5 characters from 4 books/films are chosen for the greatest game of all: the survival games. Only one can survive, and there is no going back.

chapter 2: training

"How ya feelin'?" asked Applejack.

I smiled. "Fine," I said. "I wish Dash didn't have to come with us. She's so cocky. Thinks she's gonna win this game."

"Ah don't think she will," said Applejack. "She'll lose. The best ones are the subtle ones, trust me. Ma Granny said that to me before we left."

I grinned. "What about we get some training done?" I suggested.

Applejack lightly punched me in the arm. "I'll go first."

Let me tell you about Applejack. She's one of my close friends and she is damn good at archery. Seriously. At the friendship games, she had our team winning. And she helped Twilight. Applejack is brilliant. I turned to look at Rainbow Dash, who is great at archery. She's like the Sports Captain of Every Sport at Canterlot High. Then there's Rarity, who hates anything messy. Flash Sentry, my Ex, he's average. Then me. Well, I just stepped up to the target and archery is like maths. Calulate where it will be. I released the arrow, straight bullseye, near Applejack and Rainbow Dash's. Flash is good at other things, such as den building. I'm more on the sporty side, the reason I did motocross with Dash in the Friendship Games. Anyway, in a week it will be the game itself. We'll be against wizards and villains and royals. They'll have their own magic but we can use ours. i wonder if we're allowed to make alliances?