Three teenagers hurry down the dark corridor, one girl and two boys. The red-haired girl hisses "You idiots! What happens if we get caught?! You know what James will do to us!"The taller, blond boy replies easily, "Don't worry, we won't get caught, and there isn't that much James can do to us. Besides," he adds, with a glint in his eye,"you know it'll be amazing when this is done." The other boy, with jet-back hair chips in, adding with a grin, "And I don't have to deal with James' lovesick ramblings, or soppy looks anymore!"

The trio of friends share a quiet laugh at this, until the girl, acting a great deal like her mother, reminds them that all that will only happen if they actually succeed, and for that they need to be quiet, or "Shut up!" in her own words. For once the boys listen to her, having a plan, and a mission, and being very determined to pull it off. They were Gryffindors, after all.