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Chapter 1

Galadriel stood there, looking at the notes in her hand. The investments she made were already showing up green numbers. This was incredible news to her. Galadriel wasted no time in moving assets to certain companies which she knew would take a huge part in the years to come.

Galadriel could still not understand anything in this world. Was she in the past? Was she in another dimension of her world, where magic existed? Or it always existed, but she knew nothing about it? Thinking about the paradox of her new life brought a migraine to her.

Then she thought of her investment in the Wizarding World. Galadriel could honestly say that the Wizarding World did not understand how the economy works. Or perhaps they did, but what Galadriel meant with that. It was the clear monopoly of the wizard money by the Goblins and their bank system and their usage of gold and silver.

As someone who worked for years in the Risk Management Department of a big company in her old world. Galadriel had a blast taking advantage of this knowledge. Galadriel took the Goblins by the ear with her propositions. They wanted gold, and when Galadriel showed them a minuscule part of her fortune. The Goblins did everything in their power to make sure she was their new client.

They assured her better deals, more privileges, and much more. They thought they could fool her. But not her. Galadriel knew how banks work better than anyone. Galadriel made them realize she held all the cards. There was no reason for her to deposit her gold with was nothing in this world capable of infiltrating Nazarick. No better defense of the treasures laying there, than the Guardians and all the inhabitants of the tomb.

Galadriel smiled when she won the negotiations. The Goblins ended up respecting her business ability. Besides, they could feel the power emerging from her. After that, Galadriel did the same with her investment in the Muggle World. She also bought a few things here and there. Galadriel bought retro Super Nintendo and many other things she was now hiding in her room. The guardians did not need to know about it.

She also hated the fact she did not come sooner to this world to see Queen live. Galadriel would have loved to see Freddie Mercury live on stage. What a sad life this one was.

Now, the only thing she needed to do was to infiltrate the Wizarding Government. And not only the Ministry Of Magic of Great Britain. But the International Confederation of Wizards. She still was pondering about what to do exactly, but the only things she was certain about. Was to get more information and to protect Nazarick against any threat. She also wanted to know more about the magic of this world.

There were a few spells, with some interesting applications to be sure, but she could not find any danger or usefulness in them. The danger threat the magic of this world posses was very low to Nazarick. Still, Galadriel hoped she could learn something worthwhile while studying at Hogwarts.

"I need to learn more," Galadriel whispered.

"My lady?" Albedo asked while looking at her beloved one with a smile.

"Mm? Ah, nothing, just rambling. So, how are the defenses of Nazarick doing?" Galadriel asked.

"We are doing great, my lady. Thanks to the Forest surrounding us, we could camouflage the walls of Nazarick with no problem. Aura also reported the creatures she has found while exploring the Forbidden Forest. She made a list for us, although. There was an incident of an enormous spider nearby… She requested the help of Entoma," Albedo said while trying to no shiver at the thought of an insect.

"Is the spider a threat?" Galadriel asked.

"Oh, not at all my lady. Aura just… wanted to avoid touching it," Albedo said.

"Ah… Well, I understand. Mm, then send Entoma and tell her to no eat them. We may found something useful we could do with them," Albedo smiled and nodded at her lady.

"What about Demiurge reports? He said something about… Troll skin? And about the Dementors heart?" Galadriel said while reading the reports with a confused face. She wondered what was Demiurge doing with those things.

"For what I could understand, he is trying to recreate our scrolls with their skin. Then there is the whole wand business and how he wants to create a powerful wand, decent enough for us. I don't believe wands are useful for us, I think Demiurge is wasting time and resources," Albedo said with an honest voice.

"I see what you would say that. Back in Yggdrasil, wands were of many uses. Some of them could use one spell only, and there were others in which you needed to be a specific class to use them. But here, it seems they serve as a channel in which the Wizard or Witch uses to cast a spell. That's different from Yggdrasil and is something we should investigate," Galadriel said.

"For example, look at my wand," Galadriel wand was a beautiful masterpiece. The dark color and the blue crystal at the tip of the wand could make anyone turn their heads at this object.

"This is an arcane wand. With this, I can use some of my arcane abilities without a problem. It offers me a small buff to my spells, but that's pretty much it. It can't do more than that. And it only works with the first three tiers of my Arcane tree," Galadriel said.

"It may be useless for a level 100 to use this wand, but in this world. This wand could be something far more powerful, especially since we don't know if the humans here could use tier magic. So, I understand what Demiurge wants to do," Galadriel said with a smile.

"As expected from my lady!" Albedo said with glee.

"Now, it's time for me to go back to school," Galadriel said, changing her figure and form to one of a 15-year-old girl. The Hogwarts uniform and everything looked perfect on her, and Albedo couldn't help herself and blush.

"My lady, you're the most beautiful person I have ever seen!" Albedo gushed with joy.

Galadriel let a small nervous smile. She wanted to leave slowly since she knows how crazy the succubus lover could be. Since Galadriel accepted Albedo on her bed. She could feel the stares of hunger from the succubus almost every day. Especially since the day she first uses this figure. Galadriel needed some rest from Albedo's insatiable tool. But then again, Galadriel could use her own tool as well. Something she has done multiple times with not only Albedo but some other beautiful women in Nazarick.

"Well, thank you, my dear. But for now, keep on the excellent work, and notify me about anything," Galadriel said.

"I will do it, my love!" Albedo said with an enormous smile.

Galadriel was about to leave, but then she felt an Albedo hand on her shoulder. She turned around and saw the succubus with her eyes close waiting for her lady goodbye kiss. Galadriel sighed, but couldn't help herself and smirk. She grabbed Albedo by the waist and gave the succubus just what she wanted. A lovely kiss, a splendid sign of love. Albedo squeal in joy as she could feel her lady soft lips on her. Galadriel gave the succubus a grope and spanked Albedo's gorgeous ass, and with a cheeky grin, she promises to wait for her.

Galadriel left, leaving behind a very steamy and horny succubus. But Galadriel was glad to leave in one piece. The last time she tried doing something like that, it didn't end well for her.

The white-haired girl arrived at the entrances of the Great Hall. It was still fairly early for someone to be here, but not for her. Galadriel did not sleep in the rooms of Slytherin, like the rest of the other girls. Galadriel cast a spell on them to make them sleep deeply. Then she went back to Nazarick.

Galadriel was one of those people who couldn't sleep with clothes on. She needed to be naked. It was nothing sexual, she just couldn't sleep with clothes on. Galadriel needed also to sleep hugging something, a big pillow, or a soft and warm woman to her side. Sometimes, she would just drag Albedo to her bed just so she could cuddle with her before going to sleep. It became a routine of sorts. No sex at all. Just cuddles. It thrilled the succubus of course to do this for her lady, Albedo love watching her lady sleep. Creepy? Perhaps.

For Galadriel, sleeping hours were sacred. Unless there was an emergency, everyone in Nazarick knew to not bother her. As someone who spent a big part of her life only having 4 hours of sleep every day thanks to her work. Sometimes even less. Galadriel enjoyed the privilege of sleeping.

There were few people in the Great Hall at these hours. Some students here and there, but only that. Galadriel then felt someone behind her. Someone was clearly blind, as she could hear the mutters of someone who felt to the ground. Galadriel turned around and saw a bushy-haired girl hissing about a good morning start.

"Are you alright?" Galadriel asked, offering her hand.

"Ah… Oh, don't worry, I am alright," the bushy girl stammered with a faint blush.

"Sorry, I was not looking at all. Reading and all that, you know? I was really focusing on the book Ancient Runes Made Easy. I wanted to get ahead and see what could we expect this year. Can you believe we are going to have Arithmancy next to Potions? And not only that but two days straight of Astronomy. But the good thing is that we are going to learn more advanced charms and transfigurations. I am really excited about this year. Oh, sorry I am rambling, sorry for talking so much, I hope I am not bothering you," the bushy girl said.

"Oh, sorry, my name is Hermione Granger. Gryffindor fifth year," Hermione said with a fast voice. Internally, she felt embarrassed about acting like this. It was the first year all over again. She was thankful that Ron neither Harry were here to witness this. Galadriel however stood there stunned.

Galadriel has never heard someone speak this fast before. So, she was a bit amused by it.

"Not need to apologize to me. It was my fault too. I was just… Staring at the Great Hall, that's all. My name is Galadriel Nazarick, a pleasure to meet you," Galadriel said with a smile.

"The pleasure is all mine. Ah, if I could ask you about your name… Eh, Galadriel is from Lord of The Rings, right?" Hermione asked with a shy voice.

"Yes. My… Father and Mother are huge Tolkien fans. As I am," Galadriel said with a smile.

"Really? You like Muggle literature?" Hermione asked with a surprised voice. How could she not? Many wizards of witches did not care to learn anything from the Muggle world. Only some Half-bloods or Muggleborns knew anything outside the Wizarding World. Like movies, music, or other forms of entertainment.

"Of course. The Lord of the Rings trilogy is among my favorite books of all time. Next to Wheel of Time and Dune," Galadriel said with excitement. It was weird to speak of her hobbies to someone else. Talking to the guardians of anyone of Nazarick differed from talking to a normal person outside the walls of the tomb. It was more normal.

"Honestly, you do? Are you excited about the upcoming book A Crown of Swords?!" Hermione asked with passion.

"Of course! In fact, I am going to America next summer to me Robert Jordan in New York in a meet and greet! I want him to sign my copies of Conan The Barbarian! I have all the books!" Galadriel said. Among the guild members of Ainz Ooal Gown, only a few were as passionate as her about novels, comics, and action figures. Many people in the guild didn't know, but Peroroncino was a huge nerd like Galadriel.

Yes, he was a pervert. But he was more than that. Peroroncino was smarter than people realize. Not even his sister knew how smart Peroroncino was. He was a low-key genius. Fast with numbers and very mature when he wanted to be. Punitto Moe was the only person besides Galadriel who knew how smart the bird guy was. It was one of the reasons Peroroncino and Galadriel became so close friends. They just click. Bukubukuchagama tried multiple times to get them together. Something about them being a weird but cute couple. But honestly, they were just good friends. Neither Peroroncino and Galadriel felt any romantic feelings for each other. They were just best friends.

Thinking about it brought a smile to Galadriel. So without noticing. Hermione and she sat down and talked about books and many other things. It was refreshing to talk about mundane things once in a while.

"So, your family lived in Japan for decades?" Hermione asked with shining eyes. She has never felt so at peace talking with someone. Especially another girl. It was weird, but Hermione like it.

"Yes, we move from one country to another for centuries. My family settled in Japan 50 years ago. My mother graduated from Mahoutokoro, as my older siblings. Then we returned here. It has been a very long time since our family has been in Great Britain. Everything is so different, or that's what my father told me," Galadriel said, reciting the fictitious biography of her family. Still, she needed to be careful to not mess up the history.

Demiurge and Pandora's Actor both created a solid backstory of the Nazarick Family. To make things more believable so, in case of anyone trying to dig out any information about them. They could find traces of the Nazarick family around the earth in different periods of the world. This would create a nice myth around them without a doubt. People would try to get to know them more. Making things easier for them to exploit.

They were already infiltrating the Department of Mysteries and leaving fake books around the place.

Hopefully, someone would stumble upon them soon enough. Galadriel, however, did not know. The level of fantasy Pandora's Actor and Demiurge wrote on those books. Both of them had a mission, and it was to make the Nazarick Family, the greatest legend of all time. Perhaps they took their job too seriously. Too much, perhaps.

Hermione nodded, taking all the information in. There was something enigmatic about the Nazarick Family. She couldn't point her finger on what it was. Hermione would search more about them, and the only place she could think right now was the Hogwarts library.

"You have more siblings?" Asked Hermione with a surprised voice.

"Oh, yes, I do. I have two older sisters," Galadriel said nonchalantly.

Before Hermione could ask more burning questions. The loud yawn of a red-head made her groan.

"Good morning, Ronald," Hermione said.

"Hey, what class do we have in the morning?" Ron asked as he sat down. He didn't even notice the white-haired girl sitting on the Gryffindor table. Not like the rest of the students, of course.

Galadriel and Hermione were too focused on their conversation. That both did not notice how the rest of the school saw them. A Slytherin sitting with a Gryffindor? A Muggleborn of all people? The scandal. On the staff table, Minerva McGonagall was pleased to see students from unfamiliar house talking to each other. Especially since one was a Slytherin and another one a Gryffindor. This was the start of a good year.

Severus Snape could see the eyes of the snakes. They did not like it one bit. Snape sighed, knowing he would have to talk to the girl in private again. There has to be a way for her to understand how dangerous this could be for her. Snape knew that the only reason they were tolerating this shameful display from one of their own. Was because the white-haired girl knew nothing of the history between the rest of the houses.

Snape saw the hissing of the snakes. Especially from the top snakes. They would make their move on her soon enough. Snapes would have to monitor them.

Snape ignored the glittering smile with those twinkling eyes from Dumbledore as he stared at the scene before him. No one could know the thoughts running through his mind. For now, at least.

"You would know it if you read the timetables," Hermione said.

"I don't have mine," Ron replied with a shrug. Taking a bit bite of beacon and eggs. Then he noticed the person before him.

"W-what are you doing here, snake?!" He hissed, with a piece of bacon falling from his mouth. Galadriel stared at him in disgust.

"Ronald, that's no polite! She is talking with me if you haven't noticed," Hermione said with irritation in her voice.

"Well, she does not belong here! Go back to with you fellow Death Eaters!" Ron yelled in anger.

"Death Eaters?" Galadriel asked out loud.

Galadriel could remember something about Death Eaters. But as of now, the name eludes her. She would have to speak with Albedo about it.

"That's enough, Ron, you are being a complete arse!" Hermione replied in anger. The embarrassment she felt at this moment was immense. For the first time in a while, she was happily talking to someone about a topic she enjoyed. And now Ron was crushing a potential friendship.

"She is a Slytherin, Hermione! You don't know what is she planning on doing to you!" Ron hissed.

"And why are you talking with the enemy? Since when you fraternize with Slytherin?" Ron asked with a furious voice.

Galadriel had enough of hearing this.

"That Slytherin, you are speaking of, is standing right here. And besides, you don't own her. She can speak to whom she ever wants," Galadriel said with an icy voice.

"You are a Slytherin! The entire house is full of Death Eaters and Dark wizards," Ron replied with certainty in his voice.

"And what does that supposed to mean?" Galadriel asked with an incredulous tone.

"You're evil! You want to take Hermione away to torture her and kill her!" Galadriel stared at him with a quizzical face.

"This kid… Is he serious? Is he that stupid?" Galadriel thought.

"Ron, stop it!" Hermione yelled.

By this time, everyone in the Great Hall was hearing the conversation.

"Are you defending her now? What were you talking about? You were trying her to do some dark magic, didn't you not?!" Galadriel was seconds away from grabbing the red-haired boy's head and smashed to the ground. Thankfully, for Ronald, the sneered voice of professor Snape stops any thought of doing that.

"Well, well, Mister Weasley. First day of the year, and already causing troubles, aren't we? It's my privilege to take the first points of the year… 10 points from Gryffindor. A good start for the rest of the house, won't you say?" Snape said with a sneer.

"You can't do that?!" Ron wisely said.

"Mr. Weasley, please restrain yourself, before I give the first detention of the year," McGonagall said.

Ron knew he did something wrong. His temper got the best of him, but he was too proud and arrogant to accept his mistakes. He could feel the stares of everyone, not a good start. Hermione was furious with him, and it was something he would have to deal with for a while. He groaned and kept his mouth shut.

"Miss Nazarick, please go back to the Slytherin table," Snape said.

"Understood. I will speak with you later, Hermione," Galadriel said without caring too much about what other people would say. She enjoyed her time with the bushy-haired girl. Besides, no one could tell her what to do.

Galadriel sat down next to the blonde girl she meets the day before. Daphne was glaring daggers at her. As so was the rest of the Slytherin snakes.

"What were you thinking?" Daphne asked in a hissing tone.

"I beg your pardon?" Galadriel replied.

"What were you doing sitting at the Gryffindor table? Don't you understand what have you done? You are in deep problems!" Daphne muttered.

"Really now? So please tell me, my cute blonde girl. Who would dare to raise a finger against me?" Galadriel asked with a smirk of her own. Daphne sighed.

"You will find out soon enough. I won't protect you, but I will give you a warning first. Don't go around alone," Daphne said.

Galadriel smiled at the blonde girl. Then she noticed a few students of the upper years looking at her intensely. With one look, she could see the ones that were in control and the other ones who just follow orders. She smiled at them, waving innocently.

"This is going to be fun."