Chapter 2 A First Date

"I can't believe this. I haven't even been in this world for three whole days, and already I'm going on a date with someone."

"Well all I can say is I'm going to enjoy every last moment of this."


We come to an amusement park where Naruto was standing at the entrance in new clothes that was a yellow-orange shirt with a black jacket over it, blue jeans, and brown boots.

"Well I guess I've could've done worse. At least Shiori is an attractive girl." Naruto mussed scratching his head.


Naruto turned his head to see Shiori walking towards him with a shy smiled waving nervously at him. She was wearing a white sundress that hugged her figure quite well with a small blue vest over it, black knee socks, and white shoes, along with a large sun hat over her head, and a blue purse on her right shoulder.

"H-Holy..." Naruto muttered blushing slighty as what Shiori was wearing.

"Girl certainly knows how to dress." Kurama agreed.

"I hope you weren't waiting long." Shiori said.

"Nope. Not too long." Naruto said.

"Well, shall we go?"


Naruto and Shiori walked in the amusement park after paying the entry fee and looked around.

"There seems to be plenty to do here." Naruto said.

"Yeah. Luckily we were able to get tickets. Usually you have to wait awhile because this place in so popular." Shiori said.

"So what would you like to do, Shiori? Since I'm kind of new here and don't know where everything is." Naruto said looking at his date.

"How about the Whirlatron? It's our version of the american Gravitron." Shiori suggested.

"Whirlatron?" Naruto said confused.

"You'll like it. Trust me." Shiori said grabbing Naruto's hand to lead him to the Whirlatron.

"I wonder what this thing is like?" Naruto said.

Minutes Later


Screams of excitement were coming from the Whirlatron that looked like the Gravitron from america but was white in color, and inside it was the people screaming their lungs out from the ride. Among them was Naruto and Shiori joining in on the screaming.

"THIS IS AWESOME!" Naruto yelled.

"I KNOW RIGHT?!" Shiori yelled back.

As few minutes later the ride stopped, and everyone wobbled out all dizzy like.

"~Whoa~! Everything is spinning." Naruto laughed trying to get his bearings.

"Tell me about it. ~I see six of you~!" Shiori giggled steadying herself.

After getting themselves situated they began walking around the park.

"So what do you want to do next?" Shiori asked.

"Well, I see some stalls of games I'm familiar with, and a few that look new to me. Why don't we try those?" Naruto suggested.

"Okay." Shiori nodded.

Naruto and Shiori tried all kinds of stalls. From ring tossing, to bb-guns, throwing darts, bobbing for plastic fish, guessing the right number like a casino ring, they went to any stall that caught their attention.

Right now, the pair was at a food court eating food. Naruto had two chili dogs, fries, and a milkshake, while Shiori had a nacho salad and a blue raspberry smoothie.

"You really have a knack or some of these games." Shiori said.

"Thanks. It helps that I have ninja skills to go along with my spirit abilities." Naruto chuckled.

"A ninja? Really?" Shiori blinked in surprise.

"Yeah. I wasn't always a spirit. At one point in time, I was human for the first 16 years of my life." Naruto said.

"Then how did you become a spirit?" Shiori asked.

"Believe it or not I was fighting a powerful goddess back in my own world. When we clashed our final attacks, I suddenly found myself in a dark void all alone with the electrical and lightning powers I have. And all I could do was train myself with them so I know how to use it." Naruto explained.

"Wow, so you're from like another dimension?"

"Yep. And let me tell you, your world is far different from mine."

"Really? How?"

"Well for one thing you guys are far more technologically advance than mine ever was."

"How was technology like in your world?"

"The most advance stuff we had were movies, tv, radio, trains, blimps, and boats. That's about it."

"Huh, so like what did you guys do there to occupy your time?"

"There were tones of stuff to do. See my world was full of ninja, samurai, actors, feudal rulers of nations. And every day we did whatever to fill our time. From training, going on missions, relaxing in hot springs, eating out at restaurants, meeting kings, queens, princes, and princesses. You do just about anything within reason."

"Sounds like a cool place to live."

"Well don't be fooled, we've had our far shares of criminals, evil organizations, killers, practically any bad stuff."

"We have stuff like that here too, but we try to focus on living peaceful lives as possible."

"Now that I can get behind."

"So, what other kinds of things did you do in your world?" Shiori wondered.

"Oh, where do I begin?" Naruto chuckled.

Naruto then explained to Shiori his life back in Konoha. About his friends and loved ones, to the allies and other people he knew, the adventures he had on, he even told her of the pranks he did which made Shiori laugh her head off.

"I have to say Naruto you are a riot! You're a interesting guy." Shiori giggled.

"Thanks, Shiori. You're pretty cool, too." Naruto grinned.

"To be honest I was worried about today." Shiori muttered.

"Really? Why?" Naruto asked.

"You may be surprised, but this is my very first date." Shiori revealed.

"Shut! Up!" Naruto gawked.

"It's true." Shiori nodded.

"But how could this be your first date? A girl as pretty and attractive as you should've been on plenty of dates." Naruto unable to believe such a thing.

"That's kind of the problem." Shiori sighed.

"Huh?" Naruto said confused.

"It's because I'm pretty that boys do try to date me, but only for bragging rights and see me as an object. They never see as plain Shiori Itsuka." Shiori frowned.

"I see. She's objectified for her good looks and how she appears. Kind of like my old situation I once had in Konoha as being only seen as Kurama and not Naruto." Naruto frown understanding where Shiori was coming from.

"It's one of the things I still hate about humanity. They see people how they want to see people and not for who they are." Kurama huffed feeling for the girl.

"Yeah. It's one of our worst flaws." Naruto agreed.

"Well, you've shown me who you are so far, and I like plain old Shiori." Naruto smiled grabbing Shiori's hand, surprising her before looking into Naruto's eyes seeing warmth in them making her feel better.

"Thanks, Naruto. That means a lot." Shiori smiled softly.

"No prob." Naruto said pulling his hand away from Shiori, who had to hold in a whine of disappointment not being able to hold Naruto's hand longer and started gathering the trash. "I'm going to throw this stuff away then head to the bathroom so we can continue on our date."

"Okay." Shiori nodded watching Naruto leave.

{Shiori-nee, you there?} A voice said coming from Shiori's right ear.

"I'm here, Kotori. Is the date going well so far?" Shiori said tapping her ear showing a blue earpiece.

{Perfectly well. I'm really surprise how you've been so far. You're a natural.} Kotori said as she was sitting the captain's seat in Fraxinus with Reine beside her along with other co-workers around them monitoring the date.

"You're telling me. I half expected this date to be a total wreck." Shiori said.

{Well, we've been checking Naruto's energy and there has been no spike at all. So it would seem he feels easy around you.} Kotori said looking at Naruto's spirit energy on the screen.

"That's good, right?" Shiori asked.

{Yes, but...} Kotori frowned.

{The news that he was recently turned to into a spirit and was once a human leaves a question.} Reine said.

"And that would be?" Shiori wondered.

{Something or someone turned Naruto into a spirit, but for what reason we can't understand why or for what purpose. And considering Naruto is the first and only male spirit, as spirits are only female, is even more unfathomable.} Reine said.

"But is Naruto going to be alright?" Shiori asked in concern.

{Yeah. He has a surprisingly good control of his energy and powers. All things are still in the green light.} Kotori said.

"That's good." Shiori sighed in relief.

{So, by the end of this you'll have a boyfriend, Shiori-nee.} Kotori teased smirking.

"W-Well Naruto is handsome. And he's different from other guys as well." Shiori smiled.

{Got that right.} Kotori nodded. "I might even take a whack at him. Certainly is quite the looker." She thought blushing lightly.

{Anyway Shiori, just keep going about in your date with Naruto. Have plenty of fun.} Reine said.

{~But not too much fun~.} Kotori teased before hanging up.

"Like I would do that kind of stuff on the first date." Shiori muttered blushing even though the idea entered her head before dismissing it.

With Naruto

Naruto came out of the stall and started to wash his hands.

"So good date so far?" Naruto asked.

"It's pretty good. Despite a few moments where you were a nervous wreck." Kurama grinned.

"Hey! Give me a break, this is my first date! I'm out of my element here." Naruto pouted.

"And you couldn't have chosen a more attractive girl to date." Kurama said.

"Heh, yeah. Shiori is a sweet girl. I feel kind of special that I'm her first date." Naruto smiled.

"I'm happy for you. After everything you've been throughout your life you deserve some happiness." Kurama said.

"Thanks pal." Naruto said.

After Naruto finished taking care of his hands, he left the bathroom and made his way back to Shiori. Once he did the pair went on a few more rides and stalls before walking around to just observe some things. Along the way they stopped by a petting zoo.

And well...

"Hahahahaha!" Shiori laughed at what she was seeing.

And what she was seeing was that all the animals were nuzzling Naruto each one trying to get close to him. Amusing not only Shiori but other people as well.

"Hehe, guess I got the animal attraction, huh?" Naruto chuckled petting a donkey on his head.

"It would seem so. Are you just good with animals or something?" Shiori asked still smiling.

"Pretty much. I've always been the best friends of animals. They just seem to like me whenever I come around." Naruto said. "Especially after I did my sage mode training." He thought in his head.

"Anything else you're good at?"

"Well not to brag, but I happen to be an excellent cook."


"Yeah. Living alone I had to cook for myself, and I had plenty of time to learn the do's and don'ts."

"I'd like to try your cooking one day."

"Sure thing. Oh, I also have quite the green thumb."

"You took care of plants?"

"Yep. Had my own garden and everything."

"I see you're just full of talents, huh?"

"Pretty much."

That had the both of them laughing.

Naruto and Shiori left the petting zoo and decided to go on some more rides they could find, each ride making the pair enjoy themselves. As they got off another ride, they noticed it was getting dark.

"Wow, time sure flies when you're having fun." Naruto said.

"I think we have enough time for one more ride." Shiori said.

"Which ride do you want to go on?" Naruto asked.

Before Shiori said anything her earpiece went off.

{Shiori-nee take him to the ferris wheel. Once there you can seal the deal on your date.} Kotori said making Shiori blush as she knew what her sister was talking about by, 'seal the deal'.

Ending the date with a kiss.

But she was nervous. She never kissed a boy before so it would be her first kiss!

She wasn't mentally prepared!

But as she looked at Naruto, she saw him smiling as he looked at the people walking by and that eased her.

Psyching herself up for what she was about to do, Shiori grabbed Naruto's hand getting his attention.

"I know which ride to go on." Shiori said making Naruto raise an eyebrow.

Few Minutes Later

"Damn, now this is a view." Naruto smiled as he and Shiori rode up the ferris wheel as they saw the amazing few of the sunset bathing the city in a beautiful light.

"Yeah. One of the main reasons people ride these things is cause of the view they get." Shiori smiled taking in the view.

"One of the main reasons?" Naruto asked.

"W-Well there's other r-reasons for riding the f-ferris wheel." Shiori stuttered.

"And those are?"

Shiori felt her heart beating really fast against her chest she thought it would burst, taking a deep breath she calmed herself down before turning to Naruto.


Shiori leaned forward closing her eyes bringing her face close to Naruto's who was blushing in shock of what Shiori was doing.

"W-Wait! Is she going to-?!" Naruto exclaimed.

"Hell yeah! Plant that sucker!" Kurama roared.

Before Naruto could retort to Kurama, he felt Shiori's lips pressed against his making him freeze in shock.

A girl was kissing him!


He must be dreaming!

But as the kissed continued Naruto felt an electric shock go through him as he felt fireworks explode in his brain. From that feeling alone it told him to enjoy it. So, Naruto closed his eyes and pressed into the kiss matching Shiori's passion with his own.

Neither one noticing that Shiori was glowing white, and that Naruto was glowing gold, but if you looked closely, you would see the white energy transferring from Shiori's lips to Naruto's lips making him glow brighter.

On the Fraxinus Airship

Kotori and Reine were watching the kiss between Naruto and Shiori go down and they couldn't be prouder of the girl.

"Good job, Shiori-nee." Kotori said.

Reine was looking at her tablet to check the readings between them and was shocked of what she saw.

"Commander, you might want to look at this." Reine said showing Kotori the tablet.

What Kotori was reading shocked her.

"R-Reine is this r-r-right?" Kotori stuttered.

"Yes." Reine nodded.

"...This might turn into a whole new game changer." Kotori muttered.

Back with Naruto and Shiori

After kissing for a few more moments the glow around them disappeared as Naruto and Shiori separated and looked at each other blushing lightly.

"Whoa..." Shiori breathed.

"Yeah, whoa..." Naruto agreed.

Looking at each other Naruto and Shiori ended up laughing at the looks on their faces.

"Naruto?" Shiori said.

"Yeah?" Naruto asked.

"I-I-I know this is sudden, and we might be moving a little too fast, b-but, w-w-would you l-like to be my b-b-b-boyfriend?" Shiori stuttered trying to get the words out.

Naruto was shocked at what Shiori asked him. She really wanted him to be her boyfriend?

After one date?!

Naturally Naruto only did one thing.

"Kurama? What do you think?"

"Honestly I say go for it. Shiori is a good catch for you. You could way worse for a girlfriend. Case in point with Sakura."

"True, true."

Naruto placed his hand on Shiori's getting her attention.

"Shiori-chan, I would love to be your boyfriend." Naruto smiled.

Shiori had tears in her eyes and engulfed Naruto in a hug.

"Thank you, Naruto-kun." She cried.

Naruto just smiled and hugged Shiori back.

Later that night

Shiori was walking back home after parting ways with Naruto humming a happy tune, thinking that the date today was amazing.

"I wonder how come Kotori hasn't talked to me after me and Naruto kissed. I was sure she was going to tease me about it." Shiori mussed.

She then decided to not think to much of it as her home came into view leading her to unlock the door and walked inside turning on the light.

"Good to be home." Shiori sighed.

"Welcome home, Shiori-chan."

"AAHH!" Shiori squeaked seeing Naruto on the living room couch watching tv.

"N-Naruto, what are you doing here?" Shiori asked after calming down.

"That's a difficult question to answer." Naruto said rubbing the back of his head.

"What do you mean?" Shiori said tilting her head.

"I can answer that!" Kotori said coming in the living room grinning.

"Kotori?" Shiori blinked.

"Starting today, Naruto is going to live with us from now on. Isn't that great?!" Kotori exclaiming happily.




Shiori suddenly fainted falling on the ground.

"Shiori-chan!" Naruto yelled going to his girlfriend.

"Should've expected that." Kotori sighed. "But this is for the best, Nee-chan. Especially since Naruto somehow gained your ability to seal the power of other spirits that's now inside of him." She thought as Kotori looked at Naruto trying to wake up Shiori then she smiled. "But things might turn out better this way. We'll just have to wait and see."