Daily Life I

Izuku I

If there was one city the Japanese would tell you to visit, it was Musutafu. And it wasn't exactly hard to see why. The city is widely known as the center of heroism, being home to many hero agencies, the family of Japan's number 2 hero, and the most prestigious hero school in the country, U.A. High School, which has produced many top heroes. Including the number one hero himself, All Might.

Thanks to the city's unique position, it quickly became a flourishing tourist spot that never saw a shortage of hardworking heroes, regular workers, and tourists. There was never a boring day in Musutafu, where heroes and villains clashed daily, and everyone could watch. It was like living in an action movie where everyday was a new installment to a seemingly endless series.

If you were to talk to the people in the famous city, they would all speak of how awesome it was to be able to see pro heroes in action every day. It was a city that never seemed to run out of excitement.

And in the midst of the city's daily dose of explosions and superpowered conflicts, some small-time petty criminals may decide to sneak some wrongdoings right under the heroes' noses. One such example was running away, stolen purse in hand as the lady who was robbed tried to catch up and somehow call the police at the same time.

Seeing the lady fumbling around trying to do too many things at once, the lanky old man grinned at the sight and pushed himself to run faster. Turning his head to look in front of him, he could see that he was about to run into a group of kids in front of a hero merch store. Two blondes, one with spiky hair and one with a muscular tail, and a kid with messy green hair, emerald eyes and freckles who was checking the contents of his wallet. He gathered energy around his feet, his greed driving him to attempt to boost his speed, and swipe the greenette's wallet as he made his way past them.

The plan was too perfect, he thought, mentally praising himself and his own "genius" as he let the energy he had gathered burst under his feet, significantly increasing his speed as he rocketed to them.

Only for everything to go horribly wrong as the green haired kid he was targeting quickly extended his free hand, aiming a fist right at the speeding thief who couldn't build up enough energy in time to move himself out of the away.

It was truly an unfortunate moment. The thief was quite tall compared to normal people, even when a lot of them had mutation quirks that could increase their height. The kid was a tiny bit on the shorter side, standing at about 170 cm, with his fist held a bit low. The unfortunate positioning, the unexpectedness of the sudden response, and his travel speed caused his family jewels to crash directly into the fist at the speed of a racing car, leaving it no chance of survival as knuckles crushed soft organs.

He was thrown off course and sent rolling across the pavement and crashing into the nearest wall on the other side of the street. He ached as much as he breathed, the burning pain of something getting crushed felt like it reached even his soul, and he despaired at the death of any chance to continue his bloodline.

Not like anyone would want him, anyway. So the chances were always going to be zero.

Across the street, the blonde with the tail looked over his shoulder then poked the spiky haired blonde next to him. Following the tailed boy's finger, he saw the poor man curled up on the floor, with people gathered around him, either amused by the sight, pitying the man, or actually just calling the police. His palm slammed into his face and dragged itself down and off, and with a tired sigh that screamed 'I've had enough of this shit,' shook the greenette beside him, who finally snapped out of what looked like a muttering spree and looked at his companion.

"Hm? What is it, Kacchan?"

The spiky blonde, 'Kacchan,' just groaned, before pointing at the shell of a man who was currently unconscious, and nearly yelled. "Don't you 'what, Kacchan' me, damn it! That's the third one this week! And you got him in the fucking balls, this time, Deku!"

'Deku' had the decency to look equally sorry and horrified for what he had done to the poor thief once he looked over, and let out a tired groan of his own. "I'm trying to stop… I'm really, really trying to stop…"

Their friend with the tail just patted 'Deku's' back with a pitying smile. "We know. And we know you're trying your best. You're just… not good at it."

"Did you really have to twist the knife, Shiro?!"

'Kacchan' just sighed- he had been sighing a lot lately- and walked past them. "Oi, come on! There's this indian place with really spicy curry I wanna try, and I don't wanna waste anymore time with you two fuckers and your comedy act!".

This idiotic trio was quite famous with the locals. The tailed blonde, Ojiro Mashirao, who was usually the more sensible one, always trying to put a stop to their usual brand of insanity which he still didn't quite understand. Out of the three, he was considered the most stable of them.

The spiky blonde, Bakugo Katsuki, whose explosive personality is matched only by his equally explosive quirk, and hairstyle. If he wasn't the one starting the chaos, he was the one exuding generous amount of 'I'm so fucking done' energy as he tried to act as the sane one in the group.

The greenette who had just ended an entire potential line of children, Midoriya Izuku, was the resident trouble magnet. His sanity constantly being tested by the chaos of his friend group, and his ability to find himself in troublesome situations, much like earlier. If something ridiculous happened, it could probably be traced all the way back to him, from blindly walking into a hero versus villain battle, to a hostage situation, to simply knocking out the odd small-time criminal without even looking.

Izuku and Mashirao quickly followed the explosive blonde, hoping to catch up quite easily as he intentionally kept his pace slow so he didn't leave them behind. And upon hearing his green haired friend call out to their tailed friend, Katsuki just sighed- again, he had been sighing a lot lately- and stopped to wait for the duo.

As if Izuku getting into trouble being as normal as breathing wasn't already bad enough, Mashirao, the only one out of the three who could actually make a living out of stopping their insanity before they destroyed something, had absolutely no sense of direction. No one knew why, but his ability to get lost could be registered as a second quirk because of how reality-breaking it was. You don't hear about your friend wandering all over Tokyo for 3 hours looking for a fucking tea shop and not think that they're absolutely hopeless by themselves.

Sometimes Katsuki wonders why he even bothers to deal with them.

Oh, right. They're the only ones who aren't just worthless extras. For how stupid they are, Mashirao becomes a relentless storm of precision and power in combat, and you shouldn't even think of fighting Izuku and his bullshit quirk unless you're suicidal, a masochist, or you're either of his friends. Because they're the only ones so far who've been able to keep up with the greenette in a fight, even if he did lack raw power.

And Katsuki is a cataclysm. While he lacked Mashirao's technique or Izuku's bullshit, he more than made up for it by being an explosive force of raw, destructive power and instincts.

One conquered spicy curry challenge later, the trio took the scenic route to the Midoriya Household, discussing the latest hero battles and their plans to train for their upcoming U.A. Entrance Exam. As they approached one of the many houses in the residential area of Musutafu, Izuku's eyes briefly flashed orange and he quickly ducked. His two friends wasted no time and immediately followed suit, just in time to avoid a man-shaped missile slamming down on the ground just a bit to their right, cracking the road and kicking up a large cloud of dust.

Leaving one emerald eye open to see, he looked at the dust cloud, noticing that there was a person in there. And that's when a familiar, and annoyingly playful voice called out. "Whew! I was sure I got you, there! Man, your intuition never fails huh, Zuku?"

Katsuki lunged into the cloud, letting loose an explosion that blew the dust away, revealing a muscular, handsome man with brown hair nearly as messy as Izuku's, playful black eyes, and a shit-eating grin framed wonderfully by a scruffy beard. The man just laughed and easily dodged the angry bomb child's attack. "The hell you laughing about, old man?! You were going for our heads! You were definitely going for our heads, weren't you?"

The man simply shrugged like it wasn't really a big deal that he went for such a blow. "Meh, you got Izuku with you. If anything, you two know to trust his intuition. Seriously, son, are you sure you don't actually have two quirks?"

Izuku sighed and stood up, dusting himself off as he looked at the man. "No, Dad. We had that checked so many times. And you're really not worried about possibly crushing your own son's skull?"

Another shrug. "Your quirk is bullshit. You'd be out of the way the moment I went in for a strike." Izuku could only grumble for about a second before they heard Katsuki screaming at them.

"Oi! Tails is fucking missing again!"

This caught the attention of the two other males. Looking at where their tailed friend was supposed to be, they finally noticed that he had vanished from their sight. Exactly three seconds passed before father and son sighed, being far too used to Mashirao's tendency to get lost by now.

After a horrible hour spent searching for the poor, lost boy, they were finally sat on the couch in the Midoriya Household. The trio looked with a bit of amusement and some pity as Izuku's father, Midoriya Hisashi, prostrated himself before the furious green-haired woman, his beautiful wife and the mother of Izuku, Midoriya Inko.

Inko was a terrifying mother when it came to her son's safety, and clearly, she did not approve of Hisashi basically attempting to crush her sweet baby boy's head with his foot. All the poor man could do was keep his head down and beg to every single deity known to man that his wife wouldn't punish him too harshly.

"Uwaaaa…" Mashirao hushedly said upon witnessing the scene in front of them. "You can almost see the devil materializing behind her. Izu, are you sure your mom isn't a stand user?"

That got him a smack on the head from the only other blonde in the room. "Are you fucking stupid, Tails? This isn't some Jojo shit. It's that thing, you know? Battle aura, was it? Basically her will is so fucking strong it's actually visible." At the end of his explanation, Katsuki looked up proudly, expecting to be told that he was right.

All he got were the surprised stares of his two friends. "What the hell are you two looking at me like that for, huh?!" He yelled at them, which seemed to snap them back to reality as they looked at each other, then at him, then at each other again, wondering who was going to be at the receiving end of their explosive friend's wrath.

In the end, Izuku decided to take the bullet. "Kacchan… You- I didn't expect you to be an otaku."


"Yeah," Mashirao continued despite the vein pulsing on Katsuki's temple, "out of all of us, you seemed the least likely to be one. And based on what you said, you probably really like shonen anime and manga, right? Is that why you're so loud? You're trying to be like the classic shonen protagonist?"

"Oi, Tails, get your shitty ass over here so I can fucking kill your fucking face."

"No, no. This is important. Which protagonist are you trying to imitate? Goku? Asta?"

"That's fucking it, I'm killing you right now Tails, and you better not fucking resist!"

Izuku sighed as he watched his two friends chase each other, not even bothering to try and stop what had become a daily occurrence to them. Looking to the side, he could see Hisashi laid stomach-down on Inko's lap, getting spanked like a child.

Yep. Completely normal.

And as he rested against the couch, he wondered how his life became the way it is.

It all began in China.

One day, they announced the birth of a "luminescent baby." Then, all over the world, people with "paranormal abilities" started to appear. And quickly, the unexplainable abnormal became the new normal.

Dreams had become reality. Humanity was gifted with unique superpowers. Their quirks. Their individuality.

With the emergence of these quirks, the world was in flames. Chaos was spread as far as the eye could see, and no one was safe. Crime skyrocketed as more and more powers appeared.

And to combat the chaos, a profession that could only be seen in fiction came into the spotlight. People with courageous hearts and traits most commonly seen in american comics fought to reduce crime and protect the people.

Heroes came into the spotlight, and quickly became recognized for their efforts, becoming official protectors of the innocent, and receiving money and fame in return.

Current society is mostly composed of these super powered men and women, with 80% of the world population having some sort of quirk to call their own.

The other 20% are known as the quirkless, people "without individuality," without a superpower to call their own. Most of the quirkless are people from the previous generations, and the real number of children and teenagers who were born without quirks has steadily declined over the years.

And for a while, Midoriya Izuku was believed to be one of these quirkless people.

~10 Years Ago~

A young Izuku could be seen in front of the family computer, eyes wide as he watched his favorite video.

It was a fairly old clip of a huge disaster. One that would have claimed too many lives. But it was also the debut of a certain hero.

[Fear not, citizens!] The hero's deep voice rang out like a beacon of hope as he lifted the rubble off of him, holding injured people under his arms and on his shoulders. [Why?]

The man's smile was bright, sized up to match his huge musculature. [Because I'm here.]

That smile, the people's cheers, their belief that everything would really be alright now that he was on the scene. It inspired him. Izuku was always a kind child at heart, but the debut of All Might, the world's greatest hero, lit a spark in his soul. A deep desire to save everyone with a smile. To keep people safe. To make sure that, as long as they were within his reach, the people did not have to suffer.

He wanted to be a hero.

"He's so cool!" The child Izuku gushed, hands tightly clinging onto his collector's edition All Might action figure as he watched the video on repeat. "When I get my quirk, I wanna be a hero like him!"

It would be months later when Izuku would encounter his first major setback.

"I'm afraid there's no hope for him," the old doctor carelessly said as he looked at the papers gathered in his hands.

Midoriya Inko looked at her son worriedly, then back at the doctor. "There must be some mistake? The other kindergarteners have showing signs, but…"

"Pardon my asking, Mrs. Midoriya. But as far as quirks go, you're from the fourth generation, correct?"

"Yes…" The mother demonstrated her quirk, as she telekinetically pulled the action figure that Izuku had dropped in his shock. "I can pull objects towards me, and my husband breathes fire."

The doctor nodded. "By the age of four, children should manifest either one of their parents' quirks, or a composite of the two. However," he brought up an x-ray scan of a human foot. "Early quirk research made an important discovery. It has to do with the presence of an extra joint in the pinky toe."

The doctor leaned back against his seat, and placed his hands on his lap. "Humans have no need for parts they don't use. And those without that extra toe joint represent the next stage of human evolution. Young Izuku here has two joints."

Izuku, who was silently listening to the doctor, started to shake. Fear gripping his heart as he desperately hoped against fate. Maybe his quirk would take longer to manifest? Maybe the doctor was just joking? Maybe the extra toe joint was his quirk?

But unfortunately, reality is often cruel. And Izuku could do nothing as he felt everything crash down onto him, as the doctor finished his little lecture.

"It's becoming exceedingly rare nowadays, but he possesses no quirk at all."

He had no quirk. There was no hope for him to ever manifest a quirk. He was quirkless. That word, and the realization that he'd never have a cool power to help him on his path to heroism, echoed endlessly in his mind, drowning out everything else. And before he knew it, he had shut himself in his room, bawling his eyes out as he stared longingly at the video of All Might's debut.

Could he still be a hero? Even without a quirk?

Downstairs, Inko was desperately holding back her tears as she told Hisashi about Izuku's condition. She was scared. The quirkless were victims of all forms of abuse, and she was scared that her beloved might leave them because of a quirkless child. After all, he was a powerful hero.

The Fire Dragon Hero, Igneel. With his superior strength and flames that rivaled Endeavor's, Midoriya Hisashi rose up the ranks as a crowd favorite. Saving the day with style that made the ladies swoon, Inko was painfully aware of how easily she could be replaced if he didn't want to be tied to a quirkless child and the mother.

The silence was tense and nearly suffocating her, until the fire breather spoke. "Lil' Zuku's up in his room, right?"

She could only nod, and as she watched her husband walk up the stairs, she desperately gathered whatever shreds of courage she could, and used it to ask one important question.

"What are you gonna do, Hisashi?"

The dragon hero stopped in his steps, and looked back at Inko with the kindest smile she had ever seen. It wasn't the vicious smile of the battle junkie she had fallen in love with, it wasn't the rehearsed smile he used when he was around fans and the media, it wasn't even his usual, playful smile that he used whenever he was home.

His smile was that of a caring father's, the same smile he had when Izuku was born, the same smile he wore without thinking whenever he watched Izuku from afar, while the child enjoyed his life.

Inko looked up, and saw the love in his eyes. It had never left, in fact, it seemed stronger than ever. And she knew that everything would be alright.

"Our kid's hurting, Inko. And I gotta do my job as his ultra-cool dad every once in a while, right?"

She happily nodded, and quickly gave the man a chaste kiss on the lips before making her way to the kitchen. The day definitely called for some katsudon.

Hisashi slowly made his way to his son's room, making sure to consciously put some weight into his steps so that his son knew he was coming. He didn't want to give the kid a heart attack.

While he walked, he thought about what Inko had told him. Quirkless. Their beloved son, the kind child who only wanted to help others, wasn't given a power that would help him become the kind of hero he wanted to be.

Hisashi never once thought of leaving the kid, or his wife. He did, however, feel horrible. He felt that his son's quirklessness was his fault, that he had failed to give his son the one thing he wanted so much. He felt that he had failed at being a father. He failed Izuku.

He quickly snapped himself back to reality. He was in front of Izuku's door, hand open and just waiting to grab the doorknob. His son was in pain. His dream, brutally crushed under the doctor's callous words. He could think of how to make up for his failure later, right now he had a son to comfort.

Twisting the doorknob and gently pushing the door open, the first thing he noticed was how dark the room was. In the corner of the room, little Izuku sat, watching All Might's debut video while tears poured down his face like a waterfall. He could just barely hear the voices from the video, yet he could tell exactly what they were saying. That just showed how much Izuku watched the video on a daily basis, how much he loved heroes, how badly he wanted to become one, himself.

"Look, dad," his son's shaky voice caught his attention. And it's so wrong. His precious Izuku shouldn't sound so sad, so broken. He didn't deserve to feel like that. "No matter what kind of trouble you're in, he'll save you with a smile…"

Hisashi quietly walked up to the chair and wrapped his arms around his son from behind, enveloping him on the warmest hug the fire breather could muster.

"Can- can I become a hero…? Even without a quirk, can I still become a hero like All Might?"

Hisashi brought his face close, and spoke quietly. "No, son. You won't become a hero like All Might."

Those words hit him like a red-hot nail getting hammered through his heart. How could his dad crush his dreams like that? Weren't parents supposed to support their kids?

"You won't become a hero like him," Hisashi continued, before Izuku's thoughts could spiral down, "because you'll be better."

Izuku's eyes widened, some light returning to them as he looked at his dad, hoping that he wasn't lying, that he meant every word that came from his mouth. And as he looked at Hisashi, he could see no lies in those kind, black eyes, and his gentle, loving smile.

"You'll be a hero so much better than All Might. You'll be the greatest hero the world has ever seen. And your old man's here to help you, every step of the way."

Izuku could feel his eyes watering. It didn't matter that he didn't have a quirk. His dad supported him, and even wanted to help him! He couldn't hold his tears back anymore, and let the dam break as he released all of his emotions into his dad's shirt.

Everything was going to be alright. He could still achieve his dream.

Hisashi smiled and gently rubbed circles on his son's back, not caring that his shirt was getting soaked with tears and snot. His son needed someone to cry on, and he was happy to be that someone.

"Let it all out, Izuku. I'm here for you."

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