The story bellow, its my first story on Murdoch Mysteries, but before we start reading, i want to explain a few things...

I never watched this show, till yesterday, when i started the first episode. So, all the informations i have for these characters came from other fanfictions i read and some other descriptions from a colleague name ChibiDawn23, this way, almost everything here for me its an AU.

Speaking of AU, i always like to throw some dramatics in my stories, this way, i couldnt help but write a few dramatic details for this show, in a way you will see in the story.

Other than that, since i mentioned that i never watched the show, its safe to say, its not a season-related story, rather a paralell universe.

Hope you don´t mind.

Good reading.

ChibiDawn and DSCWin, thanks for the help.


After an awful day at the station and after a week trying to solve a gruesome crime, Constable George Peter Crabtree decided to spend the night at The Star Room, to drink and drown his sorrows and forgot the past events for the last month.

Once getting there, George felt like his whole body was aching, from head to toe, so, as soon as he set in the balcony, he asked for the strongest dink they had in the house. As always, the first gulp was almost painful, but he didn't care, he just want to forgot everything; the Victim´s face; the riot that he had helped stop at the station; even the funeral he attended last month, seemed to plague him, in every sip he took from his drink.

Suddenly, as George started the second glass, a beautiful woman approaches him. She was indeed exceptionally beautiful and her clothes, indicated that she wanted something beyond company. And without asking, she set next to him and smiled.

''Hi handsome'' the woman said ''Are you alright?'' she asked politely.

''Hi… who… I mean, yeah, I had an awful day and a lot of things running in my head right now'' he laughed shyly.

''So, you came to the right place, want some company? I can make you forget all your worries…'' she replied eyeing him.

Oh, thank you miss…'' George tried to sound professional.

''Oh, please, cut the 'Miss' my name is Rose, Rose Cuthbert. I see you are a policeman?'' she said as another man approach and sit beside George ''Oh, and this is my brother Phillip, he works at the fish market'' she smiled.

''Yes, constable Crabtree at your services'' George took off his hat ''Nice to meet you, Rose… and Philip''

''Philip is mute, he can´t talk'' Rose replied with a wink that George failed to realize ''So, Constable Crabtree, which are the worries I should take your mind off?''

''Oh…'' George started ''First of I´m a bit worry about a friend and colleague, he had lost his wife… murdered… and despite of all the efforts my cousin and I are doing to help him through this, I'm still worried about him.'' George said.

''Oh, I'm really sorry about your friend, but you know what they say? God works in mysterious ways…'' Rose replied and this time, was Philip who give her a funny face.

''Then you heard about the Skeleton Murder? I was one of those involved at the investigations… and there was that riot in the station this morning…'' George keeps babbling about it when an already annoyed Rose patted his hand and smile.

''There, there, it's all right, here, drink a little bit, you don't have to worry, everything is going to be fine now.'' She said and he did.

''Thanks Rose, I think I really want the chat, thanks you two for listening.'' George said sadly, drinking a few more of his drink.

''Anytime'' Rose smiled ''You know, when I worried of anything I like to…'' she started to caress his leg in a not so decent way.

By this time of course, after almost seven drinks George was feeling like he was flying, he start to feel dizzy and his thoughts became foggy, all the memories that worrying him, memories of the victim, the riot, the murder, Julia and Sibyl, all gone, replaced by nothing.

Taking advantage of that of course, Rose start to kiss him, getting vulgar and vulgar by the second, then, once noticing he was completely drunk, she drag him upstairs to her room, with Phillip following close behind, once there, she close the door and throw a half unconscious George on the bed and he thought of anything else.


Sounds of voices, carriages and horses made him stir. His head was pounding, and his body was aching worse than before. Opening his eyes, George realized he was lying on a bench, in the middle of the square, dressing poorly and to make the meters worse, his one-handed superior, William Murdoch was staring at him with a frown.

''Good morning George!'' the one-handed detective said to him. ''Rough night?''

''Oh Jesus!'' George blushed and jump on his feet ''S-sir? W-What you are doing here…where little Sibyl?'' he asked and Mr. Murdoch nodded.

''I let her with Mrs. Jenkins, till your cousin Penny arrive'' he said ''I was on my way to the station when I saw you here. So, what happened George?'' William asked and in response, George sit down again.

''Oh… Detective, could you speak quietly please, my head is exploding!'' George hide his face on his hands ''I had… I got drunk, I went to the Star Room last night to drown my sorrows, I had an awful day yesterday with the riot and those murders and everything else…'' he confessed ''So, I decided to head down to a few drinks, when this beautiful woman came and…''

''No need to say more George!'' Murdoch stop him ''You said plenty, thanks God was me not the inspector who came to find you in this state!''

''I suppose, thank you detective Murdoch…'' George said getting up ''I think… I think I should be heading home for a change before…'' George stopped reaching for his pocket, finding his wallet and keys missing ''Oh God!''


''I have been robbed! I have been robbed, my wallet, my keys… I need to call the police… wait, I'm the police! Oh Jesus!''

''George!'' Murdoch said suddenly placing his good hand on the man´s shoulder ''Calm down!'' he said ''Here, let me buy you a black coffee and then, you can tell me about this beautiful woman, so we can find your belongings'' said the detective.

''T… are you sure, Sir?'' George asked and William just nodded.

''it's the least I can do to you, after everything you and your cousin, are doing for me and my daughter since last month.'' He said.

''Thank you, Sir, i´m really sorry for this shameful thing.''

''Its what friendships are made, to help each other. Just not let it happen again!'' Murdoch warned him as they walk away from that square as soon s possible.