This is a story that came from the idea that Penny Robinette had. I apologize ahead of time for any misspelled words, I am not a professional writer. Remember it is a fictional story. I love the show Rizzoli and Isles, No money is made from this story.

Chapter 13

Blood As Cold As Ice

The following 2 week was busy with 4 homicide cases, that were quickly solved. The FBI requested Maura assistance at Quantico, for 4 days, neither Jane nor her were happy about it. Korsak suggested that Jane go with her, since Maura was pregnant, and Jane had an ungodly amount of time off, they both agreed it would be a great getaway. Maura had trouble spotting last week and both were worried since they had told no one about it, and both were relieved that Jane was accompanying her. Maura made the reservations for the flights, hotel, and transportation.

They had been in Quantico for 2 days, Maura was working closely with some of the NCIS agents, as well as, Ducky, Jimmy and Abby. They were working on the murder of a highly decorated Navy Admiral. Maura was enduring being hit on by NCIS agent Tony, and Abby. She finally mentioned it to Jane, who decides to accompany her to Quantico to help her finish up the final results and reports, Maura had cleared it with Gibbs. !1

l Maura was overtired and the case was stressing her out, on top of the scared of spotting last week, she was ready to spent a day with Jane and ready to go home to Boston. Secretly Jane was planning on putting Tony D. and Abby in their place. While Maura had been working on the case, Jane had been working on a case via Skype with her team back in Boston. So on the 3 rd day, they had breakfast, then headed into the NCIS building, making their way down to meet Ducky, Jimmy, Abby, Gibbs, and Mc Gee. As they were going over the body for a final time, Maura and Jane spotted a tiny needle mark behind the victim's ear that had been missed during the first examine, Maura asked Abby to do a broad analysis of the blood, urine, tissue, fluid and other test to see if any drugs were missed in the initial labs and tox results, they reviewed the evidence of how, where and when the body was found. Initially time of death was 3 am, but after finding the needle mark was found and the results from the labs and toxicology came back showing there was a combination of sedatives, vicodin, and valium in his system, placing TOD at 1 am. Testing of a needle found at the crime scene in a garbage bin, also a fingerprint was found on it, the print was the Admiral's mistress. The case was closed and everyone went out to celebrate. Tony was ready making Maura uncomfortable being in her personal space, touching her and leaning in whispering in her ear, and Abby was doing the same thing, Jane sat back and observed for about 10 minutes, then decided it was time to save her beautiful wife. Stepping up to the bar where Tony, Maura and Abby were standing, Jane cleared her throat, "Excuse me is there a problem here?" Tony says, Oh no I am just trying to convince her to take me back to her room, so I can give her the 'Tony special', that all, I can tell she wants me." Abby says" Not on your life you are a pig, Tony, she is more my into me, I can tell." Smirking at Maura, Jane reaches out wrapping her arm around Maura's waist and pulls her into a passionate kiss, only breaking apart when they needed air. Looking at both Tony and Abby, she says "Have neither of you noticed that she is wearing a wedding ring and is pregnant? By the way she is my wife and I would ready appreciate if you would leave my wife alone, before I have to kick your sorry ass, Tony. Abby, do I need to kick your ass?" Abby quickly shake her head no and walks off towards the table where Gibbs, Ducky, Jimmy, and Mc Gee are. Tony laughs saying, "Well if you two need a real man, I can show both of you the Tony special, because Maura is way to beautiful to be a dyke. Maura tell your friend that she can stop joking, it won't take long for me to satisfy you and then I be back for her." Tony tries to sneak a sucker punch, but Jane punch him right in the nose, breaking it and knocking him out. Gibbs and the rest of the team apologize for his actions, and ask both of them if they are okay, they said "yes and said goodbye to them, heading back to their hotel. The next day was spent relaxing, sightseeing, and preparing to return to Boston.

They had been back in Boston for a week, it was slow, no homicide cases and it was also quiet in the morgue. Maura and Susie were training the lab techs on the new equipment that had been installed the week before. Jane and her teams were catching up on old paperwork that needed to be completed. Everything was going good, and tonight everyone was coming over to their house for a surprise reveal that Maura and Jane had planned. They had planned a very meaningful way to reveal and ask the ones that had been chosen as godparents, aunts, uncles and grandparents.

Everything was ready for the reveal party, Maura and Jane had cooked lasagna, steamed vegetables, made salad, garlic bread, picked up cake and ice cream. Everyone arrived not wanting to wait till after they ate, ask if the reveal could go first. Maura and Jane had special items made for each person who they wanted to ask to be godparents, aunts, uncles and grandparents. As they hand each gift to Frost, Sam, Frankie, Nina, Susie, Sean, Korsak, KiKi, Constance and Arthur, they ask that they all open them together. Constance and Arthur were given a framed copy of one of the ultrasound pictures, with the words asking "would you be our Nana and Grandpa" also t-shirts, Korsak and KiKi was given a mini guitar with the words asking "can you play a song for us Loili and Pop," also t-shirts, Sean Cavanaugh was give a shirt with Uncle Sean with a blue and pink badge on it, Susie was given a shirt with will you be our Aunt wrote out in the periodic table, Frankie and Frost was given mini Red Sox's bats with will you take a swing at being our godfathers with matching Red Sox's t shirts, Sam was given a onesie with "Future Cub fan will you be my Coach?" , Nina was given a mini computer with the saying "Check yes or no, will you be our godmother?" Everyone was crying, hugging Maura and Jane saying they would be honored. Maura and Jane told Sam and Frost that they would be the godparents to Baby boy Rizzoli-Isles, and Frankie and Nina would be the godparents to baby girl Rizzoli-Isles. Everyone enjoyed the meal that was prepared, excitedly talking about the babies, and asking all kind of questions. Korsak and KiKi both cried when they said that it was an honor to be ask to be honorary grandparents, Cavanaugh also said he was honored too, Susie was also honored that she was asked. Everyone helped clean up the kitchen, and left shortly after, except for Constance and Arthur, who stayed to talk to both Jane and Maura about a few things. After talking they left for the guesthouse, and Maura headed upstairs to get ready for bed, while Jane locked up the house and armed the alarm system. Arriving in their bedroom, Jane stripped down to her tank top and boxer and slipped under the covers, Maura curled up next to Jane resting her head on Jane's chest, Jane wrapped her arms around her wife and kissed her, saying "I love you, Maur" and Maura replied, "I love you too, sweetheart." Before both of them drifted off to sleep.

I hope you are enjoying the story.