A.N. This is only a plot bunny that I'm getting out of my head. So far, I don't have plans on expanding on this story.

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A young child stared at the dingy little pub in utter bafflement.

"This? Is this seriously the Guild's headquarters?"

Sure, it looks kinda nice if you squint a certain way. The windmill-shaped tower on top gives it character, and the brick and wooden design is a nice, quaint look.

It just isn't what he imagined the Fairy Tail headquarters looked like.

"Well, you know what they say about judging books by their covers." The child shrugged and began to walk through the guild doors.

Entering the building, the child turned to look at the few inhabitants lingering inside. No one was smiling or energetic, with a few of them just drinking in their own corner of the room. One of the old men gave the child an apathetic look, before going back to his meal. The mood in the air reeked of depression and misery.

Taken aback by the atmosphere, the child didn't notice someone walking to them until they cleared their throat.

"Ahem, can I help you?" An older man dressed in a light-colored trenchcoat with a high collar towered over the child.

The child bent his back and bowed slightly. "Hello, my name is Tachie. Pronouns 'he', 'him', and 'his'. May I ask where the Master of this Guild is?"

The man grunted, then pointed a stubby thumb to himself. "You're looking at him. Name's Macao Conbolt, current Fourth Guild Master of Fairy Tail."

Tachie's body straightened and his face scrunched up in confusion. "I thought the Master was Makarov."

Macao froze for a moment, before continuing. "Not anymore… he disappeared a few years ago."

It took a moment for Tachie to realize what he meant. Comprehension dawned on his face as he realized that the Tenrou Island incident must've already happened.

"Never mind then, I guess you're the one I'll have to ask instead." Bowing once more, he asked with a serious face on him. "I wish to formally request joining Fairy Tail."


The instant refusal surprised him.

"May I ask why?" he questioned.

"A few reasons," Macao gave him a look. "First off, you're too young. You're what? Five? Six?"


"Close enough," he waved his hands to show that he didn't really care. "Either way, that's too young to be a mage."

"Hey that's not exactly true," one of the mages watching chimed in. "What about Romeo? He's around the same age as the kid. And we used to accept a few kids in the past."

"The difference between this and Romeo is that I know Romeo's capabilities and limits, having watched him grow up for several years," Macao grunted and scratched at his nose. "Besides, Biska and Alzack usually watch over him. But they're the most active mages in the Guild, and we don't have anyone else who can team up if the kid joins. Not since..."

The mood soured as Macao trailed off.

Tachie nodded. "That's fair. But if I join, you can vet any missions I take. I'll take it easy the first few weeks so you can see what my limits are before I tackle anything harder than a restaurant part-time job."

Macao scowled. "Now don't get ahead of yourself. The second reason is that we don't take in anyone who can't hold their own. Our Guild isn't exactly swimming in job offers, and the ones we usually do get are those that no one else wants to take. Infestation exterminations, traversing harsh territories, high-risk curse removals, that kind of thing."

Tachie thought about it. "I'm primarily a combat mage, with a couple of support spells. I can probably handle monster subjugation jobs if they're within my limits."

"Hmph, if you say so." Macao took out a wooden seat and sat on it, holding up his chin with one of his fists. "And then there's the last reason why I don't want you here."

"What's that?"

He scoffed. "Take a look around. Our Guild's a dump, and I'm wondering what kind of mushrooms you ate to even think of applying here."

Tachie frowned. "But you're Fairy Tail."

His words only seemed to make Macao mad. "And that name hasn't meant anything ever since we lost everything years ago. All Fairy Tail has now is a crippling debt and the few lost souls who have nowhere else to go."

Everyone around them was now staring at the two, their own faces filled with guilt and pain.

Macao seemed to grow more frustrated, tears falling down his face. "Our Guild is weak and pathetic, and I'm the pathetic fool who has to take care of what's left. Twilight Ogre is Magnolia's new Guild, why don't you join them?"

"Hey, I'll ignore that you called the rest of us weak and pathetic," one of the spectators cried out. "But don't throw the kid in with that den of delinquents."

"Fine, we'll introduce him to Blue Pegasus or Lamia Scale or someone else." He slammed a fist on the table. "Why does he have to join us?! He shouldn't be stuck with us old fools."

While the others didn't agree with him, none of them looked like they could argue with his point. Several faces turned away, a few tears running down their faces as well. The person who spoke earlier shrunk back, and eventually looked down in frustration as well.

Tachie stared at this scene with an impassive look on his face, before he spoke.


Despite himself, Macao chuckled at that. "That's what I've been telling you. Don't have to rub it in though."

Ignoring Macao's words, Tachie repeated himself. "Pathetic. I've grown up on the stories of the exploits of Fairy Tail, and this is what it's been reduced to? Reminiscent old fools who have given up on improving themselves."

The child before Macao looked up with burning indignation in his eyes. "Well fuck that!"

Everyone's faces looked shocked at the young child's language.

"Seriously, fuck that! I didn't get sent here by that perverted vampire just to be told to fuck off because everyone's whining about how things are unfair." The mages around Tachie started to get annoyed at his speech. "I didn't travel all this way just to be told to go to another Guild because Fairy Tail thinks they're so pathetic."

"Y-You—" one of the mages tried to argue.

"No, just shut up!" Magic power started to gather around Tachie, imposing his aura onto his surroundings. "If this is what I have to deal with, then so be it. Fine, I'll join this stupid Guild even if everyone has their heads stuck in the past. And if I'm going to be here for the rest of however long I have left to live, then I'm going to whip everyone into shape and pull themselves out of their own asses."

"Now, look here—" before Macao could get a word in, the doors to the Guild suddenly burst open with a bang.

"Well now look at what we got here," a familiar voice to the Guild sounded from the remains of where the door was. "I see that there's a little argument going on. Guess a puny Guild like this can't even control their own members. How pathetic."

"Thibault…" Macao growled.

"Hey now, don't give me that look." He sneered in Macao's direction, ignoring Tachie who suddenly grew quiet as he watched events unfold. "If you keep giving me looks like that, I might even have to remind you of the fact that you still haven't paid last month's pay yet."

Macao's face grew furious. "We had the money, you bastards. But your thugs had to destroy the wall, and our building was in danger of falling because of that. You said it was okay to put it off for a month while we fixed things."

Thibault laughed at that. "Well, I changed my mind. You're our bitches, and you better not forget that. Whatever we say might as well be gospel to you mongrels."

"Damn you…"

The voice of someone laughing suddenly broke the serious atmosphere. Everyone turned to look at the young child uncontrollably laughing to himself.

One of Twilight Orge's grunts didn't seem to like that. "Hey, what's so funny brat?!"

"Ahahahaha, oh man." Tachie wiped at a tear at the corner of his eye. "I really do have my work cut out for me if Fairy Tail is seriously worried about dealing with trash like you. Guess I have to do some cleaning if I want to get things fixed around here."

His face suddenly bloomed with an eerie smile.

"Hello, simpletons and members of the Guild that I consider less than dog droppings. Will you please kindly leave the vacancies while I have a discussion with the members of this Guild?"

"What did you say?!"

"Shittty brat, you think you can get away with that kind of talk?!"

"You're messing with Twilight Orge, get that into your head."

The child simply shook his head. "Guess words can't be understood by idiots."

That was the last straw for Thibault. Stepping forward menacingly, he pointed his cub towards Tachie. "Alright, that's it. You're not too young to receive a beating from us. Next time, learn to watch that mouth of yours."

"The hell, are you guys serious?" one of the mages from Fairy Tail cried out. "He's just a kid."

"No kid disrespects us like that."

Tachie merely looked at them for a moment, before speaking.

"Install: Heroic Soul - Berserker"

A red magic circle suddenly appeared underneath Tachie, pushing back Macao who was near him. A flash of light soon appeared, causing everyone to close their eyes. After the light dimmed, Macao was one of the first ones to open them. His jaw dropped to the ground once he did.

A towering giant stood before him, taking up a larger amount of space right where Tachie was standing. Macao couldn't tell how tall the being was, but he found that the giant was stooping to accommodate their new height, having touched the ceiling already. A gigantic ax leaned against the giant's leg, and the being stared down on the suddenly fearful Twighlight Orge guild members.

"Hm, I guess it doesn't matter whether or not I keep my True Name hidden," the giant spoke. "Well then, let me introduce this form. This here is Paul Bunyan, the strongest lumberjack in all of America."

That grin. That towering figure. For a moment, Macao forgot that this was the child that he was arguing with a few minutes ago, and saw the image of his former Guildmaster standing before him.

Smashing through the wall, Tachie threw the screaming members of Twilight Orge outside.

"Y-You bastard. Do you think you can get away with this?! We're Twilight Orge, and our Guild will get you back for this."

"I don't care about a Guild of thugs," Tachie simply stated. "But you guys definitely aren't welcome here."

Somehow, Tachie seemed to have grown even larger once he moved out into the open. Lifting up a giant foot, Tachie grinned.

"Sorry boys. This won't kill you, but it ain't gonna tickle either. MARVELOUS—"

Tachie suddenly leaped into the air, crashing down with an enlarged gigantic foot.


Smashing into the large group of Twilight Orge guild members, a gigantic crater formed at the point of impact where the group was. Breaking up the surroundings with a growing number of cracks, the comical scene ended when Tachie lifted up his foot and revealed the fainted members of Twligith Orge.

Glowing brightly, Tachie soon returned to his normal child size and looked at Macao with stars in his eyes.

"So, how'd I do?"

Macao stared at the scene of damage before him and almost started to pull his hair out. Seriously, what kind of bad karma did he gather to deserve this?! Having a kid try to join them, only to beat up the members of a legal guild who holds a debt threat over them. And this! This level of damage hasn't happened since the early Fairy Tail days.

Pointing to the grinning child, Macao screamed with his face bright red. "Brat! You're definitely joining our Guild, if only so that I can tell you how much trouble you're in!"

The brat actually smirked at him. "Can't fricking wait."

I was reading A Tale of Two Swords - by Parcasious when I realized that the Fate/Fairy Tail crossover stories are severely lacking. Seriously, how come there are only sixty stories out there?! That is a travesty, and I plan to fix that. So here's a self-insert story about a kid who has Take Over magic related to Heroic Spirits.

And if you read my other story - Magus of Dust - then you'd know that I have a precedent of putting SI's into established characters. In this case, I'm using an image I found online of Tachie from Fate/unpublished material, who's the prototype for Mash from F/GO. The cover art is a picture of her design from the F/um booklet.

I know I introduced the SI as a boy, but that's going to be expanded upon later. Here's a hint: Zelretch is involved again.

Here's the bad news. I don't have plans on updating this much. This idea was literally just stuck in my head and wanted out. I might post a few more chapters before I stop, and maybe I'll update this in my free time. But hopefully, this is enough to enjoy for now.