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Warning: Lemon in this chapter.

"Woah!" Helena ducked a clawed swipe from the demon in front of her and then flipped over it, shooting an arrow from her crossbow into it's back but it only seemed to further piss the demon off. Out of the corner of her eye, Helena saw Drake fighting off the other two demons by himself but she knew he had it handled, he was an expert in demon killing more than anyone else in her opinion.

The two vigilantes ended up back to back as the three demons circled them before the two nodded at each other then grabbed onto one another before swinging themselves around to dropkick a demon then pointed their gun/crossbow at the third one who hilariously looked like a deer caught in the headlights. The two fired their respective weapons right into the demon's face, blowing it's head to pieces and the body soon disintegrated like some demons do after being killed.

"One down...two to go." Drake said as he put Dusk away and unsheathed Judgement, swinging his large sword around before resting the blade on his shoulder. He looked at Helena. "Shall we?"

"Sure." Helena said before grinning at him. "Hey, after this you want to head back to my place so we can...relive the stress?"

Drake looked at her. "I thought that night in Vegas was supposed to be a one-time thing."

Helena shrugged. "Well, seeing as you were the best goddamn lay i have ever had, and you saved my ass that night from a crime lord and his lackeys, plus I hadn't had sex in a while before that night. Plus, we did agree there would be a second time, remember?"

"Oh yeah." Drake muttered before he backflipped to avoid being rammed into by a demon as the other one charged at Helena who flipped over it then she began punching and kicking it, flipping over it again and repeating this process.

With Drake, he ducked and avoided the demon's heavy strikes like they were nothing, which they were in his case as he was a little bored. Drake then jumped and delivered a kick right into the chin of the demon which sent it into the air before Drake grabbed it by it's feet then spun around in midair and then tossed the demon right into a pizza truck, sending slices and boxes of pizza everywhere.

"Damn...I would hate to be the pizza boy who was driving that truck." Drake said just as a guy with a hat that had a pizza on it came out of a building and saw the van.

"My van! The Pizza!"

"Yep, wouldn't want to be him when his boss finds out." Drake chuckled before he was punched in the chest by the demon, sending him flying right into window which sent him into a bedroom. He heard two women scream and looked to see two naked women, clearly having sex since they were covering themselves up and had sweat, plus...there was BDSM toys all over the place. "Sorry ladies. Also, damn that's kinky."

He jumped out through the broken window and tackled the demon when it lunged at him. Drake pulled out Dusk and shoved it into the demon's mouth.

"Say ahhh."


Drake pulled his gun away and placed it back in it's holster as the demon disintegrated underneath him but he walked off the body as it completely disappeared then looked to see Helena having some trouble with the demon she was fighting. He was about to jump in and help her when he watched as she jumoed onto the demon. wrapping her legs around it's neck then shoved her crossbow into it's chin and fired, an arrow shooting right through it's skull before she jumped off as it dropped dead, disintegrating afterwards.

"Phew, demons are hard work." Helena said as Drake walked up to her. She looked at him and saw the demon he was fighting dead and gone. "How do you handle these guys so easily?"

"Lots and lots of harsh training from my parents." Drake said with a sigh leaving him. "They wanted to make sure I was ready for very powerful demons who could give even Doomsday a run for the ugly department and in strength."

Helena shivered, she didn't want to meet a demon who was more ugly than Doomsday or even stronger than Doomsday who was able to beat the fuck out of Superman. "I'll stick with fighting demons that are on my level of fighting."

Drake shrugged. "These are the weaker ones, these one we fought are close to Superman and Wonder Woman's level, you're lucky to have not been broken apart with just one punch from them."

"Why do demons try to kill you anyway?" Helena asked curiously.

"Half-Demon, Half Dragon God." Drake replied. "Plus my dad is a very, VERY powerful demon who could match Lucifer himself in terms of strength and power, and many lesser demons want that power for themselves. There is a reason he is nicknamed Darkness, aside from the fact names have power so using his real name would be a big mistake. Plus my mother is nicknamed Light."

"Weird every time I hear it. Light and Darkness made Shadow." Helena joked before she looked around then grinned at him. "So, shallw e head back to my place?"

Drake looked at her for a moment then looked around before he nodded.

"Hello Diana." Bruce greeted Wonder Woman as she entered the Batcave.

"Bruce." Diana said with an icy tone as she looked at Bruce coldly. They stared at one another for several silent moments before Diana spoke up again, a glare on her beautiful face this time. "Are you going to apologize or not?"

"Diana, I didn't-" Bruce tried to explain.

"Didn't what? mean to not show up for our date last night or you didn't mean to be ditching me because you were too busy cheating on me with Talia Al Ghul?" Diana cut him off with a cold look in her eye that would probably make Darkseid piss himself in fear. "How long has this been going on? Since we tried dating?"

"No, I haven't and I never have been with Talia in that way, Diana." Bruce tried explaining.

"Really? So the on and off thing between you two wasn't intimate? Bruce, you have a child with her so don't give me that bullshit." Diana growled. "Every time she shows up to kill you or needs you in anyway, you end up screwing her." She purposefully forgot to tell Bruce that she ran into Bruce and Talia's son who shot her a glare and said she was 'unworthy.'

Last night, Ra's Al Ghul teamed with poison Ivy and tried unleashing a bioweapon on Gotham." Bruce explained. "Talia wanted my help in stopping them. That is all that happened."

Diana stared Bruce down coldly before she turned and walked towards the Batcomputer, putting in several codes she learned thanks to a certain red Hood. 'Which reminds me, I should visit him and say he was right in what this thing with Bruce would lead to.'

She didn't have any issues with the former Robin, despite his methods but the Shadow was the same, and he didn't have any problem with her so it was why he warned her of what may happen if she gets involved romantically with Bruce.

"What are you doing?" Bruce frowned as he walked over.

Diana ignored him as she out in the code and the surveillance from last night came up at around the time she phoned to see where the hell Bruce was and her eyes narrowed at what she saw.

Bruce and Talia heavily kissing, almost trying to eat each other's faces and looking like they did not want to stop.

Diana gave Bruce a cold look. "Nothing happened, huh?"

"I was exposed to Ivy's pheremones, talia took advantage of that." Bruce said a bit too quickly for her liking.

"So it's Ivy's fault? Bullshit, the only reason you fucked Talia was because you WANTED To, willingly I might add." Diana said, glancing at the computer to see Bruce start kissing Talia's neck and trying to get her suit off as his phone rang, which Talia answered as Bruce began kissing her breasts. Diana then shut the computer off just as they heard footsteps coming down the stairs and into the cave.

It was Talia.

"Oh for the love of Hades." Diana muttered as she glared hatefully and coldly at Talia.

Talia shot her the same glare before looking at Bruce. "Why is she here, beloved?"

"I was leaving anyway." Diana said and walked past Bruce, shooting the smirking Talia a dark glare and right then she wanted nothing more than to rip that psycho's head off with her bare hands.

She left the Manor, struggling to keep her tears back before she exhaled loudly and took off into the sky, a few tears falling before she wiped them away.

'I'm tempted to call Shadow and have him fuck my sadness away. But that would be unfair to him.' She sighed. 'Maybe once I've calmed...and should probably give Karen a heads up, see if she wants to join this time.'

Drake and Helena stumbled into Helena's penthouse, kissing heatedly as Drake pressed Helena up against the wall, the girl's toned legs wrapped tightly around his waist before he carried her into the living room where he sat down on the couch. Helena took his halfway pushed up mask off then shrugged his coat off, both eagerly wanting out of their clothes.

Helena stood and began stripping before his eyes until she soon stood in a black bra and thong...that had a picture of him on them. Seriously, why was there women's underwear with him on it?

"Like what you see?" Helena grinned as she took her bra off to free her breasts then pulled her thong down her shapely legs and kicked them off as Drake got out of his clothing.

"Very much." Drake said as he too finished stripping and was pushed onto the couch, bare for Helena to see and admire. Helena straddled him and grinded against him, rolling her hips against his hard cock as she made out with him, Drake's hands moving over her body from her back to her ass cheeks which he squeezed a few times to get some quiet moans out of her then he began groping her breasts.

Drake kissed Helena's throat before he buried his face in between her tits and sucked and licked them, causing her to throw her head back with a moan as she grinded against him harder, feeling tip of his cock brush against her pussy which made her shiver.

"Yes baby..." Helena moaned, pushing his face in deeper as he sucked on a nipple. "Suck on that nipple."

Drake continued sucking on the nipple while he pinched the other one, then Helena pulled his face up and slammed her lips against his in a sloppy kiss, her tongue clashing with his in a battle for dominance. Drake's left hand went down to her pussy which he began rubbing before he stucka finger inside and began pumping his finger in and out of her pussy before adding two more, fingering her hard and fast, knowing she liked it that way.

"Oh fuck...oh fuck yes baby." Helena gasped and moaned.

Drake then stopped fingering her pussy, much to her disappointment before he poised her pussy at the tip of his cock and sank her down until he bottomed out inside of her and she moaned as she felt him inside her once more, slowly grinding her hips back and fourth against his.

"Fuck...still so big." Helena gasped. "guess you just...wanted to skip the...oh fuck baby...foreplay, huh?"

"Can't help it, you are so goddamn hard to resist." Drake growled as he buried his face in between her tits again.

"Baby...I'm hard to resist." Helena chuckled before she pushed him back, her hands on his shoulders and a grin on her face before she began bouncing up and down his cock, flesh smacking flesh echoing throughout the room. Helena closed her eyes, moaning. "Oh yes...fuck yes...oh that feels so good baby."

"God, you are so tight." Drake groaned as her pussy clamped tightly on him.

Helena laughed and kissed him softly. "You're just so big, baby. Ah, fuck me hard!"

Drake stood up with her in his arms, causing Helena to wrap her legs around his waist as he pressed her up against the wall and began thrusting into her pussy hard, pounding her hard like she wanted him to do so. Helena had her arms wrapped around his neck, peppering his face with kisses and licks all over as she moaned, gasped, and yelped from the pleasure as Drake hit her sweet spots time and time again.

"Oh fuck baby...fuck me good Drake...fuck me until my pussy can only be satisfied with your cock." Helena whispered huskily in his ear.

They stayed like this for the next several minutes before eventually Drake pulled out of Helena, bent her over the couch and entered her pussy from behind in doggystyle where he continued thrusting into her pussy hard and fast, causing her to moan loudly.

Drake felt himself about to cum when he heard his personal comlink that he himself made go off. He looked at where his mask was and sighed.

"No, keep going!" Helena whined as he pulled out.

"It's probably nothing." Drake said, kissing her shoulder as he walked over to his mask and picked it up, putting it on, tapping his right ear. "Hello?"

"Shadow, it's Wonder Woman."

"Wonder Woman?" Drake said, looking at Helena who laid on her couch, watching curiously while fingering herself to still keep the pleasure going. "How may I help you?"

"I wanted to know if you were up for continuing last night." She replied.

Drake paused at that, surprised Wonder Woman was wanting to continue what they did last night when he thought it was just revenge sex and a one-time thing. He sat down and Helena took the chance to stick his cock into her mouth, bobbing her head up and down and still fingering herself.

"Uh...sure, alright then." Drake said, not really sure what to say.

"I have a penthouse in Manhatten, I'll send you the address when I get back, I'm busy dealing with trouble in Washington. You can let yourself in." Wonder WOman said so casually as if she was not asking him to come to her penthouse so they can have sex again.

"Sure thing." Drake said as he ran his hand through Helena's hair.

'"Don't be late." Wonder Woman said playfully before hanging up and Drake took his mask off, tossing it aside.

Helena stopped her sucking to look at him, pumping his cock. "So...you're fucking Wonder Woman? Damn, every man and some women must be hating you. Then again, a night with you would make any woman want another night and another and another and then they want it to keep going. Sex with you is addicting, I'm proof of that."

"Don't make this awkward." Drake chuckled.

Helena grinned before she straddled him and took his cock back into her pussy...

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