AN: Sorry, if some of you felt the last chapter was a little rushed. I somehow felt that I lost the tension once they'd agree on the main goal, being together, there just wasn't a lot of conflict left. Maybe that was my mistake to begin with, having them agree on it too soon. I'm still a fresh writer here, so I'm learning from my mistakes. Another way would've been to write about their decision who moves where, but this has been done so many times before, though usually in post-AYITL fics, and I just felt it was Rory's turn to take the leap. If they had discussed it, I think Logan might have had difficulty accepting that sacrifice from her end, thinking like he couldn't ask from her what he once had before, to move for him. And for that to come as even as a little bit of a surprise the rushing was necessary not to reveal her decision and actions towards it too soon. Sure, it could've been improved somehow. But at that moment I didn't know how to do it in a better way.

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Rory had moved as quickly as the following week, only bringing the bare essentials, having konmari'd her belongings thoroughly, shipping most of it to Logan's townhouse in London and packing just one suitcase along with her messenger bag for their impending travels. They'd visited her grandparents and Lorelai together, announcing their engagement and move, leaving the three utterly baffled at the unexpected turn of events. But her mind was made up, and there was little any one of them could say to change that, not that they wanted to. The only person who hadn't been surprised was Paris, having muttered "bloody idiots," to their face, for having not properly communicated about Logan's first proposal to begin with.

They'd postponed announcing the news to the Hunzbergers for a while, not really feeling the need as they spent the next couple of months on the road visiting Oslo, Prague, Copenhagen, Marseille and Berlin before settling in London just before Christmas, promising to visit the Gilmores just after New Years. Rory hadn't really had much time to settle into the London townhouse, still feeling like somehow the apartment in Hamburg was more like their home base, despite only having spent a couple of days there. For Logan London was still home and he'd gone out of his way to bring the Christmas feeling to her, decorating and creating the ultimate hygge. They spent an intimate Christmas eve getting to know their joint home and complimenting their former London traditions, from years ago, with newer ones, leaving Christmas Day dinner for finally breaking the news to the Huntzbergers. To their surprise it was just Shira who'd been reluctant to accept the news, Mitchum having relented, saying that it was about time Logan found someone, having been starting to lose all hope. Honor had been just happy to see her brother as happy as he was, the smile from his face almost never disappearing.

While Logan traveled, Rory worked wherever her laptop sat, writing a couple of stories each month, and submitting a few of her own choosing when she felt like it. It was those stories that she enjoyed most, and while she had been sceptical at first, whether lengthy in-depth pieces by a small-fish, she'd felt like working in New York, would be something to interest anybody, it became evident only after a couple of months that those were her strength. With the moderate income together with her earnings from her Manhattan apartment she actually felt like pitching in fairly evenly, unless of course Logan decided to splurge on some fancier accommodations, which he tended to do every once in a while to surprise her after staying somewhere duller.

Logan no longer felt like just going through the motions during his travels, his improved motivation showing even in his work. He felt younger, more alert and innovative, having someone to bounce ideas off as they discovered new places, wherever they went. They were a part of each-other's work again, enjoying seeing the sparkle in each-other's eyes, pushing one and other and sharing their opinions.

It was a Saturday morning in the spring of 2016, when Logan paced nervously back and forth in an anonymous Los Angeles hotel room, while Rory stared expectantly at the timer to reach two minutes. Her period was late, for the first time in her life, and she knew she'd skipped taking one of her pills roughly a month earlier due to a delayed flight. As the timer rang, the two stared at the pink-white pregnancy test almost in disbelief, there being just one stripe. They glanced at each-other, realizing their unexpected reaction.

"Is it weird that I'm kind of disappointed in this result?" Rory asked, feeling confused. Kids were never really something they had specifically talked about. Their current lifestyle certainly was less than ideal for something like that and doing it together had been rather enjoyable. They weren't tired of it, nor feeling the urge to stay in one place. Yet this felt different, maybe it was time?

Logan listened to her, recognizing a very similar feeling within him.

"Rory Gilmore, do you want to make a baby with me?" Logan asked with a wide smirk.

"I think I do," she replied, even to her surprise, wrapping her arms around his neck.

"But I think we really should take care of one thing first," Rory stated.

It was 8 hours later when the two stood in a chapel in Las Vegas, being announced as husband and wife leaving the two with a hyphenated last name.

It was 11 months later when Rory gave birth to Sage Huntzberger-Gilmore as the three settled in London, keeping an apartment in New York and Hamburg on the side. They limited their travels, but it was still something they wanted their child to grow up with, immersing her in languages and cultures of the world.