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Izuku Midoriya walked into a hotel ballroom wearing a suit, he was here for a class reunion, it had been a long time since he'd seen or heard much about his former class since he was so busy with hero work and he was looking forward to catching up after ten years. Deku was now the number one hero by far both in terms of ability and being voted most eligible bachelor on the hero list, it was hard for women not to adore him given his taller body, muscular frame and handsome features, despite his work he managed to maintain almost male model like good looks.

As he walked around the party, he said hello to old friends, and pals, greeting Tsuyu and her husband, or speaking with Jirou and Kaminari.

"Strange." He thought out loud "I haven't seen some people; guess they couldn't make it."

"Hey Deku!" an angry voice yelled, but it was one the boy was unfamiliar with.

Turning around he saw a woman who was about chest high to him, she was beautiful with rough blonde hair down to her shoulders, her body was cute with gentle curves, breasts that looked to be about D-cups and her hips were wide enough to give her a good hourglass figure. Her legs were long and slender and her body sported a gentle amount of muscle. She was wearing a short strapless red dress that stopped around her knees and looked good on her.

"Umm, hello?" He said "I'm sorry I don't remember you, are you someone's wife?"

"You're an idiot you know that." She huffed putting her hands on her hips "Don't you watch TV or read a magazine or something, I'm Bakugo!"

"Kaa-chan?!" he gasped "W-how?!"

"Some villain used their powers and turned me into this." She sighed "So embarrassing."

"Sorry to hear that, but you seem like you're doing well." He said.

"It's whatever, I can still blow people to smithereens." She smirked.

"That dress is nice, it looks good on you." Deku smiled.

"S-Shut up." She blushed a bit.

"Well hey you two, having fun?" A tall woman with red hair tied back into a ponytail walked up.

This woman was tall and buff, even though she had a suit on Deku could tell she was large with big breasts and womanly hips, the best word Deku could think of to describe her was Amazon.

"Hey Midoriya long time no see." The woman laughed standing about a foot taller than the muscular man.

She saw him looking at her in confusion.

"Haha, guess you don't recognize me." She let out a laugh "It's Kirishima."

Deku looked stunned for a moment.

"Yeah I've changed." She said "I was doing some work helping out a lab when one of the experiments caused my hormones to get all screwy and turned me into a woman, on the bright side I got way stronger I mean look at these guns."

She jokingly flexed a bit.

"This is kinda crazy." Deku said looking at the two of them "To think two of you guys ended up as women."

"It's actually three." A smooth and attractive voice said.

A woman walked over to him and she was simply gorgeous, her tender and soft body was inside a light blue gown like dress, her long hair cascaded down to her back, her body looking stunning with the largest breasts Deku had ever seen as well as wide birthing hips and thick creamy thighs that peered out the side of her gown.

"Hello Midoriya." She smiled pushing her bangs back "You look well."

This time Izuku was able to figure out who this was when he saw the red and white hair the plump vixen had.

"Todoroki?" he gasped "You too?"

"That's right." She giggled a bit seeing his shocked face.

"But how?" he asked "Did you get caught in some strange accident too?"

"No, this was entirely my choice." She explained "I've always wanted this but living in my father's shadow made it hard to admit, thanks to you I was able to embrace my inner self, and with modern medicine and science achieving the body of my dreams was quite simple."

She leaned a bit close to the boy.

"Thank you for helping me find my true self." Todoroki smiled.

"Alright back off." Bakugo pushed her back a bit.

"Well it's certainly surprising what happened to you guys…err girls." Deku said "But I'm glad you're all happy with who you are."

All three smiled at his compliment.

"Alright, let's get a drink!" Kirishima cheered.


After the reunion, a couple drinks and some light and involuntary flirting Deku had ended up back at his room accompanied by three beautiful ladies.

"Stop throwing yourself all over Deku." Bakugo pouted as Todoroki sat in the man's lap.

"What's the big deal." Todoroki said pushing her breasts against Deku's arm.

"Sounds like someone is jealous." Kirishima laughed seeing Bakugo getting angry "Can't blame you, someone's hogging all the attention."

"It's okay no one needs to be upset." Izuku said.

"What's so great about her compared to me." Bakugo held his other arm.

Deku was soon caught between three waring women, an attractive albeit scary situation.

"Midoriya needs a real woman not some skinny little thing like you." Todoroki huffed crossing her arms under her breasts.

"Just cause your chest has more fat on it doesn't make you hotter." Bakugo glared.

"Neither of you have what it takes to fight with Deku, I doubt you could lift 200 pounds between the two of you." Kirishima pouted.

All three then turned to Deku.

"Well, who's hotter?!"

Izuku was a bit stunned and unable to get many words out at first.

"I mean, you're all really beautiful." He told them "Honestly I couldn't choose; you all have such great features and individuality. Kaa-chan has a nice body and I like how gung-ho she is about things, Kirishima looks so strong but also beautiful that her body gives off a perfect charm of beauty and brawn, and Todoroki, you are so nice and you have a body that any man would find attractive. I like all of you for how you are."

The three girls blushed, though that didn't stop them from being a bit pissed that he wouldn't choose one of them.

"Well, I guess we've got no choice but to prove who's the best." Kirishima smirked "Right girls?"

"Hmm, I suppose so." Todoroki sighed.

"Fine, I'll show you both up." Bakugo huffed.

Deku was once again stunned into a shocked silence as the three undressed in front of him, standing there in their underwear. Bakugo was wearing something simple and white, her face red as Deku looked at her nearly bare body, Kirishima was in a sportier look with a blue sports bra and short like briefs, lastly Todoroki was in the most provocative set, a lacy black lingerie.

"Damn Todoroki wearing something like that, you must have planned on getting laid tonight." Kirishima laughed.

"It's just something I packed for the trip." She blushed fighting the urge to cover her body a bit.

"B-Besides it looks good on me."

"Huge..." Bakugo said seeing her rival's busts.

She was a D-cup herself, by no means small but compared to those two behemoths she might as well have been.

"What's the matter Bakugo, jealous?" Todoroki puffed her chest out a bit.

"HMPH!" The girl pouted.

"Damn and here I thought I was big with these E-cups." Kirishima laughed "How big are those things."

"These." Todoroki smirked with pride "J-cups."

"Wow you three are gorgeous." Deku blushed standing before them.

"Well go on." Bakugo blushed "Touch whatever you want I don't care."

Deku started to undress as well, soon standing there in just his briefs, his bulging crotch already enticing the ladies. The three moved in and things began to heat up, bodies starting to rub together, arousal about to erupt as soft womanly bodies clashed with a hard-masculine frame. Bakugo was the first to start kissing Deku as Kirishima rubbed his abs and enjoyed spectating his muscles while Todoroki was already working on freeing his cock from its clothed prison.

"Oh my!" Todoroki gasped as a semi-hard nine-inch cock flopped free and slapped against her tits "Such a big man."

"Sorry." Deku laughed nervously "Guess I did some growing too."

"I'm not complaining by any means." Todoroki kissed the tip and then smothered the shaft with her bosom, encouraging Izuku to get hard.

"Damn Bakugo don't hog him." Kirishima said stealing a kiss.

Deku was happy to return one to the amazon's lips as Todoroki was pleasuring him with her tits.

"I think it's ready." She gulped seeing a foot-long rod right in front of her face.

"Finally." Bakugo got on Deku's lap "Let's do it already."

"Sure, you can handle that." Kirishima teased.

"Shut up!" Bakugo huffed sliding down "HMMM!"

"Kaa-chan." Deku moaned slowly rolling his hips "You feel so good."

"Fuck just…just fuck me!" Bakugo moaned bouncing up and down on him.

Deku held her hips and thrust up to meet her, the girl screaming out in pleasure. Todoroki and Kirishima sat and watched, eagerly waiting their turn with Deku's big rod.

"Go Bakugo." Kirishima laughed.

"Cum already." Todoroki pouted.

"Shut up and wait!" Bakugo snapped as Deku grabbed her ass "OHHH!"

She felt her friend's fingers sink into her perky little butt and she couldn't stop herself, an orgasm rocked her body, making her muscles spasm as she fell back in pleasure.

"My turn now." Kirishima smiled giving Deku another smooch "Hope you can handle me."

Deku laid next to her, the taller woman lining him up with her wet snatch and pushing him in.

"UGH, fuck." She groaned a bit "You are big."

Deku started thrusting, Kirishima's muscular body working up a quick sweat as Deku smashed into her, crotch and hips thrusting faster and faster as he pleasured the Amazon, his hands reaching around to play with her breasts a bit more.

"HMM, I can't believe it." The amazon screamed "Ohh fuck I'm gonna-HAAA!"

Deku was able to make her cum too, leaving only one more woman wanting his loving.

"Midoriya." Todoroki was on her hands and knees at the other side of the bed, sticking her ass up "Please."

The muscular man obliged, getting close and mounting her, dick sliding right into her pussy as her soft thick ass cheeks pressed into his abs.

"HMM!" She gripped the sheets as he started thrusting, his hands holding her hips as he fucked her.

"Todoroki!" Deku moaned back as he pounded her "You're so warm!"

"Yes! So deep!" she moaned muffling her head between her big tits "Fuck my girly pussy! It's just for you!"

Todoroki moaned getting fucked, Bakugo and Kirishima rubbing their cum filled pussies to the sight of it, the two bodies clashing in perfect harmony.

"Todoroki-chan I'm gonna…" Deku groaned.

"Yes…yes…OH YESSS!" she screamed as she climaxed.


Once Deku busted a nut inside her the girls all felt satisfied.

"So…who was the best?" Kirishima asked lying next to him.

"I told you I can't choose." Deku laughed.

"I guess we'll just have to keep trying." Todoroki smirked.

"I'm not losing to you two." Bakugo nuzzled against Deku.


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