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The Titan council gathered on Mt. Othrys, whispers going through the room as they wondered at why they had been called together.

It had been some years since the last full council, they only called a full one when necessary, otherwise they simply met in groups to handle any situations.

Rhea settling in the throne next to Kronos, the King of the Titans, leaning over to speak to him.

"Do you know why we were called together?"

"No, the Morai did not see fit to inform me yet."

She frowned, her chiton shifting as she leaned forward, "Do you think there is some danger to come?"

Kronos smiled gently at her, "I'm certain it is nothing so horrible. Perhaps they simply have an announcement to make."

As the last Titan sat on their throne the room darkened, three old women appearing in the center of the room.

Kronos rose, stepping down from his throne and bowing to the women, "Welcome to Mt. Othrys Morai, may you find comfort in our home while you stay."

The Morai nodded, accepting the proffered bread, "Thank you for having us."

Kronos stepped back, sitting once more on his throne.

The Morai ate the bread, before stepping forward to stand before Kronos.

"What reason did you have for calling us together, Morai?" Kronos leaned forward with a frown to look down at the Morai. "Is there some issue?"

The three old women stood firmly, their power clear. One spoke, "We wish to change the path of the future."

Another nodded, "The future grows dark and the world heads to ruin."

The third finished, "We will supply you with books that will show you the outcome that must be avoided."

"Interfering with the future is forbidden even to you," Kronos said solemnly.

Rhea nodded, "It would defy the balance, leading the world to ruin as well."

"The balance will be lost if we do not act regardless, this path will grant the greatest peace."

Kronos frowned, that doesn't sound good. What was coming in the future that would endanger the world in such a way?

"So, we read some books?" He asked slowly.

"You and the children we will bring forward. Do not harm them, though they may be... upset when they first arrive."

Kronos raised an eyebrow, glancing at Rhea who looked equally confused. Why would the children be upset?

"Did something happen to these children?" He asked.

"Are they injured?" Rhea leaned forward with worried eyes.

"Have patience, all will be revealed in the books," the Morai said.

"Oh," one added. "And spoilers will not be allowed. Do not question the children on what is to come."

With a flash of light, the Morai were gone.

In their place a handful of children, one holding a book.

They looked around, confusion evident on their faces until one of the children's gazes, a boy who looked strikingly similar to Kronos, except the sea-green eyes, on Kronos.

He paled, stepping back, "Kronos-"

Kronos rose once more, "Hello, children. I presume you are the ones the Morai sent with the books of the future?"

"Di Immortalis," muttered a young girl, glaring at him. "Where are we?"

A tall blonde-haired boy with a scar down his face was sinking to the back of the group, face pale as he stared at Kronos.

The mini-Kronos-look-alike placed his hand on hers, "And, when are we?"

"We are on Mount Othrys, and it is the three-thousandth-four-hundred-and-fifty-first year of my reign."

"When's that?" the boy muttered to the girl.

"Well…" she frowned in thought. "It's commonly believed that his rule was from about ten-thousand years ago to about four or five thousand years ago, so if we go by ten thousand years ago then that would mean that he started his rule in eight-thousand bce, so subtracting three-thousand-four-hundred-and fifty-one from that makes it… about four-thousand-five-hundred-forty-nine," she paused to think. "Yeah, so about… 4,549 bce."

The boy blinked for a moment, "Right… so a long time ago."

"Um, I have a question," asked another boy. "What's Mount Othrys?"

"It's the Titan's mountain," a satyr said.

"Like Mount Olympus, but the Titans," the girl added.

"What's Mount Olympus," Iapetus asked.

"It's-" the girl faltered, her expression screwing up as she tried to speak but seemed unable to. "It's-"

"I suppose that would be 'spoilers'," Kronos mused. "You need not answer."

"But what's this Mountain?" Iapetus asked again.

The girl and boy were both staring at him, along with another, younger, boy tucked behind them. All three seemed a bit struck by his appearance.

"They cannot speak of it, Iapetus. There is no point in asking when we will likely find out from these books."

"Perhaps we should have introductions," Mnemosyne suggested. "So that we know how to speak to each other. Of course, no doubt the children are aware of our identities, so it is only them that need introduce themselves."

"I have no idea who any of you are," said the second boy.

The Titans all stared.

"Very well," Kronos said after a moment of blinking, didn't the one kid already recognize him? Is the child related to him? He looks a lot like him… "I am Kronos, King of the Titans."

"Wait, you're the crazy dude who-" the boy who'd spoken was cut off, waving his arms as he tried to say whatever it was he had been saying.

"That's spoilers, Leo," said a girl with brown hair tied in a braid.

Kronos frowned, what did they mean crazy dude? What's a dude? What's a crazy?

"Right," Kronos said slowly. "This is Rhea, my Queen." He motioned to his left, where his love sat.

She smiled gently down at them, "It's a pleasure to meet you children."

A red head girl and short dark-haired boy waved.

To Kronos' right, a titan that shone like the sun raised his hand, "I am Hyperion, Lord of Light."

"And I am Iapetus," drawled Iapetus. "Lord of Mortality." He was looking at the two children that were staring back at him, they looked away.

"Isn't that the-" the tall boy who'd spoken faltered. "Right, spoilers."

"Koios," said the figure next to him in a bored tone. "Lord of Intelligence."

"I'm Krios," said a figure with ram's horns. "Lord of the constellations."

"Oh, I know you," mumbled a blonde-haired boy.

"Have we met?" Krios asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Not yet," said the first boy, brushing back his black hair. "You're Oceanus, right?" He was looking at the final Titan on that side.

"I am, Lord of the Oceans." Oceanus studied him thoughtfully, "You're of the sea."

The child nodded, "Yeah."

"I am Theia," said the Titaness to Rhea's left. "Lady of metals and jewels."

"Wait really?" asked the boy they'd called Leo. "I didn't know there was a Titan for that."

"Of course," said the Titaness to Theia's left. "It is an important realm."

"Yes, it is!" said a Cyclops earnestly. "It is the most important!"

Why is there a cyclops here? There are only three in existence?

"Huh… cool. Who are you?"

She studied him, "I am Themis, Lady of divine law and order."

"And I am Mnemosyne," said the one next to her. "Lady of memory."

"Can you remember everything?" Leo asked.


"Wow," mumbled a girl with gold eyes like Kronos'.

"I am Phoebe," said the next Titaness. "Lady of prophecy."

A black haired girl with a silver circlet on his head winced at her name.

"The best of the Titans," said a red-haired girl.

"In that I agree," said a short blonde-haired boy who'd been silent so far.

"Both of you have the gift of prophecy," Phoebe said. "How interesting."

"Wait, isn't she-" the tall boy huffed. "What isn't spoilers?"

"I guess it'll come up then," said the first girl.

"It's going to be annoying to not be able to speak about things," he said. "Is it only things that get brought up in the books? Can we talk about like, television?"

"Apparently yes," said the blonde-haired boy.

"Not that many of us watch television," added another girl with dark hair tied in a braid.

"What is a television?" Koios asked.

"It's a black box that contains moving pictures that tell stories or give information."

"So, a play in a box?" Mnemosyne asked.

"Something like that," The blonde girl agreed.

"How interesting," said the last Titaness. "Regardless, I am Tethys. Lady of pure water."

"So that's all the Titans," said the small boy behind the Kronos-look-alike.

"Yes," agreed Mnemosyne. "Now, why don't you introduce yourself."

"Just our names?" Asked the blonde girl. "Or titles?"

"Whatever titles you're able to give," suggested Kronos. "Some may fall under this 'spoilers' rule that the Morai have placed."

"You first," the girl said to the Kronos-look-alike.

He rolled his eyes but stepped forward.

"I'm Percy Jackson," he faltered as he tried to continue. Biting his lip, he seemed to be thinking. "Survivor of Tartarus… Bearer of the Sky… How are those not spoilers?"

The blonde-haired girl laughed, though her expression was tight, "Who can say?"

"Right, well, that seems to be all I can say-"

"You survived Tartarus!?" Krios said in shock.

"Uh, yeah…"

"How!?" Phoebe questioned leaning forward.

"Can we go to where he held the sky, I want to read what happened there," Iapetus said.

"But Tartarus?" Theia muttered.

"I'm sure we'll reach them all in time," Kronos said slowly, studying Percy carefully. "Let us continue the introductions."

"Right," The blonde-haired girl nodded. "I'll go next. I'm Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena, Survivor of Tartarus, Bearer of the Sky, Architect of Olympus…" She tried to say more but seemed unable to.

"What's Olympus," grumbled Iapetus.

"Both of you survived Tartarus!?" Krios cried.

"How?" Hyperion muttered. "That's… you're mortal…"

"Nico, you wanna go next?" Percy was looking at the boy behind them.

"Oh, sure…" He coughed, stepping forward. "I'm Nico Di Angelo…" he frowned as he seemed to struggle to speak as well. "Um, Survivor of Tartarus… I think that's all I can say…"

"I'm Grover," said the satyr before the Titans could freak out about a third mortal surviving Tartarus. "Lord of the Wild-"

"Don't say survivor of Tartarus," said Koios.

"I didn't survive Tartarus," Grover said helpfully. "And I also don't think I can say anything else…"

"I am Tyson! Brother of Percy! I like Peanut Butter!" The cyclops beamed at the Titans.

"Your brother is a cyclops?" Themis asked Percy.


"Hmm, I didn't think that happened with mortals."

He shrugged.

"I'm Thalia," said the black-haired girl who'd yet to speak. "Daughter of Zeus- really? I can say that?" she shook her head. "Lieutenant of Artemis… Yeah that's all I've got."

She tugged the blonde-haired boy forward, "This is-." She huffed when she was unable to say more.

"Hi, I'm Jason Grace… um…" He tried to speak but couldn't. "I don't think I can say anything else."

"I'm Piper McLean," the girl beside him said, tucking her braid back. "Holder of the cornucopia? Okay…" she seemed to think. "Yeah, I guess the rest is spoilers."

"What's a cornucopia?" Rhea asked.

"It supplies a never-ending supply of food," Annabeth answered.

"How helpful."

"I'm Leo Mc Shizzle," said the dark-haired boy with a crooked grin. "Son of Hephaestus, builder of Festus, Captain of the Argo II, inventor of the Valdezinator."

"Why can you say everything?" the tall boy asked.

"I'm just that special," Leo said with a grin.

The tall boy rolled his eyes and sighed, "I'm Frank Zhang-" he frowned. "Really? That's all I can say?"

The gold-eyed girl pat his arm. "I'm Hazel Levesque…" she sighed. "Yeah, that's all."

"A lot of your titles appear to be spoilers," mused Mnemosyne.

"They are," agreed the other girl with a braid. "I assume most of what we've done will be shown in these books that we are being forced to read."

"That makes sense," Agreed Krios. "Now can you finish up introducing yourselves so that we can begin reading?

"Very well, I am Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano," said the girl, frowning when she was also unable to say anything else. "This is Octavian-" she pointed at the short blond-haired boy beside her "-our auger."

"Hello," he said.

"What's an auger?" asked Koios.

"I do prophecy stuff for-" he scowled. "Well that's apparently a spoiler."

Phoebe looked curious at that, "So some sort of prophetic role?"


"Speaking of prophecy," the red-head stepped forward. "I'm Rachel Elizabeth Dare, clear sighted mortal-" she frowned. "And that's all apparently. Yeah, I guess the other stuff would be kinda big spoilers."

"Just a bit," agreed Percy.

"And that just leaves the one in the back," Oceanus said. "Who are you?"

Percy, Annabeth, Thalia, Nico, and Grover stiffened.

"That's the bad one," Tyson said helpfully.

"I'm Luke Castellan," he said softly. "Son of Hermes."

"Wait," Jason said. "You're the one who-"

Luke looked away.

"Wonderful," Kronos said. "That would be everyone. Now then, what is the book you hold?"

Rachel held up the book, "Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Lightning Thief."

"These better not be about me," Percy muttered.

"They're definitely about you," Annabeth said.

Percy groaned.

"Well then," Mnemosyne mused. "I suppose we should get ready to read them."


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