

"Oh, it seems like Nymphadora enjoyed herself too," Harry pointed out, as Andromeda then turned around and saw, her beautiful daughter, with no clothes to speak of, trembling on the ground, with two fingers inside of her vagina, masturbating while staring at them, embarrassed and probably excited still. Both saw, the juices coming out of Nymphadora, and felt as if the energy came back to them. Especially Harry.

Andromeda felt a sense of morbid fascination watching her only daughter's naked body in such a state. Then she smiled. Andromeda stood up, turn her backs to Harry, who although incredible pleased to see her backside, and that amazing ass wondered what was her new wife trying to achieve. Harry could still see the wetness escaping her cunt and dripping all over the floor. Harry knew it was going to be a delicious night.

"Let's give, sweet Dora a better view," Andromeda purred, as she put both her hands on Harry's knees and slowly started to lower her body. Harry groaned, while he spanked that chubby ass. His cock was already hard again, so it took not much effort for Andromeda to guide it to her already incredible and unbeknown to her, fertile pussy. Andromeda was so high in the night's pleasure and alcohol that she forgot that; she was ovulating right now. Her eggs were practically ready for insemination, and when Harry's cock entered inside of Andromeda. Her being lost focus of what was important. Harry, simple, moaned in pleasure, feeling the surprisingly tight pussy of a milf around his cock. It was not the same as Lavender Brown or Romilda Vane. Or that, some of the other girls who he fucked recently.

He was fucking a woman's pussy. A mother's cunt. And he fucking loved it.

"Fuck! You're so tight!"

Harry moaned as he could see Andromeda's fat ass going up and down on his lap, making sounds of flesh hitting flesh.

"Uhmm! Do you like it? Do you like your wife's tight cunt?!" Andromeda moaned, trying to keep up with Harry's hips thrust. She pushed Harry's cock deeper, while she was moving her hips on Harry's lap. Grinding with his cock inside. And moaned when she felt Harry's powerful hands spanking her and squeezing her ass. It made her insides hold tightly to Harry's cock. Every time Harry spanked her, her cunt would reply with a tight grip.

"So fucking good! This fucking cunt!" Harry moaned, grabbing Andromeda's hips, and slamming her down on his cock.


"Better, than your last husband?!" Harry grunted, spanking her hard.

"YES! HE IS NOTHING COMPARE TO YOU!" Andromeda wailed in joy.

Harry and Andromeda found a rhythm to work with. And keep going more and more. Harry was completely in love with Andromeda's movements. Her ass would wiggle at every thrust. His cock felt in paradise. And while he was staring at the beautiful view of Andromeda, already sweaty back, and gorgeous ass marked by his hand. His eyes couldn't stop looking at Nymphadora, who was completely naked now. And slowly crawling towards them with a lustful look in her eyes.

Harry smiled and decided to make things better. He wanted to fuck mother and daughter today. He brought Andromeda's back to her chest, making the milf squeal, as he grabbed both of her legs with his strong arms, and put them on each side of his legs, allowing for a full view of their fucking to dear Nymphadora who could only stare.

Andromeda couldn't do more but to rest her head on Harry's shoulder, and now that her legs were resting on Harry's strong thighs, she was now allowed to rest since it was Harry, the one doing all the work. He was slowly fucking her, moving his hips slowly, and enjoying her cunt. And Andromeda wanted him to enjoy it. She was keeping her cunt firm and tight, and it was not really hard to do, since Harry's cock was just enormous. It barely fit inside of her.

"Look down," Harry groaned, on her ears, while he was squeezing her large breast. Andromeda saw Nymphadora's face a few centimeters away from her pussy entrance. The sensation of incest was not lost to both of them and knew that if they broke the sacred rule. Well, things would be awkward tomorrow. Yet, just like many things, they did not care at all.

"Lick your mother's cunt, dear, lick the place you came out," Andromeda said, while Harry was slowly fucking her.

Nymphadora did not respond, but didn't need to. As she brought her lips to her mother's clits and licked without bothering about anything else. Andromeda's body started to spasm abruptly, as she could feel not only Harry's cock inside of her, but her own daughter eating her out. Harry, watching such a view, couldn't hold his own. Andromeda was cumming like never before, and he would do so too.

"Fuck, I am going to finish soon!" Harry yelled with fury and lust, increasing his abuse to Andromeda's poor cunt. And those breasts of her, he grabbed them firmly, and squeeze them hard.

Nymphadora then abruptly went directly to Harry's ball, and the Boy-Who-Lived felt how Nymphadora mouth to his balls in, and sucked them and lick them. The sperm was getting ready to burst, and Harry started to move his hips faster, and grabbed Andromeda's breast, and squeezed them strongly, like they were nothing but toys. As the poor woman was still in her own orgasm.



Andromeda could only reply, while Harry's cock erupted by the sheer pleasure of her cunt squeezing around him, and Nymphadora's tongue around his balls. Dora had the front row to Harry's cock pulsating inside of her mother. She could see his shaft pulsating, as the cum was traveling from the balls all the way to the unprotected womb of Andromeda. Harry and Andromeda's lips met once again, as they rejoiced in the pleasure of yearning. Harry pushed his cock to the entrance of Andromeda's womb, where the tip of his prick opened the door and lay his cum. Rope after rope filled her brim. Andromeda couldn't believe how much cum was going inside her. Harry's cum overwhelmed her uterus. She felt full, and for some reason, she felt something strange. A warm sensation of Harry's sperm traveling through her tubes, and she remembered. I am ovulating right now... today is the most fertile day for me! She moaned as magic was telling her about Harry's seed furiously seeking her fertile eggs. And Andromeda knew they found it. Harry's sperm was magically powerful, and without bothering to ask a question, his sperms swarmed Andromeda eggs. All of them trying to do their job, to inseminate her. And they did. Harry's cum inseminated both eggs. And Andromeda felt it and moaned because she loved the sensation of Harry getting pregnant with his child. Or twins. Who knows?

Perhaps it was the lustfulness of the act, but she was overjoyed.

Harry's cock went limp, and with a plop left Andromeda's well fucked and inseminated cunt. Falling directly to Nymphadora's face, who moaned at the smell of her mother's pussy and Harry's cum. She then took it to her mouth and make sure to clean it all up. And after a few more minutes, Andromeda seemed to wake up from her strong orgasm.

"Oh, my dear husband!" Andromeda moaned. "What if I get pregnant? Today was so dangerous."

Andromeda purred as Harry nuzzle her aside, yet he only stared at her smiling.

"I'll love to be a father. I always wanted a family. Don't worry, Andi. I will take care of you and any children you give me," Harry said with a serious voice, surprising, Andromeda rubbed her belly. Do you hear it? He will take care of you. Andromeda thought with joy.

"Now is your turn, Nymphadora," Harry smirked as he stood up, while Dora was looking at Harry and his already hard cock. She was on her back and was practically spreading her legs to him.

"Don't cum inside me, alright?" She muttered, as Andromeda only laugh.

"It seems we are both in our days. Who would have thought?" Andromeda whispered as she got an idea. A rather cruel and selfish one. But one she would do. Andromeda was afraid of losing her daughter in the war. So, if Nymphadora got pregnant, that would certainly put her away in the fight for the time being. I hope you forgive me. Andromeda thought with a bit of sadness.

"Mo-Mom? What are you doing?!"

Nymphadora wanted to move, but couldn't. Her mother crawled on top of her, bringing Dora's legs to her shoulders. And positioning her legs in such a way that only their cunts and assholes, and ass were visible to Harry, who could only stare at how Andromeda's cunt was dripping his cum all over Dora's pussy. "Mom! Please!" Dora whined, scared but horny as she could see her mother's gorgeous face close to her. Their nipples were touching each other, and their bodies were so tight to each other that they could feel each other heartbeat.

"Shh, my dear, just shhh. Let mommy take care of you," Andromeda then kissed her daughter, and Nymphadora couldn't do anything else but moan. Dora put her arms around her mother's neck and enjoyed their new incestuous relationship.

Harry, of course, was all down for it. He crawled behind them and licked his lips. The view was something to die for. Their ass was dancing together, and both their cunts were imitating what Dora's and Andi's mouths were doing. Harry put his hand on Andromeda's hips and pointed his cock to Nymphadora's pussy. And without giving any warning, he started to fuck Dora.

"Uhgh! He is so big, mommy!" Nymphadora yelled in pleasure.

"He is, right? So big and manly! A true man!" Andromeda moaned as both kept making out with each other.

"How is my daughter's tight pussy? Is it good?!" Andromeda asked, moaning, as she felt Harry spanking her ass hard.

"As tight as her mother's!"

Harry grunted as he kept on slamming his cock inside Nymphadora's cunt. He was already ready to burst.

"Fuck, this pussy is all yours, my dear! Cum inside her! Put a few Potter's babies inside her!" Andromeda yelled as Dora was only looking at her mother with alarm and longing in her eyes.

"Wait! Please don't cum inside me! Please~!" Nymphadora said, but the tone of her moaning, of her undisclosed desire, was not lost to them.

"Don't you want to be a mother?" Harry asked as he kept on slamming his cock inside Nymphadora's cunt. He wasn't sure why they were speaking like that, or why was Andi so focused on getting his daughter pregnant. He was following the motion. But he wouldn't lie if he was rather into the whole impregnation kink. He already dreamed of getting a few girls of Hogwarts pregnant. Like Lavender Brown, Romilda, and sweet Ginny. Fuck! I would love to see them big with my children! He moaned, increasing his speed and feeling Nymphadora's cunt gripping around his cock hard.

Would he think the same once he calms down? Possibly not, but now he wanted to enjoy the illusion of it.

"Oh, Dora, don't worry. I'll help you with the pregnancy. I will show you how to breastfeed, how to change diapers. I will show you how to be a good wife," Andromeda was purring in her daughter's ear, licking and biting her neck, leaving marks.

Nymphadora was what people would call cock drunk. She wasn't thinking straight at all. She just went on and hugged her mother for dear life while moaning.

"Okay, mommy, let's be pregnant together!" Nymphadora moaned, and it was Harry's cue to just cum, and he did, with everything he had.

"Here! Take it!" Rope after rope of potent cum filled Dora's womb, just like her mother. And he moaned loudly.

"Fuck...! Get pregnant! Both of you!" He moaned loudly, still slamming his cock inside Dora.

Harry moaned as his sperm traveled the same way it did with Andromeda, filling Dora's uterus and traveling through her tubes, assaulting Dora's fertile eggs. Harry fell forwards, unto Andromeda's back, and hugged her, feeling tired of a bit. He refused to pull his cock out of Nymphadora, as the cunt of the witch was still milking him. Andromeda had another powerful orgasm, as she felt so relieved of everything. After many years without sex. The three bodies were all sweaty and were all sore, but Harry could go on for a bit longer, and so was Andromeda.

"Let's continue in our room next..." Andromeda whispered, slowly stroking her daughter's hair.

"Yeah, let's do that."

Harry said, pulling his cock out of Nymphadora. And helping both witches to move to their room, where Harry would not waste time into fucking them all over again until tomorrow comes. And when it does. Well, he would keep ongoing.