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Chapter 2

Galadriel sat down, ignoring the surrounding noises coming from the rest of the students. The males of the classroom were fighting to have the privilege to sit next to her and to know more about the beautiful white-haired girl. They, of course, knew nothing of the danger they were exposing themselves to. But what would they know about such a thing? Hormones at that age were crazy. And many of them could only think about one thing. A thing they were going to dream of every night from now on. Galadriel was going to be in everyone dreams.

Well, the girls were thinking something along the same lines. Attractiveness could cross boundaries and many of those young girls. Could not deny how attracted they felt towards the white-haired girl. A bizarre feeling without a doubt. But it was honestly the truth.

Galadriel Nazarick was with no doubt. The most gorgeous woman they have ever witness. So alluring, that she could make any girl question their sexual orientation. But her elegance was the same reason why none of them approached her. It was intimidating. They felt small just standing next to her.

Galadriel, like always, was deep in thought. Thinking of the name of the class, Defence Against The Dark Arts. A lovely name and she was excited to see what could she learn from the Wizarding World Magic. Even if the magic proves to be ineffective to Nazarick. Information was key to Galadriel. She needed to know everything.

Like she always does, Galadriel would leave nothing slip through her fingers. No matter what, she will prepare for any type of scenario.

The white-haired girl was not aware of a certain blonde boy breathing deeply. Trying to get hold of his composure and to act as his father told him to. Draco Malfoy would show her who he was, and why she needed him.

So holding his chin high, he walked directly to her. Taking advantage of the empty place next to the white-haired girl would be his first step to lure the pretty girl to his side. Draco Malfoy was, after all, a handsome young man. She would surely see that.

Then, as he was preparing himself to sit next to her. To speak about his glorious family. Another girl sat next to her. Daphne Greengrass only sneered at him. The girl with blonde hair and deep blue eyes had this look on her face. Telling him to piss off to somewhere else.

"Greengrass, I believe you sat on my spot," Draco said with a patronizing voice.

Daphne only scoffed at the snobbish voice. She was sure of what the ferret boy was trying to do. Daphne could see in the face of everyone. They wanted her more than anything.

"Is it? Well, now is mine. Sit somewhere else, Malfoy," Daphne said with an icy voice.

Daphne glared at him the same way Draco was doing to her.

"Who do you think you are speaking to?" Draco hissed in fury. Daphne only shrugged it off, like always. She knew he was not a threat to her. Daphne looked behind her and saw Tracy smirking widely. The blond girl had her back protected by her only loyal friend. So she was safe.

Daphne noticed that Pansy was next to Tracy too. And that was peculiar. Since the last night, Pansy has been quiet. So much, that Daphne was actually worried for the petite girl. Still, Daphne would keep an eye on her.

"Please enlightenment me, Malfoy. To whom I have the pleasure to speak to?" Daphne jeered with a tone of voice Snape would approve.

"It's the ferret boy? The deaf snake of Slytherin? Or daddy's little boy? Mm?" Daphne said with a boring tone.

Draco saw red, but he knew that making a spectacle of himself in front of the white-haired girl. Would be a terrible move on his part. So he allowed Daphne today's victory. But he would get his due sooner than later.

"You are going to pay for this," Draco hissed.

"Yes, of course. Galleons or sickles? Or perhaps Knuts? Tell me your prize, Malfoy. I am sure it's not too much," Tracy snorted, holding back her laughter. Galadriel came down from her dreaming land. To hear the exchange of words between the two blonde kids. And she was enjoying the show.

"Nothing smart to say, Malfoy? Good. Now, please retreat to the back, I believe there is a chair for you there. Or you can stay there, I don't particularly care," Galadriel smiled at the young, sassy girl. The way Daphne held herself above others, delighted Galadriel. With all honesty, Galadriel wishes she could have been like that, back in her high school days.

Galadriel saw the red face of Draco who stomped away. While muttering something. Daphne only huffed while moving her hair to the side.

"Well, I did not expect to see something like that," Galadriel said with a smirk.

"Things like what?" Daphne asked while avoiding looking at her.

"Why bother to come to my rescue? You clearly didn't seem to enjoy my company after this morning incident. I thought you would keep your distances and avoid me," Galadriel said.

Daphne was having a hard time trying to ignore the gorgeous girl next to her. The Ice Queen of Slytherin was not someone who hides away her sexual orientation. Everyone knew she swings the other way. It was not a secret and in the Wizarding World. It was not a big deal. And although she was an heiress of an old and influential Pureblood family. As long as she did her duty to the family. They won't care if Daphne has her female lover on the side.

It was something Daphne came to terms with. That she would marry a pretentious git and have a baby or two. Something she was already dreading to think about. The act of having intercourse with a male disgusted her to no end. Daphne would drink herself to a comatose state so she would not remember the act itself. Perhaps even using the Obliviate spell to remove any trace of that memory.

Thankfully, Daphne's parents were still trying to allow Daphne more freedom. The same with Astoria. But with the whispers of the Dark Lord Voldemort lurking in the shadows again. It could destroy everything her parents have work so hard for. If the worst-case scenario come to pass. Daphne would have to marry an old man in order to secure her family's safety. She hated it to think of something like that, but better be her than her younger sister Astoria.

Daphne would survive. She could play the game and men. But Astoria, her younger sister, was too innocent still. They could take advantage of her easily. And Daphne would never allow that. Besides, there was a curse. Something Daphne needs to research immediately. Daphne needed to save her sister, no matter the cost.

"It's nothing like that, we need to be together outside of the common room, house rules," Daphne replied.

"Well, you said that I was in deep troubles, or something along the lines," Galadriel said.

"You are in deep problems. I just want to save you from Malfoy, that's all," Daphne replied, trying to look at anywhere but Galadriel's face. Those kissable red lips, the exotic golden eyes. The perfect legs, and those thighs Daphne would give anything to feel. Galadriel could feel the stares coming from the Daphne and only smiled.

The Demon Empress smiled at the cute blonde girl. Galadriel knew exactly what was she doing. So, she teased her a bit. Galadriel leaned forwards, showing off her enormous perfect chest.

"You have beautiful blue eyes, Daphne. They are really… Pretty," Galadriel said with a husky tone. The demon side of Galadriel love to play around people head. To lure them to her. Galadriel was still not sure what she was going to do with them so far. But she loved messing around with them.

"I… Thank you," Daphne only replied, looking at the window.

"So easy to read. So easy," Galadriel thought with a smile.

Then, out of nowhere, the burning smell of the flying bird made of paper came down. Followed by the most annoying voice, Galadriel has ever heard in her life.

"Good morning, children," Umbridge, the pink lady said.

For a moment, Umbridge stared at Galadriel. It was an intense look of jealousy, scorn, and arrogance. Umbridge let a giggle as she sauntered around the classroom. Poting her wand to the blackboard, and she started her class.

"Ordinary, Wizarding, Level Examination. Or more commonly know, as O.W.L. Study hard, and we will reward you. Fail to do so, and the consequences maybe severe," said Umbridge with a small giggle, again.

"Uwah, she reminds me of my High School literature teacher. Both of them even look like toads," Galadriel thought with a dark grin on her face.

With another flick of her wand, the books floated to the desk of every student there. Galadriel with natural curiosity. Took her book and read it. The amusement did not end there.

"Dark Arts Defence Basic For Beginners. Wow, it's practically, How to do Magic for Dummies. And what is this… The Ministry of Magic will make sure for the students to learn magic securely. In which they will not be exposed to the danger of Magic. What?" the reasoning behind the ministry decision baffled Galadriel. She could smell lies from miles away. From what she could read, there was nothing about how to use magic. But more about why can't they use magic. About how things work, but not showing them why it works.

"Pure theory… The explanation is ambiguous too," Galadriel whispered.

"It's necessary we learn the basics first. From what I know, your previous instructions on this subject have been disturbingly uneven. But it will please you to know from now on, you will follow a carefully structured ministry approved course of defensive of magic," Umbridge said with a sweet smile.

Galadriel was not the only one who could read at an intense rate. Hermione raises her hand like she always does and trying to sound polite. She sighed.

"Professor, there is nothing in here about using defensive spells? What about the use of wand movements? Or counter-curses?" Hermione asked as the rest of the students could only hear.

"Defensive spells? Why would you need to learn something like that?" Umbridge replied with a sick, giggling voice.

"Ah, professor we will not use magic? Nothing at all?" The red-haired Gryffindor asked.

"My dear boy, there is no need for you to learn any like that. You will learn about defensive spells in a secure, risk-free way," the pink lady replied with a sweet, condescending tone.

"There is something going on here. There is more… And that lady is annoying me with her high pitch voice," Galadriel thought.

"But professor, what use is that if we're going to be attacked, it won't be risk free," Harry said, and Galadriel agreed with his opinion.

"Students will raise their hand in my classroom," Umbridge replied with a nasty tone.

"It is the view of the ministry, that a theoretical knowledge would be sufficient to get you trough your examinations. Which, after all, is what school is all about," Umbridge said.

"And how are theories supposed to prepare us for what is out there," Harry interrupted.

"There is nothing out there, dear! Who do you imagine wants to attack children like yourself?" Umbridge replied with a forced and fake smile.

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe Lord Voldemort?" Harry said and everyone gasped.

"What an idiot," Daphne hissed next to Galadriel.

"Lord Voldemort? I think Demiurge told me about him… Mm, I need to learn more about this Dark Lord. Especially if he is as powerful as people claim he is," Galadriel thought.

Galadriel as strange, it may sound. Was hoping to find someone powerful, because if she finds that Dark Lord and measures his power with her own. Then, she could take more precautions if he was truly the most powerful Dark Wizard in history. That was the idea to be prepared.

"Let me make this quite plain. You have been told that a certain dark wizard is at large once again. This is a lie," those words brought anger to Harry, who snapped back at the pink lady. Galadriel could see the anger in his eyes, but even she could see that there something going on around the Wizarding World. Could it be they honestly don't see it, or they are just stupid? That was what Galadriel asked herself.

"It's not a lie! I saw him and fought him!" Harry exclaimed.

"Detention, mr. Potter!" The pink lady replied in anger.

"So according to you, Cedric Diggory just dropped dead of his own accord?!" Harry yelled.

"Cedric Diggory death was a tragic accident," Hearing Umbridge said that brought more anger to Harry, who had enough it and yelled more time .

"It was murder, Voldemort killed him! You must know that!" Umbridge's face was red and clutching her wand, she yelled at the Boy-Who-Lived.

"Enough! See me later mr. Potter, my office…" Umbridge said.

Harry held his tongue, he saw the face of Hermione telling him to relax. Galadriel then had an idea, something she could use not to only learn more about this particular dark wizard. But also annoy the pink toad.

"Professor, can I ask something?" Galadriel said with an innocent voice.

Umbridge had this smile on her face. A fake one, but she held it.

"Miss Nazarick, what can I do for you?" Umbridge asked with a high-pitched voice.

"Who is Voldemort?" Galadriel asked innocently.

Everyone gasped at the question. Daphne had an alarmed face but then, by just a fraction, she saw a smirk on Galadriel's face. And because she was so close to her, she could see the golden eyes full of mischief. Daphne realized what was she trying to do.

"My dear girl, that's not a question I need to answer," Umbridge said with a stiff voice.

"But you have to answer, madam undersecretary. Won't you remember what the ministry of magic said to you? You need to answer my question. It's for my safety, and you know my safety is important," Galadriel said with a smiling face. The look of the pink lady was hysterical.

Umbridge had a sour look, and the confusion on everyone's face was another thing Galadriel was enjoying seeing. There was a reason why Umbridge had to respect her. And it was because of Cornelius Oswald Fudge the ministry of magic. When Galadriel meet him, he was everything she hated from politicians. Vile, corrupted, greedy, and a fool.

The moment she saw him, Galadriel knew he would be easy to control. Without even using magic, that was the type of people he was. Expendable and unworthy to even use magic on him. They show him a bit of gold and he jumped right into their pockets. Such a pathetic view of a human being. He would serve for a while, and when Galadriel had no use of him. She would kill him.

The fewer pigs in the world, the better.

Then, there was the pink dressed lady. Umbridge the toad. The ministry told her to make the girl comfortable. To make her happy while at Hogwarts. Meaning that Umbridge had to bend the knee to Galadriel. Something Umbridge does not like. But she knew that the Nazarick Family could very well be the richest in the Wizarding World. And if what Fudge told her was true. The Nazarick family had a powerful secret they could benefit from.

Or so both Umbridge and Fudge thought.

"Well, my dear… The… Dark Wizard was… You-know-who-"

"I don't know who," Galadriel interrupted.

"Well, He-who-must-not-be-named-"

"Who?" Galadriel interrupted Umbridge again, who seemed irritated by the position she was in.

"My dear, if you allow me to explain you. We can't say his name… It's a taboo. But as I was saying, the Dark Lord was a terrible person, a very bad person," the toad said with a slow voice. A type of voice someone would use to explain things to a child.

"Obviously, it's a dark lord isn't? But who he is? What does he want? He must have a goal, right? Or he just killing people because he can? If so, what difference between a common killer and him? And if he has indeed returned, why is the ministry allowing such a thing to go on without a proper investigation?" Galadriel asked, faking a worried voice.

"I am just asking professor… It's your duty to answer my questions. Or should I send a letter to Mister Fudge? I don't think he would be pleased with this," Galadriel was showing everyone how deep in the ministry her influence was. Well, her family influence. Surely, many of the pureblood students would spread the word out about her being on a name basis with the Ministry of Magic.

The face of Umbridge was clear evidence of how much she hated the little girl. Still, the toad lady held her head high and with a condescending look on her face. She approached the white-haired girl. Umbridge wanted to intimidate her, to show her who was in control. Of course, it didn't work. Galadriel only stared at her, with no actual emotion on her face.

"Uwah, what's with that smell?! It's so sweet! What kind of perfume she uses? It's too much for my nose!" Galadriel thought.

"Dear girl, the ministry will alway seek the protection of the citizen. But we must face the facts. The return of the dark lord… It's nothing more than just a fabricated lie. A lie made of people who wanted to push their own agenda on the ministry," Umbridge said with a smile.

"It's not a lie!" Harry yelled.

"Mr Potter, I will not repeat myself anymore. That would be 10 points from Gryffindor," Umbridge replied.

The Gryffindor groaned at the loss of more points.

"Now, I will answer your questions later, miss Nazarick, but not during the class. So, please let's continue with the class," Umbridge said as she continued the introduction of the class.

"What are you doing?" Daphne hissed at the white-haired girl.

"I don't know what are you talking about, my dear," Galadriel replied.

"Don't make fun of my intelligence. I saw what you were trying to do there," Galadriel only did not reply, only smiled at her.

"You are digging yourself deeper," Daphne muttered.

"Not at all, my dear," Galadriel said.

"You said that now, but wait until they come to you. I won't be there to help you," Galadriel rolled her eyes at that comment.

Although there was magic in the world. Hogwarts was still at school. And Galadriel was not about to be intimidated by a group of hormonal students with a superiority complex. It was something hilarious to think of, with all honesty. But she would have her fun today. Besides, they could prove useful in the long run.

"Let's see what they try to do." Galadriel thought with a smile.

The day went surprisingly well for Galadriel. The classes were not that bad, in fact, she found most of them interesting. The study of Ancient Runes and Arithmancy were by far the most fascinating one from the bunch. From what she could see, those two classes were practically the interpretation of numbers and the correlation they have on magic. It reminded her of Physics a bit.

Galadriel was good with numbers. She always has been. So she would love those two classes.

Then there was Herbology and Potions. Those two were going to be important to learn about. Galadriel would bring as many books of those topics back to Nazarick. They would have to analyze the plants of the Wizarding World to experiment with them. Perhaps there could be something useful in them. Galadriel also wanted to contact a potion master and see what could he do with the ingredients of Nazarick. She needed to test if they could recreate the potions from Yggdrasil. Or maybe she could learn that herself.

Maybe she could gain a new ability of sorts. Galadriel could only theorize for now how does magic works in the world. There were a lot of things Galadriel needed to prepare.

After dinner, she went back to the Slytherin common rooms, and she noticed how Daphne and the rest of the girls. Tracey, Pansy, and the chubby girl whose name Galadriel could not remember. Avoided her like a plague, and it was when she entered the common room that she saw an enormous group of students standing in the middle chamber.

They had an arrogant sneer on their faces. And in the middle of the group of students. A tall girl with long curdle hair, and a couple of dark eyes glared at Galadriel with anger and jealousy.

"Galadriel Nazarick, please come here," the girl said with an authoritative tone.

Galadriel only stared at her, bewildered by the voice of the girl. She was trying too hard. In fact, that girl reminded Galadriel of one of her bullies back in High school. Back then, Galadriel was numb to any type of harassment. Her father set up high standards.

So watching how a random girl tried to do the same to her now, was something ridiculous. Galadriel saw the expressions of fear and worry from Daphne and Tracey. Honestly, those two are good girls. Galadriel thought happily.

"I said… Come here," the girl said again.

"And who are you to command me what to do?" Galadriel asked with an amused voice.

"My name is, Minette Rosier. Heiress of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Rosier," Minette said with an arrogant tone.

"That still does not answer my question. Who are you to command me what to do?" Galadriel said.

"Insolent girl. I was trying to be nice and proper. To show you how to behave, to respect your elders. I was even going to allow you to be my servant," Minette said.

Minette was not a fool. She could see how important the white-haired girl's family was. So, like a good Slytherin, she wanted to take advantage of her. In any way, she could. Besides, Minette thought about getting her brother to marry the girl. Minette would use the power of the Slytherin council to force her to do anything she wanted.

Minette didn't become the ruler of Slytherin with her good looks only. She was smart and powerful. Minette was the best duelist in the house. And she controlled the house in the shadows. Fools like Malfoy would never rule properly.

Looking at the girl before her. Minette would bring the white-haired girl to her knees and show everyone in the house. Who she was.

Sadly for Minette, the thing would not go according to her plans.

"Slytherin is a house of traditions. We are the best wizards and witches of Wizarding World. We are purebloods and because of that. We are better than anyone else," Minette said, and many around her nodded.

"In this house, only the most powerful rule. Our families' names are ancient and have a long history. But your family is an unknown to us. Perhaps you are richer than us, but money is not everything. Power, magic and blood is everything. And Nazarick? I doubt it has what it takes to be one of us," Minette said.

"So I will say this only one more time. Kneel before me, swear your loyalty to me. And I will make your punishment less painful," Minette showed her power to everyone. Like any witch or wizard, one could let the magic flow through their body. Depending on that person's magic core, the people could feel and sometimes even see the magic.

Minette was one of few students capable of creating an image of her own magic. So people could see her power. Like a thin blue light around her. Minette had a big smirk on her face. She saw around and the rest of the Slytherin house was in awe. But when she glared at the white-haired girl, Minette only saw a stone-cold face. Showing nothing but boresome.

"I am still waiting for you to do something… To answer me," Galadriel said.

Minette's anger increased. How dare she look down on me? A Rosier?! She thought in anger.

"I warned you!" Minette hissed.

"Expulso!" Minette wanted to hurt the girl, but not seriously. Only to make her understand the differences between them. That was her plan. But then, nothing happened. Everyone was confused about what just transpired. The jinx dissolved mid-air, like nothing. For a moment Minette was confused. Did she miss it? Or did she say the words incorrectly?

"Expulso!" Minette said again, and for the second time. Nothing happened.

"What…" Minette whispered completely dumbfounded.

"That's it? All this talk about purebloods and power, to just do that?" Galadriel asked mockingly.

"What did you do?!" Minette yelled.

"Nothing, I have done nothing. For I don' have any need to do so," Galadriel said, now strolling to Minette who felt shivers.

"You haven't answer me yet. I asked you a simple question, and when I ask a question, I expect an answer," Galadriel said and decided to show off. She took one of her rings off. The result of such action was catastrophic. For the young witches and wizards in the chamber. It was like the surrounding air vanished. There was nothing but a dark pressure pushing them down.

Galadriel was not even showing up. She just took off one ring that gave false information. To hide her MP and more attributes. But here, it was like a dam broke off and her immense power came crushing down to all of them. And it was not only her power but the surrounding aura. The deep dark and violent essence that brought fear to every one of them. Minette like the rest was on her knees.

Galadriel had a lot on her plate to deal with petite students. But she would not throw away the opportunity to assert control over the house. They could prove useful.

"Minette right? I will ask you one more time… Who are you to tell me what to do?" Galadriel asked as she practically steps on Minette's head.

"I… I can't…. Breath," Minette sobbed as a sudden feeling of dread attacked her. Like something was taking her to a black hole. Then, it hit her. The horrible vision of death, despair, and hell. Galadriel was using [Hell Vision I] Just to make her suffer. Galadriel was, after all, a demon. And she rejoiced to see the poor girl gasp and cry.

"I say… Who are you?" Galadriel asked one more time.

"NO ONE! PLEASE STOP IT! PLEASE!" Minette yelled.

"I can't hear you clearly. Speak louder," Galadriel said as she crushed the girl's head more.

"NO ONE! SORRY PLEASE! I DON'T WANT TO DIE! PLEASE!" Minette screamed as the vision got nastier and vicious.

"Good girl," Galadriel said with a smile.

"You are now release of your position, understood? Well, it's not like it matters what you think. For the rest of the students… Let it be clear. I, Galadriel Nazarick is now the ruler of Slytherin or whatever you called," Galadriel saw many students on the ground crying, others simply fainted. But she thought they got the message clear.

"Ah… I forgot [Hell Vision I] Was an AOE spell. Mm, well it better this way they won't forget it… Did she pee herself?" Galadriel said while looking at a girl on the floor shaking and muttering words. With one action, Galadriel destroyed the poor girl's mental state.

Not that she cared about her. But Galadriel would have to call Lupusregina, or someone to heal her later on. She needed to remain under the radar for now.

"Mm, whatever," Galadriel said, and then she notices Daphne holding Tracey in her arms.

"How are you two?" Galadriel asked with no real emotion.

"What… What are you?" Daphne asked trying to sound brave but failing miserably.

Galadriel smiled at the poor girl who was trembling in awe and fear. Galadriel bent down a bit and gently stroke her cheek.

"Wouldn't you like to know?"