I´m really enjoyng write these small fanfics around Tangled, featuring my OC character Princess Flora, so i decided to write another one.

The plot as always is simple and in this one, Flora are 1-year old and since the scenario takes place at Rapunzel´s birthday, the family decided to celebtrate the lanterns, with a different propouse.

Hope you like.

DSCWin, thanks for help me fix the first paragraph.

And ChibiDawn, thanks for the idea.


The day arrived and Captain Eugene Fitzherbert wasn't eager to attend it. Not that he never enjoyed this specific day before, it was just a hard day for him to enjoy now, now that he would have to be celebrating it alone. The reason it was it was because of the woman he called "Blondie" someone he shared an amazing adventure and ended up marrying. Her name was Rapunzel, or Princess Cordelia's as her parents informed them, and it was her birthday. A day that was once lit up by lanterns of joy and celebration wouldn't have the same light and celebration it once held.


That morning, Eugene woke up with a heavy hearth, it was the first birthday he spend without the love of his life, since they had first mt, less than six years ago. With a shaken breath, Eugene get up the bed and went to his dressing room to get change; as usual, a valet came to insist in help him change, but as always, he captain insist in do everything by himself.

Once he finished changing and had a small, lonely breakfast at his sitting room, Eugene took his daughter, Princess Flora from the nursery and decided to take her to the garden, so she could play.

It was amazing to him, how curious the 1-year old princess was, little Flora remind him a lot from her mother, his dearly wife, his Rapunzel, or Cordelia, whatever her name, with her brown hair and green eyes and everything more. How he missed her, the way she was curious when the first time they met, it was fair of course, after eighteen years locked in a tower, it was obviously that she would be curious and frightened at the same time.

To Flora however, the curiosity was natural, she was a baby, she had already seen quite some stuff and still had her whole life to discover new things.

''You know what is this, sunshine?'' he asked, holding a flower to her ''You can say flower?'' Eugene asked with a smile, but Flora seemed more interesting in observe it than saying it´s name, which makes her father laugh.

An hour later, The King And Queen Join them at the garden and while the Queen took time to play with her granddaughter, The King sit with Eugene, while watching the fun, silently, when The King turn to his son-in-law, with a sad frown.

''You did not join The Queen and I at breakfast, may I know why?''

''I apologize, Sir'' Eugene said ''I wanted to stay a bit alone this morning''

''I understand son'' The King nodded ''It had been a hard year for every one of us, for The Queen and I as well, have our daughter missing for eighteen long years, just to have her with us for barely six years'' The King said and Eugene just nodded. If it wasn't for what happened, Rapunzel, or Cordelia. would be 24-years today.

''Flora is a ray of sunshine, isn't she?'' Eugene asked wanting to change the subject, but The King didn't seemed to listen.

''Eugene, The Queen and I have talked and since today was… is Cordelia´s birthday, we decided to keep on the Lanterns Tradition'' he said.

In response, Eugene stared at his father-in-law, who smiled sadly.


''I would really like to share this with you too at breakfast, son, I know it will be hard, but you don't think, Cordelia would enjoy it, She really loved the lanterns…''

''Her dream was to go see the lanterns, all those years while locked inside that tower'' Eugene said, remembering how she had once convinced him to take her to the lanterns. Suddenly, an idea cross his mind and he turned back to The King as The Queen approach with Flora on her arms.

''Eugene, I apologize, to make the decision without consulting you, as her husband, I… I mean, we, the Queen and I suppose Princess Cordelia would like it.'' The Queen replied, but Eugene just smiled.

''Sir, you don't need to apologize for your decision, but, may I give you an idea?'' The Captain asked and to his surprise, The Kind seemed interested.


Eugene´s Idea was simply; this date, instead of represent the fallen princess's birthday, will celebrate her life within the stars; after that, an announcement will be placed around town, saying that the Lanterns Tradition was going to change the date and was going to be celebrated at Princess Flora´s birthday, both as birthday tradition and a memorial of Rapunzel/Cordelia´s life. When The King agreed with that, Eugene was relieved.

The rest of the day passed quick, as usual, The Kingdom prepared for the night festivities, getting their lanterns ready and decorating the town. Back at the castle, while Eugene was busy with the guards and The King was busy with his royal duties, The Queen decided to take care of her granddaughter herself, except for the feeding time and they actually spend quite a fun time.

When night time came, Eugene and The King await for The Queen to came, as wait however, the captain noticed that The King was sad and when asking, the monarch just replied he was remembering the day his daughter come back to him, but didn't give Eugene time to respond, as The Queen finally approached with Flora in her arms.

''Someone here is anxious to be with her Papa'' The Queen smiled as Flora reached out at Eugene´s direction.

''Hello sunshine, come to Papa'' he said taking the baby on his arms as the four of them, make their way to the balcony, to start the celebration.

As usual, The King and Queen lit the first lantern, followed by Eugene and in minutes, the sky was full of lanterns flying here and there, as the citizens lit their lanterns to the fallen princess.

Looking at the scene, Eugene felt his heart tight with memories, as he remembered the time, he took Rapunzel to see the lanterns she dreamed to see her whole life, how excited and happy she was. And even in the next years, the princess was always excited to join the ones she loves during the celebration.

Meanwhile, as the lanterns start to cross the sky, Flora, who was interested on her father's medals, stop playing with his uniform and reach out to the sky, trying to pick up the lanterns or touch the stars.

''Look Sunshine, look at the lanterns, we are sending them to your Mama'' Eugene said holding her close ''Wave to the lanterns'' he asked and in response, the little girl wave absently to any lantern passing by, making him smile.


One hour later, the lanterns were all gone and Princess Flora had already dozen off on her father´s shoulders, this way, before she wakes up again, Eugene decided to bid his good night to his in-laws and took Flora back to the nursery, with a goodnight kiss and a promise of fun next day.

Once back on his own chambers, Eugene changed to his nightgown and hop inside the covers, turning to his own side ready to sleep, when he had the sensation there was someone next to him. Than, with a light smile, he just turn to her side of the bed and touched the many pillows there.

''Happy Brthday Sunshine'' he whispered before falling sleep.