Not much to say, except that the Prologue will be divided into two arcs or mini-arcs, more will be said in the story. The chapter took a bit of time to write because I was finishing college homework.

The start of the chapter is a bit skippable, having a lot of stuff from USSExplorer story, again. Sorry.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, everything sadly belongs to Disney. Many lines and the Gamer Interface that I'm using belong to USSExplorer, blessed be his name.

I suddenly awakened, it was less weird than after dying. I am in a small bedroom, over a metal-framed bed that looks like a hollow box with a poor cushioning on top, more like a cot, and some other random furniture, including a table with various half-made devices, tools, and a mirror. My body is covered with green armor with a few grey stripes, a helmet laying on a table with a distinct T-shaped visor.

Before I could sift through my new identity memories, a box with text appeared in my vision.

Welcome to your new identity.

To help you with your new powers, we have prepared a short tutorial.

Do you wish to complete the tutorial?


[You can think, verbalize or press the Yes option to accept]

I snorted and quickly clicked on 'Yes', better be safe than sorry.

Welcome to the Tutorial.

Here we will explain the following items that were not covered in identity creation.

1: Hit Points, Experience, Stamina, and Hunger

2: Stats and their Limits

3: Inventory Usage

4: The Force and Force Points

5: Player Powers and Player Points

6: Interface Controls

7: Quests
8: Future Knowledge

9: Reputation

10: Force Bonds

Select the option you wish to view first by saying or thinking 'Tutorial' followed by the number.

"Better start on the start with tutorial one." I said while shrugging.

1: Hit Points, Experience, Stamina, and Hunger

When you concentrate and say or think the word 'STATS', a general listing of your identity will appear.

Beyond the base stats that were explained during identity creation, there are a few others that will appear.

These are

Hit Points [HP]:

This is a base 50 for Humans plus your Vitality*10.

Experience [XP]:

To advance to the next level, you need a certain amount of XP.

For levels 1-20, this is 1000XP more than the previous level.

For levels 21-40, this is 2000XP more.

For levels 41-60, this is 3000XP more.

Stamina [STAM]:

Every physical action that you take requires stamina

Walking takes 1STAM/minute, jogging 3/minute, running 5/minute, and sprinting 10/minute

Other actions take up stamina as well; swimming, jumping, weight lifting and so drain STAM as you go.

Your Stamina is your current Level*(Strength+Vitality+Agility)/1.5

There are ways to improve your Stamina regeneration and lower activity drain, but they are for you to discover.

It currently regenerates at 1%/minute.


This tracks your need to eat.

It drains naturally at 5/hour.

It will, however, drain faster when you are physically exerting yourself.

There are ways to slow your hunger loss down, but they are for you to discover.

This is limited to 100.


For each point that Hunger drops below 20, you experience a temporary 1% drop in your Stats and all linked values until you restore your Hunger to 20 or above.

End of Part 1

Do you wish to proceed to Part 2?



I furrowed my eyebrows, Eidetic Memory kicking in as I remembered all memories of my previous and current life. My dad, Ulaan Ordo, spent days away from home, most of them with me alone, but occasionally an aunt visited me, Dae-Naik Ordo. "Yes." I answered after seeing that I had more than enough spare time.

2: Stats and their Limits

Every species has biological hard limits for Strength, Agility, and Vitality.

However, there are ways to overcome such limits.

Additionally, none of those three stats can be more than 10 over your current level.

The same methods to pass hard limits also can allow you to pass these soft limits.

Additionally, for each 1 point in a stat, you are over your current level, you gain a 5% boost in skill XP generation for relevant skills, up to 50%.

The opposite is also true.

Currently, your penalties/boosts are:

STR +10%

AGI +10%

VIT +10%

INT +40%

WIS +25%

CHA +10%


Your stats were increased to fit your age, 12 years old, and are being affected by an acquired perk due to your new identity past.

End of Part 2

Do you wish to proceed to Part 3?



"Yes." I said while wondering which free perk I got, and why.

3: Inventory usage

For every point of Strength grants 2 slots in your inventory

This is a pocket dimension that only you can use, and in which time does not pass; thus, nothing will degrade or rot while stored there.

It also allows you to store money without concern for the weight or volume of Cred-chits.

Each slot can hold an object of volume no more than 0.125m^3. [50x50x50cm]

Currently, you have 28 slots.

End of Part 3

Do you wish to proceed to Part 4?



"Fucking yes." I tapped my feet in annoyance.

4: The Force and Force Points

As you have taken the Force Prodigy Perk during identity creation, you are now one of the many in the galaxy who cannot only sense but actively use the Force.

At each level, you receive 500 Force Points.

While you can consciously use the Force to improve your actions, many of the advanced uses and concepts require instruction from a trained Force user or a Holocron.

All Force powers follow the Novice to Prodigy ranging system and while expensive to first use, the cost of use decreases with training.

Your Force Points regenerate at 1%/minute.


Not all possible Force powers are taught by the Jedi or the Sith; indeed, you may even be able to create your own in time.

End of Part 4

Do you wish to proceed to Part 5?



5: Player Powers and Player Points

Due to your winning the Multiversal Afterlife Lottery, you have been given the special title: Chosen.

This title grants you access to special powers that, to the corporeal mind, resemble being in a Game.

Initial Player Powers provided are:

Player's Mind MAX

Allows the Player to calmly and logically think things through.

Grants a peaceful state of mind, immunity to physiological effects, and protection against compulsions and external controls.

Does not prevent the Player from showing emotional responses, only dissipates them almost instantly afterward.


Will automatically turn on when the Player is in battle or HP falls below 25%.

Player's Body MAX

The body experiences the stresses of the physical world as if it was a video game.

[This means that you suffer no obvious damage when hit/shot/stabbed etc, but instead lose HP]

[You can, however, still lose limbs if the attack severs them from your body.]

Sleeping fully [8 hours under normal circumstance] restores HP and heals all temporary status effects.


If your HP reaches 0, for whatever reason, YOU WILL DIE.


See Tutorial Part 3.

Player's Points

At every level, you gain 2 more Player's Points [PP], which are used for Player Powers you have purchased.

They regenerate at 10%/5minutes.

You gain 1 Player Perk Point [PPP] every 5 levels, which can be used to purchase new special abilities.

To view the list of Player Powers that you can activate, you say or think 'Player Power Options'

End of Part 5

Do you wish to proceed to Part 6?


'Yes.' I thought with my annoyance quickly increasing.

6: Interface Controls

While having this text appear in the middle of your vision is the default setting, we understand that this could be life-threatening.

[Something we learned from the first-ever winner of the Multiversal Afterlife Lottery.]

As such, saying or thinking 'Interface Options' will take you to a screen where you can choose from various options.

From here you can re-order your interface in a way you are more familiar with.

To access your stats and skills, please examine the Interface Help in the options menu.

End of Part 6

Do you wish to proceed to Part 7?


"Yes." I hope this infernal thing ends, and fast.

7: Quests

Most activities will be given as quests.

While many will be pre-generated by the interface, if you set your mind to something, it will be turned into a quest.

Quests have difficult ratings which affect rewards and penalties.

The more difficult the quest, the greater the reward and penalties.

Any combat quest has a possible failure of death if things go wrong.

Quest Alert!

Prologue, Part 1: The Preparation

This is the first part of your introduction to your current Era, alongside adulthood. Prepare yourself for your Verd'goten.

Rating: B


Get Hand to Hand, Athletics, Melee Weapons [1-handed], Melee Weapons [2-handed], Ranged Weapons [1-handed], Ranged Weapons [2-handed], and Marksmanship skills to at least Adept 50 before the month ends



Get your Strength, Agility, and Vitality to 18


4500XP, Small Reputation gain with Ulaan Ordo


Possible Death in Part 2, Large Reputation loss with Ulaan Ordo




"Huh, why put a question when there's only a single option?" I snorted after I finished reading it, accepting the quest with a click.

Certain quests cannot be ignored.

These are plot quests or quests where you have to follow the orders of another.

End of Part 7

Do you wish to proceed to Part 8?


"Fuck yes." I answered, already planning what training I need to do.

8: Future Knowledge

Since you are The Player, you have some knowledge of future events.

You may reveal detailed knowledge to those around you under specific conditions.

What these conditions are, will be revealed once you meet them.

Currently, you meet the conditions to reveal your knowledge to 0 people.

If you have not already discovered, you can hint at what is to come by pretending to have visions sent to you by the Force.

End of Part 8

Do you wish to proceed to Part 9?




9: Reputation

At your current age, you have the Reputation menus already unlocked.

For ease of use, reputations are initially listed in various categories, such as:

Members of Jedi Order

Members of Clan Ordo


Business individuals


Reputation lists can also be sorted by the planet or sector where someone was last seen or your standing with them.

End of Part 9

Do you wish to proceed to Part 10?


"Fucking shit, yes."

10: Force Bonds

At your current age, you have the Force Bond menus already unlocked.

These are the bonds that form between sentients with sensitivity to the Force.

Possible Bonds are:








Please examine the interface section on Force Bonds for information.

Well Done!

You read the Tutorial!

Here's 500XP

Good luck! :D


"Finally! Time to tweak the settings." I threw my arms to the air in happiness before continuing, "Interface Options."

Welcome to Player Interface

From here you can control where and for how long various notices appear.

Notice Options are:

General notices

Quest Alerts/Updates/Completions or Failures

Basic Stats


Combat Alerts

Interface help

Please select when, where, and for how long each notice appears.

"Sweet." I spent a few minutes changing most of the settings, putting quest related notices to my lower right in a minimized box that would expand when I click or think to click, alerts and completions or failures staying a bit longer. Random notices like level-ups would disappear faster.

Basic stats like health and the mini-map would only show up during combat, though it only displays areas that I already explored or passed by. Combat alerts going to my lower left with red or green for me taking or healing damage.

"What now…" I rubbed my bare chin, making a mental note for when my beard starts to grow, leave a chinstrap or a stubble, "Oh yeah, Interface Help."

Welcome to Player Interface Help

Here you can learn how to use the interface to understand what skills, abilities, and titles you have.

Select the help menu you wish to peruse by saying or thinking Help followed by the appropriate number:

1: Lists

2: List Explanations

3: You and those around you

4: Inventory and you

5: Interface controls

"Good. As much as it pains me, I need to get all the knowledge that I can. Help one."

1: Lists

The various lists you have and how to view them.

To access any menu, simply say or think list followed by the appropriate word.

Current lists available:

Stats, Skills, Knowledge Skills, Perks, Force Powers, Player Powers, Titles, Quests, Reputation

"Cool, but better continue with the rest first." I said before continuing, "Help two."

2: List Explanations

This explains the basics of each list.


These are the core values that define you.

They are split between Strength, Agility, and Vitality [Physical stats], Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma [Mental stats].

There is a final stat called Luck.

It is set to 0 for all Humans, though it can be raised through the spending of stat points or certain perks.

Also listed with your stats are your Hit Points [HP], Force Points [FP], Player Points [PP], Stat Points [SP], Stamina [STAM], Hunger [HUN], Experience for the current level [XP], Title and Credits.

Hit Points

These are an indicator of how much damage you can take.

When it reaches 0, YOU DIE!

You get a base 50HP as a Human plus a further 10 per level.

Force Points

These are the points that allow you to use the Force.

You gain 500FP per level.

These regenerate at 1% per minute.

Player Points

These are the points that allow you to use your unique abilities.

You gain 2PP per level.

Additionally, you gain 1 Player Perk Point [PPP] every 5 levels.

These regenerate at 10% every 5 minutes.

Stat Points

This is a list of how many spare stat points you have to spend on your stats.

You gain 2+INT/20 SP per level.


This is your ability to move, run, jump, swim, and do other physical activities.

Your stamina is defined as Level*(Strength+Vitality+Agility)/1.5.

It regenerates at 1% per minute when resting.

This can be boosted with perks or powers.


This is a measure of how hungry you are.

It drains naturally at 5/hr.

However, doing any physical activity increases the rate of hunger decay.

For each point that Hunger drops below 20, you experience a 1% drop in your Stats and all linked values.

If it reaches 0, you will lose consciousness and, if you are not revived within 4 hours, you will die.


This is key to how close you are to leveling-up.

Levels 1-20 requires 1000XP more than the previous level.

Levels 21-40 requires 2000XP more than the previous level.

Levels 41-60 requires 3000XP more than the previous level.

All levels over 60 require 5000XP more than the previous level.


This is whatever title(s) you are currently applying.

You can apply 1 title as a base plus 1 extra for every 10 levels you gain.


This is your money.

While it is all digital, you can store it in your inventory in a special slot.

When you wish to withdraw some, you will be given credit chips that are as close in value to what you wish for, without being less.


"That's a lotta of stuff… Help three."

3: You and those around you.

How you behave has relevance to the people, organizations, and planets around you.

Everything you do affects how others see you.

While in most cases this is on a one-to-one level, some actions have planetary, or even galactic implications.

Certain titles and perks can also affect how others see you.


This is your standing with everyone, from those around you, to governments and corporations.

Most people start at 0, though this is not always the case.

From there, your reputation with someone can go up or down, through the following levels:

Despised -501 - -1000

Hated -1 - -501

Disliked 0 - 500

Neutral 501 - 2000

Liked 2001 - 5000

Trusted 5001 - 10000

Honored 10001 - 20000

Worshipped 20001+


Once your reputation is at Liked there is the chance that that person can become a friend.

This will affect not only how they see you, but how their other friends and enemies do as well.

Once someone is classed as a friend, then any change to Reputation affects your friendship, though by only half the Reputation change.

Levels of friendship are as follows:

Acquaintance 0 - 1000

Friend 1001 - 5000

Confidant 5001 - 10000

[Locked until Reputation is Trusted or higher and passing a test of friendship]

Follower 10000+

[Locked until Reputation is Confidant or higher and passing 3 tests of friendship]

Force Bonds

Force Bonds can exist between any two sentients so long as at least one of them has at least average Force potential.

However, only those with Force training can actively sense and use these bonds beyond the lowest level.


All people with a greater than Weak Force Bond with the player only cost ½ a slot/place for ground/area effect Force powers.


Bonds can degrade over time. This happens where the sentients in the bond do not interact with each other for a significant amount of time.

This degradation will happen much faster where one sentient in the bond has a Force Sensitivity lower than Intermediate.

Level of Force Bonds








For information on a Force Bond level, select the relevant level.

"Useful, but I haven't used the Force yet. Help four."

4: Inventory and you

Your special storage space and other attached facts.

Your inventory is a special pocket dimension where you can store almost anything safely for an indefinite amount of time [Space permitting].

This screen also lists vital stats and clothing/armor components.

Certain clothing can grant damage reduction or outright protection from the various forms of damage you could encounter in this galaxy.

Your total inventory space is defined as twice your strength.

"A space for hoarding all the stuff that I collect. That last help thing of interface controls must be just a copy-paste of what I did before, so not going to see it!" I chuckled, "Time to look at myself, List Stats."

Kann Ordo

Species: Human

Title: The Player

Level 12

HP: 180/180

FP: 6000/6000

PP: 24/24

XP [0/8000]

STAM [312/312]

Hunger [0/100]

STR: 13

VIT: 13

AGI: 13

INT: 15

WIS: 13

CHA: 11

Luck: 0 + [+10]

SP: 40

SKP: 0
PerkP: 0

PPP: 0
Credits: 4000

"Woah, how did I get these extra points in my stats? Better see the rest, List skills."


This is a listing of all skills you have, not all the skills you COULD have.

Each skill has a corresponding stat that affects how quickly you can improve that skill.

For future reference, you can call up skills for each stat by saying or thinking 'list [STAT] skills'.


Certain skills, such as school and combat skills, have six ranks: Novice, Adept, Professional, Master, Savant, and Prodigy.

Each rank has 100 levels.

These skills have set XP levels of 100 for Novice, 200 for Adept, 300 for Professional, 500 for Master, 700 for Savant, and 1000 for Prodigy.

These skills will have the name of the current level beside the numerical level value.

Other skills can go up to 100 [though not all] but have increases of 25XP per level.

You will get a bonus general stat point for 1500 levels.

Each level-up, you gain INT*1 skill points to spend as you see fit.

Currently, you have 40 SKP left to spend.

Any skill that has a [F] next to it can be boosted by the Force, though only once you have the appropriate training.

Weapon Styles

Lightsaber Standard

Novice 10


Adept 20

Melee Weapons [1-handed] [F]

Adept 20

Melee Weapons [2-handed]

Adept 10

Melee Weapons [Thrown]

Adept 40

Ranged Weapons [1-handed] [F]

Adept 30

Ranged Weapons [2-handed] [F]

Adept 30

Ranged Weapons [Heavy] [F]

Novice 10

Physical Skills

Athletics [F]

Adept 50

Damage Resistance [Energy] [F]

Professional 10

Damage Resistance [Physical] [F]

Adept 40

Damage Resistance [Sonic] [F]

Novice 1

Damage Resistance [Thermal] [F]

Novice 1

Hand to Hand [F]

Professional 20

Martial Art: Beskar'pel [F]

Adept 20

Martial Art: Beskar'rev [F]

Adept 4

Swimming [F]

Novice 20

Piloting/Riding Skills


Adept 20

Piloting [Atmospheric]

Novice 10

Piloting [Space]

Novice 10

Riding [Speeder]

Adept 10

Rogue Skills

Lockpicking [F]

Novice 30

Stealth [F]

Adept 40

Technical Skills

Computer [Electronics]

Master 5

Computer [Programming]

Master 10

Computer [Slicing]

Master 5

Mechanics [Droids]

Professional 60

Mechanics [Engines]

Adept 10

Mechanics [Fighters]

Professional 30

Mechanics [Lightsaber]

Novice 10

Mechanics [Speeders]

Adept 20

Mechanics [Starships]

Adept 10

Blacksmithing [F]

Adept 40

Language Skills

Language [Basic]

Master 1

Language [Binary]

Professional 10

Language [Mandarin]

Adept 1

Language [Mando'a]

Professional 40

Medical Skills

Anatomy [Humans]

Adept 10

Medicine [First Aid]

Adept 10

Combat Skills

Warfare [Ground]

Novice 10

Warfare [Space]

Novice 10

Mental Skills

Concentration [F]


Composure [F]


Danger Sense [F]


Meditation [F]


Teaching [F]

Novice 10

Social Skills

Deception [F]

Adept 20

Intimidation/Taunting [F]

Adept 30

Lie Detection [F]

Novice 10

Negotiation [F]

Professional 1

Perception [F]

Professional 1

Persuasion [F]

Adept 10

Seduction/Flirting [F]

Novice 10

Survival [F]

Adept 40

Adult Skills


Novice 10

Miscellaneous Skills


Adept 40


Adept 57


Adept 10

"Holy shit that's long as fuck!" I exclaimed after reading the immense list of skills, once again noting that some I didn't buy before, nor put so many points on them. The skill of Mandarin would be useful to hide information and program cyber defenses.

"Next one, List Knowledge Skills."

The next one that showed up was even longer since I was a massive nerd and Eidetic Memory made the degradation be null and even gave a buff on what I could remember. Comics, cartoons, movies, games and wikis, all were fair game to me.

"List Perks."


These are earned by spending perk points [which you can earn at the rate of 1PP every 4 levels].

Perks have requirements in PP, stat, and level values that must be met before they become available for selection.

Currently, you have the following perks:

Force Prodigy

You are Force-sensitive, allowing you to call on the Force and learn to draw on its powers.

Your connection to the Force is immense and marks you out as potentially one of the most powerful Force users of your time.

Grants 500 Force Points (FP) per level.

[Can only be selected on identity creation]

Boosts luck by 10

Eidetic Memory

You can clearly remember any memory of your entire life.

Lowers Knowledge skills degradation by 100%

Grants a 10/10 chance to remember anything you read or saw in your entire life


You can detect the emotions of people around you who don't manage to shield them.

Can increase your odds with certain skills.

Especially useful when combined with the Examine Player Power.

Mandalorian Training

You trained your body and mind since childhood, making you stronger than anyone your age.

Grants a small boost in Strength, Vitality, Agility, and Wisdom.

Grants a moderate boost in numerous skills.

Boosts XP gain in Combat Skills by +10%

Decreases the number of minutes needed in Stat counters by ¼.

"Now that makes sense." I commented while looking at the last perk, "Everyone loves free stuff. I must have nothing there, but better try first. List Force Powers."


These are the powers you have learned or discovered that use the Force to work.

Many of the more advanced powers require training from a master Force user or a Holocron to learn.

You may discover many on your own by simple trial and error, however, this is frowned upon by the groups around the galaxy that can use the Force since control is needed to truly use the Force.

As to what the Force is, well it simply is.

It's neither good nor evil [which in most cases are open to interpretation] but emotions of all kinds do influence what you can do with the Force.

Importantly, the better you get at using power, the easier it is to use. Meaning the cost will decrease as you level it up.

Currently, you have no Force Powers.


"As I suspected. Better train it a bit, but not much. I have a quest to do, after all." I shrugged with some excitement to use space magic, "Next one, List Player Powers."


These are powers and skills that are unique to the Player.

However, some of them are very close to what many consider to be 'Dark-Side Force powers' so be careful when using them around 'Light-Side Force users'.

You gain 1 Player Power Point [PPP] every 5 levels to spend on new powers.

Currently, you have the following Player Powers:

Player's Mind [ON/OFF] MAX

Allows the Player to calmly and logically think things through.

Allows a peaceful state of mind.

Grants immunity to physiological effects.

Protects against compulsions, addictions, and external controls.

Does not prevent the Player from showing emotional responses, only dissipates them afterward.

[NOTE: Will automatically turn on when the Player is in battle or HP falls below 25%]

Player's Body MAX

The body experiences the stresses of the physical world as if it was a video game.

[This means that you suffer no obvious damage when hit/shot/stabbed etc, but instead lose HP]

[You can, however, still lose limbs if the attack severs from your body.]

Sleeping fully [8 hours under normal circumstance] restores HP and heals all temporary status effects.


If your HP reaches 0, for whatever reason, YOU WILL DIE.


Every point of Strength grants 2 slots in your inventory.

This is a pocket dimension that only you can use, and in which time does not pass; thus, nothing will degrade while stored there.

It also allows you to store money without concern for weight or limits of Cred-chits.

Each slot can hold an object of volume no more than 0.125m^3 [50x50x50cm].

Currently, you have 26 slots.


Level 1/10 [0/25 XP]

By touching an object, droid, or person, you can, as you level it up, gain information about it/them such as: What it was and did, health or how much damage it can take, its value, and what it is made of.

[WARNING: Trained Force Sensitives can detect this]

Inanimate objects grant 1XP, Droids grant 2XP, and People grants 5XP. [Double for Force touched/attuned/imbued]

Costs 5PP for Objects, 8PP for Droids, and 10 for Organics.


Currently, you have 0 PPP.


"Nice, this Examine looks like bullshit, but a pity that it isn't long-ranged. List Titles."


These are special add-ons to your identity that can help you in certain situations.

You gain titles as you complete quests, grow up, join organizations/groups and generally be a badass.

[Though if you wanted to live a quiet life and gain no titles, that is your choice]

Currently, you have the following titles:

The Player

Grants access to special powers that, to the corporeal mind, resemble being in a game.

Mandalorian [⅓] Adiik/Child

Locks your access to Forges, exits from home, and pilot anything without authorization and supervision.

Complete Prologue, Part 2: The Verd'goten to pass to the next tier.

Novice Mandalorian Armorer

You had a curiosity to observe Mandalorian gear be made, and once tried to meddle with scrap.

Grants +15% of XP gain in Technical Skills.

Grants more chances to learn Mandalorian technology.

"Cool, it will be nice to customize my armor even more. Speaking of it." I cheekily grabbed my helmet, "Inventory."

A box opened up to show up my Inventory alongside a very realistic doll depicting me. It was stark empty, with the name and stats of everything that I was equipped - or wearing in the case of my armor. My smile soon fell away when I looked at the description of my armor.

"Durasteel! Seriously?! It's not even Beskar!" I complained before using Examine on the helmet. It was made of the same material, but at least it has a HUD. The armor vambraces are very empty, only having some controls for the armor, a grappling line and a hidden blade, no super cool flamethrower. "At least it gives some defense, even if mediocre compared to Beskar."

Eidetic Memory kicked in once again as I wondered when I would get true Mandalorian armor. My father had said that after the Verd'goten, I would inherit my mother's armor, after reforging it for a male shape, of course. I gasped when the memory entered my mind, the one of my mother's death years ago.

Tears of fury formed in my eyes, she was doing a job for the Sith Empire, a simple get an object from a heavily guarded place, deliver to the contractors and get the other half of the money. They decided to kill her and steal the money alongside her armor. My entire clan was furious at the news, but the higher-ups of the contractors decided to give us a white card to hunt them down. Now their parts are scattered across Ordo deserts. Since her death, I and my father acquired a gigantic hatred towards the Empire, only his already formed strategy stopped him from lashing out more.

My mind delved deeper into my family story. Ulaan Ordo was the member of the biggest family descended from Canderous Ordo, his strategy of sabotaging the Empire made him branch out of them alongside my mother, making us the smallest of the three Canderous Ordo descendant families. The mid one wasn't small as us or as big as the main, but they disagreed in helping the Republic.

My family lives in the deserts of Ordo, the others either in the greener equator or in the desert. We have a very small compound, walled for the sake of defenses, a small house with three bedrooms, one is for guests, a kitchen with dining table, an armory with an attached forge - closed out for me - and a garage from droids. I smirked, seems like my father was who descended to me the kink of working with droids, or anything mechanical. We have sentinel droids for defense, automated and man operated turrets, cleaning droids that look like Roombas that can float, a couple of general service droids, scouting droids, and a medical one. All made of scrap, or parts that my father collected.

He really would have an aneurism if he saw the Separatist droids and an orgasm with HK-47.

Releasing a short laugh later, I sifted again in my memories. My father was out of a job and would return in 2 to 4 days. Today would be the equivalent of Tuesday in the Galactic Standard Calendar, my birthday and Verd'goten will be in two months, the aunt that visits us regularly, Dae-Naik from the Main Family, normally comes on Fridays. So, I have approximately 3 days alone.

Three days to explore, train, and play with space- I mean, discover the powers that the Force can grant to me. A grin nearly split my face, my eye reflecting on the helmet visor in front of me showing a very familiar hunger, a hunger for knowledge.

I put the helmet on the table, walked a few steps away, and reached to grab it. It slowly floated from its place to my outstretched hands.

Force Power Discovered!


The ability to push, pull, and levitate objects or block objects in motion so long their mass is within your power range.

At higher levels, this can grant the ability to lift multiple objects at once or even self levitation.

"This is going to be a very cool day." I commented before clipping the helmet on my belt, picking some tools that were a table, a commlink, a datapad, and exiting the room.


The chapter finished, the next one will have a bit more showing of Kann's house and training. See ya later.