Hello, now, this is the last update I'll make here.

After some consideration and reading some of your messages here and on PMs, I decided to do what I did before and do a sort of "What if" series, like the ones I did with Game of Thrones and Overlord, crossover. I bet some of you remember.

I believe that this approach will enable me to experiment with various storylines and observe how they develop. Additionally, once a particular storyline is selected, I will have ample time to tweak and refine any aspects that seem off.

I have a bias towards two specific stories. Still, I believe creating one-shots will provide an opportunity for those who may be disappointed that their favourite story wasn't chosen to still enjoy a longer one-shot.

So, please check the one-shots update soon!

It's going to be called "Harry Potter x Overlord what if stories."

Also, I wanted to answer something; someone asked me why I don't do a crossover of other shows and animes. Naruto and Bleach fandoms are incredibly toxic and annoying to deal with, so I want to stay away from them. So yeah, even though I always wanted to write one about Bleach or Naruto.

Everyone could write a better story than Boruto, even if it is fan fiction. Yeah, I said it, and I stand by it.

Also, I already have a crossover with My Hero Academy and One Piece.

So, yeah, that's it! Thank you to those who enjoy this story, and sorry that it's over. I'll make sure to compensate you by writing something so much better!

See you in a few days!