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Chapter 2: A Brother's Vow

This time, the story begins in a small village within Forsaken Realm in Clover Kingdom, more precisely in the only church in the outskirts of Hage Village. That night, the weather looks not too friendly and keeps raining for the whole days.


An elderly voice can be heard from within the church.

"Yes, Father"

A voice replied from one of the rooms in the church, a white-haired boy that looks like only 5 years old yet very tall for a boy of his age came out of the room and walked over towards the father figure who already waiting for him in front of a table.

"Dinner is ready, let's eat"

On the table in front of them, there's a dish that looks like a potato salad with some pieces of apple, egg, and cabbage. A pretty expensive dish for someone who lives in the boonies. The two of them just take the first piece of potato to eat when both of them heard some knocking sound from the main door. They immediately suspend their meal when they heard it.

Father Orsi stands up from his position and ready to go to the front door.

"Father, let me do it. Father just continue your dinner, it's not like someone will dump a child in front of the church." Father Orsi looks towards him, "I mean, who's crazy enough to do that in the middle of the huge rain like right now?" Father Orsi continued to stare at him before exhaled succumbing and sit back to continued his dinner.

Yuushiro then walk to the front door and opened it, he looks around only to find there's nothing important within his range of view. He looks downward in case there's something important under him when he saw a pair of basket with a baby within it.

'Ahh, you've got to be kidding me?' That's the only thing that he's thinking when he sees it.

He sigh, "Father... There's babies in front of me" He shouted.

Not long after, Father approached him with hasty pace. He looks at a pair of babies below him, pick it up while telling Yuushiro to close the door before he walks inside.

Nodding at Father's instruction, Yuushiro prepares to close the door when his eyes accidentally caught a glimpse of someone, or maybe something in the trees seemingly looking towards the church. He squint his eyes focus to take a better look towards that glimpse of that thing but can't see the thing more clearly. Shrugging defeated, he turns his back around, reach the knop, and then close the door.

Meanwhile at the same time, behind a big tree not too far away from that place, looking towards the now closed front door of the church. A woman, standing behind that tree leaning her body behind the tree. Her heart beating so fast, her breath also panting uncontrollably. She takes a profound breath, trying to control her breath so at least she can feel a little calmer.

"Did that kid..." she paused, "just looking at me? As if he knows that I'm standing behind this tree?" she wondered. "Nah, that's impossible. Maybe it's just a coincidence," she paused again, "But, the looks in his eyes is like he knows that I'm standing here yet did nothing."

She glanced her head at the church before she's once again lean her body behind the tree. Her hands touch her body, slightly gripping her chest. Her head slightly looking towards the rainy clouds that crying tonight, her eyes wavery but not so clearly visible because of the raindrops pouring on her face.

"I'm sorry Asta, if only the things were different, if only I never get this curse, I will never ever abandon you like this," she muttered dejectedly. "I hope... one day you will know the truth, and I hope someday you can grow to understand why I'm doing this, to know that I always loving you with all of my heart."

With that, the woman slowly walks away from the church, far into the forest.

"So, how are they, Father?" Yuushiro curiously asked his father that just now walked into the main room.

"They are in a good shape, just a slight hypothermia, but I already take care of it, nothing to worry about." he replied casually, "Now..."

"Father..." Yuushiro interrupted, "Can I take a look at them?"

"Yuushiro" he replied with an annoyed tone, "They are already asleep, you only will disturb their sleep if you do that." he continued.

"Please..." Yuushiro pleaded, "I wanna see them again."

"Yuushiro, go sleep, okay!" he commands, "You can see them next morning anyway." he sternly refused.

"Pretty please..." Yuushirou pleaded once again, this time with a look of kicked puppy on his face, complete with big round eyes that looks like he wanna crying.

He stared at his son for a few moments then sighed, "Okay, you can see them, but only for a few minutes."


They then walk into a room near Father's room, he opened it and they walk inside. Inside the room, there's a pair of babies sleeping peacefully in their respective baskets.

"The black-haired kid is Yuno, while the gray one is Asta. From today, they will live in here with us" Father suddenly speaks, "They look so adorable, isn't it?"

"Yeah..." Yuushiro replied shortly.

"Okay, you already seen enough, right? Then, now it's time for you to go sleep" he reminded.

They then slowly walk out of the room. Yuushiro takes a look at them before Father closes the door. The babies sleep so peacefully, like nothing happened to them before. They even look smiled in their sleep, although they just now got abandoned in front of the church like a parent's unwanted children. Their smiles look so adorable, so innocent that make him only want to say,

"I wanna protect them, with everything I can. I will become their brother, a brother that will guide them to a better future."

To be continued...

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