This is a story that came from the idea that Penny Robinette had. I apologize ahead of time for any misspelled words, I am not a professional writer. Remember it is a fictional story. I love the show Rizzoli and Isles, No money is made from this story.

Chapter 18

Blood As Cold As Ice

As Jane was riding in the passenger seat of Maura's car, she was thinking back over the past few weeks. She had the minor surgery on her shoulder to repair the damage that was done when she was wrongly arrested. Maura and the twins were doing good, the twins were growing at a rate that the doctor was extremely happy and their sex life was extremely satisfying. Over the weeks, their love grew stronger and they were extremely happy. Jane hadn't been in a hurry to go back to work, neither was Maura. After getting permission from the DA and judge they went to the jail and met with Angela, and Tommy, both of them were begging for forgiveness and to be part of Maura's and Jane's family, as they were leaving. Paddy would handled the situation from now on.

Thanks to the help of Arthur, Korsak, and Paddy Doyle, who found out that Edward Dunn, had paid someone to make the marriage license look authentic, but it was a fake. The truth was Edward Dunn was a flat broke and this was the only way he had assured the people he owed money to, that he could cash in on it. That Maura could never denied him anything, he could talk her into anything, if all else failed he would get her into bed with him and take several incriminating pictures. The only thing he didn't count on was that Maura was married. As the meeting continued, Edward says to Arthur, "I know that you aren't Maura's real Father, it's some old Irish mob boss. How would the Governor like to know that the Chief Medical Examiner for the Commonwealth is the daughter of an low life Irish mob boss? How much is that worth to you?" Arthur and Paddy both look at each other and laugh. Edward asked "what's so funny? She could lose her job and could go to jail." Arthur looks at Paddy, Paddy nods his head. Arthur says, "the Governor and everyone already know."Edward just laughs and says "yeah right."Arthur says, "It is my honor to introduce to you, Paddy Doyle, Maura's father." Edward turns really pale, he knows that he is in serious trouble now, as Paddy and Arthur leave the room both smiling. The sweet voice of her wife called her back to the present, "asking if she was alright? And telling her they were about 5 minutes away from the crime scene." Jane taking her wife's hand, just nodded yes.

As they walked into the abandoned bowling alley building, that was the crime scene, neither was prepared for the gruesome sights in store for them. A tip was called into dispatch from a narcotics source to check out an abandoned bowling alley for some activity. It was the middle of the day, so we didn't expect anything to be going on right then. We called in and pulled up from the back entrance to have a look around. Lo and behold, there were heavy chains on all the doors except for one side door, where the chain had been cut with an angle grinder or something similar.

The bowling alley faced a fairly busy highway, so our first thought was that local drug dealers were using it as a convenient stash/pack spot, or that there were squatters inside. We pulled our weapons and flashlights, called for another car, and went in. We came in from the side, looking across the lanes, about even with the scoring terminals. A quick look around, and it was obvious that people had been there: empty beer cans, cigarette butts everywhere, some boxes of sandwich bags sitting out on the little tables. The place smelled like 20 years worth of cigarette smoke, mildew, wet wood, old plastic, rusty metal, and musty seat cushions. Maura said it reminded her of the familiar smell after Katrina, the smell of death.

I don't remember who saw her first, Korsak, Maura or me. There was a woman at the far end of the lanes, away from the door and hidden from the front windows. She was in an orange dress, the skirt pulled up around her waist and the top pulled down under her breasts. She was lying on the floor between two benches, as if she were passed out drunk, a young black lady. She was wearing very dirty sandals with gold-colored straps and little fake jewels across the tops. Her skin was dark shiny and blotchy and contrasted sharply with the soft bright orange material.

Her head was completely removed, crudely and raggedly, as though it was sawn off. We stared at her for a few seconds, taking it all in, the colors washed out somewhat by the harsh beams of my bright TacLights. All any of us could muster was the word, 'Goddamn.' I barfed into my mouth before the smell even really registered. The scene turned out to have been a couple of days old and the metallic rotting smell was turned up to 11 by the midday heat trapped inside the building. There was a huge pool of blood around her torso and neck, almost black and blending into the dark industrial carpet that was between the lanes and the snack bar. Her limbs were grotesquely swollen and flung outward, the straps of her sandals digging into her feet.

Backup pulled up right as we staggered back through the side door into the harsh sunlight. It was all hand on deck, and the young officers was barfing all over the crime scene and both Maura and I were pissed. We explained the situation, sending the cops away that had already contaminated the scene and Maura called for more crime techs, so they could secure and begin processing the scene. We put some Vick's on and went back into look behind the snack bar and the counter where the shoes are. We found the lady's head on the floor behind the snack bar. Her teeth were showing as if she were growling, and her eyes were swollen and puffed out. There were several squadrons of flies and gnats buzzing around the head. She was wearing a wig, which had partially come off and the whole thing was almost comical, like a wax head where the details weren't quite right, but my brain kept screaming at me that this was a person's head. It felt like all the emotions I could possibly feel were fighting together in my stomach. I've seen hundreds of corpses throughout my careers, but this one is burned into the film of my memory.

We continued to perform some mundane functions at the scene for a little while, but once others started arriving, our LT sent us back to the office to start writing up our notes. The investigation was the 3rd gruesome crime scene in 2 weeks. Both Maura and I were called off medical leave to help. This was one that I knew would give me wrist nightmares than Hoyt.