AN: This is my first story, so please no flames . Constructive Criticism is welcome. This chapter is mostly about my OC and where she came from, the plot will get rolling next chapter.Disclaimer: I do not own the Avengers nor anything you recognize. I own my OC and her back story, and plot.Warning: light cursing

[My POV]

When I was young I lost my parents, and thrown into an orphanage. Not too bad a place, but I longed for to have parents again. One night, my wish came true. Next thing I know I'm off to Sprice Ranch with my new mother and father. My name is now Luka Marmalade Sprice. That was 5 years ago, I am happy with mom dad. Not long ago we celebrated my 17th birthday, and was given a Jeep Wrangler for my hard work and as just a gift from them. I treasure it and don't drive too recklessly. Okay! Back to the present. I was waiving goodbye to my parents as they drove off for their 3 month business trip/ vacation. They had put me in charge of our ranch said to stay on top of my chores. I walk into the house to fix a bite to eat with a glass of tea, after that I slip on my mud boots and feed the horses outside in the pasture. By the time I was done it was 7:00 pm, so I turn on the news and guess who is the topic of discussion: The Avengers! Everybody talk about them non-stop, it gets annoying, very much so that Tony Stark lives in California. Right where the Sprice Ranch is located... yippy! I laugh at the sarcasm of my thoughts. I decide that I've heard enough, turn off the television, with the intent of going to bed (ꒉ]... as soon as I wash the dishes. This process lasts for about a week before I choose to spend sometime at my thinking place. Oh how fun this was going to get.