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Heroic Soul (2) - Joining the Guild

"Thank you again Master Macao for letting me join," Tachie said with an excited voice. "I'm really glad that you're finally seeing things my way."

Macao gave him a weird look. "Are you okay?"

"Of course I am. Why do you ask?"

He slowly gestured to Tachie's prone form lying on the ground. "You haven't moved from that spot for the past ten minutes."

Tachie tilted his head from where he laid. "My magic power is almost completely empty from my transformation earlier. Honestly, I'm surprised by the fact that I'm still awake."

Macao started to rub his forehead to soothe the growing headache he was having. "That can't be comfortable. Someone get this kid set up in a chair."

"R-Right away Master," a young woman's voice replied. Tachie felt someone's hands slip under his armpits. "E-Excuse me."

"Oh, thank you, Miss." Tachie felt his body lift into the air and found himself dropped onto a wooden chair facing Macao. "Ah, that feels better. So, what's next? Are you going to give me a Guild Mark?"

"You can't be serious about that Macao, please tell me you just said that earlier in a fit of rage."

"Shut up Wakaba, and call me Master!" Macao faced Tachie and crossed his arms. "And we can't exactly kick the kid out now. He's already drawn the ire of Twilight Orge, and even if he's able to handle those goons from earlier, facing an entire Guild is not something I want a child to go through."

"Yeah, about that I have a question," Tachie interrupted. "How come you guys don't just handle them yourselves? I checked how strong those guys were, and I can already tell that most of you are stronger than them."

Macao grunted. "Conflict between Guilds is frowned upon, and the Council has an eye on us. Since we're technically in the wrong, with us being in debt to them, we'd get the brunt of the law if this reaches the Council's ears."

"Not like today's gonna be any help," one of the mages grunted.

Tachie heard him and responded, "If it helps, I'm an unaffiliated mage that provoked the other party first. You're in the clear if any officials get word of what happened."

Macao scoffed. "Bah, forget that. Even if you kinda strongarmed us into it, you're one of us now. Welcome to Fairy Tail kid."


Somehow, an impromptu party began in order to celebrate getting a new member. Most of the mages gathered at the Guild Headquarters that night to party, which was a stark difference from how the last few months were spent.

A temporary tarp was covering the giant hole caused during the fight between Tachie and the Twilight Orge members. Inside the pub, everyone drank and conversed with each other while the background was filled with loud bustling noise.

"But man, you got some serious magic if you were able to take out a couple of mages at once."

Tachie gave an adorable firm nod. "I might be tiny, but I am mighty."

"Guwhawhawha. Well said," Alzack said as he slammed his palm onto Tachie's back. His wife gave an exasperated sigh at his antics.

Watching the two talk to each other, Macao saw Wakaba walk up to him and gesturing to follow him to a corner. Once they did, he gave Macao a look.

"You sure about bringing the kid in? Like you said earlier, this isn't the same as Romeo being in the Guild."

He grunted. "Too late to change our minds now. The kid's already got his mark."

The two turned to stare at the mark in question, a bright red thing on the kid's left hand. Next to Tachie, Romeo was gushing about how he finally wasn't the youngest member of the Guild.

Romeo wasn't the only one with lifted spirits either. Alzack and Bisca were laughing at the table with them, and even a few other members of the Guild were watching and laughing once in a while. Somehow, the entire Guild seemed to have their spirits lifted after Tachie demonstrated a reminder of their glory days.

Wakaba grunted from next to him. "Who does he remind you of most? He looked like a shy thing when he first came, but his temper reminds me of Natsu."

"Really? I was going for more of an Erza feeling. Did you hear his words about whipping us back into shape?"

"Can't believe the kid actually shouted that out loud." He rubbed his head and gave out a heavy sigh. "But the things he said, maybe there's some truth to them."

Macao couldn't help but agree.

"Forget that for now, that's a problem for tomorrow. Let's just enjoy the celebration."

The two moved back to where Tachie was animatedly talking to Romeo about something. As they neared, the two caught the last few words of their conversation.

"—and I'm actually from another world. You guys know about Edolas right? Sorta like that, only I'm from a completely different world."

What the hell?! He was only gone for five minutes, how did this conversation lead to this?!

"Woah, really! What's that like?" Romeo asked.

Tachie thought for a moment. "Well, magic isn't as common as it is here. We've mostly focused on improving the sciences. But there are a couple of crazy powerful mages from where I'm from too. That's actually how I got to this world. My…" his face turned thoughtful as he paused. "I don't want to say Master, but my magic mentor taught me a bit before sending me to this world."

"Really? How'd he send you to this world?"

With a proud face, Tachie explained. "My mentor is Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg, the Wizard Marshall and one of the few masters of one of the five True Magics. He has the power to control the Second Magic, the Kaleidoscope, the operation of parallel worlds."

"True Magic? Is that like Lost Magic?"

"Damn, that sounds like some crazy magic."

Tachie nodded excitedly. "Even though he's completely bat-shit crazy, I greatly respect him for his power. Some of the things he can do are insane. He fought and won against the moon vampire, helped establish the Holy Grail System, resurrected me from the dead, and even sent me a world where magic power is peaking comparable to the Age of Gods."

Someone muttered in confusion, "Moon vampire?"

"Resurrected you from the dead?!"

Tachie gestured to himself. "This isn't the body I was born with. I'm actually around twenty years old, even if I lost a few of my memories during the revival process. Zelretch helped accidentally revive me by meddling with a local necromancer and the corpse he was playing with. Did some funny things to my soul too, which is how I got my magic."

Bisca sweatdropped. "Ignoring… all the extremely concerning things you've just said, what is your magic exactly?"

Tachie's eyes lit brightly. "My magic is a specific form of Take Over magic, called Heroic Soul. I'm not too sure about the exact specifics, but my body acts as a catalyst that helps summon Heroic Spirits and fuse with me so that I have the powers of mock Pseudo-Servants."

Tachie saw that the use of terminology confused them for a bit. Struggling for a bit, he found the words to explain it a bit more simply. "Basically, I summon a specific type of powerful spirit and fuse with them to get stronger."

"Like Celestial Spirits?"

He shrugged. "I guess you can say Heroic Spirits are sorta like Celestial Spirits."

Romeo realized something and exclaimed, "Wait, you're twenty years old?"

Tachie's face scrunched. "Sorta? Not really. It's more like I have twenty years of memories of a past life, even if that's not completely accurate. And it's not like I have a complete grasp of all of my memories either."

Alzack looked like his head was hurting. "Man, some magics are just weird."

Romeo still looked a bit confused, and Tachie patted his hand. "If it helps, just think of me as a really clever seven-year-old."

That seemed to help. "Oh, okay!"

Tachie suddenly yawned and started to blink sleepily. Bisca noticed and poked him to ask, "Hey, where are you sleeping? Do you have a place to stay?"

"Huh," Tachie looked at her. "Er, I was kinda planning on paying for a room at an inn or something. I haven't found an inn yet, but hopefully, it won't be too difficult."

She scoffed at that. "None of that. You're a member of Fairy Tail now, and that makes you family. Just sleep at our place for tonight while we figure something out tomorrow."

"Yeah, and don't worry about bothering us either. We'll probably stay up through the night taking care of Asuka." He noticed Tachie's questioning look. "She's our daughter, just born a few months ago."

"Oh, congratulations."

"Hehe, thanks. You can stay in the guest room until the Guild figures something out. Don't worry about Asuka waking you up, we've got the guest room sound-proof about a year back."

"Wonder why…"

Without looking, Bisca pulled out a gun from out of nowhere and shot the direction where the person who commented spoke from.

"What the hell!"

"Hey Bisca, you shot through my beer mug!"

"Are we finally gonna brawl again," Romeo asked excitedly? "It's been so long."

"Oh! Count me in," Tachie joined. "I've been meaning to see how I match up to you guys without using any Heroic Spirits. No time better than now to train my Reinforcement Magecraft."

"Hey now," Macao started to sweat. "Is this really the time for something like that."

"Heh, are we finally starting another fight?"

"Damn, it really has been a while since we did."

"I might have a go myself. Gotta bring back our old traditions, right."

"C-Come on guys," Macao attempted to plead. "We really don't have the budget to fix everything anymore. Why not let go of this particular tradition."

Everyone looked at him for a moment, before Romeo himself answered.


"Yahoo! Let's tear this place apart!"

"I'm gonna finally be the winner of the slugfest."

"Hah, with none of the heavy hitters here, I might actually have a chance to win."

"You're delusional if you think you guys can beat me."

The sounds of tables and chairs breaking soon filled the building. Macao slapped his face, before looking up and smiling.

"You know what, move aside. Master or not, I'm joining too!"

"Woohoo, go Dad!"

This isn't going to be a fleshed-out story, and I'm planning on skipping months at a time as chapters go. I'm also skipping the whole 'keeping a secret that you're from another world' trope because it's not really something he needs to hide.

I explained a bit about Tachie's past in this chapter. To clarify, the main character is someone who was previously a twenty-year-old guy, who's now in the body of Tachie because of Zelretch. Note that one's gender and sex are two different things, which is why I'm using male pronouns. This will be expanded upon later.

Just think of him as kinda like Mordred, who's a guy but not really.