iWorld Collided

(Opening with a recap of the last 2 episodes)

Carly (VO): Previously on iCarly...

(We are seeing various highlights of 2 previous episodes of iCarly. Then, we are seeing Carly, Sam, and Freddie wandering in the forest. Sam groan)

Sam: I haven't been this hungry since the time when I was on a strike

Carly: Ummm...you determined to go on a strike because Mr Howard won't let you take any more naps in his class

Sam: Weeeellll...I got to do something about it, OKAY!

Freddie: Ummm...that doe...

(Freddie was being interrupted by a 3-heads Cerberus which caused Carly's, Sam's, and Freddie's eyes became wider)


(As Cerberus groans, Carly, Sam, and Freddie gulp)

Freddie: I...Ummm...think...


(Carly, Sam, and walk back slowly and the Cerberus kept going toward them)

Carly: I am not ready to die just yet

Freddie: And my mother won't even believe that I am about to be killed by...

(As Cerberus is about inches closer to them and snorting, it's was stabbed and fell over which revealed Hagrid standing behind it which his hair and beard is much grayer. Hagrid sigh)

Hagrid: Are you fellas alright?

(As Carly's, Sam's, and Freddie's eyes became wider and stare at each other, we are seeing iCarly theme song. Then, we are seeing Carly, Sam, Freddie, and Hagrid in Hagrid's hut)

Hagrid: Sooooo...let me get this straight. Larson whose happened to be expelled from here at Hogwarts and spent for a couple of decades. Then, he somehow escaped from Azkaban, traveled to your homeland, and framed a friend of yours, used a mold of his head to transported you, fellas, here.

Carly: Yep, aaaand...we recruited Harry Potter to caught Larson Jenson and they are probably dueling at the moment as we speak

(Hagrid sigh)

Hagrid: Ohhh...boy, this is bad

Sam: Ummm...why is that?

Hagrid: Because you could see that Harry was revealed as a chosen one after defeated He-Shall-Not-Be-Named about 22 years ago. So, Harry is also protecting Hogwarts from any future threats and if something happens to him, Larson would eventually take over Hogwarts and train those lads to destroy the entire galaxy.

Freddie: So, you were said that Larson would transport us. So, that we would not be in his way to taking over Seattle, turning various people against each other, and destory Harry Potter once and for all

Hagrid; That is exactly correct, lad. But, you three would do whatever you can to save your homeland and destroy Larson once and for all

Sam: Whoa, whoa, wait a minute. How in the world are we going to possibly defend Larson

Hagrid: Well, you three might be muggles and probably need some extra help. So, I will advise you to take Hogwarts Express and be on your way to Diagon Alley which is sort of Wizards distract in London. A couple of former students of mine who happen to live there which would be willing to help you three out on the mission.

Carly: Thanks, Hagrid for all your help.

Hagrid: No problem at all, lad. I bid you three a great journey

(Then, we are seeing Carly, Sam, and Freddie arriving at The Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade and approach a bartender)

Jernda: How may I help you today, lads

Sam: Ummmm...no clues. What do you fellas get here

Jernda: Well, we actually have a unique beer called ButterBeer

Sam: Coooolll...we would probably have 3 of those

Jernda: You got it, pal

(Jernda walk away)

Carly: Huh, I wonder who would put butter in a beer

Mystery Person (Off-Screen): I do.

(Carly, Sam, and Freddie turn around and spotted someone is a cat-like human)

Kitath: Hey, I am Kitath and I sensed that you three are not from around here

Sam: Whoa, whoa...wait a minute. Are you like a cat as in species

Kitath: Hmmmm...yep, pretty much like since the day I was born.

Freddie: I am beginning to wonder if this is all the dream

(Kitath threw a beer cup at Freddie)

Freddie: OWW!

Kitath: So, is this seems like a dream to you, now

Freddie: Heck No!

Kitath: Anyway, how did you three somehow end up in...

(Jernada approach Carly, Sam, and Freddie with the ButterBeers)


(As Jernada walk away, Carly, Sam, and Freddie drink the ButterBeers)

Carly, Sam, and Freddie (in unison): Ahhhh...

Sam: Whoa, momma likey. They make the best beers in town. So, anyway...you were saying?

Kitath: As I was saying, how in the heck did you three end up in Hogsmeade in the first place

Carly: It's was a sort of a long story, It was all starting with a friend of our, Gibby who basically lost a mold of the head

Kitath: Whoa...did he cut a random human being's skin off and turning into a mold of his head

(Carly, Sam, and Freddie snorting and laughing so hard)

Sam: Oh, no, no...he has basically had it made from a shop called "Build-A-Mold"

Kitath: Ahhh...so, it is kind of like "Build-A-Bear"

Freddie: Yep, pretty much.

Carly: Soooo...anyway, he seems to be absent for a couple of weeks. Then, all of the sudden out of the blue we assumed that he committed a bunch of crimes. So, we did a couple of investigations and recognized that a former student named...

Kitath: Larson Jenson!?

Sam: Yep, how did yo...

Kitath: He is a mischievous and cold-blooded wizard who tends to destroy living beings on earth and wants to take over the entire FREAKING galaxy! He is not just causing problems in Hogwarts, he came to my Bows and Swords shop in Diagon Alley where he determined to tricked those cops into thinking that I have stolen every...single...weapons! Aaaaand...guess what? They shut my business down and my family left me!

Carly: I am so sorry to hear that and you could join us as we are recruiting a couple of Hogwarts Alummis to defend Larson once and for all

Kithath: Count me in and I am going to tick off that mustard by showing who is the boss

(Then, we are seeing Larson watching a Chao occur in Seattle from the viewing area in Space Needles and his #2 Tarah approach him)

Larson: Ahhhh...look at this.

Tarah: Yeah, I do see it

Larson: One day...those professors and the headmaster will finally denounce Harry Potter as the chosen one and will finally make me their true chosen one.

(As Larson used the evil laugh, Harry Potter whose is currently a Jayhawk squawk.)

Larson: Ohhhh...you must have heard me. You will not do anything but sit here and watch the world crash and burn and the professors and a headmaster will finally come to a realization that you are not really a chosen one.

(Larson chuckles)

Larson: Anywhoooo...what do you want, Tarah?

Tarah: I wanted to inform you that we captured a couple whose want to stop you from take over the world

Larson: Ahhh...very well. Bring them to me

Tarah: Yes, my master

(As Tarah snap his finger, the guards brought a pair of captives no other than Spencer and Jamie. Larson chuckles)

Larson: You guys must be older siblings to the hosts of an American web show, is that correct?

Spencer: You won't get away with this and where in the heck are our sisters

Jamie: Yeah, what did you do with them

Larson: Well, let just said...they were sort of stood in my way to take over Seattle by sent them far, far, away from here

Tarah: Ummm...speaking of which, The stars of a popular American web show seems to recruit a poor gentleman that you tricked a couple of cops into shutting down his shop.

(Larson chuckles and sigh)

Larson: Ahhh...good time. Anyway, I want you to send a couple of

guards to revive them right away

Tarah: Yes, my master.

(Then, we are seeing Carly, Sam, Freddie, and Kithath sitting in a car of Hogwarts Express as they are on their way to Diagon Alley and Sam took a sip of ButterBeer from a jug)

Carly: Ummm...Sam, what were you drinking?

Sam: ButterBeer, why?

Carly: Ummmm...because, you basically can't just...bring any foreign objects into our country

Sam: Sooo...what?

Freddie: Sam, do you remember the time when you attempted to bring Canadian Fat Cakes into the United States like almost a decade again

(Sam groans)

Sam: It's what wrong with our FREAKING political system as Americans people are divided over some...foolish crap like you can't eat meat or...

Carly: Okay...I think you were clearly drunk


(Sam chuckles)

Carly:...and I am cutting you off

(As Carly attempt to take the jug away from Sam, Sam struggles to keep it away from her. Then, Carly sucess take it away from her.)

Carly: HA! I beat you to it

Kithath: I think that I have something to help Samatha to recover from a hangover

(As Kithath take out a potion)

Kithath: Right...this is called "Efeghes" which will help you to recover from a hangover

(Sam take Efeghes and drank it all and sigh)

Sam: Heh, what do you know? I don't feel soooo drunk and thanks Kit for this potion

Kithath: No problem, I made it in potion class as I was attending to Hogwarts a couple of decades ago

Freddie: That was insane. Soooo...ho...

(Freddie was being interrupted by a power outlet)

Sam: What the F...?

(Kithath sigh)

Kithath: That's was not a good sign

Carly: Wh...what do you mean by that!?

Kithath: There is a group called "Death Eaters" whose once led by Whose-Shall-Not-Be-Named up until he was defended by Harry Potter about 22 years ago

Sam: Whoa...whoa...wait a minute, are they like...Grim Reaper or something

Kithath: Well, not exactly. Anyway, they were supposedly disbanded shortly after the death of Whose-Shall-Not-Be-Named. But, they somehow reveail by Larson

(Carly's, Sam's, and Freddie's eyes became wider)

Freddie: Holy Chiz

Kithath: So, we better get going before they catch us

(Then, we are seeing Carly, Sam, Freddie, and Kithath walking out of their car walking down the hall toward a 20's goth dude)

Gedshiy: Getting off the wrong train, mate?

(As Kithath pulled out his wand, He cast against Gedshiy and he dodged it)

Gedshiy: Welp, it's seems like my turn to kill you

(As Gedshiy cast a spell and knock Kithath's wand out of his wand)

Kithath: What The...?

(As Gedshiy chuckles, he cast a spell to turn Kithath into a pile of ashes. Carly's, Sam's, and Freddie's eye became wider)

Carly, Sam, and Freddie (in Unison): KITHATH!?

Gedshiy: Well, it seems like your savior would no longer protect you muggles now.

Sam: Oh yeah, you and what army?

( As Gedshiy snap his fingers, a couple of selected members of The Death Eaters came out of their cars)

Gedshiy: Those fellows

Carly: Oh boy.

(Carly gulp)

Sam: Well, you might have fought a bunch of wizards in your world and...

(Sam pulled her Butter Sock out of her pocket and swing it)

Sam:...not ALL muggles are unarmed in our FREAKING world

(Carly and Freddie cough)

Sam: Oh, right.

(Sam pulled out of pipes from the ceiling and threw those to Carly and Freddie)

Freddie: Shall we?

(Freddie hit a Death Eater, throw him to another member, Sam hit a couple more members, Carly fought Gedshiy which led him to a supposedly dead-end. But, he spotted a ladder which led to the top of a train and ran to it and climb onto the top of the train)

Carly: Oh no, you don't

(Carly climbed onto the top of the train and spotted Gedshiy)

Gedshiy: You and your pals think you would save Harry Potter and your brother with the help fro...

Carly: Wh...what in the heck are you talking about.

Gedshiy: Well, as you could see your brother and a lady friend of his plotting against my Lord Larson and were captured and imprisoned in a Space Needles

(Carly hit Gedshiy with a pipe)

Gedshiy: Oof...

(Gedshiy chuckles)

Gedshly:...you surely hit like a gal

(Carly smirked)

Carly: Wwwweeeellll, I might hit like a girl but my friend doesn't)

Gedshiy: Wha...

(Sam came out of nowhere and hit Gedshiy with the ButterSock)

Gedshiy: Yelp

(Gedshiy used his wand to make TNT pop out and counting down from 1 minute)

Freddie: Oh chiz.

Gedshiy: You are about to die with me.

Carly: Not if we do this.

(As Carly, Sam, and Freddie jumped off the train, it was blew up. Then, Carly, Sam, and Freddie fell onto the grass and groan. Next, Carly, Sam, and Freddie get up)

Carly: Great, how in the world are we going to get to some...

(Sam pulled out of the map)

Sam: Ummm...why don't we use this map to guide us to Diagon Alley

Freddie: How did yo...

Sam: Weeeelll...while we were fight a bunch of demon goth, this map somehow fell out of some dude pocket

Carly: Great, I am sure that we would find this distraction in no time

(Then, we are seeing Carly, Freddie, and Sam wandering through Leaky Cauldron toward the courtyard)

Freddie: Okay, the entrance to the Diagon Alley should be somewhere in this very courtyard

(Sam groan)

Sam: It's sound like you basically...made this whole up

Freddie: How am I making this up, this said on the map that Diagon Alley is located in this FREAKING courtyard!

Carly: Ummm...guys, look.

(As Sam and Freddie turned their head to spot a dwarf tapping of 5 bricks around a hole in the wall which caused it to open a doorway and he enter. After he enter, the door closed behind him.)

Carly and Freddie (in unison): Whoa!

Sam: Are you guys still sure this is not a dream? If so, I got to stop drinking beers and eating leafover meats before bed

(Carly and Freddie rolled their eyes)

Carly: Oh, come on

(Carly, Sam, and Freddie approach an invisible doorway)

Carly: Okay, let see...this dwarf fellow tap 5 bricks on this hole and I think...ummmm...

Sam (VO): I called it!

(Carly and Freddie turn their eyes onto Sam already solved the puzzle by opening the doorway)

Sam: You guys really think I couldn't solve a puzzle whose meant for 5-years old

(As Sam snort, she walk through the doorway, and Carly and Freddie gave each other an impressive look and follow Sam into Diagon Alley. As they finally reach Diagon Alley, we are flying through Diagon Alley and back to Carly, Sam, and Freddie)

Carly, Sam, and Freddie (in unison): Whoa and Holy Chiz

Carly: It's seem like we just traveled back to the Roaring 20's or something.

Freddie: True

Sam: No Chiz. So, remember what that Beard Chubby Dude said about recuriting some of Harry's classmate?

Carly: Yeah, he said they should be here somewhere but where?

(Then, we are seeing Hermione Wesley whom is now an owner of a bookstore called "Obscurus Books" putting a various books in their proper place as she was riding on the ladder. Then, Hermione climb down)

Hermione: Ahhh...perfection. Now, we are set for the another busy hours.

(Ron enter and sneak behind Hermione and cover her eyes)

Ron: Guess whooooo...

Hermione: Ummm...is this Harry Style?

Ron: Nope, guess again?

Hermione: Oh...I know, Daniel Craig aka the current Jame Bond

Ron: Nope...

(Ron uncover her eye and went in front of Hermione)

Ron:...It's me.

(Hermione giggle)

Hermione: I know you...silly putt

(Ron and Hermione shared a quick kiss)

Hermione: Sooo...how was your day at work?

Ron: It been tiresome at Wesley's Wizard Wheezes. As I attempted to perform a living balloon animal for a kid, it was popped once it moved. Now, I feel bad as I basically scar her for life!

Hermione: Ohhh...I am pretty sure she would proably be fine once she forget all about it

Ron: It's remind of the time when Ginny was just turned one year old...me, Fred, and George would putted up on magic show and Fred attempted to turn George into a toad. But...

(Ron chuckles)

Ron: Fred accidently turned George into princess fairy and...she was just...dying of laughter. Then, they wouldn't even speak to each other for a week. Now, with Fred and George gone...I am the only close sibling she has left.

Hermione: Yeah...at least she has Harry on her side for protection. Oh, speaking of which...I haven't heard from Harry for a couple of days and Ginny is worrying sick. Have you heard from him lately?

Ron: No, but...he mentioned that he has some businesses in the States to take care of.

Hermione: Huh, I wonder where in the heck he is?

Mystery Person (VO): I do

(Ron and Hermione turned slowly and spotted Carly, Sam, and Freddie at the door. Then, we are seeing Carly, Sam, and Freddie told the entire story to Ron and Hermione)

Ron: Whoa, whoa...wait a minute, this Gibby dude actually has a mold of his head

Hermione: Ron...are you even listening to the rest of the story.

Ron: Yeah...but Gibby is the beast and legend

Sam: Ehhh...

Hermione: Anyway, are you saying that Larson apparently broke out of Azkaban and entered states illegally and framed a friend of yours and holding Harry and both of your older siblings as hostages

Carly: Yep, pretty much. So, Ron...you own the family business that sell magic tricks

Ron: Yep, it been passed on from my older twin brothers, which one of them got killed during The Battle of Hogwarts and another one got stabbed by a Death Eater as he was seeking some revenge for Fred's death

Freddie: Ohhh...we are so sorry for your loss

Ron: Thank guys. What do you need those for?

Carly: Well, we needs those and your help to defend Larson and save Harry, my brother...Spencer and Sam's Half-Sister.

Hermione: Well, you can count us in.

Sam: Great, but...how are we going to confront Larson?

Ron: Let just said, we might have something that would blow your minds

(As Ron and Hermione smirk, we are seeing Spencer and Jamie sitting in a cell)

Jamie: Soooo...we are basically holding as a pair of hostages and our little sisters are nowhere tp be found

(Spencer sigh)

Spencer: Yeah, I am pretty sure that Carly, Sam, and Freddie would come up with plan to take down that son of mudblood once and for...ALL!

Jamie: How can you be so sure

Spencer: Well, as you can see...I has been on bunch of the adventures with the kids for over a decade such as stopped those evil Japanese webstars from cheating in the iWeb Awards, dealing with Nevel and Nora a couple of times, restoring a timeline, caught one of Carly's ex-boyfriend, Steven Carson cheating on Carly with another chick,

(Jamie chuckles)

Jamie: Ohhhh...yeah, I remember watching that humiliation webcast and was like; "Whoa...you got burned by Kenan Thompson and both of your exes. It's doesn't look great for you buddy"

(Spencer chuckles)

Spencer: Yeah, I just actually recognized that the kids are growing like fast in right in both of our eyes and it was like yesterday when they were just a couple of 13 years old whose just created their little webshow.

Jamie: Yeah

Spencer:...and we had no idea what it would led us into a unique situation like this.

Jamie: True. This entire universe got even more interesting

Spencer: Right, We got superheroes, wizards, a chick whose basically can see into the future, another dimension, time travel, and aliens

Jamie: That was sound insane

(As Spencer chuckles, he and Jamie stare at each other and was about to lead in for a kiss. But, they got interrupped by a couple of Death Eaters)

Jegg: Hey, Lord Larson wanted to see you two immdently

Spencer: Ummm...may we ask why is that?

Jegg: Well, it is because...

(Jegg tranformed into Freddie)

Freddie:...we are here to brake you guys out of this heckhole

Spencer: FREDDIE!? Ho...

Freddie: It's a sort of long story...

(Freddie unlock the cell door and Spencer and Jamie ran out of their cell.)

Freddie:...but we need to get out of here

Jamie: Rrrrrright...who is this fella who is with you

(Genhi transformed into Ron)

Freddie: Oh, this is Ron Wesley and this is Carly's and Sam's older brother and half sister, Spencer and Jamie

(Ron shake hand with Spencer and Jamie)

Ron: It's been a honor to meet an brillant artist and...I got to said that my kids and I am a HUUUUGGGEEEE fan of your works.

Spencer: Thanks, this is basically...

(Spencer got interruppted by a loud stomp)

Jamie: What the f...

(As the Bottlebot enter with his red eyes gloating, Freddie, Ron, and Spencer gulp)

Spencer: Ummm...I think we should...

Freddie: Yeah...

(With that, they began running out of the holding room with the Bottlebot went after them.)

Spencer: I meant to ask where is in the heck is Sam

Freddie: Sam is in downtown fighting against the Death Eaters along with Ron's wife.

Spencer: Ahh...Carly?


(Then, we are seeing Carly who dressed as a Death Eater sneaking up to the viewing room which turned into a throne room.)

Carly: Ok, Harry...where in the heck are you

(Harry squawk whose currently sitting in a cage next to a throne and Carly spotted him and approach him)

Carly: Oh, there you are

(Carly pick up Harry's cage)

Carly: Alright...we better get you get out of here befo...

Mystery Person (off-screen): Not...So...Fast...

(Carly turned around slowly and spotted Larson standing behind her)

Carly: Hi

(Carly laugh nervously)

Carly: I didn't see you behind me

Larson: Hahaha...very funny. Give me Harry and no one will get hurt and we will leave you and your friends alone

Carly: Well, I could orrrrr...

(Carly ran off up the stair, Larson went after her. Then, we are seeing Sam and Herminone battle against the remaining members of Death Eaters.)

Sam: Take that, Mutant Goths!

Hermione: Ummm...d-don't y..ou...think Carly know what she is about to do?

Sam: Oh...just relax Herine. As I know Carls for almost a couple of decades, she has always take a risk such as jumping out of plane into Japan, we saved each of our lives from falling out of the lift, went to one of my ex-gangster's rage house party.

Hermione: True...but, Larson is even worse than you could even imagine and...he is hungry for some sort of revenge

Sam: Welp...after hearing a bunch of stories about a dude whose lived like basically killed...ummm...you know who and he was close to death but he survived, didn't he?

Hermione: That's a good point and I think that you are an actually not so bad yourself

Sam: Thanks, so do you. Soooo could we...

Hermione: Eh, what the heck?

(Sam and Hermione threw their ButterSock and Wand to each other kept fighting against the remaining members of Death Eaters. Then, we are seeing Spencer, Freddie, Ron, and Jamie still being chase by the Bottlebot)

Freddie: I think we should...

Ron:...split up? Can't agree more

(Then, Freddie, Spencer, Ron, and Jamie went onto their own way in a Scooby-Doo chase style and colude with Ron cast a spell on the Bottlebot which caused it to exploded which Spencer saw it with a shocked react)

Ron: I am so sorry Spence. But, I really has no choice and had to do what I have to do

Spencer: M-m-m-y-b-b

Freddie: Alright, Spencer. We got to go

(As Freddie start to drag Spencer by his collar, then we are seeing Carly ran onto the top of the Space Needle and put a cage behind her back and Larson got onto shortly afterward. Larson chuckle)

Larson: Ohhhh...I think know what you are up to?

Carly: Oh, really?

Larson: You want to do us a favor by killing The Chosen One as you drop him off the Space Needle and forced everyone at Hogwarts to regreted their thinking of Harry Potter as the boy whose lived and the one killed Lord Voldemort

Carly: Well...alright, you got me. Your circle of goth actually impressed me and my friends and I...like that how...you want to takeover the...entire...universe...by start with killing...

(Carly pulled the cage from her back)

Carly:...this so-called chosen one

(Harry squawk)

Larson: Holy Chiz...I didn't know that you actually has some darkness inside of you

Carly: Well, I did some time in prison since Pre-K...so?

Larson: Whoa, you has litterary blown my mind and well...if you are what you really said. Then, drop this fake hero down to where he is suppose to be?

Carly: Gladly

(Carly dropped the cage off the Space Needle)

Carly: But, there is something you should know...

(Harry rose back up in a human form on a broomstick)

Carly:...I am not even a gangster or Death Eater.

Harry: Hey, Larson. Do you miss me?

(Larson's eye became wider)


Carly: Let just said after knowing my best friend whose basically an ex-gangster for a couple of decades has taught me a tons of stuff

(Carly smirk)

Harry: Just give it up, Larson. You has basically lost this battle

Larson: Ohhhh...not even close

(As Carly and Harry puzzled, Larson cast a spell on the top of Space Needle which caused it to fly)

Carly: Ohhh...WHAT IN THE HECK?!

Larson: You two titular characters and your friends would easily defeated me


Larson: So that...I could murder both of you by launching you into the outer space then after that...the world will recogize what kind of person you two; A pairs...of...failure

Carly: Then, we are going to die...a pair of heroes

Mystery Person (Off-Screen): Count us in

(Carly, Harry, and Larson turned around and spotted Sam, Freddie, Ron, and Hermione)

Ron: Hey, Mudblood. Do you Miss us

Carly: Sam and Freddie?!

Harry: Ron and Hermione!?

(Sam, Freddie, Ron, and Hermione approach Carly, Harry, and Larson)

Sam: After what we been though all of those years, we always have each other back no matter what

Carly: Ummm...even Freddie?

Sam: Just...don't ruin this moment

Hermione: As Sam was saying, our two individual groups been through a ton over the years and we had...always has each other back

Freddie: We has bunch of obsbutle in our paths and always overcome those no matter how diffcult those would be

Ron: Aaaand...you two has our backs all those years and it is time for us have yours

Carly: Are you sure that you want to do this?

(As Sam, Freddie, Ron, and Hermione nod, Larson clap scarcasm)

Larson: Ohhhh...bravo. How is it sooo...touching? NOT! So, let count it to the chase

Sam: Oh yeah? You are being outnumbered which is 6-1

Larson: Not if I do this? We will meet again som...

(Larson noticed that his wand is not in his hand and spotted Harry holding his wand)

Harry: Looking for this?

Larson: Wha...ho...

Sam: I was shrink down and run up and got your wand thanks to Ronnie here

Larson: I would got away with this if it wasn't for...

Ron: Yeah, yeah, yeah...do your thing Har

Harry: Right...

(Harry cast a spell on Larson by sending him back to Azkaban)

Carly: Well, that was being take care of expect for...Oh yeah, we are stil being launch into the Outer Space

Herminone: I think I might have a solution but it can be a little...risky

Sam: Well, what is it?

Herminone: I...I...could cast a spell which will cause this Space Needle to fall out of the sky with us on it and this is the...

(Herminone gulp)

Herminone:...only way

Carly: Well, if it is basically only way to save ourselves, then we do whatever it take.

Harry: Let do this together...

(As Carly, Sam, Freddie, Harry, Ron, and Herminone hold hands and look at each other and nod, Harry close his eyes and made Space Needle falling out of the sky heading toward Downtown Seattle and launch a shield as it crashing a couple of bulidings such as Bushwell Plaza and Spencer's Spagetti Shack and spotted the Space Needle sitting on a street with the fog surrounding and Spencer, Jamie, and the crowd are watching to see if there are any survivors.)

Jamie: Don't you thi...

Spencer: Well, I hope it would not be the case. Because, it would make even worse once I bring this potenitaly bad new to and you kno...

(As Spencer and Jamie chuckles, the six figures walking out of the fog in the slow motion revealing to be Carly, Sam, Freddie, Harry, Ron, and Herminone which has a couple of bloods and dirt on them which the crowd cheer as they approach Spencer and Jamie)

Spencer: WHOA, THAT WAS...

(Carly and Spencer hug)

Spencer:...LIKE INSANE!


Spencer: You were literally falling out of the skies and still survived

Carly: Yeah, I know. If it wasn't for Harry and his friends, we wouldn't be here right now.

Spencer: That's a good point

Jamie: Sooo...don't you think mom would be blown away by all of this

Sam: Nah, she is basically out of state for one of her "booze" trips

Jamie: True...true.

Sam: So, I think you will make a such great sub co-host while I am away on a press tour

Jamie: Really?

Sam: Yeah, even I didn't make it...you would still do great no matter what

Jamie: But, Carly was with you and ho...

Sam: Just don...

Jamie: Right

(Then, we are seeing the double duos hanging out at a pub just outside of Seattle. Sam and Ron playing a card game over their repective snacks which is Fat Cakes and Chocolate Frogs)

Sam: Sooo...you basically drove a flying car as an underage during your second year at Hogwarts?

Ron: Well, I had no choice since Harry was trapped with his cruel relatives which known as The Dursley's and had to rescued him. Oh, look...flush

(Ron put his card down)

Sam: Touche.

Ron: Sooo...I heard that you had a pair of cruel teachers attempted to take over your school

Sam: Ha...get this...The Director of School has apparently fired our principal for making an appearance on iCarly on his poor daugther's birthday

Ron: No chiz..

Sam: Yeah, we got some help from the fellow classmates to take Ridgeway out of Miss Briggs and Mr Howard's control and gave it back to Prinicpal Franklin

Ron: Whoa, not bad as that mudblood Umbridge stormed into the Great Hall and took advantage of Ministry of Magic by taking over Hogwarts. So, get this...they want to take magic out of a FREAKING magic school.

Sam: That's bull(bleep.) Why would you take something out of a certain school? It's like taking out of Art out of an art school.

Ron: Yeah, right.

Sam: I am wondering if somehow Miss Briggs would relate to Miss Umbridge

Ron: Yeah, they are both cruel and sucking the fun out of the children

Sam: True, true

(Sam put her card down)

Sam: Oh...look, a flush


Sam: Yep, soooo...you and Hermie, how in the heck did that happen!?

Ron: Let just said we last much longer than you and Freddie

Sam: Touche, even though I just beat you in this card game which mean I get ALLL of these trick.

Ron: Well, play...Samatha Puckett

Sam: You as well...Ronald Wesley

(Then, the camera move narrow to Carly and Harry sitting at the bar drinking beer)

Carly: Heh...It's seems like Sam has finally met her match

Harry: I could said the same for Ron

Carly: Even though it was like it was yesterday we basically begun our adventure by launching our webshow and had no idea that we would basically had to save the world twice

Harry: True...as I was a young lad, I was growing up with a cruel relatives. I was misable and being ingored by them just because my aunt is super jealous of my mother getting all the attention rather than her.

Carly: Ohh...that must be horrible but I am sure that your parents and godfather would look down from the heaven and being impressed with all the stuffs that you did while you were at Hogwarts.

Harry: Yeah, they are with me as always but...even though I got family at Hogwarts like Ron, Herminone, Ginny, Neville, and Luna

Carly: That's good...Sooo...it been great working with you...the boy whom lived

Harry: You as well...the girl whom haved gifts

(As Carly and Harry rised their beer cup and clicked, we are seeing Jared watching the event unfolded from the Area 34 and Gary approach)

Gary: Sir, I have an ungret new for you...

Jared: If it is about the Battle of Seattle then...I am very imformed.

Gary: Yeah..but

Jared: First, The Tipton Crews and Carly, Spencer and Sam teamed up with the Hawkins Citizens to restored the timeline and now Carly, Sam, and Freddie recently teamed up with The Hogswarts Trios to defeated the Supernautral Terrorist.

Gary: Right, there is a new report that Zack and Cody just hoarding a 10 years old whom have superpower and get this...he claimed to be from another universe.

Jared: Well, I think that I know whom you are talking about.

Gary: W..W...wait you do?

Jared: Yes and I just know who to reported it to.

(As Jared grin, we are seeing the text that read "To Be Continued on The Suite Life.")

Author's note: What an exciting ending to the iCarly-Harry Potter Crossover Special and RIP BottleBot (2007-2020.) Also, Herminone's job at a magical book store was a reference to Emma Watson's another known role in Beauty and the Beast (2017 Film.) So, I have a such great new for you my following Potterheads that we won't be seeing the last of Harry Potter and the gangs which means they will return for the Multiverse storyline which also perhap feature the return of Ginny, Neville, and Luna. Also, yes Jared and Gary are talking about Number Five from The Umbrella Academy which mean...The Suite Life/Umbrella Academy Crossover episode is coming up next. Until then, keep on reading and don't forget to comment and follow for more stories to come