Authors note: This is a story based on the koream webtoon called Days of hana, and for those who saw the whole series I understand how pissed everyone is about the ending when they killed off haru, hook, miho, and little choco. I really hoped somebody would make a sequal fanfiction that everyone would miraculously come back, but there wasnt and you know the saying "If you want something done right do it yourself".

I do not own the series days of hana nor the characters because they are owned by seok woo, I only own this fanfiction, hope you enjoy.

Chapter 1: the secret room.

Our story takes place after the series left off were hana was in tears after playing the violin in front of the memory of haru smiling at her, when she finished playing the instrument hana fell down bursting into tears "IT'S NOT THE SAME!" she cried "I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT YOU, AND IT'S NOT JUST YOU HARU, IT'S ALL OF OUR DEAD FRIENDS, MIHO, CHOCO, EVEN HOOK WHO TURNED OUT TO BE YOUR LONG LOST TWIN BROTHER, A PART OF THIS FAMILY!" hana didn't know why but she blamed herself for her friends and family's deaths even the werewolves that were killed for no reason in the sports centre.

After crying for many minutes her friend mungchi came and he was sad too, he wanted to comfort her but knew that he should give her some space when she's sad like this. After sanding halfway to hana confused on what to too Mr lee came too and was standing next to mungchi letting him know he wants to help too, so they both walked up to hana and Mr. lee said "I blame myself too sweet heart, If I hadn't sent haru to that shelter because I didn't approved your love for one another none of this would have happened", then mugnchi said "No if I hadn't attacked my parents for being too angry at them then the senator yoon wouldn't have blamed the werewolves". Hana then stood up and said "I'm going to put the violin away, I don't think I'm ready" after saying that the girl walked back to the giant shed in her family's garden and put the violin back where she found it.

After putting the instrument back in the cover on the platform above the ladder hana began to cry "I wish there was a second chance" she cried, after trying to climb down the ladder not knowing that she missed a step and fell down and landed on some boxes, "I'll be feeling that in the morning" said hana, but after getting up she realised that the fall somehow messed up the carpet below her because it's very wobbly and a large part of the bottom left corner is folded so she decided to try to straighten it out by rolling it up first.

After rolling out the carpet hana realised that the family shed has a secret that she didn't know about, it has a trap door underneath the carpet. 'How long has this been here, and what's inside' thought hana, after opening the door hana saw that it was pitch black down there so she took out her phone (that somehow didn't break from the fall) and turned on its flash light and pointed the light so she can see whats down there. What hana found was stoned stairs that lead to a wooden door "must be an abandoned boiler room" said hana so she went down the stairs even though she was a little scared, after reaching the door hana opened it and founed nothing but more darkness, "If it's not a boiler room then what is it?" after hana said that she turned and saw a light switch so she flicked it and after a few flickers of light the room finally lit up revealing a large Joro spider on its webbing at the top right corner of the room. After getting startled by the spiders' sight hana noticed a table at the rooms centre with an ancient Arabian lamp on it, so she walked to the table still afraid of the large spider picked up the lamp and ran up stairs because who wants to be in a small cellar room.

After back up the stairs hana closed the trap door and took a look at the rusty old lamp "maybe a Genie is inside and he'll grant me 3 wishes" said hana making a little joke to try and cheer herself up, after rubbing the lamp for a bit of humour it made a small sound and felt something rattle from the inside. After that hana dropped the lamp out of fear and some small amount of smoke was coming out from the end, then soon more thicker smoke came out and for some reason hana can't smell the smoke only see it. After a moment had past the smoked started to turn bluish greenish then formed a type of person representing a bluish greenish man in ancient Arabian clothes. After that hana took a closer look at the oddly colerd man type thing "I don't believe it" said hana "a real genie" after saying that the colourful man turned to hana and said in a low yet friendly voice "actually I'm a jinn, because genies only live in bottles and rings, also I can only grant three wishes while genies can grant as many wishes as their masters desire".

After hearing that hana was still in awe after seeing a jinn come out of the lamp. "Wait, wishes?" asked hana then she asked the jinn in a nervous way "Can you bring people back from the dead?" after hearing that the jinn freaked out and said in a scared way "NO NO I CAN'T BRING DEAD PEOPLE BACK TO LIFE, NOT AGAIN".

hana was confused by what the jinn meant by 'again' so she sat on a box and tried to think of a wish that would help her reunite with haru. After much thinking she heard the jinn say something "hey um, I never got your name master" after hearing that hana looked at the jinn who was in a crossed leg sitting position while floating in the air "It's hana" the girl answered, then hana realised something she, her dad, and mungchi all blamed themselves for what happened in the past and wanted to change it, then hana had an idea "mr jinn can you rewind time and only me and my friends can remember what happened during our time together?" the jinn took a look at hana then answered "yes I can, but when you wish for something that has the word 'and' in the sentence, then it's still count as a single wish because you would say the word 'I wish' once" after hearing that hana grabed ahold of the lamp and made her wish "Mr jinn I wish that time itself would rewind about 7 months ago, a few days before the werewolves are allowed to attend to school, and only those closes to mine and haru's hearts memories are unaffected by this great rewind, so they can help me prevent this future from happening".

After making her wish the jinn made a loud clap sound then said "your wish is granted...wait did you say closes to your heart?" asked the jinn in a scared way, then hana answered "yes", then the jinn said "OK I'll be back in the cellar 7 months ago just promise me you and this haru person will find me after your reunion, ok" said the jinn in a scared way, before hana could answer the jin she felt a strong gust of wing push her back a little, the wind was so strong that she was sent flying backwards into a tunnel like area with lights all around. Each of those lights had different moments in time with her and haru's friend's adventures together until hana finally saw a literal light at the end of the tunnel that was going to help her save haru, hook, miho, and choco from their unfair fates.

End of chapter 1

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