Harry and Merope and the Mystery of Forks

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Chapter 20 - Epilogue

If Harry had thought that the excitement surrounding the supernatural beings of Forks would have calmed down significantly after he had basically neutered the Volturi and eliminated the threat they had previously posed, he would have been wrong.

When word reached all of the vampires worldwide about the fall of the Volturi, along with the news that there was a powerful being that had the ability to create food that vampires could eat without having to feed on humans, many of them began flooding to Forks in droves in search of him. This only ended up drawing a lot of unwanted attention from the townsfolk, not to mention a lot of new wolves to join the Pack, which shockingly included the first female wolf in the Pack's history, Leah Clearwater.

At first, Leah was angry at becoming a wolf, she was hostile to everyone, including Harry and Merope. It was only after she imprinted on a vampire/human hybrid named Nahuel, who had accompanied his aunt on her quest to meet Harry, that she became less hostile and more welcoming of becoming a wolf.

Leah's good fortune aside, after Harry had to memory charm a few of the biggest gossips in the neighborhood because they had taken a notice of all of the strange visitors that suddenly began showing up at his house, he had finally managed to get the word passed along that any vampires wanting to meet with him could get in touch with Carlisle, who would then pass along the message to him, after which he would make arrangements to visit with them in their own territory.

The sudden interest in the vampire meals by the majority of the vampire population made Harry and Merope spend more time researching a way to eliminate the need for their magic to create the meals. As it was, they were both taking turns working in the RoR making meals, while finishing school and deciding that they were never going to go to muggle school again unless they were there as professors.

After graduation from Forks High School, including Merope who had chosen to skip a year so she could graduate with Harry and the rest of the Cullens, Merope was able to enchant a device that would act as the catalyst for turning the magical ingredients into proper meals for the vampires to be able to eat.

Every known coven was given their own enchanted device to keep, several warded greenhouses were installed around the world where the vampires could then grow their own magical ingredients. Additionally, Harry made copies of the cookbook that he had purchased that had all of the vampire friendly meals in it.

Extra devices and cookbooks were left in the care of Esme, who had volunteered to teach any new vampires they met about how to use the device and give them access to one of the many greenhouses around the world.

Edward and Bella married shortly after graduation and came home with a surprise after the honeymoon. Bella was pregnant and the baby was developing at an accelerated rate. Under the old Volturi rules, it would have been impossible to explain the accelerated pregnancy or anything to do with the supernatural world to Charlie, but with the Volturi's defeat, exceptions were able to be made for the family members of vampires to be allowed to know the secret, so long as they didn't speak of it to anyone else.

Charlie wasn't exactly happy about suddenly being immersed into the world of the supernatural, but when the secret of the wolves also came out at the same time, he had realized that he had spent his entire life surrounded by it and hadn't come to any harm, so he took it all in stride.

The pregnancy had been a bit of a scare, but because of Bella's hybrid status, she fared much better with the pregnancy than she would have if she had been completely human.

They had a daughter named Renesmee Carlie Cullen, who was just as talented as her parents and could project her thoughts to any person that she had physical contact with.

Renesmee's birth was shortly followed by her brother, Mason Cedric Cullen, whose talent was less flashy than Renesmee, but still useful. He wasn't able to read minds like his father or shield minds like his mother, nor was he able to project his thoughts like his sister, but he was able to remain unnoticed if he didn't want to be seen. It wasn't quite like being invisible, but similar to the notice-me-not charm that they were familiar with because of Harry and Merope.

It was after Bella found herself with child for a third time in three years that she insisted that Edward start using condoms.

About five years after the Potters and Cullens had graduated from college was when Harry had an epiphany and thought to add phoenix tears to the ingredients for the vampire meals and was able to recruit Rosalie to be his test subject. He had seen how desperate she had been for a child of her own and he could see her trying to fight her jealousy every time she saw Edward and Bella with their children.

The phoenix tears infused meals did more than Harry had expected, rather than just healing Rosalie's reproductive organs, it turned her into a hybrid like Bella. Not only was Rosalie now able to have children, she could eat human food and not have to only eat the vampire friendly meals.

So infusing the phoenix tears into the vampire friendly meals became another gift to his vampire friends. Not all of the immortals wanted to become hybrids just because it would enable them to have children, the selling point for them was that they would be able to go out into the sunlight without imitating a disco ball. The fact that they could eat human food again, if they chose to, was an added bonus.

At first, Harry thought that this would make the need for the vampire friendly meals to be moot, but was pleasantly surprised that while the new vampire hybrids could eat human food without having any problems, they preferred the flavor of the vampire friendly meals more, so the greenhouses and enchanted devices were still seeing plenty of usage.

The Cullens and the Denali cousins remained the only vampires to have been given the enchanted rings that allowed them to blend in with the humans better, and they were beyond ecstatic to have been given the gift of being able to remain in the same place for longer than a handful of years. Harry and Merope did make sure they had plenty of extra rings that were enchanted for all of the children that they might have throughout the years.

Over the years, other vampires who started to interact more with humans had expressed an interest in the enchanted rings, they ultimately decided that they would rather keep their youthful appearances and move frequently, as they were already used to doing.

It was after moving from place to place with the Cullens for a few hundred years that Harry and Merope began to feel the tug that they hadn't felt in so long, telling them it was time to prepare to say their goodbyes, as they were soon to be needed somewhere else.

The farewell exchanges this time was bittersweet, but different from any other time they had experienced, as this was the first time they had allowed themselves to really let their true selves be seen.

Their time with the Cullens, Denali cousins, and the Pack would be a time that they always held near and dear to their hearts, and they were so thankful to have been able to make such friends as them.

They promised to themselves and to their friends that they would check in with them from time to time, even if it were just for a night every few years. They had all the time in the world after all.

A/N: The only thing I wanted to add, but couldn't quite find good fit for it was that the Pack eventually stopped phasing again, after all the vampires had moved out of Forks; however, I'd like to think that this version of the Pack passed down stories about the Potters and how they made friends with the vampires. Additionally, I'd like to think that Leah moved away from the Pack to be with Nahuel.