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And now I present to you...


Chapter 1

"The hells!" Han stared at the empty spot next to a single rental speeder bike. He pulled a flimsi from his vest pocket and scanned through the half-typed, half-scribbled document.

"She's not gonna like this," he muttered. He glanced to his side to see a small, lithe figure step down from the automated transport. Clad in a snug white tank top with a scoop neck, fitted khaki pants, and hiking boots, she exemplified her incognito role of wife on her honeymoon in Chandrila's great outdoors.

"Han? Where's the other one?"

"It ain't here."

Leia glared at him. Knowing she suspected an error on his part, Han pointed to a line on the document. "Not my fault! See? Two! We're s'posed to have two of these things! Says right here."

Leia took the contract and stared at it, then thrust it back into Han's hands. She placed her small pack on the ground and opened the side pocket. Her long braid fell over her shoulder as she searched, and Han couldn't help but notice her muscular back and toned arms. Seems our combat sessions have had an extra benefit.

"We'll have to comm the rental company." Her voice drew his thoughts back to their current predicament.

"Won't matter," Han remarked. "They're closed."

Leia looked up from her rummaging, her brow furrowed in apparent consternation. "Closed?" she began as she stood to face him. Then she paused, and Han watched as her expression mellowed. "Oh, right. All Souls Night." She sighed and looked away.

Tentatively, Han placed a hand on her shoulder. He never quite knew how she'd react to physical comfort, but given that they were alone, this felt right. When she didn't pull back, he reckoned he'd guessed correctly.

As Leia stepped toward him, his heart rate quickened. "What now?" Her turned-up face and pensive tone garnered his full attention more effectively than any sharp comment.

This speeder bike was not a double. "Gotta share, Sweetheart." Han grinned and gave her shoulder a gentle squeeze. "Gonna be a tight fit."

Here it comes, he thought, expecting a fight.

Leia's blank expression betrayed nothing. But then a flicker of amusement crossed her face, and instead of issuing a rebuke, she spoke decisively. "I drive."

Caught off-guard, Han ran a hand through his hair. If Leia drove the two of them on that tiny speeder, he knew he'd be in trouble. Big trouble. "You, uh…" Come on, Solo. Think! "Hold your banthas. Lemme have a look. These older models can be unpredictable."

"Like the Falcon," she smirked.

Walked right into that one. Han raised a finger in defense of his ship. "Hey," he began, then stopped himself. Gotta pick my battles, like Luke said.

Han circled the speeder, running his hand over various parts. Been with her thirteen standard months. Thirteen months of push-and-pull, a verbal parlay where the stakes kept increasing but so did the possible payout. He flipped a switch, illuminating various gauges on a small panel. He was in this game.

But was she?

Maybe, he thought. Her glances, her smiles—the real ones that reached her eyes as she looked into his own—and her occasional casual touches had convinced him to stay for "just another couple missions" or "until Her Worship gets settled on the next base," as he'd often told Chewie. But whenever she'd resume nagging him to join the Alliance, he'd bristle. Sure, he'd enlist for her, but he wasn't about to sign up for a lost cause. Why couldn't she admit that she had feelings for him?

Han knew one thing about relationships. To reveal your hand prematurely was the kiss of death. Flirting to rile her up was one thing, but if Leia piloted that bike, he'd have to sit right behind her and she'd feel his attraction to her the minute he took a seat.

Placing a hand on her curved hip, Leia raised an eyebrow. "I can drive, you know. I like it."

A vision of her body pressed against his, her back to his chest, her hips to his thighs, her ass to his…trouble. Han swallowed hard. Leia at the helm would be his undoing. Just looking at her now, with that tantalizing peek of cleavage and the small waist he'd have to hold… He imagined touching that creamy skin, finally exploring those curves with his hands as well as his eyes…


Han blinked. He knew he'd have no problem with that; he'd imagined sex with Leia in a million different ways since she'd grabbed a blaster and taken out those stormtroopers on the Death Star. Any woman with that amount of spunk had to be a firecracker in bed, he'd figured. And damn, had she looked good at that ceremony. He'd wanted her then, if only for the excitement and physical release before flying off to pay Jabba.

But he knew Leia had been traumatized, and the idea of leaving her now… He didn't want to think about that…, so neither of those events had happened.


Now here they were, portraying newlyweds on this lush, tropical planet.

"Well?" Han's ears burned at the sound of her dulcet voice.

Realizing that he'd just been caught ogling her, he pulled his eyes from her body to her now-flushed face, detecting a mischievous grin and a sparkle in those deep brown eyes. This Leia was real, not a dream or a fantasy. Leia in the flesh. A rush of warmth coursed through Han's body, and he clenched his fists. He knew he had to do something. But what? He rubbed the back of his neck and once again looked at the bike.

The realization hit him like a flock of mynocks on a stalled ship. The gears. It was a gamble, but it was his only hope. "I hate to break it to you, but, uh, I think I gotta drive."

"Oh. Right." Leia nodded and crossed her arms. "The man has to be in control."

"That's not it!" Too late Han realized he'd raised his voice to match Leia's. Recalling Luke's sage advice, he lowered his tone.

"Hey, I've seen you 're good at it. And you know the Falcon better'n anyone but me and Chewie."

Han searched her face, and, noticing that Leia's expression had softened, he steeled himself to make his bet. Motioning toward the bike, he asked, "You ever driven a Kuat Turbo 3000?"

When Leia shook her head, Han felt a rush of relief that his gamble might actually pay off. "It's got a different gear system than the ones on base," he explained, pointing to a small lever by the control panel. "Think of it this way. You just get to climb on and enjoy the ride."

Leia raised an eyebrow, and he chanced a smile at her.

"It's fast. Cuts corners like a lightsaber. You'll like it."

"You're on, Flyboy."