As I stated in the A/N of chapter 7 of IANW Redux, this story will be a collection of Vince's Visions and special info regarding the "Mythorror" monsters! For starters, I've decided to add those featuring Xolotl, Ereshkigal, and Seth as well, in order to have all the Visions here in one place.

The monsters will appear in the same order as they do in Redux from the next chapter onwards. With that said, it's showtime!

Sakushi Vincent's POV

Something...weird...was happening to me.

I recognized the world around me, but at the same time, I didn't. I was in control of my body, but at the same time, I wasn't. My emotions were heightened, and while they were familiar to me, they also didn't belong to me. Some things were lost, unfazed of turning forlorn, and others were engraved into my memory, scared of being forgotten. It felt like someone was manipulating me...and that someone was my own mind.

It felt like I was in a dream.

I found myself on a wasteland, standing behind a crying dog-headed man. The sun was present, too, there in the distance, illuminating all creation with its light. But I could feel something was wrong: the sun wasn't moving; it was unable to complete its journey to the west; it was frozen in time. The man didn't perceive my presence, and continued to weep, giving the idea he knew what caused the abnormality in the giant star.

"!" the man cried out between whines. He was on all fours, with his head bowed to the sun in shame. The sun, as expected, remained silent, like an angry parent who refused to acknowledge their son's excuses. And this silence hurt more than words. "!"

Regret was eating away the man's heart. He had simply acted out of impulse and now he regretted it. Why didn't I sacrifice myself like my brothers and sisters, he was continuously asking himself.

I...wanted to comfort him. To tell him that, sometimes, we do make mistakes, but we should learn from them and not let them drag us down. It sounded cliché, but that's all I had; I was never good with words. But I couldn't speak or move. No matter how hard I tried, I was frozen like the sun.

The man couldn't take it anymore. He raised his head to let loose of heartbroken howl, and his regret started suffocating me. My body must have realized it was in danger and actually did something: my hands went to my ears and my eyes closed, and slowly but surely, the sound of howling melted away into silence.

When I opened my eyes, I was staring at the back of a woman. We were inside a large cave, with no entrance in sight, and it was cold. Very cold; I could see the air I was breathing. But the woman was unfazed by that and by my presence, and instead, she continued to preserve over her realm.

She was a kind queen; even if she didn't understand humans and mocked them, deep down, she also loved them. That's why she wanted to provide them a comfortable resting place for when they die and her realm becomes their new, eternal home. But in truth...she also hated this position. Did she choose to become this realm's queen? No. She was isolated down here by the other gods, forced to preserve over it for eternity.

She fulfills her duty without complaint out of love for humanity but yearns to be free one day, to leave her domain and discover with her own two eyes the beauties of the upper world and heaven. However...sadness crushed her heart each time these thoughts crossed her mind. After all, she was forbidden to leave her domain. She could never leave this place.

I...wanted to comfort her, too. To tell her of all the things that make the world amazing and beautiful, to take her hand into mine and show her the way to the outside. And if there wasn't one, then we would create it. But I couldn't. I was left to watch her tightened the grip on the deformed spear she held, crestfallen. That brought tears to my eyes.


The sudden shout of a man startled me, and I turned around. This time, I was standing at the entrance of an old temple, and it was night. Some candles were faintly illuminating the inside of the temple, and there in the dark, I could barely see the man. He had the appearance of an anthropomorphic jackal, and radiated raw power and strong leadership. But at the moment, he was also furious.

"Why!?" he shouted while clutching his head. His anger was directed towards his kin and their foolish beliefs, but more so towards his own brother. "Rightful king my ass! Can't anybody else see he'll only lead Egypt to ruin!? Why him!? Why not me!? I, who guards the great Ra from Apophis as Mesektet sails through The Secret Cavern, am more fit to claim the throne of Egypt!"

He felt betrayed. All he wanted was to become a king. For his entire life, that's what he strived to be. And they knew! So why were they smearing mud all over his achievements and his hard work? Why did they neglect his only wish? He wanted an answer. This has to be some sort of mistake, he reasoned with himself.'s just that...he was so tired. It's true he wished to be a king and lead the masses to a better future, but what he really desired...was for his kin to acknowledge him. Just a simple "You've done a good job." would've been enough! Just a god who would look at him as an equal, as a friend, and not as a villain or an oppressive force.

I...wanted to comfort him as well...! To tell him that, even if I wasn't a god, I would accept him, I would gladly call him a friend, and I would praise his hard work until my throat would hurt. But I couldn't. Why...was I so powerless? Did my mind take pleasure in torturing itself?

This has to stop, I thought as my eyes closed on their own. I've had enough. But no matter how much I begged my mind, I wouldn't wake up. Was this a nightmare? I don't know. The things I was seeing, thinking, and feeling didn't belong to me, I was sure of it, but at the same time, they did. It felt like I—


I finally woke up as I heard an unknown voice call out to me. My vision was blurry and my head hurt like Hell. Where am I...? I sat up with a groan while wiping away the tears from my eyes with a hand, trying to get a hold on to my surroundings...