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Chapter 1: The Beginning

This story begins in a deserted forest near the border of Common Realm and Forsaken Realm, more precisely in the sky above said deserted forest. 5 wizards involved in some sort of death race, or maybe... more precisely a death race on flying rod with a wizard get chased by 4 other wizards with some sort of red cape with a pair of yellow zigzag line at the chest part, which signifies that all four of them is a magic knight. That sole wizard maneuvered in the air to avoid their pursuit, in his hand lay a bundle of clothes with a reddish orange-haired boy crying within it.

Unfortunately for him, his broom got shoot at the rear of it which make him lose his balance and free-falling into the thick forest below it.

"YOU FOOL..." A wizard who flying slightly in front of the other berates his teammate who flying right next to him, the one who just shoots down his target, "Why did you shoot him down?"

"I'm sorry sir, I just take an easy way to capture him" the wizard trying to apologize to his senior while put a regretful expression on his face.

"Then what if the boy gets hurt, hah? You can get us killed if the boy is getting hurt." The senior wizard takes a grip on his junior robe collar while move his face closer to his junior's face, "Answer me?"

"I'm sorry sir, I'm truly sorry."

While the two of them were involved in some sort of fights, the other two finally flying closer to them.

"Umm, sir... I think we must go down and then confront him before he manages to escape and we lose his track. After all, our top priority is to return the baby to Lilica-sama and capture the culprit if possible"

The senior wizard then turned towards them, still with his right hand gripped his junior's robe collar, "You're right." He then releases his grip while pushing him a little bit, his head slightly turned towards his junior, "You're lucky today, just pray that the boy doesn't get hurt"

"Let's go"

Meanwhile, in another part of the forest, some blood spots visible above ground provides a different color to brownish soil around it. If we trace the blood spots, you can see that the blood spots came from a man's leg who walks through the trees to find some exit route from this forest. The man has a bundle of clothes that contains a baby boy sleeping within it in his right hand while his left-hand grips his left leg right on top of the wounds who keep bleeding. He keeps walking, dragging his limping leg along the riverbank in the middle of that forest while occasionally moaning in pain.

Unfortunately, his steps stopped right after he finally manages to get out of the forest. In front of him, there's a very high ravine with another forest right under said ravine. It seems that the river that he followed empties into a waterfall that is located on the border between two forests. He chuckled irritably, cursing his bad luck. He turned his body around and decided to take a detour. But only a few meters away he stepped, his instincts screamed to avoid anything that was launch at him. His grimoire floated in front of him, the page within the grimoire flipping furiously until it stopped at a certain page.

"Hair Magic: Hair Wall"

A wall made out of hair appear in front of him, successfully resisted what appeared to be some kind of fire magic. After a few seconds later, he lowered the hair wall in front of him and cursing immediately as soon as he sees what is in front of him. Standing in front of him are four magic knights who previously chased him down.

"Well... Well... Well... What we have here? A filthy rat who got cornered" the leader in that magic knight's group quipped while clapping his hand.


The leader then unfurled his hand to him, "Now, be a good man and give us that baby"

He takes a few steps backward but suddenly halt himself when he realized that there are no more lands left behind him, he takes a glance at the ravine behind him then glanced back to the baby in his hand. He then grabs the edge of the clothes and wraps the baby tighter, make only the baby's eyes that can be seen.

"So, you want this baby, huh?" he takes a glance at the baby in his hand for the last time, "How about you take it yourself?"

Suddenly, he threw the baby to the ravine below him and all hell broke loose. But unknowing to all of them, the baby's hair turned white when the man unconsciously use his magic on the baby when he throw him to the ravine below.

In another place, several miles away from that forest, there's stood some gray-haired man in his late 30's is walking with a bundle of dirty clothes in a sack bag in his hand. He wore a long black robe with a wide white band at the hem and cuffs. He also wears a high-collared, white mantle and a gold necklace with a cross.

"Father Orsi, where are you going to?" a village resident called him.

"Oh, hi... Well, I only want to wash the children's clothes by the river" he replied.

"Then, be careful"


His name is Orsi Orfai, but the village resident usually called him Father Orsi. He's a pastor who is stationed at the local church in Hage village, which is located in Forsaken Realm.

He keeps walking until he reaches the riverbank. As soon as he arrives at the riverbank, he takes out the dirty clothes from the sack and start washing it.

A couple of minutes later, he already finished washing all of his clothes. He repack all of his now clean clothes and ready to go back to the church when his eyes accidentally saw a lump of clothes floating and stuck to one of the rocks on the riverbank. At first, he ignored it and just want to go back to the church as soon as possible, but his curiosity bested him and make him walk to it slowly. He slightly opened it and how shocked he was when he saw a tiny baby boy fast sleeping soundlessly inside it. The baby looks like only a year old with silverish-white hair and there's no other information about the baby's identity such as name or something like that.

"Hah, who's the parent who has the heart to throw away his child?" he asked in a low voice.

He then lifts the cloth and the baby in it and then took it to a safer place. Apparently, his action woke the baby a little, he then quickly picked up the baby and tried to put it back to sleep. When he picked up the baby, he finally realized that there's some sort of thin layer of mana surrounding the baby like a blanket. He of course very shocked, because he knows that there's impossible for a baby that young can develop magic.

'Maybe... His magic reacted to anything that can harm him and make some sort of protective layer around him' he guessed silently.

He then put the baby back to the cloth and he realized again that there's a necklace inside the clothing too. He take a look closer at the necklace. The necklace itself has a pendant with the letter Y on the front side and the letter K on the other side. When he caress the pendant, a "click" sound heard and the pendant is opened. Inside the pendant, there's a pair of photos of a very look-a-like reddish orange-haired baby on each side. He concluded that the baby is a twin. He glanced at the baby that he found and see that the baby is the same as the baby on the photo behind the letter Y even though he has white hair instead of reddish-orange hair like in the photo. Already finished take a look at the necklace, he then put the necklace back beside the baby.

"So, your name begins with the letter Y."

Looking at the baby in front of him, he finally decides that he will take the baby with him to the orphanage and raised him like his own child.

"You have white-colored hair and your name begins with the letter Y. Then from now on, your name is..."


To be continued...

Honestly, I didn't know why I make this fanfic. Maybe, it's because I read too many Black Clover fanfic either in or Wattpad who make fanfic with too similar premise.

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