The first one-shot is posted. This is just to update all who wish to be alerted from here. After this, this fanfic is over. It was fun, but this is how it ends.

Now, maybe one of the one-shots is a better version of this fanfic since, truly, at first, I wanted to start in the fourth year, not in the fifth.

Also, if I do a complete make-over of this work, I would like to add and change some things that I think can make the story better and also less smut. It was not my intention to add so many smut randomly, at least. I like writing smut is fun, and get views. But it had to be... less, I don't force? In anycase, that's how I feel.

So, yeah. Maybe, to those who liked this work, would you read it again if it was a remake? What would you like to see or change? Maybe some plot points? Maybe Galadriel's relationship with Harry? Who knows? That's what I am currently writing in the one-shots. So please feel free.

In anycase, if you do, please write there and see you all soon!