Shoes off.

Jammies on.

Time for bed so she can have an equally disappointing day tomorrow.

As far as one bedroom apartments went in Tokyo, Rei's wasn't anything special. Sure it was in a quiet neighborhood and all, but that really didn't mean much when she didn't actually get to spend time there. If she bothered to do the math, she had no doubt that the amount of time she spent at home was far less than the time she spent at work.

Even if it didn't feel like home.

With her toothbrush in her hand, Rei leaned out of her window and stared out towards the city. She had a decent view, well half a decent view, a large apartment building covered half of her view and there were rumors of construction of some other building to rob her of the other half.

Rei rolled her eyes and sighed, toothbrush halfway into her mouth. "Maybe by then I'll be out of here."

The act of brushing her teeth, that simple motion that she had done so many times, was relaxing; relaxing enough that she was able to not freak out about the fact that this place wasn't going to be her home soon enough. Soon, she'd be living with Endeavour.

He had a name.

She knew his name.

But that wasn't who he was.

What other kind of person would want a quirk-based marriage?

Rei scrubbed her tongue harder at the idea of him forcing himself on her the moment he had her alone. There would be no passion, and she even doubted that there would even be sex; it was just as likely that Endeavour would simply have her artificially impregnated with his sperm so to make sure that the baby was good or something.

Thinking about him was leaving a bad taste in her mouth that no amount of brushing or tooth paste could fix.

At least she'd be alive.

With one last gargle, Rei pushed further out the window and let out a glob of frothy toothpaste and spit out over the side. It was a bad habit, a terrible habit even, but there was something so satisfying about watching that wad of spit fall down into the small garden that was at the base of her apartment.

Only this time it didn't land in the garden below.

No, rather it hit a target.


Rei sucked in her lip and stared down at the man that she had just spat on. She felt guilty, until she saw him start to float up towards her, then she felt really guilty. And really suspicious. "Oh, well if it isn't Deku, twice in one night?"

Deku shrugged at her and gave an awkward smile as he stared at the glob of toothpaste froth that had landed on his shoulder. "Well, that's a new way to get my attention. Hello, Rei."

"Hold on," she scooted back on her bed, shrinking back inside to her apartment, "I'll go get you a napkin."

Wait, how did he know her name?

Rei took the three steps it took to reach her kitchen and turned around to see Deku now standing inside her apartment. "Uhh, you didn't have to come in, you know."

"Oh!" Deku looked around frantically, "I'm sorry! I thought you invited me in! Ah! I'm sorry, I just kind of followed you and I mean I was looking for you, and I found you, but now how I expected, and I'm sorry, I don't know why I'm inside of your house now! I should have used the door! Wait, I mean, I should have knocked, I mean uhh."

An explosion of laughter burst out from Rei. Seeing a pro hero that could just fucking float to the fourth floor of a building acting more anxious than she felt was refreshing. "Deku, it's okay, it's okay, have a seat."

She gestured towards the lone seat cushion she kept near her kotatsu. "And relax, you did save my life after all." She pulled a few paper towels off the roll and looked at his shoulder. "And I'm the one that spat on you."

"Oh," Deku's broad shoulders slumped and he sat down on the cushion. His face was beet red, and he looked like he might explode in a fit of nervousness. "Right, umm, sorry, again."

Rei rolled her eyes and walked towards him. She began the task of cleaning her own spit off of his shoulder and watched him for a moment. He felt so human, especially compared to the likes of the only other hero she had met. "So, why exactly were you looking for me? And how exactly did you find me?"

Then again, Endeavour found her, but she had a feeling he put a lot of time and energy into finding her.

Deku...Deku, just felt like he had stumbled into her room like a giant puppy dog.

"Oh! Right!" Deku reached behind him and pulled out her bag. "When I got back to the station you were already gone, and the police had already taken the other bags that villain had stolen so I decided to look for you, and I might have looked into your wallet and found your I.D. and used that to get your address, but I didn't know anything about—"

She placed her finger on his lip, silencing him. "You talk a lot."

"Sorry." Deku clapped both hands over his face and pouted a bit. "I probably should have just returned it to the police. You must think I'm creepy now."

"Endearing? Yes, Creepy? No." Rei smiled and got the last of her spit off of Deku. "But, I'm getting the feeling that you're kind of new to this whole hero thing."

Deku let out a pleasant chuckle and scratched the back of his head. "Yeah, kind of I've only been doing this for a couple of years,"

A couple of years was how long it took for her to not give a crap about her own job. But, maybe being a hero was just different when it came to the adjustment period. Rei moved to sit down across from him. She could just send him home, she could do a lot of things, but she also didn't, well, she wasn't exactly sure.

"Would you like some tea?" Rei asked, looking back towards her kitchen. Technically speaking, tea after brushing her teeth was a terrible idea, not just because of that whole staining thing, but also because she could still taste the pepperminty fluoride flavor in her mouth. "It'll take me a minute to brew it up, but if you've been floating around the city all night, you must be tired, especially if you were stalking me."

Making a pro hero blush was definitely something that could be considered a highlight of her day.

"I umm," Deku ran his fingers along her kotatsu and bit his lip. He made eye contact with her for a moment and then looked down. "I wouldn't want to be a burden."

"Relax, you'll be doing me a favor. I could use a distraction, and I can't think of anyone better suited for the task than a socially awkward pro hero."

"Socially awkward?"

She raised an eyebrow at him, and that seemed to have the desired effect of forcing him to do a quick mental audit.

"Oh, umm, then sure, I'll be happy to have tea with you Rei." Deku nodded firmly.

"Sounds good, now then, what kind of tea would you like?" She glanced back at him, and looked him up and down. That was a lot of green. "And don't say green."

"Oolong actually, but I'll drink whatever it is that you make." He gave her an easy, cheerful smile that was far too carefree for someone that had been freaking out a few moments ago. "And thank you."

The tea was done before she even knew it, and she found herself sitting across from a hero once again, only instead of there being a contract sitting between them and a lawyer to either side, there was nothing but a pot of tea and a few cheap cups that didn't even match. Normally she'd apologize for this place being a mess, or her general lack of stuff, but really, he was the one that barged in.

"So, Deku—" She paused, and then looked him in the eyes. "Do you have a name? I mean, like you know my name, so…"

Really, it wasn't like she wouldn't find out with a quick google search.

Speaking of which, she grabbed her phone from her bag and found that it had zero charge; google would have to wait.

"Oh, um, you can call me Izuku if you want, I mean, it's my name, I'm not trying to act mysterious or anything." He waved a hand and took a sip of her tea. A wince, then a smile.

Rei took a sip of her own tea and thought that was an apt response.

"Well then Izuku, do you normally try to return stolen purses in person? Or am I the exception?"

"Oh, you're the exception." Izuku muttered into his cup. "This is the first time I've done this, I mean, it's not the first time I saved someone, but, it is the first time I uhh, stalked someone and then got invited into their home for tea."

"Tea? Yes, invitation? Maybe next time." Rei took another sip of her remarkably mediocre tea and just felt herself relax. That lasted for all of two seconds before she realized that she had just invited Izuku to come back for tea.

Well, it wasn't like he was going to actually take her up on the offer.

This was just going to be marked as a one-off occurrence in the boring book of her life.

"So, how old are you exactly?" Rei raised an eyebrow, "And yes, I'm going to be asking you for everything that you probably got from my I.D." Well, besides height and weight. She knew the important parts of that just by looking at him; he was taller than her, and had a heroic build while still being smaller than the likes of Endeavour.

Again, he just felt so human.

Probably because he wasn't on Fire.

"Oh, umm, well, in that case I'm 23 years old,"

Older than she thought, but still younger than her.

"And my birthday's July 15th."

"Happy belated birthday."

It was November.

"Uhh, happy early birthday?" Izuku offered with a shrug. Unlike his, hers was in a few weeks.

"Thanks," Rei felt a smile pull on her lips. "So, if you're 23, and you've only been a hero for a few years, what gives? Don't most heroes start at 18?"

Izuku shrugged. "I mean, yeah, I did, I even went to U.A., but I also went to America for a few years to train and come back an even better hero, and I think it worked, but, uhh, still kind of socially awkward."

Rei waved her hand, "Relax, with your baby face it'd be weird."

"Baby face?"

"It suits you."

"Uhh, thanks?"

"Don't mention it."

Time seemed to not really have much of a meaning around Izuku. It felt like they had been talking for both a few hours and a couple minutes by the time that she finally glanced towards her clock. Her tea had long since gone cold, but Izuku had finished his cup.

She let out a long stretch and popped her neck, noting how Izuku averted her gaze like she had just done something embarrassing. Her pajamas were about as basic as could be: an oversized shirt that nearly reached her knees and a pair of pajama pants that could double as a wingsuit with how loose they were.

"Alright, well, I have work in the morning, and I'm pretty sure that I've kept you busy for far too long as it is." She stood, bouncing to her feet, feeling oddly refreshed. It had been a while since she had been so entertained by talking to someone. "So, out the window you go."

"Huh? But, you have a—"

"A door I don't want to lock again, and a window I need to lock. Besides, it's how you came in."

"I wasn't thinking."

Rei shrugged, "You can float or fly, or whatever it is that your quirk lets you do, so, out."

"Okay, okay, I need to—" Izuku glanced towards the clock and the color nearly drained from his face. "Oh, wow, you weren't kidding, thank you for the tea, Rei!" He floated out the window with a gentle swiftness. "And it was nice talking to you."

She waved him goodbye. "Nice to meet you, Deku."

The window was shut, locked, and a pleasant silence covered her apartment.

For a minute, Rei stared at the spot where Izuku had been, vaguely aware that something had changed, but no idea what. "Am I a repressed extrovert or something?"

With a yawn she flopped onto bed and grabbed her phone.

Google: Deku

Google Auto-fill: Deku single? Deku age? Deku All Might's son? Deku video? Deku shirtless? Deku model?

Well, apparently he was popular enough to have a lot of questions about him.

Humming, Rei tapped on the official hero ranking website and nearly dropped her phone.

"I just had the number three pro hero in my apartment for tea."

AN: :ReiSip: