This is an idea that a long time ago popped in my head, but I had no drive to write it, until now. I know that I once tried to make a Gamer fanfic, and it ended very badly in my opinion. Luckly, I was cured of my trauma!

The story is majorly inspired in The New Player in the Force by USSExplorer, and some lines were blatantly copied from it - I have green light from him!-, mainly the Gamer Interface that he made, including perks, background calculations and notes that he gave to me, and the first chapter Interface introduction. If you get confused with anything, read his story! It is very good!

Any updates in the system will happen like in The New Player in the Force in their respective MC age.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, everything sadly belongs to Disney. Many lines and the Gamer Interface that I'm using belong to USSExplorer, blessed be his name.


I awakened with the feeling of my entire body and mind being submerged in a slimy substance, before it quickly dissipated when I opened my eyes.

I found myself in what looked like a hospital room, with white walls, floor and lights. The lack of any color and edges making it stretch to infinity. "Creepy…" When I looked down, I saw pure white robes and absurdly pale skin greeted me, almost like chalk.

The last thing that I remembered was a group of four men, one with a knife, unbearable pain across my chest and an ambulance. There was so much blood...

"I'm in Heaven? I knew that I wasn't a good-"


A strange floating translucent rectangle appeared in front of me, with a text in the middle of it, "What the fuck?" I tried to wave my hand on it, only to phase through the floating thing.

"I got isekai-ed?" I asked with my complexion paling even more.


The box disappeared and seemingly teleported to the corner of my vision, another one replacing it with a different message.

"For fuck sake…" I looked around, finding only a cushioned table. No, more like a therapist lounge, a very long one. Shrugging, I walked to it and sat, trying to take in my situation.


You are a winner of a multiversal afterlife lottery, being able to choose a new life in a universe of your choosing with unique gifts, all for the amusement of beings much above your metaphysical state.

Based on your previous life, several fictional

universes have been chosen for you to consider for your new life.











If none are of your liking, you can suggest another and we will allow you to select it, if it exists.

I took a deep breath and sighed. "Okay, this is weird as fuck." I grumbled before thinking over the options. Lord of the Rings and both Warhammer are out of question. The first one is boring, and the second one is too deadly to survive in, let alone thrive."

"These are my only options?" I asked for the floating box. This felt even dumber in my head.


As stated before, those are just the most likely choices you would make based on your previous life and our own calculations.

Do you have any other universe that you wish to add to the list?

I bit my tongue. I had a few ideas, but they sounded a bit too erotic to enjoy. Sex is good, but too much of a good thing can be bad. Besides, I could have sex in any of the other universes. "No, not really."

Are you ready to do your choice?

"Maybe." I needed to consider my options. As I rubbed my chin, I realized that my beard was missing. "How much time do I have, and what happened to my beard?"

Time here is inconsequential.

Where we are, simply is. Time does not pass here.

Your hair is defined by which life you will choose.

It will be properly explained and detailed in 'Character Creation'.

This properly cemented the theory that I ended up in some kind of Hunger Games or Yautja playground set like a video game. My geniality prevails once again! Strangely, I felt...absolutely nothing, no anger that I died or anger that I'm being used as a toy. "Why can't I feel anything?" I asked with a frown.

While here, emotions are nullified.

This is due your first unique gift, Player's Mind.

Player's Mind [ON/OFF] MAX

Allows the Player to calmly and logically think things through.

Allows a peaceful state of mind.

Grants immunity to physiological effects.

Protects against compulsions, addictions and external controls.

Does not prevent the Player from showing emotional responses, only dissipates them instantly afterwards.

[NOTE: Will automatically turn on when the Player is in battle or HP falls below 25%]

Costs 1 PPP/minute

"PPP? What the hell is that?" I asked. Normally, in the stories that I read, this type of ability was a passive ability that didn't have a cost. "Am I really going to live in a video game?"


While you were and will be alive, you are not in a game.

However, the powers we are granting to you are easier for your corporeal, primitive mind to process if they are treated as powers in what you would call an RPG.

"At least it isn't a gacha…" I murmured before sighing, mentally pondering for a few minutes, or hours, the universes that I can live in. After I got bored of thinking so much, an idea sparked in my head.

"Can I get powers from multiple worlds, or merge powers from other worlds?"

It is possible.

Very few winners ask to do so, although a recent one did it. Most use universes too incompatible to merge.

Please state your choice and crossover wishes with reason.

"I want to live in the Star Wars universe, but not the crappy disney version, and I would like to use magic from The Elder Scrolls. The Force is cool and all, but there are certain magical abilities that I don't recall being used in the movies or cartoons."


Analysis of powers in Star Wars and The Elder Scrolls complete.

Both universes have powers that exhibit similarities with each other, although some don't.

Your request is accepted, with many alterations.

The ease of learning Force Powers that mirror magical powers have been lowered, and new ones were created to correspond to the non-similar powers.

It is up to you to discover these powers.

In addition, the Force is capable of many wonders that most would not consider. Although, as these uncommon uses become more famous, other people might try to copy.

As such, you may be able to rediscover or create abilities not known to the current Force users, and intentionally or not, spread its knowledge.

Is this acceptable?

"Hell yes." It was best not to look a gift horse in the mouth. The room lights suddenly brightened to an absurd level, forcing me to shield my eyes.

After it toned down, the room had changed. I am now in a much smaller room, like a big changing room with a mirror in front of me, a display hovering over it. The room itself is bathed in a soft blue light. It reminded me a bit of The Sims and The Old Republic. "Cool."

Welcome to Character Creation. [Star Wars Universe]

Here you will take the steps to create your new identity.

Step 1:

Select your given name.

Currently, it is "Kann".

Do you wish to change?

Kann, it sounded good. Short and easy to remember. "Nope."

Step 2:

Select a species then determine your hair, skin and eye color.

Examine the list of races and make your selection.

The display changed to show a very long list, my jaw dropped at how big it was. If it was a paper scroll, it probably would unfold into the entire room in length, "Fucking hell…" I started to scroll the list, noting that the first races to show up were the most common, only recognizing a few. Each name had a picture of a male and female generic form, with a short description and their inherent weaknesses or advantages. Almost every single advantage and weakness has a CCP number next to it.

Not wanting to waste much time, nor try another gender or alien biology, I picked Human. I was tempted to choose Zabrak, but I don't want to be a Nightsister slave.

"What is this CCP?" I asked, already figuring that it must be totally unrelated to China. A part of the display shifted to show a text.

Character Creation Points

During the creation of your new identity, you have the chance to add special perks and abilities that are considered anything from uncommon to rare within your new universe.

You may also add flaws that grant you extra CCP's, though there is no need to take if you do not wish.

As a new identity, you start with 10 CCP's to use.


Certain perks and abilities can be gained later through the spending of perk points (PP) or naturally gained in the future steps of Character Creation.

"Alright. I'll keep my dark brown eyes and my tanned skin, but change hair to platinum white." I answered.

Hair: Straight Platinum White

Eyes: Dark Brown

Skin: Tanned White


"Yes." I gasped as I saw my outlandish appearance return to my usual colors, but making me look like a brown eyed Tyber Zann, "Hello handsome."

Step 3:

Determine your initial age.

To allow for more control, a new identity can start at 0, 8, 12, 16 or 20 for a Human [Starting ages vary with race].

Chosen start age is 12.


"Yeah." I answered, "I don't want to be traumatized with being born again, I want time to grind and get accustomed to a new universe, and maybe have a happier teenhood."

Step 4:

Determining base stats, of which are 6.







Each new identity starts with 5 Stat Points (SP) to apply as you wish and is granted a further 2+INT/20 per level up.

However, it is possible to level up stats via training.

Most activities that you do, such as reading a book or running, will grant a certain number of minutes of stat counters, these counters, once full, will increase the stat by 1.

Most activates grant minutes to multiply stat counters.

For comparison:

An average adult Human is level 20-25, their average stats being around 18 STR, VIT and AGI.


Your maximum value of STR, VIT and AGI is 65 due your age.

[Max Values vary species to species and age to age]


For being granted access to unique gifts and knowledge from your previous identity, you start with a +10 bonus to INT and +5 to WIS and CHA.

Assign initial stats then press confirm.


Leftover SP will be lost.

"The time has come." I muttered as I saw the left side of the display shifted to show the six stats and a box underneath them with a '5' inside each, though there is a +10 under Intelligence and +5 under Wisdom and Charisma. Each box had an increase and decrease button for changing the points allocation.

"Can you give me an explanation of stats?" I asked the entity.

The right side of the display shifted to display a new, very long text.

Stats and you

Everyone is determined by their stats but as one of the chosen few, you have the chance to see these values and influence them.

However, what does each mean and what does it influence?


Strength measures your character's muscle and physical power.

This ability is especially important for soldiers and those with similar careers because it helps them prevail in physical combat.

Additionally, each point of Strength grants 2 inventory slots [this will be explained later]


Vitality represents your character's health and stamina.

Vitality adds to a person's hit points, so it is important for everyone but most important for those who are active combat participants.


Agility measures hand-eye coordination, agility, reflexes and balance.

This ability is the most important for Scoundrels and similar rogue characters, but it's also high on the list for characters who want to be good shots with ranged weapons (Such as Blasters, Pistols included) or who want to handle the controls of a starship or speeder fairly well.


Intelligence determines how well your character learns and reasons.

This ability is important for thinkers and learners, and any character who wants to have a wide array of Skills.


Wisdom describes a character's willpower, common sense, perception and intuition.

Compared to Intelligence, Wisdom is more related to being in tune with and aware of one's surroundings, while Intelligence is one's ability to analyse information.

An "absent-minded" professor has a low Wisdom score and a high Intelligence score. While a simpleton with low Intelligence might nonetheless have great Wisdom.

Wisdom is important for characters wishing to be in-tune with their environment or who like to gamble.

If you want your character to have keen senses, put a high score in Wisdom.


Charisma measures a character's force of personality, persuasiveness, personal magnetism, ability to lead and physical attractiveness.

It represents your strength of personality and force of presence, not merely how others perceive you in a social setting.

Charisma is most important for politicians, Jedi or any kind of leader.

"I probably had low Charisma in my previous life then…" I grumbled again before doing my choice. I already had a bonus in the mental stats, so I put the points equally on the physical ones, with a plus on STR.

No remaining Stat points.

Are these your final choices?

"Yes." I said, if I could, I would have an annoyed tone.



Each new identity has 10 CCPs to spend on perks.

An additional perk point [PP] is gained every 4 levels.

While PPs can be saved, CCPs must be used up when a new identity is created.

You currently have 10 CCPs and 2 PPs.

Since this is a new identity creation, you can spend your PPs on Creation-only perks.

Please browse the list below and make your choices.

Tap a Perk name to see description and cost.

Click the name again to close the information or click the green box to add to your identity.


Certain perks can alter your identity start, sometimes closing other perks. Per example, Sith Training perkblocks Jedi Training perk, and you might start as a Sith Initiate.

I took seriously the last note, the left side of the screen filling with over 20 perks, through my attention went to a couple of them that I tapped to open.

Force Sensitive

You are Force-sensitive, allowing you to call on The Force and learn to draw on its powers.

Grants 100 Force Points (FP) per level.

[Can only be selected on Identity creation]


Force Adept

You are Force-sensitive, allowing you to call on The Force and learn to draw on its powers.

Grants a greater connection to the Force and all but guarantees that you will be selected as a Jedi Youngling or Sith Initiate; if you so wish.

Grants 250 Force Points (FP) per level.

[Can only be selected on Identity creation or upgraded to if identity took Force Sensitive on Identity creation]

CCP 4 [2PP if upgrading]

Force Prodigy

You are Force-sensitive, allowing you to call on The Force and learn to draw on its powers.

Your connection to the Force is immense and marks you out as potentially one of the most powerful Force users of your time.

Grants 500 Force Points (FP) per level.

[Can only be selected on Identity creation]


"If I got this right, prodigies probably are people like Revan, Anakin and Luke, while adepts are everyone else. Definitely getting these." I commented before scrolling more until I settled for a few perks.


You have selected the following Perks:

Force Prodigy [7CCP]

Artifact Hunter [1CCP]

Empathy [2CCP]

Eidetic Memory [2PP]

Are these your final choices?

"Yeah- Woah!" I gasped when I felt a flood of power and information in my mind. I usually was very scatterbrained, not remembering even what I ate yesterday, now I could vividly record how I died and how I was born. Both were pretty disgusting.



Each identity learns skills as they progress with skills affected by stats.

Each stat point grants a 5% boost to learning speed of a related skill.

Every level-up a identity is granted INT*1 skill points [SKP] to spend how they see fit.

You are free to transfer any of your old skills over, though they may suffer penalties because of different universe or age.

Each new identity is granted 100 plus level*INT*2 skill points [SKP] during creation.

Skill points can be saved for later use.

Please examine your old skills and possible new ones before deciding on a final list.

Skills are added to your identity the same way perks were.

Currently, you have 340 skill points to spend.

"Hell yeah." While the perk list had just 20, the skill list was as massive as the race list. Only the old skills list had a hundred, ranging from school subjects at various levels, to the programming skills that are all in high level due my programmer career, and sex skills at very low level. It would sadden me that I died a virgin, if I could feel anything. "Not much use to them since I'm still a kiddo."

I added all the old skills that could be used in the sci-fi of Star Wars, with English becoming Basic, and to my surprise, some of my old programming skills translated to new ones; even if I had to pay extra to properly transfer.

The list is actually two; one for skills that seemed to matter and another for what are called knowledge-based skills. These seemed to just be listings of what I knew about various governments, companies, languages, criminal organizations, topography of planets and History that didn't seem to affect skill checks; and many were prone to falling as information became outdated.

I decided to just give me a headstart with some knowledge that might become lost later on so I can hoard or sell it. Even if I can learn once I am in-universe.

"Even with being what I am planning to, better get lightsaber skills too, at least the basics." I murmured to myself while looking at the main list, also picking survival, combat and crafting skills, dangerous galaxy after all. "Concentration grants bonuses to skill XP gain, so with it maxed out I can get a fifty percent boost to learn other skills, sweet!" I smirked while also increasing Meditation to 50 since it boosts the regeneration of Force Points and other things.

"Better hold a few and see what I might need later. Who knows, maybe I can get free skills with my new life start?"

Do you accept your skills?


Skills locked.


You have 40 SKP left for later use.

To add, simply call up Skills in the user interface and tap the '+' symbol.

Changes will become permanent once you leave the skills list.


You have over 3000 skill levels, this grants you 2 bonus stat points.

Do you wish to spend now?

"No, better hoard it for later."

Step 7:

The Force

As you are Force-sensitive, you can learn to use the Force.

Each level you are granted a certain number of Force Points (FP).

The more FP you have, the more you can use the Force.

However, the cost of a power decreases as you become better at using it.

What powers you will have can be determined by your origin story.

After completing the prologue, you may have the chance to learn from a Force Master, experiment with your powers yourself or use a Holocron.

I gulped, a feeling of worry that my gamble wouldn't work quickly dissipating.

Step 8:


Where do you come from?

Where in the timeline do you wish to live?

These need to be determined before we place you in control of your new identity.

Current timelines in play are:


Old Republic Era

Rise of the Empire Era

Rebellion Era

Legacy Era

If none appeal, then you can select a specific time to enter the universe.


It is possible to travel in time, but only forward. There are multiple methods to perform it, such as breaking the Relativistic Shielding of a hyperdrive-capable ship.

I grinned ear to ear with the last information, "Old Republic it is." I clicked and put a more specific year.

Old Republic Era selected.

Step 9:


Certain names and families have relevance throughout the galaxy.

Will you be a scion of one such dynasty or just a random someone?

Famous choices for family names are:





Clan Ordo

Organa Family

Antilles Family


Please enter your family name below.


Almost any name may have links in the past, however, in most cases, this will not be critical to your new identity.

I immediately chose Clan Ordo, "I will live up your legacy, Canderous. In my own style."

Kann Ordo

Are you sure?


Name set.


This bloodline has a specific prologue to play.

You do not have to select that, but it is the suggested option.

Will you accept the prologue: The Verd'goten?

"Fuck yes, just get me out of here already." I answered with annoyance lacing my voice. At least I would start with the initiation ritual.

Character Creation finished.

Please examine the final listings to be sure.

If you accept, press the green box at the bottom of the screen, if not press the red box to restart Character Creation.

The display shifted to show the details that previously have been on the left side of the screen. I snorted as I saw that beside my current height it listed a range that I took to mean my potential final height. My current and old height of 1.80m is in the middle of this range. There are other ranges available, like leg length, hand and foot size. The last one made me laugh out loud, penile length and girth, "Saints Row moment." I commented before sneakily increasing both a bit.

After making my little friend not so little anymore, I clicked on the green button.

The brightness of the room increased once again, forcing me to shield my eyes, "This is the Way…"

So, that's it. USSExplorer will make a rec in his story about mine. For his readers that are here, I am a slow writer, so have patience, please. Leave reviews, it helps a lot.

FYI, the prologue will start on ~3651BBY, in Ordo with his father. It is 2 years before the Crusader's Schism, and a few months before his Verd'goten. He will travel to Rise of an Empire, and I'm leaving this information.