Someone has been murdering 10 in Canterlot. The humane 6 and Flash are next. Will they discover who it is, before it's too late?

Chapter 3: The 5th, 6th and 7th murders.

Rarity ran to the steps of Canterlot High. Rainbow Dash hadn't arrived, she was still sleeping. "Good," said Rarity. "Here are the suspects:


Trixie Lulamoon: Jealous of the mane 6 that they get all the attention. Hates Gilda, one of the victims.

Sunset Shimmer: One of my best friends, I know, but she has been known to kill before. She is angry that we left her because of Anon-a-miss and the Memory stone.

Rainbow Dash: Part of the team, she seems convinced that Sunset did it. Rainbow Dash isn't very honest and finds Gilda annoying. She hates Sweetie Belle.

Indigo Zap: Wasn't part in the Dance competition and has a grudge against CHS and hates Gilda.

What do you think?"

"Rarity has a point," said Twilight. "It could be Sunset. But then, how could it be? She's our best friend. And Dash, well, again, she's our best friend and I guess you're right."

"I saw it happen," said Rarity.

Friday evening was coming around, Rainbow Dash was walking with Scootaloo from the football academy.

Rainbow Dash dropped Scootaloo off at her house. Rainbow walked across the street, whistling.


Rainbow turned. Scootaloo was being dragged off into an alley. Rainbow pulled her hood up and followed her. Rainbow gasped, as she saw Scootaloo's neck being slit.

"Now we know it's a knife," said Rainbow Dash. "Tell Rarity."

Saturday evening was the worst. Like a ninja, the figure jumped into Applebloom and Applejack's room. On tiptoes, the figure slit open Applebloom's veins. Then made a beeline for Applejack. The figure this time stabbed Applejack in the heart, like the first victim, Sandalwood. But why did anyone want to kill them?

Rainbow Dash arrived at school, her face pale. "Applejack's dead!" she cried, sobbing into Twilight's jacket. "I went to pick some apples up and then I went into her room and AB and AJ were dead and I saw Scoots get murdered too!"

Rarity pulled out her notebook and pen and crossed out Rainbow Dash.

"Okay," said Twilight. "I don't think it's Indigo Zap either. Hell, she doesn't know the crusaders!"