Behold, Marius Pontmercy in all his Pontmercying glory. Thank you to Enjolras BeEasy for the suggestion!

Six weeks of bliss that end in this,

I cannot understand-

And yet I see your grief for me

In trembling of thy hand,

Thy father's thought thou knowest not,

And knowest not the hour,

But grief besets and stills my heart

And does my joy devour.

In bold dismay, I bid thee stay,

Lest shattered heart should die,

Alas, Cosette, our world upset

Shall falter in a sigh.

I stand hard-pressed, but you suggest

I follow where you go?

Cosette, my heart is torn apart,

And so much debt I owe!

My hat is worn, my coat is torn,

My boots let water through,

We meet by night and love invite,

By day you'd give a sou!

The world unseen, on tree I lean,

My love, my dearest one!

With sorrow great, I meditate,

My thoughts eternal run.

My head downcast, the moments last

Two hours or two years,

And in a gleam of fever dream

I wake and see thy tears.

Please cry no more; I thee adore,

I fall, I kiss thy feet,

My word I give: I cannot live

Without thy presence sweet.

So we both must in this plan trust-

My absence please forgive,

But wait! If I should dare be late,

Here is the place I live.

Now then, Cosette, thy tears forget,

For soon, if all goes well,

My desperate plot shall fail us not,

Together we shall dwell.