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Too much pizza!

CeCe sit in Math class at school. Unfortunately there's one hell of an earthquake in her body right now.

At lunch CeCe ate way too much spicy pizza and because of that she need to take 'the biggest shit of the century' v ery soon.

"Uh...can I go to bathroom?" says CeCe as she hold up her hand.

"No." says Mr Roger Montez, the strict rude Math teacher.

"You don't understand. I gotta crap." says CeCe.

"Hold it in, you aren't a fucking kindergartener!" says Mr Montez.

"If you don't let me go, I'll poop myself right in my pants here..." says CeCe.

Mr Montez doesn't say anything. Instead he ignore CeCe.

"Sir, please..." says CeCe.

"No." says Mr Montez.

"Crap very soon." says CeCe, feeling that she soon's going to poop, even if she doesn't want to.

"Silence!" says Mr Montez in anger.

"Okay then...damn! NO!" says CeCe as she shit in her pants.

"Miss Jones, you cannot poop in my classroom. You get a week's worth of detention." says Mr Montez when he realize what CeCe just did.

"Stop! You cannot punish her for that. She only pooped herself because you didn't allow her to run to the bathroom." says Rocky.

"Keep your nose out from this or you'll join your friend in detention." says Mr Montez.

Mr Montez has no rights to punish CeCe and Rocky.

He is misusing his power as teacher.

20 minutes later.

CeCe and Rocky enter Principal Melody Watson's office.

"Mr Montez tried to punish CeCe for somethuing she didn't intend to do." says Rocky.

"That's clearly misuse of his position. I don't allow any teacher to be rude to a student." says Principal Watson.

"Okay. Thanks." says CeCe.

The next day.

"Roger, you cannot punish a student when you were the one who refused to ler her use the bathroom. If you'd not prevented her to go, she hadn't pooped in class." says Principal Watson.

"This is high school, damn it. Kids here should be mature enough to hold in the poop until break between classes." says Mr Montez.

"Maybe so, but the rules allow students to go to the bathroom during class if required and in the case with Cecilia Jones it was obviously required so you had no right to deny her bathroom-access." says Prinicipal Watson.

"Jones is a bad kid. She deserve nothing." says Mr Montez.

"She's no A plus student, but she has her rights like any other student in this school." says Prinicipal Watson.

"Fuck!" says Mr Montez in anger.

"You get a second chance. Though if you treat a student in a rude bad way again, you lose your job here forever." says Principal Watson.

"Okay." says Mr Montez.

2 week later.

CeCe has had to much pasta, sausages and hot sauce for lunch.

Now she's once again in Math class and need to take a huge damn shit.

"Excuse me, Mr Montez, I gotta go take a shit now." says CeCe as she hold up her hand.

"Sit down and remain calm." says Mr Montez, denying CeCe her right to use the bathroom.

"You cannot keep her from going to the bathroom if she really need to." says Rocky.

"Keep silent like a damn fucking whore! You both get detentions!" says Mr Montez.

Mr Montez is not supposed to used words like 'fucking' and 'whore' when talking to female students, but he doesn't care.

CeCe stand up and is about to go to the bathroom, but Mr Montez grab her hard by the wrist and keep her from leaving.

"Ya hurt me!" says CeCe in pain.

"Shut it, whore!" scream Mr Montez in anger as he grab a stick and spank CeCe way too hard on the ass.

CeCe scream in pain and cry as well.

Suddenly CeCe poop in her pants, since she was not allowed to make it to the bathroom in time.

"Disgusting. I'm gonna kill you." says Mr Montez, going all mad.

He grab CeCe's throat, about to squeeze the life out of her so she die.

"Stop! She's my best friend." says Rocky as she punch Mr Montez in the face, knocking him out and saving CeCe's life.

Rocky is in no danger to get in trouble for punching Mr Montez, since she did it to save CeCe and Mr Montez was breaking rules by attempting to murder CeCe right in the classroom.

"Thanks, ya saved me!" says a happy CeCe.

Rocky help CeCe to get clean from the poop-accident.

The next day.

"Miss Blue and Miss Jones informed me about how you treated Miss Jones yesterday. You're hereby fired, Mr Montez." says Principal Watson.

"Please, forgive me..." says Mr Montez.

"No. I cannot because Miss Jones does not." says Principal Watson.

Mr Montez leave in anger.

He walk out to his car and drive home.

The next week a new teacher named Emily Rose replace Mr Montez as the Math teacher.

Emily is a very sweet teacher and she let any student go to the bathroom when they need to.

The End.