I´m here to present you my 1st FROZEN fanfic and i hope you enjoy read it as must as i enjoy writing.

There we go... The story bellow, takes place a few years after the events of the movie and have most of its action inside a library during a snow day.

Besides the Frozen Characters, i also place three new OC characters for this story.

They are Princess Agnes, Princess Heidi (kristoff and Anna´s daughters) and the author Hans Christian Andersen. Of Course, Elsa makes a cameo to the story, but in most part it´s foccous an the 3 OCs.

The plot anyway is simple, Hans Christian Andersen, tell Princesses Agnes and Heidi, about the Real Snow Queen. However, since I have not read the story of the Snow Queen, all information are for the expense of Wikipedia.

Very well, this is the only explanations i'm going to give you... for more details, you have to read the story

Have every one a good reading time and let me give a final suggestion... For Hans Christian Andersen, try to picture an animated version of Nicolas Cage.

Thank you very much for your time.

As strabge as it seems, the fixes for this story, came from a guest reviwer, who, instead of review the story itself, decided to fix the story and place at the review, when i first post this story in my other account.


When the firsts snowflakes have started to fall naturally through Arendelle's streets, Arendelle's two sisters, 6-year old Princess Heidi and 8 year old Princess Agnes decided to ran to the village, in order to play with Olaf in the snow and have some fun with other children.

This way, when their father, Sir Kristoff Bjorgman Of The North Mountain and his team of Ice Harvesters have gone to the mountain to work, Agnes, Heidi and Olaf decided to get down to the village with him.

''Well, are you guys going to behave?'' Kristoff asked them, as soon as they reached the village. ''Yes, Papa!'' Agnes answered.

''Sure, Papa'' Heidi nodded. ''That's fine.'' Kristoff smiled proudly.

''Now, I will come back by evening to take you two back home. Agnes, take care of your sister. And Olaf, I will leave you in charge.''

''Wow! I never been in charge before, how amazing. What's been in charge?'' asked the snow man, but once Kristoff didn't answer him, Olaf simply drop the subject ''Okay, bye Kristoff, bye Sven.''

Then the Ice Master kissed his girls and went to work.


It was a fun day, Arendelle's little princesses, along with other village children, spent the whole time making snowball war and skating on the frozen fountain. And of course, as neither of them inherited ice powers from Elsa, they had to build lots of snowmen in old fashion ways.

Other than that, at some point of the day, after taking a delicious hot chocolate, on account of Mr. Oaken, the little princesses decided to go the library and read a little, when suddenly, brave Heidi in the attempt to get a book out of her reach, eventually fall off the small stool where she was, with her knees on the floor, but tried not to cry.


''Heidi!'' Agnes stopped what she was doing and ran to her sister.

''Heidi, are you okay?'' Olaf came quickly to Heidi's and Agnes's side

''I'm okay.'' Heidi whimpered. ''Just tell neither Papa nor Aunt Elsa I fell…they're going to be worried.''

''That's okay.'' Agnes nodded to Heidi, when suddenly, a man who was behind the front desk, appear in front of then with concern in his eyes.

''My God, what happened? Are you girls alright?''

''We're okay, sir. My sister, Heidi lost her balance and fell on the floor.'' Agnes responded.

Upon giving a better look at the girl, the man's eyes widened in surprise, since the two girls in front of him, were no more than Arendelle's two youngest princesses.

''Oh! Princess Agnes and you must be Princess Heidi. May I ask why I have the honor of having Arendelle's princesses in my library?'' he asked, kneeling beside the children.

''We decided to play in the village, while Papa's working.'' Little Heidi explained

. ''Oh, I see... Now let me see your knee, Princess Heidi…'' the man smiled affectionately, examining the younger girl's knee. ''See there… nothing happened, it's only a small scratch, nothing to worry about, you'll be fine in an hour or two. Now, I forgot to introduce myself, I'm Hans Christian Andersen, at your service. And you must be Olaf, the magical snowman.''

''Yep, I'm Olaf and I love warm hugs.'' he said and the three of them laugh.

"Mr. Andersen, it's a pleasure to meet you in person, Aunt Elsa always talked about you, she says you are a wonderful writer and storyteller.'' Agnes told him.

''She and Papa say Mama loved your stories.'' Heidi was a little sad.

''Princess Anna liked my stories? God bless her soul.'' Mr. Andersen exclaimed as he was a little emotional. He remembered one-time Princess Anna came to hear his stories at the village, along with Elsa, Kristoff and 2-year old Princess Agnes, a few months before she died after Heidi's childbirth.

''Mr. Andersen, do you have a story for us?'' Agnes asked Hans, pulling him out of his thoughts.

''Well, I…'' he was surprised and doesn't know what to say. ''Sorry, girls, I don't have a story to myself right now.'' When he saw the disappointed look on their faces, Mr. Andersen spoke in suggestion. ''But I can make one.''

''Cool.'' Heidi was the first to exclaimed, taking her seat between her sister and Olaf.

''Let's see…'' Hans Christian Andersen started. ''I first heard story, when I was a little boy, your age, Princess Agnes.'' He smiled, looking towards the window and realizing that it was starting to snow again ''Do you see those snowflakes, girls? It's called the Snow Bees and they're the Snow Queen's loyal servants…''

''There's another snow queen like Aunt Elsa?'' Heidi asked with confusion in her eyes.

''Oh no!'' This time, Olaf exclaimed. ''Another Snow Queen? Quickly, we have to tell Kristoff and stop this Snow Queen from freezing another kingdom.''

''Oh, don't you worry, my friends, there's no one, like our kind Snow Queen Elsa.'' Hans Christian Andersen explained. ''This Snow Queen I'm telling you about, is just a legend, do you want to hear about it?''

''Yes.'' Olaf, Heidi and Agnes shouted with one voice.

''There we go… The Snow Queen's a beautiful woman who lives in a large palace made of ice. Her eyes, shine like stars, but there's no warm in it. There are many strange things in the Ice Palace, but the weirdest of all things is a mirror, where the Snow Queen peeks her entire kingdom and can view endless fields of snow. One can say that in the cold winter nights, the Snow Queen flies around the world, spying through the window…'

' For the next hour and a half, Hans Christian Andersen told the girls and Olaf, about the vengeful Snow Queen; About the two children who get trapped by her; About reindeer who helped Kai and Gerda; And upon all the adventures experienced by them…

''…And what happened to Kai and Gerda, Mr. Andersen? And the Snow Queen?'' Agnes asked curiously, but before Mr. Andersen could answer the question, they heard the front door opening and Kristoff appear all covered in snow.

''PAPA!'' Agnes and Heidi ran up to their father and jumped on his arms.

''Hello, girls, how are you doing? Having fun?''

''Yes, we did, Papa. But how do you know we're here?''

''I asked Mrs. Spot from the bakery and she told me you two are here. Are you two behaving for Mr. Andersen?'' Kristoff asked.

''Yes, sir, you have lovely daughters and they behaved very well.'' This time, it was Mr. Andersen who talked.

''Thanks for looking after my girls, Mr. Andersen. And you two, are ready to go home?'' Kristoff asked, turning toward his daughters ''Aunt Elsa would be worry about us.''

''Well, it was a pleasure to have Princess Agnes and Princess Heidi for the afternoon, Sir. Please, send my best regards to Arendelle's Snow Queen.'' Mr. Andersen bowed to then

''I will. Let's go.'' Kristoff nodded and Heidi and Agnes, waved goodbye to their new friend.

When they returned to the castle, later that day, as usual, Snow Queen Elsa was waiting for them in the great hall, with a book in hand and a smile on her usual blank face.

''Hello, my darlings,'' she greeted both her nieces with a friendly kiss on her cheeks ''How was your day?''

''We had a lot of fun, Aunt Elsa, it was great.'' Heidi and Agnes answered quickly.

''How lovely.'' The snow queen smiled. She simply loved those girls and spending time with them which was the best thing in the world for Elsa.

''Aunt Elsa, guess what,'' Heidi told her anxiously ''We met Mr. Andersen, the same famous author you spoke about.''

''Hans Christian Andersen? How nice, but wait? How did you two meet him?'' Elsa asked with confusion in her eyes.

''He's the library owner who told us some of his stories.'' Agnes responded. ''Aunt Elsa, do you know that there's another snow queen who has the same ice powers you do?'' Heidi explained ''And Olaf was afraid that she could freeze another kingdom…but Mr. Andersen said it was just a story…''

''Girls, maybe we can let Aunt Elsa know this story at the dinner time.'' Kristoff suggested, interrupting his daughter's tale.

''But Papa, we need to tell Aunt Elsa about the Snow Queen.'' Heidi protested.

''I know, darling, but maybe you can tell Aunt Elsa about the story you heard at dinner time.'' Kristoff suggested

. ''I think your father's right, Agnes, I think we should go get changed for dinner and then you can tell me all about the story Mr. Andersen told you about.''

''Okay then, see you later, Aunt Elsa.'' Agnes was a little bit disappointed. Then again, Elsa gave each of her nieces a kiss on the forehead and stayed there quietly, watching the girls walk down the hall, hand-in-hand with Kristoff.

Later that same night, just after everyone go to bed, Elsa was in her sitting room, finishing a book, when the door stormed open and two girls appeared in the site and jumped on her lap. ''Agnes? Heidi?" Elsa asked. "I thought you two should be in bed right now.'' Elsa said with a voice somewhat authoritarian.

''We should, Aunt Elsa, but first we need to tell you something.'' Agnes said.

''We love you very much'' Heidi added.

''And even if there's another Snow Queen out there, you'll be our favorite Snow Queen and you seem a lot more powerful than Mr. Andersen's Snow Queen.'' Agnes finished.

''Thank you, my darlings, I love you very much, too.'' This way, Elsa wrapped her nieces in a tight embrace and sang a lullaby, so they could sleep peacefully.