When I started this story, I had great plans for it. I had a cool idea, I had a cool villain, I had a cool path all planned out. I even had a darker plotline in the works for when I wanted to take it down a sadder route.

Then my mental took a nosedive to the 11th layer of hell.

And while I was recuperating, I realized that all my ideas for this book just... Didn't seem right.

They seemed too out of nowhere, and it didn't seem to really fit with the story at all.

At that point, I was playing a very nostalgic game, and it had inspired me to make a story with a plotline that was somewhat inspired by it. And I realized that this new project I had already teased in the previous announcement was going to be a bit more of a somber take on the BNHA universe.

Of course, I refused to give up on this story, even as I found myself busy working on this new one. I had become very fond of it over the short time I spent writing it.

And that's when it hit me. If I was gonna make a darker BNHA fic, then I should also make a sillier one. And that's what I intend to do with this story.

Yes, I am also changing the title. I hated it when I settled for it, I still hate it now. I'm horrible at thinking up titles, sadly.

So I will be working on this more light-hearted rework of FoH soon, after I polish some things out. The 3 chapters that are out right now won't see much change, if I even decide to change them. But I am scrapping a lot of the plot points I had planned for this.

Honestly, I should have done this from the start. KHR, while it did become so full of amazing conflicts and trials, still stuck to their silly, comedy roots whenever the Vongola wasn't facing off some major world-threatening opponent. And it was my mistake when I tried to move this fic to a darker place, completely ignoring that KHR started as a comedy manga. Not to mention BNHA also has a good amount of comedic moments.

Had I continued with my previous vision for this fic, it would have flopped horribly, because it lacked the silliness that made BNHA and KHR so lovable in the first place. And that is entirely my fault. And I apologize for that.

Of course, this doesn't mean that it'll all be sunshine and rainbows. Just like how my new project will have its moments of joy, the FoH rewrite will also have its characters going through hardships and new, stronger enemies that could probably shake the whole MHA world.

God, I hope I can pull this off.