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I have been unable to continue any of my other stories because of my sudden re-interest in this fictional world. Trust me, I have tried but the mood never comes.

I recently tried to read the books for the upcoming book 'Winds of Winter' and my interest developed from there. It is one of the reasons I have been unable to update any of my other stories for the last 2 months. I just need to get it out of my system and the best way to do it is by writing this story with a totally different plot that can't get out of my head for the last few months.

I have already written the premise of about 6 chapters so we will see what happens after that.

Still, I have high hopes for this story as I have spent quite a lot of time scouring the net for a lot of things related to this story. For some people, the survival knowledge, I wrote in the chapters might look a little boring but it will go down after chapter 3.

Till then, enjoy

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P.O.V changes



I woke up in a world of pain.

It felt as if my whole body was on fire.

I screamed myself hoarse for what felt like and probably was hours.

When the pain subsided a little or maybe I got a little used to it, I opened my eyes to see a sky full of stars.

Even in the agonized state, I realized that I was last in my bedroom sleeping after reading the newly released book 'The Winds of Winter'. I don't know how I got outside. For a second I thought that my recent ex-girlfriend had snapped and is trying to kill me after kidnapping me from my apartment. But I ignored that chain of thought as we both broke up on good terms.

'Then again, you can't realize a woman's nature. She could be a hidden psycho' a traitorous part of my mind whispered.

I also realized after a while that I was butt naked, lying on the ground.

I tried to move and sit up but realized that I couldn't. I wasn't tied or anything but my body refused to move. I suspected it was that drug my kidnappers fed me which was also the cause of that horrible pain.

I could also feel a copper-ish taste on my tongue. With a grimace, I realized that I bit my tongue while screaming my lungs out.

I felt tears in my eyes at my current situation, blurring my vision.

After a while I steeled myself. With great effort, I moved my head (which felt like lead) sideways.

What I found shook me to my core.

I was surrounded by lunatics covered in furs instead of my ex-girlfriend. I would have been more comfortable with my girlfriend killing me than some strange lunatics. At least that way, I probably would have gotten one last shag.

And they weren't just any lunatics. They looked like they were Rock's bigger, uglier, and meaner relatives if Rock had grey and white hair and was covered in furs from head to toe that is. They were all, a head taller than me, at the very least.

I tried to say something, probably beg for my life. But I couldn't utter anything. It hurt to even move my throat.

Suddenly, one of the barbarians came forward. I didn't realize but I wasn't able to see them clearly due to poor eyesight. Now that one of them came closer, I realized it was a female, a very tall and ugly female. She looked to be in her early 40's.

She knelt beside me and looked with so much pity in her eyes that I was speechless for a second. Then as if by some unseen signal, her eyes hardened and she got up.

I looked around to see that the lunatics have some close and each one of them had a black dagger with them. I would have shit in terror if I could. Unfortunately, I could only watch as they came closer and closer.

Then they started speaking in some guttural language… no it was a chant of some kind.

'Was I kidnapped by some lunatic cultists' I thought panicking. I tried to move my body with renewed vigor but it refused to budge. I turned around to see and think about anything that will get me free and away from here.

I didn't find anything other than the cultists' numbers and their hideous faces. They were 7 in total. Everyone except for the female was older and probably in their 60's and 70's. The thing was each and every one of them was tall and ugly.

I could feel that their chant was coming to an end. And no matter, how hard I tried, I couldn't move.

Not a minute later, the chant ended. All of them raised their daggers and I closed my eyes on reflex waiting for the pain to come and dying.

When the pain of getting stabbed didn't come, I cautiously opened my eyes to find a scene that perplexed me.

Instead of stabbing me, they stabbed themselves in their chest just above their hearts. I knew from my little bit of medical knowledge that the stabs were fatal. I looked at the closest lunatic which turned out to be the female. She was kneeling in front of me.

I don't know why but I teared up seeing her sad smile.

"Why" I hoarsely asked.

She just smiled sadly and uttered a sentence, probably the last one of the chant.

Suddenly, a chill went down my spine when they all shook up and screamed.

Next thing, I know that my world went white. I realized I was screaming too, a silent scream that is.

Not much later, I accepted oblivion.


When I woke up the next time, my whole body was sore. It felt like I doubled my workout the previous day without any thought.

I knew from the get-go that it wasn't a dream considering I could see a sky up. I could also feel a copperish taste in my mouth.

I tried to move and surprisingly, I could.

I didn't want to see around but couldn't exactly ignore it. To my horror, I found 7 dead bodies surrounding me.

It wasn't the only scary thing. They looked as if they died screaming which from my memories, they probably did. Moreover, their bodies were all dried up. The skin was meeting bones and there wasn't any meat in between. It looked like something stuck life right out of them.

I scrambled up and away from the horror show. Thankfully, I didn't knock any one of them. That would have been a fuck up. I don't want anything of me on this crime scene though that wasn't possible considering I was lying here for god knows how long.

I had only one thought 'I need to get away from here as fast as possible'.

After all, I don't need to explain to the police why I was in here with 7 dead people. They might not even believe in my story.

That all went down the window when I got the first proper look at my surroundings.

Instead of being in the middle of an abandoned plot of land or something like that, I was surrounded by snow, lots and lots of snow. There were even a few snow mountains in the distance. Hell, there was also a large water body just some distance away.

"What the fuck" I muttered out loud

'Did they kidnapped me and brought me hundreds of miles away to perform some sort of ritual' I wondered in fascination, disgust, anger, and horrifying realization that I was not anywhere close to my hometown. Instead, I was probably in Jammu and Kashmir which was the closest area where one could find this type of snowy landscape.

"Fuck" I muttered out loud.

Thinking they were some sort of terrorist cult, I started checking my body for any surgery mark. After all, they would have probably done something to it.

The very first thing I noticed was that I was covered in dried blood. I didn't know if it was all my, or not. But I was seriously grossed out. It was sticky too. Hell, even my hairs were sticky from the blood. It was also very distressing to find dried blood that felt like it came out of my ass.

I knew something has changed with my body but I didn't care. I quickly went to the shore and started washing my body. I didn't care how cold the water was (It was just a little shy of freezing as I later realized that there was a small and thin layer of ice on the upper layer of the water). I also washed my mouth as I didn't want to taste blood anymore.

Only when I couldn't taste the copperish taste of blood as my tongue went numb did I, stop.

Once, I cleaned every speck of blood, I saw my reflection in the lake for the first time.

What I found distressed me a lot.

I realized they really did something to my body. It was just what I was not expecting.

My body has changed, and it was not some minor change.

I now had white skin instead of my wheatish brown. My hairs were a darker shade of black. They looked like they would suck the light around it. My eyes on the other hand were blood red with a hint of blue in them. My face had all changed. While it was not particularly handsome, it was still above average. But it was totally different face. I also felt more than a little taller.

'Did they perform plastic surgery on me?' I thought in shock.

But that couldn't be. I didn't have any scars of any kind on my face. Moreover, that couldn't have changed my height. Suddenly, last night's ritual came to my mind. But I banished that line of thought immediately. This isn't some fictional story where I would encounter something magical.

'Magic only exists in fiction' I reminded myself.

From the first look, I looked like a vampire, a very tall and buffed vampire.

'Only my fangs are missing. If I had some sharp canines, it would have completed the look' I grimly mused.

I felt like I gained a foot in a single night judging by the larger distance from the ground. I wasn't short by any means. At 180 cm, I dwarfed most of the human population. Now, I felt like I was around 7 feet tall.

I also noticed that muscles were built like small-tree trunks. While I didn't have twig shaped arms due to my genetics, they were definitely not that thick last time, even after spending my time working out in a gym. Hell, I couldn't feel that much cold even butt naked.

My eyesight has improved a whole lot and I could clearly see the dead bodies of the cultists from this distance of about 50 feet which should be impossible considering I need to wear specs to see clearly even one-tenth of that distance.

They weren't the only change. I appeared to have been de-aged too. I looked like 18-19 years old instead of 22-23.

I shook my head of these thoughts and decided to first concentrate on my survival.

I was butt naked, wet, and in the middle of nowhere with only snow and cold as my companions. And the dead bodies too. You can't forget the dead bodies.

First of all, I need some fire to dry myself otherwise I would get hypothermia. I don't care if I can't feel cold that much due to any number of reasons. I needed to dry myself.

I looked around to see if I could use something. Luckily, I found smoke rising not far from where the dead bodies were. I quickly went in that direction and saw a dying fire. I quickly used some twigs lying around and dumped them on it after shaking them to loosen any snow. In a few minutes, I was on my way to getting dried up. While sitting there, I noticed that the ground I was sitting on was covered in ash instead of snow. It looked like there was a large bonfire last night.

In any case, once I dried up, I looked around for the next thing I need to survive this.

I need some clothes. I don't know why I couldn't feel the cold. Maybe it was because of shock. Or maybe it was because of this body. Or maybe the ritual really did work and had the side effect of warding cold. Still, it was better to be safe than sorry.

After looking around, my eyes went to the cultists' husks. With only a bit of reluctance, I decided to take furs from the now-dead cult. I didn't want to contaminate a crime scene but it wasn't like I had any other choice. I walked up to them.

I yelped in shock when I touched one of them to remove the furs and it disintegrated before my eyes. Nothing was left of him except for ash. Hell, he didn't leave any type of bones behind too.

Unfortunately, that confirmed the fact that something supernatural was going on and I better get the hell out of here.

Once, the shock wore off, I took the furs. I tried to wear the furs and find out that it was quite short, to my dismay. I checked another one and his furs also came short.

In the end, I went through all of them and reached that female cultist. I reluctantly took her furs as I felt a little disrespectful to take her furs. I don't know why as she was one of the lunatic cultists. Maybe it was some sort of Stockholm syndrome. After all, she did show some pity to me.

I shook my head of these morbid thoughts and wore the furs.

The first thing I noticed from the furs was that they were quite old, like years or even decades old.

The second thing I noticed was that the fur was not stitched up. It was made from the same animal furs. Still, the furs were actually quite warm though, I wondered from which animal they took it from, as I couldn't recall any brown-furred animal that big. And I knew that it couldn't be from different animals as the technology to seemingly mix them was definitely not available to them if they wore only furs and nothing else.

For a second, a giant brown rat came to my mind before I banished that image from my mind. At last, I realized they could be of a large bear but they wouldn't be common in these lands that's for sure.

Even then, they were a little tight. And no leg furs fit me.

So, for leg furs, I had to use 2 upper furs of the other cultists. I chose the smallest cultists' furs. Those furs were made from different animal furs. Instead of thick and warm, they were thinner and less warm. Their colors were also mismatched meaning they were from different animals. I couldn't identify the said animals seeing as I had never seen furs in my lifetime.

My legs fit loosely in the space where they fit their upper body. The sleeve furs for the arms loosely hanging from the main body. I didn't have anything with which I could stick them so I tied them with each other through my waist. This way, they wouldn't fall off. I used another 2 for extra warmth. The inner ones were facing inwards so that my skin contacts only soft fur. While the upper one was facing outwards so that proper insulation happens.

Unfortunately, my cock and some part of my hips were not covered as the furs were not made for the legs. I had to tuck my cock in one of the furs so that it doesn't get frostbite and fall off. That would be a very problematic thing to happen.

I would have liked it at least if I could have worn 2 furs on my chest too, one inward and one outward. That would have kept me warmer. But I can't be choosey in this type of situation.

I also collected the other furs because I didn't want to waste them. I could probably trade them for some things to get back to my home. I could handle police bitching at me later for contaminating the evidence. My survival comes first.

The boots were made of leather but it was hand-stitched. I felt like these cultists fully embraced nature and used only natural things. Hell, their daggers were all made of some sort of black rock, maybe obsidian. I only took two of them just in case I needed it. The others I left behind.

Once I was clothed, I started looking around to see if I could find something useful. I couldn't find anything. There was this small mountain that was blocking everything.

I climbed up which was a little difficult due to the 2-3 feet deep snow. Just as I was getting on top, I saw a village in some distance.

At first, a grin formed on my face and I started walking faster towards the village, thinking that it might be easy to get back home with the help of these villagers. Then my common sense kicked in and I slowed down. A thought came to me that those cultists could be of this village too and their relatives might harm me for getting them killed. After all, they might not be in their rational mind after hearing their relatives' deaths.

So, I cautiously walked towards the village.

Once, I came closer, the image that greeted me shook me. I couldn't see it from the distance but it looked like the village was only recently destroyed by the fire.

'Did those cultists destroyed a whole village?' I thought horrifyingly.

Still, I continued to walk there thinking about finding something that might help me.

The village was just a couple of hundred feet from the shore of a large lake. Or maybe it is a river. I wouldn't know until I travel some distance around it. But it looked like a lake as the water was really calm.

While walking around, I realized some changes in me. I could think clearly. I wouldn't have been this quick to ensure my survival this early. I should have still been panicking. For a moment I thought that the ritual those cultists performed somehow made my mind sharper.

'Or maybe it was those drugs' I thought.

For a second, I thought that this was the Self Insert type situation that I love to read and write.

I shook my head of those thoughts. 'It doesn't matter if it is that situation or not. I am still stuck here in this frozen tundra until someone rescues me'

I could also breathe clearly as there was not a single hint of pollution. That meant there isn't any city or town anywhere near here. Or it could be because of the cold environment.

While thinking about the situation, I searched every hut even if they were already burnt down. I had to pull up the wreckage to search them thoroughly. With my new body, it was quite easy.

Unfortunately, I didn't find much even after searching for an hour. But I did found a large pot in the middle of the clearing that had the smell of cooked food. But it was all empty though I did find some grease into it which made me realize that those cultists probably used it to make food.

'It looked like they feasted before deciding to perform the ritual' I thought bitterly.

I guess I could understand wanting to gorge oneself before performing a ritual resulting in one's death. It doesn't mean that I had to like it.

In any case, I cleaned the pot and decided to bring it along. I knew I was somewhere in a frozen wasteland. Maybe in a fictional universe but in any case, I would need something to cook. I could also use it to boil water to bathe as I couldn't see any way to clean myself in this frozen wasteland.

It was the last hut that I found the jackpot. It was the only hut which was not burnt down and so I decided to search for it in the last.

I found a cache of food, weapons, and furs, a lot of them. It was a little terrifying that they were sorted into half a dozen bundles as if they expected me to find them and use them. Still, I decided to take them for myself as they would go to waste otherwise.

I quickly took out the furs I was wearing and breathed in relief. The chest piece was really tight. After trying a few, I found a perfect fit for me, both for the chest and legs. It was also made from the same material that I wore on my chest. It was a little loose but I could do with a little loose instead of airtight. I didn't feel my chest constricting in them.

I also wore another layer of furs facing outwards that were even looser than my inner furs.

I couldn't eat as I was queasy from the ritual but I didn't want to waste food. So I collected every ration I could find. There wasn't much, only a few fish in the jars of what appeared to be salt. It was certainly different from the salt we had back home. First of all, it was brown. Second, it was also not crushed to be small cubes. Instead, it was like small rocks of every different size. Third, it had a different taste.

I counted the fish and found they were about 3 dozen of them in 3 small barrels. The fish appeared to be smoked too. I took them as they were perfectly preserved food. Moreover, I would need every bit of salt for future meals if this frozen wasteland was any indication.

The weapons I found were unfortunately not much.

First of all, they were a little too primitive.

Second, not all of them were made of metal. Only a few were made of metal and it didn't feel like steel.

For a second, I thought they would be magical weapons judging from the ritual I was forced in. But unfortunately, they turned out to be simple weapons. I suspected they were of bronze as they were of bad quality compared to steel. Still, I decided to collect them as I didn't want to waste anything and they could mean life and death here.

After all, if this turns out to be some sort of fictional world, I would need every advantage I have, just to survive. And, if primitive people in the frozen wasteland could perform magic, I could only shudder to think what a modern civilization in the cities of this world could do. And there would definitely be all sorts of monsters, of that I was sure.

And in case it turns out to be my world, then I can just use them to hunt game and save myself from the predators. Moreover, I couldn't exactly do much about it, as I didn't have any other weapons I could use.

I was still 90% sure that this was not some fictional world and I was just stranded in a remote location.

There were 4 different types of weapons, I noticed.

The first was spears, about a dozen of them. Unfortunately, all of them were made of wood. Not a single had metal tip though the wood was really tough. I noticed half of them were of Ironwood while the others were of white wood. I didn't know any white wood that was tough.

Second were axes. I could only find a couple of good axes that haven't rusted and were of metal and wood. I also found 10 axes made of wood and stone and bound with leather strips.

The third was bows and arrows. I found a dozen arrows that were bronze tipped instead of sharpened wood like the hundreds of others. With them, I also found a dozen bows. Again, the bows and arrows were made of Ironwood and some other type of white wood.

The last types of weapons were daggers. Only 2 of them were made of bronze while the other dozen were made of stone and wood bounded with leather.

I decided to take them all.

The bows and arrows were a very good find. I could use them to hunt and find food while trying to find a nearby settlement from where I can call someone.

The daggers could be used to butcher the hunts and a dozen other things.

Axes could be used to collect firewood and spears could be used to fend off animals if they decided to get closer.

I took all of the metal weapons, the 2 axes, 2 daggers, and 12 arrows with an ironwood bow for my own use. The rest was dumped in the corner. I was hoping that I would be able to take them and trade them for something even if they were made of stone instead of metal.

I exited the hut and searched for things I would need to trek in a couple of feet deep snow while carrying those things.

I collected 2 burnt logs which broke from the hut. They were flat and of the right length at 2 feet. I used some burnt leather lying around and fixed them on my foot. And thus, my primitive snowshoes were ready. They would help me trek snow easily compared to trudging through it by distributing my weight across the wood instead of pressuring my whole weight on the less area covering feet. While the snow wasn't that deep, it was still enough to make trekking through it difficult.

I easily walked back to the unburnt hut. And their use showed the second I started walking. Instead of going through 2 feet deep snow, I only had to go through a foot deep snow.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything to carry those other things with me.

In the end, I used a large piece of leather that was burnt and put the things into it. I then hid it away, not far from the only remaining hut. I decided to give the location to the people who would help me so that they can take them if they need some primitive weapons.

Once, I was done, I hightailed out of there.

So, how do you like the prologue?

There were many characters and the time periods in which I wanted to start my story. I thought of doing a Stark Self Insert before the Aegon time period (maybe even during the Andal Invasion and Theon Stark time as his brother or half-brother), after the Aegon as Torrhen's son, his bastard or his nephew, During Dance of the Dragon as Cregan's son, half-brother, bastard. I even thought of doing as Benjen Stark during and after the Rebellion.

I thought of doing a Targaryen for the above mentioned time periods after the Aegon from Maegor (The Cruel) to Viserys (The Beggar King).

I thought of doing a Self Insert for the famous houses that were lost in History just before their destructions like the Durrandons, Gardeners, Griffin Kings, Tarbecks and Reyenes, etc.

Hell, I even thought of doing a Wildling Self Insert during the time when Hardhome was a fledgling town.

There were so many of the characters and time periods that I was on my wits end from where to choose. I decided against doing a Stark Self Insert as they are the most common ones. I rejected the extinct houses because it would have been too much work.

In the end, I chose to do a Targaryen during the Mad King's reign as his second son or little brother. I even wrote some 4-5 chapters halfway through and about 20k-30k words. But then, I realized that there have been a lot of Self Inserts in the Targaryen too. So, I decided to do something different.

And thus, here I am.

A lot of you already realized where he is.

Yes, he is north of the Wall.

For those, who want to know his exact location? You lot would know his location in the next chapter so till then, sit tight.

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