He was abnormally easy to pick out of the crowd. That shiny armor of his was like a diamond in a pile of dirt. Rhea was positive that it was capable of blinding someone. Her eyes ran over his frame. He was definitely well built but his armor made it nearly impossible to estimate what type of strength laid underneath. Being a mandalorian though she knew better than to underestimate him. They were the perfect assassins. Taking on this roll was a suidical attempt. There was no way that she would come out of this in one piece, let alone alive. But she needed the money. Her pockets were practically empty, she had no choice.

Rhea had been following him for about two days now, leading her to this unknown planet. Her ship had been small but it was sleek enough to keep his rickety antic in sight. She'd have to attack tonight before he took off somewhere else. She couldn't keep affording to follow him around. When he turned into an inn Rhea wasted no time on following behind in his footsteps

To her relief there was a booth empty behind the one he was at. On the down side he seemed to already be talking to someone. But perhaps she could use her time wisely. Ordering a drink, she sat, practically back to back with him and waited, ears perched.

"How much?"

There was silence, then a follow by a sigh and the sound of coins falling to the table.

"Nicely done," His acquaintance continued on with giving coordinates. It was hard to hear over the bustle of the crowd. Rhea huffed in frustration. Not a damn thing. All she could assume was that it had to do with something with the kid. Rhea pinched the bridge of her nose. Already she could feel a headache from coming on. So close but yet so far. She couldn't attack him in public. She couldn't and she wouldn't. She needed to get him alone. As if that was ever going to happen.

There was a small pull on her braid. Rhea snapped her head over, her shoulders relaxing at the sight of the culprit. It had been that child Mando carried around with him. Somehow he had managed to climb onto of the booth, her braid in its hands. Rhea couldn't help but stare as she watched him. He held her braid up closer to his face, as if he were mesmerized by the pattern. A smile slipped to her face. The child's eyes sparkled. He brought it too close to his face, the ends of her hair tickling his nose and making him sneeze.

"Hey! Don't do that!" Mando turned around and picked him up, putting him back down into the booth. "Sorry about that."
Rhea suppressed a laugh. "It's alright. It was cute."

Her eyes darted past his helmet to the empty booth. He was alone. His neck exposed.

Mando patted the child's head, "Don't grab people's hair again."

Regret weighed heavy on her heart as she reached for her gun. All she had to do was think about the money. That's what she kept telling herself.

Mando stilled as she pressed it against the back of his neck. She had him caught and he knew it. She licked her lips.

"Walk out back with me and have a chat?"

He followed her orders without a word. With the place packed, there was no attention on them. Rhea made sure to stay close, a poor attempt to hide her gun but one none the less.

Rhea hadn't expected anything less when he attacked the moment they were outside. She had managed to dodge it. His hand hand latched onto her armed arm, and twisted. Only she twisted with it. Rhea attempted to kick at him with all her might. It sent a rumble through her foot up her leg. The pain made her curse. That damned armor was impenetrable. Before her foot even came down he knocked her gun from her hand. Rhea had no time to counter before he swung again. She raised her arm just in time to block his punch. Another hiss from the contact of his armor. She would be covered in bruises by the time this was over.

Her free hand snaked up fast. Rather than throwing a punch, her fingers slipped under his helmet. Just in time for his gun to be pointed at her chest. They both froze and Rhea knew she had him. She gave a small tug and the grip on her shoulder tightened. She cracked a grin.

"I have the most deadly weapon in my hand and it isn't even a gun," She tilted her head with a cocked brow.

"What do you want?"
He hadn't bothered to hide the annoyance in his voice.

"Unfortunately, you."

When he pushed the gun harder against her chest she tugged more, his chin threatening to be exposed. She was at a dead end. She could rip the helmet off, ruin his reputation as a mandolorian, then what? She would still be killed. She needed to talk and fast.

"I've got a hefty reward waiting for me if I bring back your head. Double it and I'll let you go with your helmet in tact."

"What's stopping me from killing you now?"
"Your reputation."

There was a pause, "How much?"


"And how do I know to trust that you wont take it off regardless? Or come after me again?"

"I'm a woman of my word."
Rhea wished she could have seen his eyes. She could have been able to read his emotions, assess his next move. Because now she was blind and left empty handed.

Pain shot through her stomach as his foot collided with it, sending her flying back. Her fingers slipped and her last chance at freedom was gone. Rhea bit her lip, blood dripping into her mouth, to stop from crying out in pain. She forced herself to breath and collect herself. Through blurry eyes she searched for him. Both mando and his child had disappeared without a trace. Rhea swore. She had seen where he had docked his ship. She had to get there before he did. Rhea scanned for her gun.

"You damn asshole."

He took her gun. All the more reason to hurry to his ship.

Rhea stood and pushed the pain aside. Wiping her eyes, she walked back out to the streets and down to the harbor. It took all she had not to burst out into a run. She could have sworn the streets had become more crowded than when they arrived. Or perhaps it was just the urgency. Over the sea of heads she could make out Mando's ship, and at the base, the owner. Rhea couldn't hold herself back any more. Her limbs burned as she pushed herself into a run. The ramp had began too close. It was now or never, she could come back for her ship later. With a leap she managed to clasp a hold of the ramp and pull herself up and over. With a thump she toppled down, rolling into the ship. Only a few moments later did it shut and seal behind her. Rhea let herself fall onto her back, allowing time for her to catch her breath. She didn't want to think about amount of bruises she would have.

Her eyes found the stairs that led up into the cock pit. The ground beneath her began to rumble. It wouldn't be much longer before he would switch it to auto pilot. She needed to find a place to hide, and fast. Rhea scrambled to his bed and pressed herself into the corner. He would have his guard down. It would be the perfect window to attack. If it didn't succeed . . . well she didn't want to think about that.

All she had to do now was sit and wait. If luck was on her side then things would go smoothly. Though knowing Mando, it definitely wouldn't.

It had been a few hours after that did she hear the hatch unlock. Whatever exhaust that had crept up on her was swept away and replaced with adrenaline. The click of his boots was loud and intimidating. Rhea took a deep breath and readied to pounce. One, two, three, Mando rounded the corner and came into view. He hadn't noticed her until she had collided with him. Rhea sent them both flying to the floor, Mando landing with a harsh thump and hitting his head. It had been just enough to disorient him. His hand reached down to his holster, a mistake on his part. He had just told her where his gun was at. She collided her hand into his helmet then her knee to his crotch. It felt as if she had broken her hand. But she had no time to waste. While he was doubled over she grabbed hold of his gun and aimed it to his throat. Even through his mask she could feel the glare.

"How stupid are you to climb aboard my ship?"
"Depends. How stupid are you to not agree to a deal in this situation? Or should I knee you again?" When there was silence she smiled, letting herself sit back, her legs straddling his stomach. It was enough weight to help hold him down. "What about this? We can make a different deal that bargains in your favor as well?"

"You want your 3,000?"

"I don't have it."

Rhea let her finger fall to the trigger. Though in her heart she knew he wasn't lying. "Then give me the 1500, my gun along with something additional that I will think of in time when I need it."
"This doesn't seem to be falling in my favor."

A sneeze came from across the room. Rhea allowed herself the time to sneak a glance. It had been that child, and he was paler than before.
It wasn't her hair that had made him sneeze, he was sick.

"I help you take care of the kid."

"I'm quite capable of that myself."
"Oh? So you know how to take care of a sick kid? Know what medicine to give him?"

"He isn't sick."
"Call him here." When he didn't answer she huffed, "I won't hurt him. If I did I wouldn't be making a deal to take care of him. Now call him over."

Mando hesitated then gave a small wave of his fingers. The soft sound of the child's feet patting across the floor made Rhea fight not to smile. It was too cute, too innocent.

She jerked her head towards him, "Look at him. He is paler than he was at the inn. He's been sneezing and most likely has a fever. What are you going to do? Make him ride it out like how we would? He will die that way. Or you going to let me show you how to help him?"

Mando's head turned so he could look at the child himself. Fear started to seep through Rhea's veins. Both for death of herself and death of the kid. She may have been desperate for money, but she wasn't about to let a kid suffer until his death bed.
"If you do anything to hurt him-"

"I'd expect to see my death bed quite soon if I did. So do we have a deal?"

She held out her free hand, waiting.
"Give me back my gun and we will."

Hi! Please don't be too harsh, I hardly really watch star wars but I absolutely love mandolorian. So please be easy on me with the terminology on things. I hope you like it!