Well everyone, here is a new story I have been working on recently. It's just a simple Justice League story, no crossover with Marvel or anything, maybe a bit of Devil May Cry due to the OC being part demon and a demon killer, but not much to be a crossover. I hope you all enjoy the story, and if some characters are a bit OOC, well it's just a story, not a movie or a TV show.

This is also a harem story but for now that harem is: Wonder Woman, Huntress (Helena Wayne), Black Canary, Grail, and Powergirl.

That's the harem for now, I don't know if I want it to grow bigger as I am not aiming for a large harem in this story. I may replace Grail but she's barely used in stories, same with Huntress.

As for what timeline this is in, well the story isn't centred in any real continuity, time frame or timeline but the main point of it are the New 52 because I'm going with Diana's daughter of Zeus origin, and Huntress is Helena Wayne, and I am also putting in a piece of the Arrowverse in.

Maybe a few of Drake/Shadow's exes will show up to sleep with him or join him and one of the ladies in the harem in a threesome.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything to do with Justice League or any DC character who shows up, is seen or mentioned. I only own Drake Maverick/the Shadow.

Flying through the air under the night sky in New York City was a beautiful woman with raven black hair, a voluptuous, goddess-like body, dressed in a red and silver outfit. A lasso strapped to her hip, wristbands on her wrists along with a silver tiara on her head that had a red star in the middle. Sword sheathed at her hip along with a shield.

This beautiful woman was Diana Prince AKA Wonder Woman...and she was very, VERY pissed off.

Why? Well the reason was because tonight she was meant to be on a date with Brace Wayne AKA the Batman of Gotham City after months of dating and trying to pick a day for their date due to their busy schedules as heroes and members of the Justice League, so it was kinda hard to get a weekend off for their relationship. Eventually they had a day picked for their date night, Diana dressing up in a beautiful dress that got gazes from both men and women, the latter not bothering her as she has been intimate with her fellow Amazon sisters in the past.

She showed up at the nice restaurant booked for their meal, and waited THREE hours with the Dark Knight not showing up at all. She looked like a complete fool and felt like an idiot, she was wella ware of the looks of pity she got from the other customers there. Seeing she was a beautoful woman dressed for a date with her date not showing up. She didn't wait any longer and phoned Bruce but it wasn't him who answered.

It was Talia Al Ghul!

Diana crushed her phone in rage, a dark scowl coming onto her face when she heard that psycho assassin's voice on the other end instead of Bruce's. She knew what was happening, she didn't need to hear Bruce's end of the story. She knew how it ended when Bruce was with Talia. The two had a child for Zeus' sake!

"Honestly, what does that bitch have that i don?" Diana asked angrily with her dark scowl still there.

Was it Talia's body? Diana had the body of a goddess, a body that put supermodels to shame and was told could rival Aphrodite's body and her beauty rivalled Aphrodite's.

A dark side? Diana had one, being a daughter of Zeus himself gave her one automatically and she felt like giving into that darkside to go murder the daughter of Ra's Al Ghul.

Diana's attention was brought out of her thoughts when she heard a demonic screech and turned her head to the right, where the New York shipping yard was, and saw a pack of demons fighting something.

While she's angry, frustrated, and betrayed, she wasn't selfish enough to just leave whoever was in trouble to defend themselves so she flew over in the direction of the fighting. She unsheathed her sword and flew in, dropkicking a demon in the back while slicing a second in half, her entrance causing the demons and their opponent to pause and look at her. Diana looking at whoever was the demons' target and felt her eyes widen in surprise.

Standing there, with a large sword in hand, was a man dressed in some kind of armour that looked very much similar to the Green Arrow's except with long sleeves, was black, and the mask covered the entire face, maybe the entire head, and had red lenses along with a long black trench coat over the outfit (1). She recognised him to be the vigilante known as the Shadow, a lethal vigilante who's methods in dishing out justice had gotten him into some bother with the Justice League but the last time they confronted each other, the Shadow told them to get out of his city and don't tell him how to run things in HIS city and he won't come into one of theirs to do the same.

"Okay, now she's here." the Shadow said, his voice disguised by a voice modulator (2).

The demons snarled and were ready to attack again but the Shadow and Diana didn't let them as they struck, slicing and cutting the demons down until soon there was no more. The Shadow twirled his sword a few times before sheathing it across his back and looked at Diana, who he noticed was very much pissed off and angry since she was reckless when fighting the demons, which was weird to see from one of the strongest women in the world.

"What are you doing here?" Drake asked, narrowing his eyes behind his mask as he looked the woman over, admiring her body for a brief moment, but was mostly looking to see if she had something that was to arrest him for his 'murdering'. He killed scum who deserved a hole in Hell.

"Being a hero, like always." Diana said,a little more irritated than she intended as she cleaned her sword of demon blood and sheathed it.

Drake hummed as he watched her for a moment before speaking again. "Alright, what's pissed you off? I can see that you are very angry at something or someone. It ain't me, I hope."

Diana sighed. "it's not. It's my...boyfriend. He stood me up on our date tonight."

Drake's eyes widened behind his mask. Who the hell has balls to do that to Wonder Woman? A woman who can rival Superman in strength and probably make the Man of Steel her bitch. Who has balls to stand her up on a date? Not even he would have the guts or stupidity to do that, despite being the son of a very powerful and strong demon and a dragon goddess which made his strength and power superhuman, maybe close to Superman's strength. He hasn't battled the Man of Steel to see if he was just as strong and godlike as him.

"He preferred the company of another woman." Diana added with a growl, clenching her fists.

'Okay, whoever stood her up not only did that but CHEATED on her?! What can of stupid man does that to a woman who can turn you into a human basketball?' Drake thought before he saw Diana looking at him with a small smirk. "Why are you staring at me?"

"Are you seeing anyone?" Diana asked, smirk still in place as a mischievous idea formed in her mind. If Bruce wanted to stand her up to sleep with another woman, well two can play at that game and a woman's wrath was more scary than anything. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned after all.

Drake blinked at the question and looked around briefly in a awkward manner due to his surprise. "Uh...no. Why?"

"Because we are going back to my penthouse..." Diana said as she walked towards him, hips swaying and got close to him, raising a leg to wrap around his waist. "...and we are going to have sex."

"Wait, what?!"

"I find myself frustrated sexually and emotionally after tonight...I hope you can change that." Diana said before grabbing him and flew off towards her penthouse, Drake letting out a surprised yell. He gulped a little, not sure how to feel about this situation he's found himself in...although a part of him was very much excited to be offered the chance to have sex with Wonder Woman, a part he tried stomping down but couldn't...

Now this is not rape being implied by the way so don't bother going there. I do hope you all enjoyed the chapter. Sorry if there was no lemon in this scene but there will be lemons, don't worry everyone.

By the way, I'm thinking of bringing back my DC New 52 story but I want ideas on how to start it off and which OC to use, Shadow or my Spawn OC. I don't want to make the story similar to two others that have DC New 52 in the title.

1. Earth X Arrow's outfit from Crisis on Earth X.

2. Prometheus's voice modulator from Arrow.